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Pilates Hyped

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Follow Mychele Sims to feel that glow after an amazing workout. Join Mychele for Pilates Hyped, a 5-Day Pilates Mat Challenge! She is going to lift you up, challenge your body from head to toe and spark a sense of playfulness. Each class is designed to challenge your whole body with glowing results. You will feel strong, accomplished, and empowered. Mychele's got you and you've got this! Let's get to work!
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May 23, 2022
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(upbeat music) Follow me to feel that amazing glow after a great workout. I'm Mychele Sims and you can join me for my five day Pilates mat challenge, Pilates Hyped. That's right, I'm gonna lift you up, challenge your body from head to toe and spark a sense of playfulness in your workout. You'll feel strong, accomplished and empowered. I've got you, let's get it, let's get to work.

Pilates Hyped: with Mychele Sims

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Challenge, Playful, Glow, Head to Toe

May 23, 2022
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Pilates Hyped
Mychele Sims
1 min
Equinox Pilates
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