Mari Inspires and Helps Others

Mari Winsor is a remarkable woman. She had an amazing dance career, dancing in Michael Jackson's video for Smooth Criminal, and in Patrick Swayze's movie Road House, she made the most successful fitness infomercial in TV history, and now she is continuing to inspire and help others after her diagnosis of ALS.

In this discussion, Mari tells us about her career and relationship with Romana Kryzanowska, and how they had a connection because they found joy in movement. She also shares her feelings from when she was first diagnosed with ALS, and how she decided to empower herself and stay positive. She hopes to use Pilates to help others with the same condition, because she has so much to give.

Find out more about ALS and the hope to find a cure by donating to Augie's Quest. All of the proceeds go to ALS research.

Watch Her Discussion Now

Mari teaching a Mat class


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