Patricia G

I started doing pilates to improve my spine as a result of having my 3 babies.
I was constantly visiting the Oestopath.
Pilates was not available to me until a few years ago when I finally signed up for a term of pilates mat classes. Well I never turned back and last summer I qualified as a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor. Since then I have started teaching my own classes.
I want to show others how Pilates can be so beneficial to their health and wellbeing.


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About me

I'm: a Woman
Where I Live: Delgany County Wicklow Ireland
Language(s) I Speak: English
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Walking (Three days a week)

My Pilates Practice

Years of Pilates Experience: 14
Practice Frequency: Twice a week

My Teacher Training

STOTT PILATES® - Mat (2013)

My Memberships and Certifications

STOTT Pilates - Member - Certified (2013)

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84,345 PA Points
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