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Wilted Arms vs. Active Arms

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Clean up your arm movements with this tutorial by Diane Severino. She teaches a series that will give you better work in your arms and it will make your shoulders sing. She also includes Ron's Clock so you can incorporate breath with this concept.
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I'm going to do an arm series. I'm going to start with the arms with a nice clean hand with the fingertips. The middle finger in line with the armpit. This is my shoulder, a little too high. We're going to bring the arms far back and then we're going to stop directly in line with that arm pit. It's going to go fast. Okay.

Alright, now I want to take it sideways. Here's me just drifting. We all know this exercise that is not when I'm teaching, it's backs up. Duh, Duh. You see that pause? That's what's gonna make that shoulder sing. All right, ready? Eight cans. We're going to change the palms after eight cans. N Okay.

Now this is a little more challenging because you have to stabilize the head from moving palms up up and you have to stabilize the ribs from moving so it's totally get the arms far back as you can, but stop at that armpit. Don't let the arms lower. Seven palms back back, back. Don't overdraft the arm pit, not to the shoulders, right to the center of the armpit. Fuck sick. It's different. Palms up forward. Cut the air with the in side of your wrist.

Stop. Six, seven, eight palm staff, small little armpit circles going forward. [inaudible] C was circling around that armpit. Keep your fingers close together, little bit bigger and the temple's going to slow down. Six don't move your head. Do you reds? Big circles way around. Don't move your head. Three but tight stomach in five way around. Get it back. Seven whole da arms over the head.

Big circles going back slower. Rhythm, two, three, four, way back. Good stomach, slightly smaller. Medium three, four, five, six, seven and tiny around the comfort of your own Pitt. Six, seven, eight, neck lengthens blind. Then hold. We're going to put your hands in. Imaginary back pockets. Squeeze, squeeze. Pull in the at five, six, seven. Sometimes I do this with a little pulsing leg, but this is just arms. This is for the back of your arms and pull. Two, three nong. Neck pod six seven pinch the elbows behind you.

If you are looking in the mirror, you wouldn't be able to see your elbows. They hiding behind your torso. Don't move your up or arm. Just the lower arm lifts for the back of your arm. Lift fingers tight together. Palms to the floor. Down and lift and lift.

Dam lift back shot. Squeeze those wings together. Up and up. What a lovely view and hold. Make a fist. Bring your knuckles down. You're going to crisscross. Cross your wrist. Chest high facing front. [inaudible] shit's up. Oh, I mean pictorials up, up, up, up five, six, seven. When did you release the chest? We're just going to do this, whatever this is called, lift.

Let go. Keep your arm straight. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Keep your elbow straight back the further further. Now Clap your hands. Don't bend your elbows. Yeah.

Who needs weights? Come. I feel your mom's doing five and six and seven thumbs to the front of your body. Round your head and just with the elbows are all falling, falling, falling, really hollow. That chest into the upper back. Yes. He got that reverse stretch you all that other work we did center and then we're just going to draw the feet together. Toes, heels too. Everything's touching. All right. Now when we open the arms to the side, as in Ron's clock, when the arms open to the side, it doesn't come from the wrist.

It's almost like someone is holding your wrist down and I'm going to indicate the movement starts from the outside of the shoulder. The lower arm lifts because the deltoid you shoulder, the outside the shoulder is moving first doesn't come from here. It comes from the side. Going to take two little inhales and think of the outside of the shoulder. Your arms are going to lift and then feel the air squeezing out from under the armpit, shoulder, shoulder, armpit, armpit that you can feel that. Yeah, and one take four up. Okay.

Just shoulder press the air. You grow tall or taller. Feel like someone's holding your wrists back and yeah, one that looks good. Three for an hour or two. Now if I might tie this to protect, you know when we were on the machine and we're doing the open leg stretch, yeah, I see an awful lot of Balanchine hands. What's that doing is you're taking the risk. It's very nice looking.

You have to be really good ballerina. I know, I know. It's sort of good, but think as, as the machine's opening, you lifting from the side of the shoulders to bring it in, you'll get a much better arm workout and you open and you close and the pinkies are en to the hand and see, ah, takes muscle. Swan Lake. I can do that. But I feel that, and I'm drawing that machine in. Feel arms to the side. It's clean and think the delt. Thank you.

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I just love her!😄
Susan B
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I always love Diane's classes. So much fun....
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Always a great day when there is a new Diane Severino video! Great teacher, great presentation, not to mention her wonderful personality!
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My first time viewing her - she is fabulous!!
Educational, motivating and always with humor..
Diane is amazing!!
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You bring quality to my movement. Hope you return to Seattle sometime soon. PA has helped us follow your insights. Thank you!
She is amazing. I love her
Ive just recently discovered her. She is great and makes me laugh.
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learning through movement! thank you, Diane.
Superbe as always!
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