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Training to Heal

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Joy Puleo brings her expertise and passion to this series of classes, Training to Heal. Each class explores key moments within a recovery, as such, surgery and chemotherapy. And with the help of Joy's friends, Tiffany, Kristien, and Rebecca, Joy teaches variations of almost every exercise so you can find what is best for you or your client. Return to these classes time and time again for support, knowledge, and inspiration.
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Oct 01, 2021
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Hi, I'm Joy Puleo and I wanna welcome you to this series of workouts called Breast Cancer, Training to Heal. This series is the product of work that initiated back in 2009 from my studio in New York. We started a small not-for-profit called Body Life Connection with the intention of going into local hospitals and we worked specifically with women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, giving them the gift of Pilates classes and Pilates private education. We're so glad that you can join us. I have with me three of my wonderful trainers who work in the program but who also themselves have had battles with cancer.

I also bring with me today this intention to just introduce you to this work, for you to enjoy, for you to absorb, and give you license to be creative. So with that, I hope you enjoy this series. If you have any questions, please contact me through the form on Pilates Anytime.


Paola Maruca
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What can I say? I am one of the privileged ones who personally knows Joy and knows how great she is on a human and professional level. Such a great educator!  So happy to see Joy on PA and proud to be part of the Balanced Body family.

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