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Join John Marston, Kristi Cooper, Amy Havens, and Gia Calhoun as they talk to different teachers about current events in the world and the Pilates industry. Some of the topics included are navigating through the coronavirus pandemic, best practices for studio owners and teachers, diversity in Pilates, and much more.
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Jul 01, 2020
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(upbeat music) Can you talk about how you're ventilating your space? I'm talking about diversity. I'm talking about Black Lives Matter. How are you communicating all the things you're doing? Are you emailing?

Are you ringing up? How are you talking to your clients? What is the right way to re-open our studio? Your greatest exposure to liability is not following the appropriate laws. Start to write down procedures.

Hand sanitizer is aloe vera and alcohol. So for us, we just try to make the studio as bright as possible. Share your Venmo account and teach your clients how to use it. Furniture becomes pilates equipment. Right now is really the opportunity for us to stand with our black neighbors.

People need pilates.


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