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Hold the Arms from the Back

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Find a base of support for your arms in this tutorial by Diane Severino. She shows how you can hold the arms from your back instead of your neck so you can stand strong and proud. Once you find your "couch," you will be able to feel your wide wingspan.
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Mar 27, 2016
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Hi, I'm Diane Severino and why am I in this position? I'm here to show you and illustrate, pretending this is a couch and how the arms are held as if you're up the back cause you shoulder blades are a couch. All right. And I see this position. This is very comfortable. You're on your couch. You wouldn't sit on your couch like this. All right. See, the elbows are in the wrong position. You're on the back of the couch and the elbows are facing the back of the room.

Your lats are the couch. If I took this up to the knees, look [inaudible] I'm glad to hear you wouldn't sit on the couch like that. You'd sit on the couch like that. Your lats now is your support. The minute I take it out of the couch, look here, right? There's the couch. All right.

Now I have my hands in my position and where my work is, where the fingertip is more in line with your arm pit. See that? Did that look good? Look weak, eh? Proud. Now you have a chance to relax your trapezius muscles, your neck muscles cause the back, your couches, holding your arms out. You could stay here for days. That's how dances do it.

No one has better looking arms in a dancer. I'm really, now I want to take it to standing. Okay. Yeah. There's, where am the arms here? Look, they were on the couch. Now the dancers will take it slightly forward. Perfectly fine and divine. But here's my couch.

I just feel that gives you more of a base of support. Now. Yes, I could still feel on the couch if I take it to more of a dancer. Second. Perfectly acceptable, but I like this wide bird feeling and I can stand here. Are you holding your arms up? You try this? I can like fill for another five minutes. So right. I can do this.

Keep 'em up. Oh, are they drifting into your neck? Bustles press them onto your couch. That's it. Hit the palms down. You resting on you. You resting on the air. Now still got your arms up. Do you need 10 pound weights? Just keep them up like that. Another minute. Okay. On the cat, float the arms down.

Float the arms grow tall out at the top of your head. Now lift them. They're like wings. Lift to the couch and lower and grow and grow and grow and feel the back. The arms come from the back, not the neck. And they give lower and they lower and they lower right again.

And grow and grow and grow and hold and Rye. Alright, pull out up stomach and breath. Grow out. I know you feel this and lower on to grow out of the back on 42 good. And here's one more thing. Here's the arms on the couch.

Here's second position. Here's the guys you see the extra little upper body area right now. If I took this in a little pulse, fuel the back of your shoulders working, working. I'm not coming to a ballet. Second backside, backside without letting the ribs move. Sure, there's a little breath, breath and float and float. Float and just roll the shoulders a little bit.

Yad it at. See your neck wasn't involved in that. Feels good, right? And is this, look right now that now you look like a pro. All right. That separates the men from the boys. That's a strong, proud arm. Works all of these muscles, all of these muscles. Remember, the arms are held on the back. Metaphorically. Your lats are your couch.

Thank you.

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Thanks, Diane! That felt great! And now I have a new catch phrase: "Perfectly fine and divine!" Hope you don't mine if I borrow it. ;)
1 person likes this.
A lesson I can take into my day and into my life. Thank you!
Eleanor VonTrapp
You + your energy + teaching are fantastic!
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Great metaphor! I will definitely borrow and credit!
Love , love, love this clip and love the teacher !!! Thank you Diane :)
Becky C
Awesome! I've taught bird arms before but couch arms...thats genius! Everyone will get that! Can't wait to teach my clients couch arms! Thank you!
Diane is perfectly divine! What a delightful message and messenger!
Love the metaphore love it all.
I saw the video and thought okay…. But I have tried it in the course…… Great!!! Thank you!!!
Jamie H
The Couch seems so simple and can be easily applied to everyday life. This is such a divine lesson. I will be much more cautious of how I sit on my couch.
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