Pilates Anytime TV Episode 24: Pilates Power Studio Tour

Kristi Cooper interviews Reiner Grootenhuis at his studio, Pilates Powers, in Tönisvorst, Germany. Reiner is the creator of the popular Pilates forum Pilates-Contrology-Forum and was gracious enough to show us around his studio and tell us a bit about his Pilates experience.

This is the twenty fourth episode of our weekly web series. You can subscribe on iTunes or YouTube to be sure to catch every episode.

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Beautiful studio Reiner! :)
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Thanks for sharing . Very nice studio
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Nice interwiew and nice studio! Could you post the link for the cork apparatus? I've the feeling that the link above doesn't lead to the correct webside of Reiner's studio. On you tube it's written pilates powers.de. Thanks for sharing!
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This is the link for Bells&Springs Equipment.
//www.bellsandspringsequ ipment.com/
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Claudia~ Thank you for pointing this out. The correct link is //pilates-powers.de/ and this has been edited.
Thanks Heikki and Hannah!
Thanks a lot Heikki and Hannah! :)

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