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Michele Larsson

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"From Joseph Pilates to Eve Gentry through Michele Larsson to you..."

This is a quote we took directly from Michele Larsson's website. The quote perfectly describes Michele's intention to carry on the legacy of Joseph Pilates and her mentor Eve Gentry, and is exactly the point of this insightful discussion between Michele and Kristi that took place last April.

Michele Larsson is the protégé of Eve Gentry who was a student of Joseph Pilates for many years. This 5 part discussion, totaling about 50 minutes in all, touches on Michele's discovery of Pilates and her first meeting with Eve. We learn how and why Eve chose to create "pre-Pilates" exercise routines and why the name "Gentry Technique" never stuck. As the conversation continues, Michele shares the story of Eve's breast cancer and how she turned to Joe Pilates for her remarkable rehabilitation. Finally, we hear more about Michele herself when her own protégé Ruth Alpert joins the conversation. Ruth connects all the dots to demonstrate how Eve's influence on Michele has directly impacted Michele's influence on Ruth, thus the legacy continues. Through her candid answers and funny stories, Michele gives those of us who never met Eve insight as to what she was like as a teacher, a person and ultimately a healer.

Michele has passionately carried on Eve Gentry's legacy over the years. In 2007, she teamed up with producer and Pilates practitioner Marion Kessel, to create Eve Gentry: The Power of Pilates, a film tracing Eve's life journey. The unique archival footage within this film and the touching way the story is told makes this film an important part of Pilates history and very worthwhile viewing.

Michele Larsson, founder of Core Dynamics® Pilates in Santa Fe, has over 40 years of experience teaching fitness, movement, dance and rehabilitation. She is a former dancer and choreographer who trained at the Julliard School of Music in New York City, and received a B.A. in Holistic Health and Dance Theater from Antioch College in 1981.

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A very powerful and honest interview, as only Michele would have it! I feel honored to have studied with Michele while Core Dynamics was actively training. I am so thankful for the "gifts" Michele shared with me and continues to share with our Pilates community. I have heard Michele speak of the lineage in the past and through workshops and each time I learn something new that changes the way I think about my teaching, my clients, and the work. It always reminds me how lucky I am to be part of "the family tree" (as you stated Kristi).
Thank you for your input Angel! I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this discussion with Michele. Given I am not a trained interviewer, I was so grateful for the depth she went to answer my questions and the ease with which she shared her experience. I learn so much every day, but when I am next to someone like Michele, I can hardly believe my good fortune. I can only imagine how you feel having studied with her.
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Love this interview! It is a good learing tool for all levels on what we should be teaching ourselves about healthy movement.
One of the best decisions I made was to have chosen Michele’s Coredynamics as my teacher training program! I will forever be proud to have been able to study with you, Michele and Ruth! Thank you!
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Endless thanks to Michele for Sharing and also for Kristi for allowing all the pilates teachers to learn about the important instructors who were in Pilates' time. This allow as to have a little bit of mentors that as myself could not ever know or meet.
I'm so pleased you enjoyed this discussion. There is so much more we want to do when it comes to exploring our legacy. I'll keep you posted!
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Really enjoyed this, thank you!
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Thank you for sharing your words and knowledge! Lovely and inspiring!!
Pila X
Such a wonderful interview with so many nuggets, especially learning that the "pre pilates" is Eve's contribution and that it was also  Eve who started the "exhale on effort".  Is the pre-pilates  class Michele Larson taught the group also available to watch?

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