Mylène B

I am a French expat, living in Tucson, AZ since the end of my stint as a fitness professional for the Rancho La Puerta and Golden Door in 1990. I discovered Pilates through Cathleen Murakami and Julian Littleford in 1994 at the RLP, and studied under Ron Fletcher's mentorship, with Kyria Sabin Waugaman and Deborah Mendoza as main master teachers.
Check out my videos under CORE GALORE - Pilates Inspired on my facebook page.


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About me

I'm: a Woman - 62 Years Old
Where I Live: Tucson, AZ
Language(s) I Speak: English, French, German, Spanish
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Dance (Once a week), Hiking (Occasionally)

My Pilates Practice

Years of Pilates Experience: 20+
Practice Frequency: Most days

My Teacher Training

Fletcher Pilates®

My Memberships and Certifications

Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) - Member
National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) - Certified (2014)
American Council on Exercise (ACE) - Member - Certified
ACE certified since 1992 - Member - Certified (1992)
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