How Pilates Keeps Me Dancing

Professional dancer Zola Williams shares how Pilates helps her stay fit and in top dancing form.

Dancing is Zola William's passion, but it requires hard work, long hours, and can be damaging to her body. Dancing is all about maintaining a certain aesthetic - even during challenging moves. Sometimes Zola lands in precarious positions which look beautiful on stage but are destructive for her body.

Pilates Body: Professional Dancer, Zola Williams

To counteract the effects of dancing on her body, Zola practices Pilates. (To some degree, Pilates was made for dancers. Many of Joseph Pilates first clients were New York City dancers who sought him out for rehabilitation through his revolutionary method.) The more Zola practices Pilates, the stronger she gets because Pilates realigns her body and repairs the damage from dancing. By practicing Pilates consistently, Zola can go back on stage each week and continue doing what she loves.


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