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Pilates Hands On Workshop

2 hr - Workshop


In this exciting Pilates workshop, you will be presented with the tools to assist you in becoming a skillful hands-on practitioner. You will learn how touch can greatly enhance your communication as well as the effectiveness of the exercises you already know.

Course Objectives. With this comprehensive approach, through practice on your colleagues, you will:
1. Learn what it means to administer the firm but gentle, intentional, instructional touch.
2. Learn the importance of giving and receiving feedback.
3. Sharpen your skills of intuition and perception as it regards interacting with your clients and peers.
4. Study the issue of boundaries; when to touch, how to touch, what touch means, appropriate vs. inappropriate contact.
5. Learn how to position your body in relation to the apparatus you are working on and actually learn to use your body as a leveraging tool to preserve and even strengthen your body as you administer care and attention to your clients.
6. Review key exercises on each and every apparatus in the Pilates repertoire, from mat to the barrel!
7. Build confidence and improve the overall quality of your teaching in a very short time.

We encourage you to experience the teaching of this gifted individual.

This workshop does not have any associated Continuing Education Credits.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Mar 11, 2012
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Elizabeth D
I was hooked within the first 5 minutes.....Thank you Jennifer for such an enlightening workshop and to Kristi for enabling us to experience her teaching. Just so inspiring on so many levels, not just on the actual 'hands on' part of the workshop. True confirmation that the work not only changes people physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Loved it!
Dear Elizabeth,
I want to thank you for your very lovely message and tell you how much it means to me. I am so glad that the workshop inspired you and that you got so much out of it. For me, this is the heart of the work. It is one of the things that inspires me the most--helping teachers to recognize how vital the spiritual and psychological components are, as well as encouraging them to acknowledge their power and see their own divinity when they assist others in stepping onto the true path of transformation.
Thank you, and warmest regards to you!

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Love,love,love this! It really gave me some very helpful ideas not only on how to touch, but how to touch effectly! Also really opened my eyes to the role empathy plays in our teaching. I have been a fan of Jennifer's for years, I own all of your DVDs and I also have the set of training DVDs! I think you are amazing! You always inspire me to go deeper! Hoping to get to the Philadelphia location when you are in town! Thanks to PA, again for bringing such motivational teachers to the masses!
Dear Joanne,

Thank you, thank you for your wonderful message, and I truly appreciate what you have shared here about the Hands-On Workshop inspiring you to cultivate greater empathy and learning to touch more effectively- that is awesome!
Your kind words really touch me, and you absolutely must try to come into Philly to do a session- it would be a pleasure to meet you and work with you!
My kindest regards,
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I have watched this all day! I was so inspired I kept going back & rewinding. Truly inspired me. I had a new client start today that I was a bit aprehensive about teaching. A male client btw. So when he came in I had just watched the "handshake series" . I feel like I had opened my eyes to meeting clients for the first time and being more aware and present. I know it translated over to him. We had a nice firm handshake at the door which put me totally at ease and I feel it in turn put him at ease. Ty so much Jennifer. I could go on and on. I hope one day to actually make this workshop .Actually getting a hands on experience would be amazing. I will be watching this all weekend. Cant wait to try some of the hands on cues with my clients. This was so helpful to me since I teach privately at home. Ty again and again.
Wow, Jamie- I am really moved by your comment-thank you!
It is so gratifying to hear from someone like you who has gotten so much out of the workshop and consulted it as a resource that you have returned to for guidance. It is a truly fascinating and illuminating exercise, the hand-shake :)
Hope you can make it to a workshop in person one day, indeed!
It would be a pleasure to meet you.
Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and your experience in putting the tools into practice with your client- fantastic!

Kindest regards~!
Kirsty H
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Thank you Jennifer and PA for this workshop. What a craftswoman - I learned a great deal; and gained confidence in my class yesterday to touch with clear intent. I am going to continue to embed your inspiration into my classes and what the differences. It is also completely brilliant to watch you Jennifer, as you are truly Amazonian. I can't help but think what a great role model you are for young girls - and a few older ones like me eh-hemm...:)
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Once I buy it, can I watch this workshop more than once?
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Have the same type question...can you download it on to personal computer for watching forever?
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Dear Gianine and Julie, Once you have purchased the workshop you can watch it as many times as you like. We do not offer the ability for you to download the workshop to your computer.
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