What is Rhythm Pilates?

Rhythm Pilates™ has been amongst the top ten most popular classes on Pilates Anytime since it's release in September of 2010. Lisa Hubbard created and founded Rhythm Pilates™, and is a faculty member and lecturer for world-renowned BASI Pilates®. We asked Lisa to tell us in her own words why she created Rhythm Pilates and why she thinks we all would all benefit from a class or two!

Rhythm Pilates is an exciting fusion of study and disciplines, incorporating Pilates, Yoga & Dance. Yoga is designed to free the spirit, dance infuses beauty of the movements, and Pilates is the technique. A new form of mat Pilates that expands on the traditional method by incorporating more fluid movements into whole-body movement-art routines that are choreographed to music. Lisa Hubbard's goal was to increase the enjoyment of Pilates without diluting the true form of the method or sacrificing the intensity and focus of the work.

Rhythm Pilates is an evolutionary approach that takes static movements and transforms them into a series of 30-minute movement-art workout routines that vary in level and complexity, going from the beginning level and developing to intermediate and advanced. The sequencing is thoughtfully created to target the whole body, intelligently working to biomechanically prepare the mind, muscles, joints, tissues and the spirit.

By coordinating the six principles of the Pilates method and highlighting the elements of rhythm and flow, Rhythm Pilates offers a more challenging experience. It has been scientifically proven that one increases their metabolic rate by working out to uplifting and motivating music. The music selected enhances the work and encourages a more invigorating Pilates experience.

For more information email Lisa at rhythmpilates@yahoo.com. To find out more about Lisa's Upcoming Rhythm Pilates Courses, click here or take one of Lisa's classes on Pilates Anytime.


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