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Level Up: On the Reformer

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Do you want to feel strong and ready for adventure? Join Delia Buckmaster in her new series, Level Up on the Reformer, which will help you strengthen your entire body in fun and creative ways! You will play with the Jumpboard, Box, and springs as you build power in your upper and lower body. These classes will give you the tools you need so that you can get outside to enjoy the fresh air or participate in outdoor activities. Let's get moving on the Reformer!
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Mar 02, 2022
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Do you want to feel strong and ready for your next adventure? My name is Delia Buckmaster. Join me for my Level Up series on the reformer on Pilates Anytime. We're gonna be using a jump board, box, and springs to make your upper body stronger and your lower body, so that way you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities and also all the activities that you do indoors. Let's get ready to work.


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