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Brett Howard

40 min - Discussion


Brett Howard is a forerunner in the Pilates Industry. Having trained directly with Romana Kryzanowska during the late 90's Brett is a wealth of information on what it was like to be taught by her during his formative years as a person, a dancer and Pilates practitioner.

In this discussion, Brett shares openly what Pilates means to him, how he was influenced by his teachers and how he feels a responsibility to continue the oral tradition of Pilates by sharing what he has learned along the way.

You'll learn about the history of the Pilates Guild, Brett's feelings on the split between The New York Studio and Drago's Gym as it relates to the Training programs that resulted. You'll also learn how Brett came to be known as the community's leading expert on the Archival material and what responsibility he feels in preserving it.

On top of all that (and more), Brett shares his ideas on the spirit of Pilates and how the work we all love reaches beyond a great workout.

It was an honor for Pilates Anytime to sit down with this accomplished man. We hope you enjoy your time with him too when you watch this informative discussion.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Ahh yes, the more we know the more we feel like we don't know anything!!...thank you SO much Brett and Kristi for this inspiring and interesting interview!
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I feel very rich in spirit ~ Thank You so much for sharing Brett !
I now understand your teaching style, very light hearted while very deep in connection and awareness. When I take your classes I feel I have been given an Amazing Gift ~ as tough as they are ;) Ive learned so much. Being present as an experiential awareness while performing and teaching, I won't forget.
Lauren P
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I have tried to watch chapter 3 several times and it gets stuck everytime at 5:25. Brett is explaining the breathing pattern Romana taught him and I'm so eager to hear the end. Is there a technical problem or is it on my end? All other chapters are fine. It is wonderful to hear this discussion.
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Thank you, Brett, thank you Kristi! I just love these interviews :D!
(Edited by Moderator - Alex Parsons on April 1, 2022)
Dear Lauren ~ I have just emailed you with some suggestions about fixing the video playback issue. If anyone has video playback issues please email me at support@PilatesAnytime.com.
I'm not able to view chapter 3 - please help!
(Edited by Moderator - Alex Parsons on April 1, 2022)
Dolly ~ Please can you try the chapter again and if you still have an issue email me at support@PilatesAnytime.com.
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I also have the same problem with playback...
Great interview!
Cheryl Z
I enjoy and feel empowered by your workouts. Some day I am going to go to Jersey City to work with you live.

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