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How to Go with the Flow

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Learn how to make the most of the Go with the Flow series by Erika Quest in this quick tutorial. She explains what to expect from each class and shares how you can use these classes to support your practice or your teaching skills. She encourages you to mix and match to find the combinations that work for you so you don't feel limited in your movements.
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Jul 26, 2023
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Hey, hey, everyone. It's Erika Quest. I am so stoked you're here with me. I've got a great series for you and it's all about flow. There are five sessions in this series and they're all named according to the equipment that we're gonna be using and also what we're gonna be doing inside of each of those sessions. So I'm so excited that you're gonna join me.

Just a little bit about these sessions and then a little bit about the equipment, but here's the deal. You can take these sessions from start to finish and get your workout in in each of these formats, but I don't want you to limit yourself to just that. So I want you to feel like you can actually go through this playlist, enjoy the sessions from start to finish, but if you wanna go in and pick and choose, like let's say maybe today you just wanna do something from the Play session and then you wanna actually go back to Fuse and take a section from the side body out of Fuse, that is completely available and at the ready for you. So the five sessions I'm gonna be talking to you about are called Fuse, which is done on the BOSU Balance Trainer. If you have a BOSU Balance Trainer at home, that's great, but here's a little secret.

You can probably do a lot of this on the mat as well. So don't discourage yourself from taking that session if you don't have a BOSU Balance Trainer. And then there's Sync, which is also on the Reformer. And as I mentioned, this is all about flow. Sync does not have any props involved in it, but it's designed to really work you on a unilateral perspective and flow really nicely in a Reformer workout.

And then we have Shift, which is the EXO Chair workout, which is a unconventional and a non-standard way to use that chair and bring your body into weight bearing and really rock and roll with that piece of equipment. And of course we have to have Play, right? Play is back on the Reformer and it's using one of my very favorite tools, which is a small stability ball. So we can have a little fun, not that you don't have fun in any of my classes 'cause I'm all about joy and enjoying your time of moving with me. And then finally, we've got Thrive.

So I wanna bring you onto the mat. We're gonna use a THERABAND. We're also gonna use a foam roller and we're gonna play with some total body work in that mat class as well as a really nice dynamic flexibility cool down. So join in, come flow with me, come move with joy. Get into your body, celebrate your body, live boldly in your body, and let's do this.


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Can’t wait to try them all! Thanks for filming them!
Erika Quest
Lori Oh YAY! I'm so thrilled for this whole series, Lori and happy you're excited too. Can't wait for it all to come to life. Much love, Erika
You make me smile. I’m excited!
Erika Quest
Ilja Aw, Ilja! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the whole series! Big hugs and SMILES :) Erika

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