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Gil Hedley has created the word "somanaut" to describe those who explore the inner space of the body, and who discover there the rich terrain of themselves. Gil teaches in a field which he calls integral anatomy. Participants in his dissection workshops and lecture slideshows come from a wide variety of healing modalities as well as the world of fitness, including the Pilates community.

One of the central goals of Gil's work is to cultivate appreciation for our bodies and all that is within us, as a means of supporting whole person integration, including his own. So when Gil returned to Pilates Anytime in February, Kristi Cooper White sat down with him and started a conversation beginning by asking for some background of how he came to his perspective. From there, the conversation moves on to explore movement patterning and practices, the nature of the body as a plastic medium and what we can learn from the body via it's intelligence and form.

Within this four part conversation they discussed behavioral and anatomical limit cycles on movement and explored notions of "ideal alignment," balance and symmetry in the body. The conversation continues as Gil and Kristi discuss the impression of emotional states and exercise upon one's morphology, the issue and language of "control" over the body, and the issue of the will as it regards movement.

Sit in with Gil and Kristi and add your input to the comment section below. Let's keep the conversation going!

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Apr 04, 2011
Somanautics Workshops, Inc.
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Thank you for posting this, I hope folks enjoy our chat~ I certainly did!
Me too! Your perspective always opens my eyes to so much more. Thank you!
Kirsty H
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That was really good - thank you both as I can imagine lots of reflection to come. My immediate takeaways? Resist Patterns, Mix it Up, Be Mindful and perhaps my favourite - Just Dance :)
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interesting....love the organic approach, the layers (emotional and physical), the cultivation of acceptance. As a teacher of teachers - I believe the 'ideal'alignment thing cannot be considered without including discussion on balance of musculature - to contribute to functional movement;, thus establishing the 'why is it important'....
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very enlightening, always open to new ways of working and seeing. thanks Gil and Kristi.
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Interesting. I think when you stick to only the classical work in Pilates you can get into the "rut" but if you combine the movements, vary them, experiment with order of movement and include the equipment you avoid the "rut" continue to keep the mind, body, and neural system challenge. It is obviously important to have some other form of exercise ideally cardio. Dance or Zumba is perfect for this because you have the cardio effect but you also have to let go of that control.
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Dancing is wonderful in itself, and also a nice metaphor for spontaneity of heart and mind, all good
What a beautiful expression of personification. Gil your journey of self improvement and character development is absolutely inspiring. Love, love thank you!!!
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Just watched chap. 1. Wonderful & delightful & amorphous & scholarly. Can't wait to view the other chapters
Bravo! A heartfelt thank you to you both. This, to me, was both brilliant and thought provoking.
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