What We're Doing to Support the Community and our Employees

Concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19) are continuing to build as it is spreading at an alarming rate. Whether you have become infected by this virus, quarantined, or had school/work closures, this pandemic has impacted your life in some way. At Pilates Anytime, we are staying informed about the situation so that we can make the best choices for our employees, teachers, and members. Here are the steps we are taking to offer support to the community and to help flatten the curve.

How are we supporting our employees?

As of last Wednesday (March 11, 2020) all of us at Pilates Anytime have joined the Staying Home Club so that we can work remotely. Even though we are used to seeing each other each day, we want to ensure that our employees stay safe and healthy.

We have been staying in touch with each other with daily check-ins and meetings on Zoom as well as using other tools for direct messaging and project management. We have also been sharing photos of our new workspaces and enjoying seeing each other's pets coming in and out of our virtual meetings. We are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, and we are doing all that we can to stay connected in addition to supporting each other and our community.

How are we supporting our teachers?

In addition to our employees, the safety of our teachers is a great concern for us. To avoid having teachers putting themselves at risk with traveling, especially with long flights, we are primarily filming local teachers at this time. We are also cleaning/disinfecting the studio regularly as well as limiting the number of people in the studio. We are staying informed and encouraging our teachers to do the same so that we will know if we need to make any other changes in our studio and filming schedule.

How are we supporting Pilates teachers and studio owners?

Many Pilates studios, gyms, and other public spaces have been forced to close temporarily. Because of this, teachers are unsure of what they can do during this time so we will be hosting webinars to give them advice and support for options they can do now, like doing virtual sessions, how to work with social distancing (if their studio is still open), and many more topics. Our goal is to help everyone in the community thrive during this challenging time.

How are we supporting our members?

Because we are able to work remotely, our site will still be publishing new content every week. In addition to our regular content, we will be offering live classes with our teachers who live near our studio (nobody will be closer than 6 feet apart). This way, you will be able to feel the sense of community while working out from home.

Staying active is great for your immune system and your mental health. We have programs and classes for every age and skill level, so we want to encourage everyone to keep moving as often as you can.

We will be announcing the dates and times of the webinars and live classes soon through our social media channels and through our newsletter. As always, you can contact our support team via phone (424-999-1700) or email (support@pilatesanytime.com) if you ever need any help.

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy.


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Have appreciated you all for a number of years now, but even more so now.  You all have helped me to get to a really healthy place, through injuries and chronic illness.  Thank you.  Be well all.

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