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Learn how you can release tension, build strength, and increase flexibility in your upper body with this new series by Cara Reeser. These classes will promote freedom and ease in your neck, shoulder girdle, and upper back. She starts with gentle stretching and unwinding and then progresses to more challenging classes.
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Feb 04, 2022
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Hello, everybody, I'm Cara Reeser and I wanna welcome you to this new series, Upper Body Health. The goal of this series is to promote freedom and ease in your shoulder girdle, your neck, and your upper back. Each class is segmented into different categories so you can enjoy the full class or repeat sections that you might need on a given day. We will start with gentle stretching and unwinding, and then we will add on to finish this series with more challenging classes. Together we will release tension, build strength and flexibility in our upper bodies.

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Thank you so much for filming this series!  I’ve had ongoing issues in neck and shoulder and try to piecemeal some stretches and rolling to help, but I need an actual program.  Really appreciate this!
Can't wait to try this!
Marcy M
Love this series. A great way to reverse my 12 hours days on a computer.

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