Meditation and Pilates

A little over a year and a half ago, I decided to take up meditation. As one who never had an easy time “watching my breath (ironic for a Pilates instructor I know!)” I knew it would help me if I could learn to just sit still for more than two minutes! I am always looking for ways to inhabit my body more fully. Whether it’s seeking a new physical challenge (Trapeze School), studying the body itself more closely (Gil Hedley’s 6 day human dissection course) or traveling to a new place (Istanbul this year), I look for ways to become more present, to feel more embodied ~ In short, I look for more ways to appreciate that I am alive.
Pilates helps me appreciate my life. Rather than taking me outside myself, Pilates facilitates introspection. Through the movements in my workouts, I ponder, I question, I lament, and ultimately appreciate all that my body teaches me. It was about two years ago when I decided it was time to take the whole idea of fully inhabiting my body one step further. I wanted to see if I could feel present, embodied and alive without seeking a particular challenge. I wanted to see if I could do it without even moving at all. Could I actually just sit for 20 minutes and feel like I was living? It turns out I could.
I enrolled in a meditation class taught by Bobbee Kellner, a Pilates practitioner, psychotherapist, yogi and former client of mine. Though it was a little awkward for me at first, it really didn’t take me long to see how closely meditation aligns with what I was already doing in Pilates. Both required concentration, focus, attention to breath and both facilitated ease in my body. Pilates can in fact be a moving meditation, and meditation may surprise you by showing you just how much is going on inside even as you sit quietly.
We brought Bobbee to Pilates Anytime because we felt each discipline compliments the other. Meditation can help your Pilates practice and your Pilates practice can help your meditation. If you’d like to know more, we encourage you to watch the two-part interview we had with Bobbee discussing the subject. We’ve also included a 10 minute guided meditation. Do the meditation before class, after class or just on its own. We hope you enjoy it. Ommmmmm
Click here for the Meditation Class and Interview
Bobbee Kellner


Wonderful article Kristi. I too started a meditation practice the beginning of this year and decided that no matter what I encountered, I would commit for the entire year and evaluate the experience and the value this practice brought to my life at the end of 2011. Now we are at the end of the year and I can say that the benefits are quietly present in my life on a daily level. My meditation practitioners taught me that it is in the fabric of one's daily round that the benefits are truly felt; not in the "sit" itself. This has been true for me. Any exploration deepening our awareness of our body and it's immense capabilities eventually extends and touches those that we touch through our work.
Thank you, this has been an approval of my present exploration that meditation enhances the quality of life, including the practice of pilates... synchronized with my questioning period again:) thank you, you are mentoring from miles away without even being asked... this is just too good...I agree with everything that is said on meditation and pilates, and I can't wait to watch the interview
Nooooooooooo please bring this video back. I just started 4 days ago and it's gone today. I am so bummed as the site didn't give me the option to save it as a favorite :(
Angela I'm not sure which video of Bobbee's you are speaking of, but here are both of her meditations that are on the site so far...

Gratitude Meditation
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You can now save the meditations classes to your favorites.

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