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Full-Body Standing Flow

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Diane Severino joins Pilates Anytime with a Standing workout that will make you stand tall and proud when you're finished. She uses her witty humor and wonderful imagery to teach movements that are simple, but effective. Diane makes sure you are ready to move before you even begin, and then proceeds to work your entire body, even your fingers and toes!
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Hi, thanks for taking my class. So glad you were able to join me today. We're going to start out with some very basic work is basic is can you please stand up tall? Alright, I'm not gonna like drive you crazy with it, but give yourself an image for how you can stand up tall. Uh, you just put on your most fabulous bathing suit. That always does it for me. How does that look? Oh yeah. Oh my goodness. Don't you always do that or the real expensive suit. I know. You know, you guys, you, you do it too. Maybe you want the bathing suit image, the shorts. But there's a difference between being pulled down and really selling it.

Just pulling up like that takes a lot more energy. Puts you at the ready. Your buddies ready to move. All right, and we'll do, it's going to go into a little arm movement with some breath. You're going to have the elbows facing round it to the side. We're going to take a little inhale as you open up and just make a little air under the arms. You didn't take an inhale through the nose and out. You don't have to exaggerate it. Just small. That's it.

And again, feel the waistline lifting and exhale, keep it tall. Inhale. And let's take that into two beats. Two inhales. Go a little higher. Yeah. And sure. Now feel the outside of the shoulders opening before the wrist.

Like I'm holding your shoulders back. So you work the sides of the deltoid. There's a look. Prouder. Watch the difference. No, that's the inside weak, right? Proud and tall. Good. That's better than now. Three. Okay. Press the air out under the arms and three.

Okay. To fill the back of the neck long. Can you squeeze your butt a little harder? For sure. Okay. To the shoulders and hold. Grow a little tall around through the crown of the head.

Little more air under the arm pits. Good. Now we're gonna just do something for your feet. We're gonna lift the toes up, lift the toes up, and you feel that pulling all the way up into the arches and into the calves. Now lower the feet, low stomach, and inhale. Lift the arches. Small movement. But it really gets the foot place correctly on those triangles, right? Especially for you flat footed.

People like me, see how that lifts. That gives you a little bridge and it strengthens the outside of the ankles and one more inhale and exhale and shake out the legs. We're going to do a lot of arms today. I love a good look of shoulder and a nice tight upper arm and a lot of the work we're going to do in a minute. We sort of the early beginnings before we did the tower work, but prior to that, I want to show you how I can get a lot of my, I know a lot of you are professionals that up talking to you, but beginners, I find that they don't have an understanding of what the turnout of the PSI is.

If you just stand like this with your knees slightly bent, you can work and turn out the leg by moving your foot. Just do that. All right. That's sort of a false sense of where your turnout is and this is a common mistake for little beginning baby ballerinas. They'll go like that and they'll try to stand up. You know that's talking the knee. Not Good. Put your hand on the need, the city, you, but all right, think of this muscle right here.

Turning inward to turn out the light. That's your turn up muscle. It wraps under and it comes right under the seat of the bud. That's your external rotator. It comes from here and works down and a lot of movements. There's an origin of the, of the movement. All right, so the turnout starts from here. Keeping that nice pulled up, beautiful bathing suit. Look, you're going to squeeze the button.

The squeezing of the butt is going to help you get that feeling of pulling those external rotators out. They'd go and now bring them back to parallel. Let me see that and turn around. Yeah, like a barber pole. Old fashioned one and now parallel. Good, and again, turn out. Good. Pull up, up, up, up and parallel Aaron in the armpits and toe joints and ankles touch. Yeah. Now the the benefit of this is it gives you a great looking, but the butt lifts when you're doing that. All right.

Now the, the other thing we want to think of it in this is when you change your position and turn turnout, don't do a little bump. Yup. It's just from here. The upper body stay stationary. That's it. Wait, get it. Sure.

Take a little pulley a like you're sitting on the very edge of a chair without leaning forward and come up. Now we're going to churn out the feet. Now we're going to go to parallel separating the feet. Yeah. Work that. Turn out muscle out. Out until you're in a wide second. Zip it up right where your zipper is. That's as low as your tailbone, your zipper. If you wearing your best, tightest pair of jeans, you want to pull that back and then I'll give you a side shot of this.

Watch this. This is so funny. All right. Huh? [inaudible] watch. Oh, it's scary, isn't it? All right. Oh Yah. Shrimp. A deck. All right. All right. Let me see how horrible you can look. All right. Now start at that zipper. What you work from below?

We'll pull you up from above and if it lit, it will start feeling very natural. They get the zipper works. Works for Medo work for you. All right, now we're going to work some amount in my arms. Now you're, you're not relaxed in your legs. Your legs are pulled upward. The rotators are working. You're zipping the zipper. We're at the ready. We're out about the ready. We're holding a nice round. Oh, nice. Round Beach Ball. That works. We're going to lift that up thing. It's, it's just lightly touching. As you lift over the crown of the head, there you go. And lower down.

Now when we start working on these arms like this, you will feel this all the way to the back of your waistline. The arms calm on the back. They work the back. Now as you lift, what are you shoulders? During the lift? Uh, please keep those down. Here's, uh, here's down. Here's, uh, here's down. That is it. You're looking at me. Isn't this better? You're going to look better too and lower down.

Now we're going to do one thing. I know you're looking at me now, but this is what I want you to do. What did you start watching this so enough? You'll know it automatically where to work the head a little bit. You're going to gaze into the fingertips. As you lift up, you're going to look up that stretches the neck and you're going to lay it. Then the neck down. As you look at the fingers. Let's try that and I speech Paul. Elbows out to the side. Inhale, you gaze on the diagonal and exhale as you lower down and again, feel it coming from the waistline.

You saying something with that lip and out and low it down and center the head. We're going to change. Now we're going to do a shoulder rotation. Okay? You can lift the arms ray up over the head. Keep your head forward for now. Lift. Now the armpits rotate to me as you risk touch.

It almost looks like a maybe a flamingo dancer and the thing is rotate in and down. Let me show you what I mean by the, uh, I want to use my hand. I'm gonna lift my right arm up. You thinking as the wrist changes, it opens, opens, opens. Now you can feel it in my jet pack. The jet pack behind me, that open pulled back.

Now the fingers come forward and down. Let's try that both hands again. Ready? Everybody? Lift, lift, lift, lift, pull up, pull up, pull up and inhale and open your armpits. To me that's better. Feel that. Then the fingertips touch and lower down. It's simple movement. It's amazing how tight we get in our shoulders.

Okay, good but tight. Just holding that stomach in the bud tight is work and again lays in the arms. Inhale. One more thing. I don't want to drive you crazy, but techniques, technique. You know what I just saw? I want you to doing that everybody. Just one really I saw as you took the change of the hand total forward, that gives you body if a as a wrong sense of where you are now that the neck is part of the spine. All right. The neck is part of the spine. Unless it's choreographed off, it is pretty much always in line.

So inhale, look, the head doesn't move. Yeah, there you go. All right, let's do it again a little faster. Just pull up, pull up, pull up and inhale. [inaudible] fingertips. Now let's follow the head and look in the hands one. Yeah, Nice. [inaudible] and hold. Shake out your legs a little bit. It takes work just to stand apart like that, doesn't it? Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

All right. Shake them out. And second, I'm going to take one leg at a time. One arm at a time. Run your arms at the ready. You're going to lift the right arm up over the crown of your head. Now as you change to that risk position, keeping the hips forward, you're going to make a sharp twist behind you. Keep the hip phone, bring the torso forward and the thing that sits back and lower it down. Let's do that on the left.

Inhale and chuffed with yeah, and fingertips. This is normal camp and down and again, lift shocked with, yeah, keep those hips to me fingertips. And one more and lift shocked with, Oh, you see how I wanted to take my head there? That was what we're going to do next. And fingers. Now we're going to make a total rotation.

You're going to lift that right arm up over the head. It might be a little hard for you to see, but you're going to keep the hips vote as you make a sharp twist. Then work that arm all the way down till you bring that right hand on your right. Cheeky, but squeeze it. There you go. Bring the arm back. The back of the wrist is going to go to the head first. Then the torso, when the arm changes, and now follow the head with the hand. If you can lift and twist the torso, reach down and try to follow the back of the wrist with the hand.

Squeezed the butt back over the head. Torso, front and down and left. And Twitter, which way back? Squeeze the button up and fingers. You can lift chef twist. Ooh. Each way back and back. Shot. Twist down and send you the head. Well my, my, my orange. You so good.

All right. Let me give you some food. I remember I said back because of the hands. I'm going to take a side shot, but 10 your hands are in imaginary back pockets. All right. You're going to bring it with stomach in good pipe. Good question. You're going to bring the elbows side and then you're going to squeeze your wings to let the chest lift and Dab and squeeze. Look at that from the side side and squeeze. Look at my chest lifts, but tight side. Well, this is so good for your posture. Oh, those high to get areas. That's such a betrayer of age.

Trust me, that forward head and that and a Steeler up a back. That's it. One more hole. Now I want to take a little bend in the leg. Remember working that turnout muscle? The thighs are pressing to the back of the room.

We're going to take a little pulse pulse down, arches up. Remember how we lifted the toes? You don't have to lift them. We're taking a little pulse now in rhythm. Sure. Try to hide the elbows behind your torso.

Sure, that's it. Sure. Now we're going to straighten the legs. One more moment. I'm gonna turn the other way. This time, keeping the elbows high. This is great for your triceps, stomach, and bud tight.

You're just going to lift the lower arm. When that, not letting the elbows come lower to the floor and exhale, lift. Try to get them as high as you can. Oh, this is good for the shoulder joints and the tries to have full strength. The palms are facing the floor. Now as we do that, you're going to take a knee bend. We call it flu. Yay. My world. Plea A and lifting your go flee a. And as you bend the knees always think up to go down. Yes.

It's never collapsing your elegance and it goes for you guys do elegance. Lyft and Uber and Lyft. Feel that in the back of your arms, right? That'd be doing a million things. Teigen, I give good arm. One more hold and change position. You're down, you're gonna make fists knuckles down to the chest.

Up. You're going to criss cross you ris. Sure. Little pulse and pulse pulse. Sure. Let me see. To show. Justin should try this.

Get straight. Her arms is slightly bent, but don't bend them that much. Change there. Oxo. Learn. Now you're going to lace your hands about waist height and you all know this when, oh, I feel so good. Look slightly up on the diagonal. One note about the neck. When you're doing a neck, a releases to the ceiling, you don't want to throw your head back.

I'm not exaggerating. I am blacking my air and therefore my Royce. You must lengthen the neck. It's always a slight exalted curve and now you're going to bring your thumbs to the front of your waistline. You're going to round your chest. Hello, hollow that chest. You're going to take your left hand.

You're going to pull the right arm. Ooh, she stretched that muscle. We just were hollow, hollow. Stretch. Oh yeah. Thumps. Brant. I made this up. It feels good. And you're gonna take your right hand. Gently, gently, gently hang shoulder. Heavy shoulder, Paul. Yeah, and shoulders come up. Lace the hands again.

Pull tall. Yes. Good. Let go of the hands and clap. Clap. Sure. Hold. Let's go back to rotation. But we're not going to put the risk together. We're going to bring the palms front, lift up out of the waist.

Now this time what we're going to do is the pelvis is going to exalt itself to the ceiling. The bite is going to round, round, round various, and we're melting. We're melting, melting, and you're going to reach your hands through the legs. Now look how high my hands are, not to the floor. Hot Stomachs in. You have two pizzas. You're going to pull the pizzas back and serve to the person behind you. That's it. Stomach and you're laying thinning. The vertebras, the heads following the spine. Your round, your back looks like a nice egg shape. Scoop the stomach.

Keep those arches nice and lifted, dies back, dies back, dies back, dies back. Good stomach in. Now you're going to gently put the palms to the floor. Yes, and you're going to squat down. You're going to take a little pulse stomach and I want to lift my head. I want you followed, but I got to watch you all. Yeah, that's good. See if you can get your butt lower than your knees. Get your thighs back. What?

Yes, that back knee over the center of the foot. Always. Always. It's a rule knee over the front. That's it. Now turn the palms over the other way. Hands up part of your body and bounce down. Yes. It stomach in sure stomach and you gonna hold on to your ankles. I know it hurts.

Come on please. And you straighten the legs and you're gonna pull up the thighs. Shoulders are still down. Just gently pull yourself down, down to the right leg. Heng Hen. Keep the orchard out. Five, six, seven and left leg and stretch. Stretch to the center. Hold onto your elbows and a little pulse down. Now finally, just a gentle, gentle, gentle curve.

Fi pull up your thighs. Haven't ate, released the has not stopped rolling up scooping Scooby school scope. Scope, scope is scope. God pull up as high as you can. High as you can. Let me see, you look divine and she got you likes guy. You guys are tough. All right, a little more arm. Let's take that now and take a step to the side. All right, work. Those Barbara Poles worked those turnout muscles.

We're going to bring the arms to the side. This seems so simple. We're going to bring the arms back as far as you can without letting the head of the ribs boom, and you're going to directly stop when the middle fingers in line with your armpit and it's a slight forward action. So it's going to look like this. Yeah. Here's me overshooting my target. This is where control. Gee, you've got to tell that buddy. Hey, you stop when I tell you to stop this.

Nothing. No, no. You want to work those intrinsic secondary muscles. All right. You want to try it? Yes, you do. Bring the arms out to the side. Shoulders down. Remember, you must hold the arms from the back, not from the top of your neck, your traps. These don't need to get any strong.

This means get Schwann already and behind you. Yeah. See that both nanosecond of stoppage forward pho. Now do the same thing with the palms up. Forward. Forward. Shh. That's it. It, palms to the back. Palms back, back set. Little second of stopping. Six, seven.

Hold a palms down. Now we're going to make a circle with that middle finger around your shoulder joint going backwards. Yeah, keep pulling up, uh, the way and forward. Forward. Sure. Wait then out and lower down. How low.

Right small. You weren't even getting, even have to have a five pound weight in your hand. Shake it out. Let's take a little parallel ple and stretch the feet a little bit. That's it. And lengthen up and sit on a chair. Right? And sit and sit up. Sit. Hold top contract round. Your body.

Looks like a big letter. S hands are on the knees. You're gonna make it a little nice. Circle around and keep the ankle joints together around. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. Keep pressing the knees together. Brings energy to your knees.

Brings like moisture. Yeah, like a little loose fluid in there. Oh, not in a bad way. Fluid water on them. They know that every raised that it just feels good on them. Yeah. Stomach and keep that scoop. Keep that tuck now straight ahead with the legs. Make the eldest round forward. Remember how the chest, you get the upper body rounded. This way the body's rounding this way, like a big gyroscope.

Yeah. After this, I'm going to do some feet. That's it. Get as low as you can and straighten the body as you roll up to perfection. Dollar legs, right foot. You're going to lift the right heel. Press into the toes, press and now the left prescence to the left.

Now you can really keep lifting from underneath the butt too. That helps to nice little air under the arms and good really present the toe. You get to give those feet some love chair. Now I'm going to change when we get to the right, to the right, to the point to the fall and change heel. High Heel, high heel high. Now lower. Yeah.

Don't let the heel drop. Pull it up into the ball and change pool up. Then lift and ch and ball and changed and ball and point and ball. Yeah, it looks great. Ball and points and ball. We're going to change the right lay.

We're gonna lift the knee after our ball to the point float the side. Ah, okay. When you float the thigh, try not to let the heel come to your hamstring. Keep it under the knee. That's it. Tow Ball and change. Left ball. Float the thigh to Oahu. There was my fault.

I lost my focus. Point and lift. Toe Ball and change. Ball. Point. Float Ball. Point and down. Ball point. Float toe ball. That's good. One more.

And float ball point. Yeah. And Change. You're gonna turn out the feet. Take a big step. All right. Let's warm up the waistline a little bit. You're going to have the right hand on the hip. Left arm over the head. Oh, this is classic. Squeezed the butt.

You don't lift out of the waist and just decide. Stretch. Reach Long. Try not to collapse on that right side. Three, four. Sure. Oh, that feels so good. And lift. Palm Up. Palm to the hip. Right arm out over the head.

This before you go over stretch. Nice curve angled beside you're crunching over long ways. Six. Okay. Oof. Out Palm in. Palm up, up.

Now we're going to shift the hip. The hips allowed to shift. Now I'm giving you permission way over and the waist and too. Okay. Five, six reach long and the hip pulls in magic and the palm and the palm and the pomp live to go over. Move the hip out, out, out, out, out, out on the road out. Woo. Yay. And stretch too. [inaudible] now isn't that interesting? You just have to pull that hit.

Yeah. Out and in and down. Toes, heels, toes. We're going to do one that's going to bring great energy to the forearms and the fingers. Fingers are party to all right. I'll give you a side shot. Well first you're, uh, your knuckles are pressing and your fingers are pressing into the top of your knuckles. You try not to move your elbows too much like you're doing, like you're cracking your knuckles. Sure.

Lift up tall on the body. Chad said, try not to let the Elvis come into play too much. Oh, this is great. We don't give enough energy, especially with all those little tiny thumb movements. Geology, you gotta work the fingers. Hats it. Now over the crown of the head. Shoulders in damn and sure. Really crap. Then goes. Sure.

Squeeze the button stomach in. Sure. And whole palms front. Stretch the fingers stretch and wide. Why? Why? Just because I like the way it looks on you. Looks Cool, Huh? And chicken right?

Wow, that really works. I'm going to give you another one now. We'll actually legs a minute. Just holding it there. You know it's like, like you're wearing a mermaid costume. It's pulled together. Your legs are pulled together like your sip through a straw or a mermaid costume. Your fear, your flip is all right. Let's lift the toes and place them down, but tight, lift the toes and placing them. All right. Now I started this one because there are certain modern dance movements in the gram in the grain repertoire grim technique in which the hand is contracted in release as much as the body is contracted or released, it finishes in the feet and it also finishes in the hands.

So working with, with, in the beginning, I started with the children and they couldn't get the concept of a contract at hand. At first. I said, well, it's like you're in a stream and you're picking up in drinking water. You see that tension and that cupping action, you know? And they tried it and then we started to do contractions and it didn't work. But then I started doing this with them and I realized, oh my God, that really works in my arms. So I kept it in my adult hat.

So your fingers are close together and they're straight. It's like a little whack, whack, whack, whack Guar. All right. But it's an accent again with the accent. Oh. Oh, oh, oh. But we're going to do it with follow the leader Nice, wide second and just follow me out.

Yeah. And Open. Throw it away with the pinkies to the rest and out. Out. Sure. Oh, out. See what I mean?

Sure. Forward to. Sure. Squeeze the, but don't forget the rest of your body out, out, charity, the side and out out. Sure, sure.

You had enough already, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ooh, it just sort of, I don't know. I don't know. It just says something nice and I hope you feel the same. All right, let's work some of the waistline now. Okay, we're gonna mark it. Uh, let's see. Alright, let me get a little stretchy. Warm there. Let's mark this moment. Arm's going to be up. Now this is a parallel arm.

That means one arm doesn't drift four from the ear. They remain constant. Your head is in between. Oh Wow. I can do that. So one arm never drops. It stays in line with the outside of your shoulder. All right, so we'll go into the right. We're going to do this slow. This is called market wrap.

The turnout muscles lift out of the waist before you start. Yes. That's being ready to move. Now you go over with straight legs. You take one bounce, you take this plea, a whole, the play, right? [inaudible]. Now here's the contraction you can track down rounding the hip.

Sunday you release the pelvis, the bring it to the other side. This is where you want to watch your arms. Parallel alarms and your straighten. And we go the other way. Yeah. Right. Lift out of the waist to the left over one bounce. Plea A, hold the plea, right Wong contract. Release the pelvis.

Lift. Now that's excrutiatingly slow. We're going to speed it up. Ready to their right. Over one bounce plea. A reach long contract release. Watch the bottom on. Lift to the left.

Lift over one balance please. Hey, enrich contract and left. That's the rhythm. Lift to the right. Oh over one. Bounce. Great for the waist and reach. Current contract and left. Lift and hold. That's a little hard. Yeah. Toes forward. Heels, toes, heels and shake out the legs. What key?

Let's work those hips in another way. The Em, you have to stay absolutely straight. There's no twist in one way, one way or the other. The hips are gonna shift like there's a strength pulling the side of your hips. You're going to almost see if you can knock yourself off side your arms account of balance. We're going to start out low in the arms and to lift three hip pulses, one to three and then stand up as straight as you can. Like soldiers. Now the other, oh, not not a good image. Other side, one, two, three and tall. And that's as you try to knock yourself off center and then pull yourself right up.

That hip pulls you hip three now arms a little higher and hip to three right across the chest, across the chest. And the head just follows that tilt to the spine and this good for your waist to three really post the hip. I want to see the hip move out out, out end of now across your face. Big Arc and hip to three chest to me and reach to three check across the face too. Am I getting mad at you? Yeah, if you don't do it across your face and oh cross it. Why I order three and last time, one, two, three and holy shit. All right. You know, contract and release. Yeah, contract and we're just releasing to a flat back. The spine is so flexible.

A can actually arch but we're just going tailbone, flat back release, contract release and contract release. Draw the stomach up and release. Head follows, release and lengthen the waist and and out and okay, this exercise is only going to have release. Women come from this parallel arm position that we did a body at the ready. You're going to play. We'll take a few players. Let's all take a few players before I go into next, I got to get my head on and play and shoulders are pulled down into your lats, your back. All right, get as low as you can cause this chant challenges your ankles and it's real goofy calves and in front of patients. Okay, so we take the last one.

You're in a deep, deeply without tilting forward, you're going to flat back over is you. Circle your arms and as we warmed up the shoulders for this around and then at the last minute should out. That's a challenge then. Oh, you sit on the chair again, right? Is that a challenging [inaudible] sit on the chair as you tilt forward and the canceling of the arms circle around and you shoot them out and sit on a chick. Stay deep and live. Let me see, please, please.

[inaudible] circle and shoot and sit on a chair. Lats down and lift. Plea a circle way behind your shoe and center. Yeah, that was nice. Play and shoot. Sit on the chair. Lift one more please. [inaudible] shoe.

Sit on a chair and palm down. As you stretch, stretch, stretch. While we're here, press your pelvis forward. Bring your hands behind your thighs, reach back and see if you can scratch behind your knee and it's hard to get that muscle behind your waist line and lift to press the hips forward. Yeah. Again, you're not twisting and live lift to go over, press the hips forward scratch and lift and lift one more over and let's get more hamstring. You're in parallel position. You're going to take a flat back over like that. See your backs in imaginary table. Now if you loo, if you little bit challenging your hamstring, you might only go this way. If your hamstrings are tight and, and, and this is not a straight back. This is nothing. It's not a contract. I tell you, it's nothing.

It's either a flex foot or a pointed foot or a round bar or a flat back. Okay, so that's the flat back. Alright, so go to your position leading out, out, out, flat back now to come forward to feel that any hamstrings, even if you don't go, as for nothing, the body has to make your hamstrings move. Press the hips forward to bring you up, right? That's it. The body will follow your hips. And think of leading from the crown of the head out, out, out, down, and hips forward two, three, four, relieved with the crown of the head. Two arms.

Stay at the side of the ways and press the hips. Two Nice. Three, four simple movements. Done well. Oh you just want to watch him, you know, and hips forward. Two, three. Now we're going to change it. Lift out to three and four, keeping the legs together. You're going to sweep as far as you can over to the right and then interesting. Now Center the button so it changes your ankles. Yeah.

Shows you how everything is connected. We're just moving the torso and you feel that all the way down to your feet. Cool. Huh? God made no mistakes, honey. Oh, and Ford. Yeah, and rest shape a man. Okay, let's do more hamstring work. You're in a class, the hands, shoulders down. We're going to make a sharp twist this time.

The hips can go with you. Twist, twist like a chopping motion, but you're contracting to bring the hands down. You round up. Shut twist. Chuck left. Come up shocked with scooping Loa and shut twist. Scoop and low and lift. Squeeze the opposite, but yeah, now squeeze the right butts. Squeeze the right cheek. Yeah. And squeeze the left cheek.

Scoop and one more come up. Right, but lower left and center stretch. Now let's make a little pulse out out because I like it. It looks good and rest. Okay. I think this one's fun. A lining up. Toe Jones. I have bone inside. Anita. Why? I said line up your toe joints, your ankles, you inside of the knees and your appetite. Mermaid.

Sip the withdraw. Pull up his sort of a finger thing to lace your hands. Palms down, palms to the seal, thumbs down the thumbs. Trace what you want you buy, didn't do it, wants it to run. The thens wants you to around you around so much that the inside of your wrist and the fingers go to your knees, your round, that letter s shape the palms come to me, the palms, press the chest down.

Now as the arms come over the head, your hips press forward and you do a nice high back arch. And again, thumbs down, straight the sums, Tracey, inside out, palms and fingers to the knees up down the chest. So the hands trace what you want the body to do. And Oh, I love this disgusting imagery down. I'll tell you, you're going to throw up. Oh, you haven't actually go deeper and up, down and fast forward through up the down palms arc at. Squeeze the as you walk back inside and Ah, Eh, Eh, it feels good. Yeah. And, and stretch fo, Eh, ah, down, stretch, hold. Press the hips slightly forward. Squeeze the button, press the arms back. Pass your head here. How the arms go all the way down to the wasteland. You gaze is slightly up.

Good and [inaudible] thing years. Yeah. And let's just work the head a little bit. When you worked the head and you were kind of anxiously and sh and smoothly, uh, but don't let any of the body parts, is it called isolations? We take one piece of the body, the other bar, the rest of the body is just held in support but it's not moving. I don't move your shoulders, Domo, nothing but your neck. Okay. Alright.

Noses straight forward. And we're just gonna do a small turn over to the right. I have good range of motion cause I do my own work I should have and now center and to the other side. Don't move his shoulders. It's tempting to think you could move more with you move them but it's not going to give you more out of the movement and inhale and center. You know why the muscles in the neck, nice area under the armpit.

Keep your arms active and it's men. To move back of the neck is long and in line with the spine because it is part of the spine and to the left hold. Now you're going to nod down to the left shoulder or clavicle. If you're not turning so far center, we're making a half circle to the right. Come up facing the road and now use your eyes to Dan Center.

Get your, get your eyes work there and muscle and up to the side. Down. Yes, sweep the Chin and come up. This is real nice to do in the morning here. All is nice. Crackle and pop just like he cereal is everybody's net cracks. I think so and up and to the left and your center. Now remember in early in the very beginning of the class I was told telling you when we were looking up and down, this one is a perfect example is it's going to take a high head release or look up and look down. As you bring your neck up, you are long gating the spine. You are longing it.

It just doesn't come from Nicki. Did it lazy. There's a gentle curve up as you bring the head forward. This spine stretches even more and then it laid hands to the chest. So face, front, exalted, stretch the upper back. Lay them more and lower, so never collapses and center and to the sky lights and to come straight at and lengthened forward.

So it's conscious friends and lift. You should feel that all in the waist. A little lift to come flow and lift to go down. Did I say lift enough and relax. Shake it out. Did the arms out to the side. Palms down.

I want to just speak about the arms for a minute. I know we did a lot of arms, but please, I think this is such a great image. You can please steal it with my compliments. You's who were teachers? All right. Pretend. Pretend this is, this is a couch. I'm sitting on my couch. All right. There's a couch. Couch height is just about armpit level. All right?

You arresting on the couch, the couch. The couch are your lats. You don't sit on the couch like this with this all on you. Don't you sit like that? Yeah. Then you can just get a chance to develop correctly without taxing your trapezius muscle. That's why ballet dances, arms, do they have arms?

They are armed people. They could for days they could do a porter, bro. That's a movement of the arm in the front, sir. I mean, but if you get that position of the, this muscle is your couch, this crest down. Cause if you're, if this lad is up and flabby, it'll be, it's collected up here. All right? Of course the lad has to be down and your arm is held on the shelf of those lats and it's just prettier, prettier. All right, working those turnout muscles. Remember we did that. Tap that w dyes go back. We're going to take three plays, a small, a medium, a big plea a and pull up the legs. Lift to go down, check. That's it. And lift up.

Arms are on the back and one, two, three press tall and one, two, three and one. Hold the big plea a or grind. In France Room, you're going to lift the right heel and low just like we did with the foot. Feet together in the early part of the class. Yeah. Now wait on the second toe next to the big toe. When we have the feet together and your ankle bones together, it automatically puts you in that position. But here, makes sure you don't roll out in your pinky toes. Yeah, that was nice. Thanks.

Thanks for listening. Now both heels together prior map up are your arms on your couch. Otherwise you can't survive this. Yeah, sure. Good. Hold him up a little bouncy Ben Seatbelts Z. Sure, sure. And press up and relevant and lower down. My legs are too far.

You're going to bring, I was correcting myself. I couldn't get up behind in a railway. A little bit of part here. You're going to lift the arms in that parallel position. You don't lift the right arm up, but this time I'm giving you permission to lift your ribs and your shoulder, the whole girl. So I want to stretch that right sec. Now stretch the left side.

Wow. And the right side. Yeah. You grow in tall and, and now we're going to add some hands from the pinky climate imaginary world reach and climb. Reach. Now try not to consciously drop the other, like they're both drawing the stay as tall as they can, but one arm is, is, is winning the race good and good. And now the arm that's up, left arm up, right knee is going to bend. So you stretching lower and higher. It's like, you know, jazz routine. Yeah. So kids read, yes, sell it raw. [inaudible] and gay.

Slightly up because he wants to climb the rope. We'll use those fingers, Aurora fandom in and rich and rich and five and six and seven because it's a jazz class. I had account reach. Let's take this down to the floor now. Get a little bit, uh, a little wider than your hips. Yeah, let's take a flat back bounds. Two, three, four and shoulders down on eight. Then you're gonna walk your palms out.

You're going to start climbing to the toes. So you are on the walk. Your hips are pressing lower than your hips and your shoulders, your feet on the balls of theatre on the floor. You take a bounce here. Ah, Ooh. Don't that stretch the low back and a nice way. Oh yes. Six shoulders down. Now you're going to f, you're going to press your right hip bone to the floor as you stretch. Ooh, and really pull up that side to stretch your psoas muscles. Six, seven, eight sent to the body. Twist your left hip onto the floor. Pull up on the left way. Stretch.

Yeah. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and a hips voted. We don't have to bounce anymore and sticky, but up in the air. Walk back, walk back, walk back, walk back, and I take a little bed and we're going to stay low like this. We're going to jump the feet together. You can take the, yeah, tailbone and the tailbone is down to the floor. Toe joints, ankle bones, knees, a press tightly together. This automatically puts the way correctly on the, uh, second toe.

All right. Now we're going to from this position, lift your heels up without letting your ankle bone separate. We're also going to keep the palms down. Here's the hands again and crack your knuckles. Heels up. Stretch the thing is in the toes. Palms down, force the arch. Yeah, and lower stomach's in stretch and believe me, those fingers and toes, we'll talk to you later on. You got to keep them moving.

I swear you're gonna send me roses when you're 70 if you keep doing this list and now push the arch and a little bounce, this bothers your knees. You can call it four, five, six, seven, eight. Now the same thing with the heels. Now we'll call these bouncy, bouncy, bancy, Bansi six now you're going to press your heels down right away. You're going to keep the weight more or equally distributed between the toes and the heels and you take a little bouncy here, bouncy, bouncy. Now we're going to round down again. We're going to do this rhythmically.

Want to take two bounces down. You'll get this bounce, bounce straight nannies again, bounce and everything touching straight. Ninnies again, bounce, bounce. Straighten the knees were more bounce, bounce, straighten the knees, hold stomach scoped. You're going to bend one knee, keeping the heels down and then, then the other leg to the forehead. Other like no, a little calypso man. Well that's straight like hip, back and back. Yeah. Cause we did all that. Turn up muscle. This seems to stretch it. Push the hip back Mon. Push it, push it, push it. And how we're going to start rounding up. I do rounding up with straight legs. I do, I do. And you're gonna roll up keeping the weight equally distributed.

Scoop the stomach. Scoop. Scoop, unfurl, unfurl, unfurl. One vertebral after the other. Holding a perfect posture. We're going to do what we first did in the beginning of the class unit. Round your arms. You're going to lift that arm up over the head. Okay.

And lengthen it down. Yeah. Gaze into the fingers and lift again. Look, backs to the worst. Touch arms way back. Be High to reach back and Russ and fingers. Uh, okay.

Well and with eh thing to reach back and ris and thing is we're going to bring the arms down to the side of the waist. I'm going to do one more thing for me. You've been so good. Gay, straight ahead. Don't know. We're holding quietly. The energy is moving inside and we're perfectly still in aligned on the outside. We're holding for eight and one, two, three, four. Hold still, six, seven, and eight.

Thank you so much.


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what beautiful lines she makes with her body! thank you!
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Just started to watch this session Diane you are amazing and funny too, it's got humor really got me smiling!! Love the way you teach and explain in a fun way x
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Ahhh !!! Your years of experience bringing wisdom along with wonderful humor! Love the way you encourage us to laugh a little at ourselves while challenging us to be a better version of ourselves. Thank you, Diane
Love the humor Diane.. sometimes we get way too serious..
also thank you for showing what 'not' to do. Making this video a 'pre requisite' for my barre student!!
Thank You :) Love standing work !!
Thank you so much! You are fantastic! I would love to do more classes with you.
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She is a breath of FRESH AIR!!!
What a joy to have this video. I feel as if I am taken back in time and in a dance studio with those that I dreamed of ever meeting!

Love this gal!!!! Keep teaching us!!! Please.
As you might expect, Diane is not one to be on the computer (or this forum) often. We will make sure she knows of your appreciation. In fact, we can't wait to remind her, through your words, how wonderful she is. For more of her perspective, be sure to check out her discussion on Ron Fletcher in the Pilates Legacy Project.

Diane on Ron Fletcher
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Really enjoyable class! What a fab teacher and personality
Thanks Diane and Pilates Anytime xx
Diane Severino
'm astounded, delighted and humbled.
You get me! You like me! My nine year old grandson showed me what you all wrote. I'm going to watch my class for the first time now. Thank you all! PS I hope I kept my abs in!

Diane Severino
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