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Wilted Arms vs. Active Arms

10 min - Tutorial


Clean up your arm movements with this tutorial by Diane Severino. She teaches a series that will give you better work in your arms and it will make your shoulders sing. She also includes Ron's Clock so you can incorporate breath with this concept.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jun 15, 2018
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I'm going to do an arm series. I'm going to start with the arms with a nice clean hand with the fingertips. The middle finger in line with the armpit. This is my shoulder, a little too...

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I just love her!😄
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I always love Diane's classes. So much fun....
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Always a great day when there is a new Diane Severino video! Great teacher, great presentation, not to mention her wonderful personality!
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My first time viewing her - she is fabulous!!
Educational, motivating and always with humor..
Diane is amazing!!
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You bring quality to my movement. Hope you return to Seattle sometime soon. PA has helped us follow your insights. Thank you!
She is amazing. I love her
Ive just recently discovered her. She is great and makes me laugh.
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learning through movement! thank you, Diane.
Superbe as always!
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