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The Commando Exercise

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Michael and Ton have Rhythm! You may have seen Joseph Pilates "Commando Exercise" before but we have never seen it done with such ease. Watch Colleen, Meredith and Monica "work and roll" around the clock in less than a minute. It's a fun challenge for anyone who wants to connect to the point of Pilates but only has a minute... literally! Have fun, work and pay attention to yourself, just for a minute.

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Commando time we were ready. [inaudible] okay. The commando. So you might've seen this flyer before and it's also available here on plots. At any time did I say probably a pdf or somewhere where you can download it, link and read it. You'll find it. It will be easy to find. Um, and it's the whole flyer of the words that Joseph plot is used to describe this specific exercise. Um, so it's the clock.

So we're going to go around the clock and back supposedly in less than a minute. So we'll find out how we're doing. Um, just to, um, show the spotting if you want to teach it and our sort of rhythm we, yes. Go ahead and explain that it's our interpretation because who knows what he actually did. Um, his dad, eh, exactly. And so we created a rhythm to the exercise that helped our clients and we would like to share that with you and also how we teach it. Um, and then later on the girls will go all the way around and blow you away in less than a minute in less than a minutes. So normally we start, we started with waiting for the train. So we start at 12. So are we going to lift from this position? Lift up into this, um, almost double like stretch position or a hundred position. Then you're going to bend your knees in and you hit the 12 o'clock again, so press it out. Then you're gonna bend and rock in and you go to one, two stretch back out on to bend into three out on four in on five and back out on six, et Cetera, et Cetera, et cetera.

So we're going to go all the way to 12 and then all the way back. Okay. So, um, I think we should just show them and we'll see you once you're back from around the clock. So just lie yourself down. The commando, ed's, um, be a commando. Command yourself to do this. We are going to go up into the 12th position. There you go. Ben Jeannie's in and we go to 12 rock to in and out on two in three out on four in on five stretched Shon, six rock to seven. Stretch out on eight.

You're back to nine to stretch out at 10 whoring and 11 set out to 12 Iraq right away. Back to 11. Stretch out on 10 rocketing on nine. Stretch it. I don't, uh, what does that hey and come back out on six all rock. Get in, stretch out on four or rocking on three, stretch on two almost. They're in and stretch out onto l. Hold it. And slowly he likes back down and there you go. Good job.


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That looks awesome! Well done, ladies!
That looks fun(and hard)! Great job!
Jo Landis Shields
I did it!
Qué divertido!!!!:)
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OK, I'm laughing just thinking about myself trying this !!!! Love it !!!! I'm downloading the flyer !!! thanks so much
Thank you so much that so much fun. I’m downloading and I‘m trying xx
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Love this & HIS flyer. PA rocks....and rolls - pun intended!
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Indeed, "The Commandoettes" and didn't they do it so well. Wonderful exercise.
More pure matwork from these two Romana Kryzanowska trained gentlemen!
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Great! I'm taking it to my class tonight. Thanks!
How fun was that !?!
love the flyer, want the bathing suit and a penny and 1/2 cent stamp ?!?
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