Pilates Holiday Gift Ideas


The holidays are right around the corner, which means it's time to start shopping for your loved ones. To help you shop for the Pilates enthusiast in your life, we have compiled a list of ten gifts that would be great options! We have items for different budgets to help you find the best gift for you! Happy Holidays!

1. Gift Certificate

A Pilates Anytime gift certificate is a great gift for anyone. We have options for one month up to a year as well as gift certificates to our Premium workshops.

2. Caged Lion: Joseph Pilates & His Legacy

As mentioned in The Pilates Legacy webinar, the Caged Lion is part biography, part history, and part memoir as John Howard Steel untangles the life of Joseph Pilates and his exercise program, now known as Pilates.

3. The Yoga Law Book

This book is a great resource for any fitness professional especially concerned with waivers and liability as mentioned in The Pilates Report webinar with the author, Cory Sterling.

4. Shashi Socks

Shashi Socks offer functionality and pizazz with many fun styles that you can wear in and out of the studio!

5. Good Citizen Loops

You can keep your hands and feet clean with your own personal loops. They have many designs to choose from so you can be stylish and hygienic at the same time!

6. Pilates Nerd Mask

You can keep yourself and others safe while still showing your Pilates spirit by wearing a "Pilates Moves Me" mask.

7.Pilates Coffee Mug

Start your day off right while you drink coffee and tea in style with this Pilates superpower mug!

8. KDW Apparel Matching Leggings, Mask, and Headband Bundle

Workout in style with this fun matching set!

9. Magic Circle Pendant

Add some shine to your workout attire with this custom made Magic Circle pendant!

10. Pilates Comics Custom Artwork

Lighten up your space with custom artwork by Pilates Comics.


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Great gift ideas! I really enjoyed reading Caged Lion.

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