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No Looking Back

30 min - Tutorial


We’ve assessed possible roadblocks to efficient running in the Running Free Mat class and addressed them at the foot/ankle and pelvis in previous dialogues. Now we take a look at the spine and what the 3 non-negotiables are when addressing the running gait cycle. Myriam Kane shares simple tools (homework) that can make a huge difference in allowing flow, harmony, and free energy in our running experience.
What You'll Need: Mat, Small Tennis Ball, Foam Roller, Reformer Box

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Oct 21, 2016
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Hi, I'm Miriam Kane. Welcome back. As we continue our dialogue on running free and simple, today we'll be addressing the spine and the role that it plays in our running practice. So le...

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very useful information, great class, thank you
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Very happy to hear from you that you are finding this info useful...I'm grateful to share and hope you will make this homework a self care habit and harvest the benefits...thank you for the feedback!
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great informative and practical workshop. i am loving this series so much!

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