February 9 2017

New Program!

Our new program, Pilates at Home, is now on the site!
February 3 2017

Freedom of the Shoulders with Cara Reeser and Jeremy Laverdure

Join Cara Reeser and Jeremy Laverdure in their workshop that focuses on how to help clients find good use of the shoulder girdle.
January 18 2017

Why Do Israeli Soldiers Do Pilates?

Meital Shemesh is a Pilates instructor based in Tel Aviv, Israel who works to rehabilitate injured Israeli soldiers. She shares her experience in this work as well as a video so you can be inspired by...
January 13 2017

Spine Anatomy and Core Basics with Karen Clippinger

Join Karen Clippinger in this workshop that presents key spine anatomy with an emphasis on the names, locations, and actions of key spinal muscles.
January 12 2017

Pilates Has Heart

Pilates Has Heart Second Annual Mat Class to raise funds in honor of Terri Dome.
January 10 2017

Member Highlight: Summer Turner ~ McKinleyville, California, USA

Summer Turner is one of our original Pilates Anytime members who tells us about her Pilates journey, as well as her recent trip to our studio when she was able to be in videos with Brett Howard and Am...
January 4 2017

New Program!

Our new program, The Teacher's Corner, offers playlists which provide tips and inspiration for Pilates teachers.
December 31 2016

2016 Bloopers

Get ready to laugh out loud at our blooper for 2016!
November 25 2016

Holiday Gift Guide

To help you shop for the Pilates enthusiast in your life, we have compiled a list of ten gifts that would be great options!
November 15 2016

Pilates for Horses by Julie Driver

Learn how Pilates can be used to develop a deeper relationship between a rider and their horse.

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Reformer Workout with Cara Reeser