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Beginner Magic Circle

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Niedra teaches a beginner Mat class with the Magic Circle. She adds some intermediate exercises which include a great prep to the Roll Over and a slow variation of the Double Leg Stretch to break it down. This is a great class for you to go back to the basics to perfect your technique.
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So good evening everybody. It's so nice to have you all here. I'm so excited that we're going to be filming because even though you don't think much of yourselves, I think a lot of you, because you've improved so much in the year that we've been working together. And we'll be doing the intermediate beginner math with some intermediate work added in, little tiny bit of magic circle to have to help take some of the exercises to the next level. So before we actually get on the ground, let's stand in Pilati stance and bring the magic circle out in front. And you want your solar plexus reflected through the center of the magic circle and then lift the chest and narrow your hips. So nice squeeze on the hips and then lift the elbows.

So elbows are up to have this lovely elegant position and now the fingers are extended and you squeeze the magic circle and hold it and lift the belly. Nice, tall and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and relax. And again, fill up the back ribs and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and relax and again, squeeze, filling up those back ribs. And relax. And last one, squeeze. See if you can feel the spine getting taller and the waist getting smaller and release. Now pulsing this.

Squeeze and bring the magic circle right up towards your chest and out. Two, three, four reaching those arms nice and long. And in two, three, four, feel that's buy nice and lifted and out. Two, three, four out, out, out, out. And last one bringing the magic circle right up toward your chest and out. Two, four, five, six, seven and eight.

And bring the arms up. But as the arms come up so you can keep the shoulders down. Yes. Now, nice firm, hips, tiny waist, squeeze and release and squeeze. And you want to feel that magic circle in relation to your head. Says you squeeze, you can get the neck getting longer. Good, good, good. Wendy and schoolies. Very nice. And now we're going to start squeezing and pulsing and bringing the magic circle down over your head, like your halo in yourself and up to three, four, lift that magic circle. Up and down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, and up to three, four, five, six, seven and eight.

And bring the magic circle all the way. Keep pulsing it all the way down to your thighs and elbows up as you bring the circle up, up, up, up, up, up, up and up. And last one, down, down, down, down, down, down and down and down. Oh, okay. Roll the shoulders around. Come to the front of your mat. Cross your feet. Hold the magic circle in front of you with your elbows high. Squeeze your magic circle and see if you can sit all the way down onto the mat.

And if you have to let go. Very, very good. Okay. Okay. Now let's have you take the circle and place it. The lake's inside with the circle just outside the nice, so it's just above the knees at the top of the size of Casey. Higher up. Yes. Now get the feet a little bit wider and very, very slightly. Turn the feet out. I see it's like a Pilati stance.

Now holding the backs of the knees. Squeeze, push out with your size, push, push, push, push, push and release. And again, pushing this time, lift your back way up to pull up your stomach and broaden even with the elbows out and release and again press and why those knees and thighs and release. So you want to feel again, this widening of the band from the knee to the outside of the hip and release and widen and release. Now widen and start rounding the spine. But keep pushing into the circle as you go halfway back and you have more room for your sacrum and your lower back. And then roll back again and sit up straight. Nice, tall, long back and again, widen sir. Cool.

Round the back and press into the magic circle and pull the stomach in and come back up. Sitting up nice and tall and again, widen the circle and roll down. So you make the outer size. Really do a lot of work and roll back up and lift. And last one, widen that circle and roll. Roll, roll, Rhoda. Roll all the way down onto the mat. Bring your knees into your chest and just take the circle and place it to the side on the floor. So we'll do our little warmup. So placing your knees and your feet together on the mat.

You want your arms long length in the shoulders, away from your ears, and press your elbows and your shoulders and the palms of the hands into the mat. So you working in your triceps, check that your stomach is in. Narrow the hips. And if you write me to your chest and lower the leg down, keep pushing the hands in, left leg up and down and right, like up and pushes hands down and left leg up and down and right leg, up and down and left leg up. Very nice and down. Keep the pressure in the arms, knees and feet together and narrow the hips. Lift your right knee up again and left knee comes up as well. So both legs in the air, right foot comes down, left foot comes down.

Same thing again, right knee comes up, left knee comes up, right foot goes down, left focus now. Now we reverse it. Left knee comes up, right knee comes up, left foot goes down, right foot goes down, left knee comes up, right knee comes up, left foot goes down and right foot goes down. Now still pressing those hands into the mat. Squeeze the hips and the knees. Bring both knees into your chest. Both knees come in at the same time. Lift the legs to table top without losing the powerhouse.

Low the legs with control to the mat, keeping your hands pressing into the mat. Both knees come into your chest at the same time, all the way in 50 about them. Casey feet tight in. There you go. Now bring the light. Nice the tabletop. Float the legs down. Bring the knees all the way into your chest so the feet are close to the bottom.

Then lift the legs, the tabletop, and then float the legs all the way down to the mat. Very good. And now coming to tapping. Bring the knees into your chest. Lift the legs to table top. Keep the spine and stomach steady and right. Tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap. Now. Same thing with the feet.

Flex and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap both knees in. Just give the legs a little hug and rock side to side. Nice massage through the lower back and then float the feet all the way down to the mat and lift the arms to the ceiling. So in this position, check that the shoulders are pressing away from the ears. The back is long and the stomach is in. Just reach the arms back without letting the shoulders come off the mat.

Bring the arms up and lift your head and chest and reach towards your ankles and lower down. Reach the arms long and back. Bring the arms up and press the shoulders away from the ears as you lift your head and chest up and lower back down. Very nice. Reach the arms back. Bring the arms up and compress them ribs and feel the shoulders. Only tips of the shoulder blades should be still touching the floor and lower back down. And one more time. Reach the arms up and back and then come back up and only tops of the shoulder blade just to there. Just like that. And lower back down.

Very good. Arms to the ceiling. And now lift your chest and your knees in. Lift your chest and your knees up like a crunch. Bring to table top and lower back down and curl everything in. Lift the table top. Lower back down, and lift everything in. Lift the table Top, lower back down. And one more time. Lift everything in. Lift the table top and lower back down. Very, very nice.

So coming into hundreds. We'll do this with the legs on the ground. I'd like the hands coming to the ceiling. Presses the shoulders away from the ears. Lift your head and chest way up. Stretch your arms way out. And now stretch your legs up on the Mat. Long leg. Start pumping with the arms. Breathing in three, four or five. Exhale, pull the stomach in. Two two, three, four, five. Exhale, pull this time again.

Three oh five lift the chest a little bit more, Wendy. Very good. Four, five. Exhale by five to three. Exhale. Three four, five, six oh five keep the stomach license strong. Seven two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five pack sale, three, four, five, nine, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five, last set, three, four, five. Exhale, very good. Lower down. Take. Stretch them over your head. Squeeze the legs together and give yourself the long, long, long stretch. The arms are quite close to your ears. The hips are tight, the belly is pulled away. Way, way up in the arms and fingers along. Bring the arms to the ceiling and see if you can roll up to a sitting position. If you can, you bend your knees and bring yourselves up. Yes.

So let's just start legs along, arms along, lift way up through the back body. And imagine a big beach ball in front of you and round over this beach ball to the stomach is lifting, but the upper body is round. Then press the shoulders down and roll halfway back. So squeeze your hips and just roll halfway back and pull up again and stretch forward. But pull back in the stomach and roll back against. Squeeze the hips. Pull the belly way in. Tight, tight, tight legs.

Come up and stretch forward. And one more time. Roll back. Shoulders are down. Good Megan. But look down at your navel and come back up and stretch forward. Now put your hands on your ankles and let the body stretch over. Just give yourselves a gentle little stretch.

And now Wendy and Tim, if you don't want to go all the way down, do whatever you feel comfortable with in pad your back and the rep, the other three. You're rolling all the way to the mat, to your arms will be long. Drop your head and roll all the way to the Mac. Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll. Stretch on the way over your head. And then bring the arms up. Lift your head in, chest and roll up. Roll good. And stretch forward. Head is down and roll back. Broad shoulders, tiny waist. As you roll down, reaching the toes and opposition. Good there Tim.

Arms over your head and bring the arms up and lift your head and chest and you use that squeezing of the chest and stretch forward. And one last time. Rolling down. Rolling down, rolling down with control. Stretch your arms over your head, bring the arms all the way up, lift your head and chest, squeeze at chest, squeeze at stomach and stretch forward. Good Wendy. Very, very nice. Put your hands on your ankles and again, give yourselves a nice little gentle stretch. We'll just do a little bounce here. Bounce and bounce and bounce and then come up and have a quick look with starting to work towards roll over where you lift your hips up in the air.

But we just still want to take a few lessons to get your hips working. So this is what you'll be doing. You'll be here, you're bringing your lights to table top. You want to really from the hip. So from table top you lift, lift the bottom up and there's two parts to this. The hands press down strongly and the hips lift. You may cheat by bringing the knees in if you have two, you do that.

But the goal is to keep the hips the legs long and make that stomach lift you up. So that's bottom up. So we'll do a few bars of up and then we'll do bottom up, lengthen and then roll down. So it's hips stretch and then row and down. And you also have the option of stretching and rolling down with the leg straight. And I'll talk you through that. And even if you get your bottom up just a little tiny bit, it's the beginning.

So line down, you want those hands on the mat, they're going gonna really help you. You use your arm. So you really want to feel the pressure. Bend both knees into your chest the way you did a minute ago. Good. And I bring the legs a tabletop from table top. Lift your bottom up. So just lift your bottom up and then roll down.

Come to tabletop and again, push down with a hand. Squeeze about them to lift. Good Megan. And then roll down to tabletop. And again, squeeze and see if you can get almost to the shoulders and down and out. And now we'll add the straightening of the legs. So bring the legs and bottom up and stretch the legs on a long diagonal and then roll back down. So the legs go on a diagonal, Casey, towards the corner of the room to the ceiling, not towards the floor and out.

And again, bottom up. So lift the hips and legs go up. That's it. And then roll down and tabletop. Bend your knees and again, hips come up, hips go up, bottom up. Yeah. And then roll down, roll down. Bend your knees to your chest. That was very good.

Give yourselves a little hug and rock. Side to side. Rock and rock and rock. Oh, okay. Now hip circles. Looking to explore bigger range of movements so your knees are bent. Lift your right leg up to the ceiling. Make sure the left leg that is bent is not close to the bottom, but quite long.

And let the left leg drop out. Let the need drop out. So Tim longer left leg more. Now let the knee fall outwards. When did to get the leg more long? Yes. When you drop the knee out, you release your hip flexors. So there's nothing you can grip there. It's all in your powerhouse. Press your waist into the mat, take your right leg as far over as you can, even if your bottom comes off the mat, roll it down and press your white waste into the Mac. Keep your waist on the mat and bring the leg up.

So it's a much bigger circle than we used to do to loosen up the hips and up and cross. Let that hip stretch and circle around. But what you want to, as you're circling around, you use your waist to pull you back. Cross and circle around and up. And now reverse it. So you came and Wendy are crossing over now. Good. Just keep going everybody. The directions you, you're doing the girls that are opening out, you have to anchor the waist a lot on the way out.

And two more times. Yes. So you really explore loosening up the hip socket. And this is your last one. Very nice. Hold the leg with both hands. Give it a stretch and now take the leg. That's on the floor and stretch it out.

So you have a two legged stretch and just give it a nice length length in one leg down and long. The other leg up. Make sure the heel is opposite, you know, so very slightly turned out and the hips on long. Then put your hands on the map. Really push down and slowly lower the leg down to the mat. Long legs, long waist, long spine, all the way down. Very nice work.

Then both knees slightly lift the other leg up and take the bent knee and bend it outside way. Sandy, it's two. There we go. So the funny feeling, it's very open. I'll take the leg that's in the air and take it way over to your left. Way over towards you. You want to go this way? Yes. Then pull the waist down around and up. Good Cross, way over. Let that hip go. Now pull the ribs down, rib them. That's it Tim. And and again, so you just exploring the circle and the range of movement. Very nice.

Loosening up the hips and one more this direction and then reverse it. So you really want, as the leg goes out, you stabilize it. Ah, and up, let's bend this knee a little bit, Tim, bend it and you actually going to go the reverse. You let the light come out. You let it go way over. Keep the rips into the floor and let that hip come up. Yes, yes, yes. Circling the like good Wendy. Yes. And this is your last one. Once it comes up, whole the leg with both hands. Check the both hips are down.

So kick Casey, get that left bottom way down. Left. Yes. Left hip is long. And then take the right leg and stretch it out on the floor. Say these beautiful oppositions stretches. Check that your shoulders abroad. Your neck is broad.

Your stomach is enhanced on the mat and slowly lower the leg all the way down. Long pointed leg heals together. Tiny, tiny waist. Once you legs get down, make sure the heels are touching. Squeeze your bottom, stretch your arms over your head. Tiny, tiny waist all the way back and roll up to the sitting position. Roll all the way up. Bring your hands to your hips. And Pop your bottom forward for rolling like about yes.

Now let's start holding behind the knees and take the the ribs and pull them way back to the rib cage. It's like you wa and then press the shoulders down. Nice, very slightly. Squeeze the feet in, looking at your neighbor. Roll to your shoulders and roll up and roll to the shoulders and roll up. Good and roll to the shoulders and roll up and roll to the shoulders and roll up so you really massage your back. One more time like this. Such lovely work and up and grab your ankles to now pull the feet in and get a smaller shape and back.

You go again and roll back and come up and balance and roll back. Keep the feet close to your bottom and roll back. And you want to look down at your navel as you do this. So you make that stomach. Do the work and back and up and back and up. And last one back and up. Very nice. Hold your balance here.

Take your left hand to your right knee and see if you can with control. Lower yourself down to you're ready for single leg stretches. Yes. Keep that like pulled in. Elbows wide head is off the map Tim. So you're looking, see if you can get the shoulders off the mat. Switch your lights and squeeze and switch and switch and squeeze and switch and three and switch and or and switch and five and switch.

Bring both knees in. Drop your head to the mat just to relax. And now we'll do the slow variation for double leg stretches. So crawl your head and chest up. Press your hands to the mat. Stretch your legs out. Long arms to the ceiling, arms by your ears, arms to the side. Squeeze the legs in tight.

Drop your head down. Curl your head up. Press your hands down. Stretch your legs long. Arms Up, arms back, arm side, big hug. Head down. Curl up, hands down, legs out. Arms Up, arms back. Arms out.

Squeeze tight. Head down. Put your feet down for a minute and rock your head to the right. Rock your head to the left. Rock your head to the right. Rock your head to the left and back to the center. Scissors a neck. So connect to this beautiful long back. Bring both knees into your chest.

Curl your head and chest up. And if both legs to the ceiling, long, long legs, take your right leg and pull it towards you. Pull, pull, scissor. The legs. Pull, pull, scissor, pull, pull. The body is very quiet. Pull, pull through Sandy. Don't pop your head. Pull Pool. Try to hold closer to the ankle. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Excellent work. Legs come up. Tiny weights. Bend your knees, head down, feet down. Nice, meticulous work.

And just take a breath feed. Come down, roll your head to the right. Roll your head to the left and back to the center. Take your hands and place them behind the base of your skull. See if you can widen the elbows. And just to practice here, lift your head and chest up. See if you can look at your navel. But keep your elbows wide so you lift. Weigh up a little higher.

Casey shoulderblades off the and lower back down. That's right. So this time, think of lifting up like you're lifting to the ceiling first. Lift up and then look at your navel. Yes, and lower back down to that time of high. You want to be lifting. So bring the knees into your chest and as you lift your head and chest up, lift both legs to the ceiling for lower lifts to lift up and legs. Go up high, big lift of the chest and float the legs away from you. Bring them up, up fast and if the chest more and lift them up and lower down and lift them up and lower down and lift them up and lower down and lift them up. Very good. Bend your knees, put your head down, put your feet down, take a breather. Very, very good work. Now with your your knees together, bring your hands up and lift your head and chest and grab your size for a minute.

See if you can pull yourself a little bit higher up off the mat, pulling your stomach in, and then bring the hands into prayer here and bounce. One bounce to bounce. Three bounce, four bounce. Five bounce six, seven and then all the way down in restroom minted. So that's how high you want to get to. For this next one, it's called the Bob and it's preparing you for criss-cross. So hands a parallel.

Take your left hand on top of your right hand, lift up as high as you did a minute ago. And then take it to the right and pulse here. One, two, three, both shoulders coming off the mat like you're pulling. You're trying to get up. Six, seven, eight, lower down. Change the hands the other way. Lift up and curl to the left and one too. Both shoulders off the mat, both shoulders lifting. Four, five, six, seven, eight. Lower all the way down. Stretch your arms over your head, stretch your legs out, let you back or terminate and just point your toes and stretch so you have a lovely long reach.

And then arms come to the ceiling and peel yourself up off the math rolling up in whatever way you like. Open your legs for spine. Stretch forward. So just for a minute, bring your hands right at your solar plexus and then bring the other hand at the top of your head. And first of all, push up and feel your skull lifting up in the hand. And then it's almost like you're lifting up your solar plexus and you keep it that lifted as you curl in. So you're trying to take your nose into that solar plexus, but not letting it drop. Then roll up and sit up tall, tall, tall, tall, tall. So big. Lift up out of the waist. Keep lifting as you curl in and then come back up and lift to the waist is very, very long. Now bring the hands in front of you.

It's the same feeling big, lifting your back body. Drop your head and round your friend body, but keep lifting out of the waste, out of the waste, out of the waste, and then roll back and sit up tall, lifting the spine, lifting the back arms nice and long and again, drop your head together. Big Lift in the belly as you bend forward. Shoulders are down though, Megan. Otherwise good. Yes, that's it. And then roll back. Rollbacks. His shoulders are very little down, low elegant upper body. And one more time. Drop your head. Keep those shoulders down. Now Megan and press the armpits down.

But reach those hands forward. He pressing down but lifting out of the waist and then come back up, come back up, come back up nice and long and then bend the legs for open leg rockers. So bringing the knees in, holding behind the knees, we'll practice balancing elbows and lifted. Wide. Wide Plate goes up and left leg goes up and right leg goes up and keep scooping that belly right like and left like. Now find your balance and work both legs evenly. Both legs go up, hold your balance, bring the legs down. Very nice. And again, I was legs go up, they don't go too wide. They're about the width of your own mat and they are much better. Sandy, one more time. Hold it here.

Connect to your powerhouse and let's go for the rolls. A roll to the shoulders and roll up balance. Yes. And roll back and roll up. Really scoop that belly and roll back and roll up and lock that powerhouse and roll back and roll up and balance. And one more time. So good. We're all back.

Come up in balance now. Trick. Bring the knees together. Walk your hands a little higher. See if you can send with yourself in towards your legs and then walk down your legs with control till you're lying on your back. Place your hand strongly on the maths. You push down with the hands.

Keep the hips firm and draw a small circle with the legs and up. Go to the left, left around and up and right around and up and arou and up and right around and up. I left around and up. Bend the knees into your chest and bring the legs down. And I'd like you to have a look at how we're going to progress this one now cause eventually you actually do this one, um, with your bottom in the air. So we've been doing some work, lifting the hips up. So from here, see if you can just pop your bottom up a little bit. Roll it down, draw, circle and lifted up. If you can't lift it up, you bend your knees and then you straighten.

Circle the legs and lift the hips and down. So in fact, so let's have a go with that with so we just adding that little bit of a lift into the hips, legs along. We start with the circle of the legs to the right circle, right around down and lift your hips and roll down and left down around and lift the hips and roll down and right down around and lift your hips and down and left down around, and bend your knees a bit, sandy and down and right down around, and bend your knees to lift and down. And last one left down around and lift the hips a bit and then bend the knees into your chest. That's the beginning, Ben, Denise, and give the legs a hug rock from side to side and roll yourselves up to a sitting position for some. So legs are long, feet are flexed.

Imagine that you're sitting right against a wall. So this whole back part of the spine has to press in and then the arms are pushing down to get really long. It's a nice flex feet lifted, spine flexed and then twist to the right and bring the right hand down and behind you. Just reach towards your little toe, reach forward and start off three times. Reach, reach, reach, sit up, tall and lift. Lift, lift the spine, twist to the other side, flex your feet, stretch, stretch, flex those feet. Good Wendy and lift. Lift up that pack against the wall first side with stretch. Flex those feet and lift other side, twist and stretch to three and lift first side again, twist and stretch.

Flex those feet and lift and last one, stretch to three and lift. Bring the legs together and slowly and consciously roll down on to your backs. Very, very good. Now just I just so you can see because we just started working on swan die. We've been doing a lot of the lifting. We are going to start adding in. So you will have your hands wide.

And first of all all you're going to do is lift up and down a few times. As you lift, you want to squeeze your hips together and think of the chest and the collarbones long and four to get a stretched through the stomach. So you'll do this a few times. And then from here, what will happen when we start the swan dive? As you fall forward, your arms will come forward and then you catch yourself. So you fall and catch fall and cat. So let's have a look and see what will happen here. So roll on the stomach.

You want the hands in this nice wide position to maybe even a little wider than your own mat about where your ears are. So it's a bit of an anew. That's, that's a Casey. Now press away from the floor and just lift up to this way wide platform. So you lift up, lengthening the stomach good, and come back down. Very nice. Now as you do the seating, pull the shoulders down your back. So that's it.

So press up very elegant, front body, nice, tight hips and come back down pretty good. One more time. Nice lift, nice long body and come back out. Excellent work. So now we go into the, this the dive part. Just makes sure you're ready. So up you come lifting up, lifting up, squeeze your hips together. And here we go. Four forward, legs go up and catch and push and legs and push and legs and push and legs and push and try to squeeze those legs together.

Last one and push and lower back down. That was excellent. Absolutely excellent. So from here, lift up onto your elbows and make fists with your hands for single leg kicks and already here, push your shoulders down your back and you want the similar very elegant position and the knees are straight and the chest is long and you're not looking down. You're looking out. Keep that upper body long and pull the shoulders down your back. Now without anything changing, bend your right knee and kick your bottom.

Christ could kick plankton, the leg out, left leg kick, kick and shoulders down. Kick, kick and long kick. Kick. And long kick. Kick. Keep the knees tight, kick, kick, and long kick, kick and long kick. Kick. Very good and long. Now lower yourself down to your fingertips. Your forehead is on your fingertips. Just the way we used to do on Swan. Die. Forehead is down. Squeeze your bottom and lift both legs off the Mat and now kick your feet the same way. One foot at a time. Kick, kick and out. Left leg kick, kick and out. Kick. Kick and out. Kick.

Kick and out. Kick, kick and out. Kick. Kick. Excellent. Work low with the legs down. Excellent. Excellent work. Hands behind your waist for double like kicks both hands behind your waist, nose to the right, left ear on the Mat. How high can you get your hands up your back? So if you can get them to your shoulder blades, go for it.

And then press the elbows into the math so the cuff gets a good stretch. Squeeze your hips tight together. And here we go. For the full exercise. Bend both knees and kick. Three times. Kick to three arms. Go back and lift that chest and other side. Kick to three, pull back and lift.

First side kick two, three, pull back and lift and others I kick to three and squeeze. Lift those hands as high as you can away from your legs and kick to three and pull back and lift. And last one, kick to three and pull back and lift. Put your hands under your shoulders. Pull your stomach in and sit back towards your heels. Scooping your belly, filling up your back body very round. Drop your head down.

Very, very nice. Now turned around to sit facing the center with your legs stretched out in front of you with the feet. Flex force neck pool. So one hand is behind the other, behind your neck and literally feel yourself lifting the back of your neck, up, lifting your spine up with the feet flexed and the feet will be hip with the part. Now from here, keeping your elbows wide realm your head, your body, your chin comes into your chest and stretch your head down towards your knees so you have this very round shape roll up to an upright position. Lifting up through the side body and just lean back a little bit long, long, long back, pushing the heels away from you. Come back up, get even taller. Scoop the belly in Curlin and your subhead is going to the knees, flexing your feet, come back up tall.

Lengthen your back of the back of the neck and lean out very long. One more time. Big Lift. Drop your head, stretch the back of the neck, curl in, come up, lifting up and lean back. Come back up. Legs together, hands in front of you and roll down onto your backs for bridge pose. So your feet are bent up. No, you want your feet hip with the part to begin with, with your heels under your knees so they're quite close into your buttocks and check that the sacrum is long.

So you want to really lift up the hip bone slightly and start tucking your tail and peeling yourself off the mat as you roll up. Push down with the hands to get the upper shoulder girdle working and then saw for the sternum and roll all the way through through the spine. Nice and long. And again, push down with the hands, tuck the tail row up and then drop the sternum and rose down. Roll down, roll down too flat. One more time. Press Down with the arms rod in the collarbones and roll your hips up and roll down. Roll down, roll down to flat.

Very, very nice. Bring your knees and your feet together so the feet should be a little bit further out, away from your bottom than they were. And you'll do the same thing with the feet and the knees together you have to work much harder in inner thighs and hips. So squeeze your hips and see if you can roll up and push it down into those feet to get the lights to lift the hips to lift. So the ballots and the hamstrings are working a lot. And then roll down, roll down, roll down to [inaudible]. Tim, move your feet further away from your bottom. Wendy. To further out, it's a little bit more broad and against squeezes hips and rolling. Bottom up.

Roll up, roll up, roll up and then soften the sternum to roll and roll and roll. And down. Very nice. One more time. Roll to lift up. Nice and long and roll down. Roll down. Roll down, too flat. Very, very good work. Let's have all of you facing this direction.

So you are going to start the sidekicks. They all going to be on your side. You want to make sure your waist and your back ribs have four. Lift the legs up, bring them forward and bring them down. So very and really strong, flexed feet, both feet, strongly flex. Take your top like lifted a little high and push the bottom like into the mat.

And then squeeze this leg and lift up and alternate out a bit and squeeze the heel to heel. Lift up, turn it in and told to tow. And one was set heel to heel and toe to toe. Bring the legs together, lifted hip height and turn it out a little bit. Now take this hip and lengthen it away from you. Yes, shoulders are down and double pulse to the front. Pulse, pulse, and back. Back pulse, pulse. Now this should be no movement in your body as you do this.

So it's as though you're leaning against the wall. Pulse, pulse, back, back, pulse, pulse, back, back, pulse, pulse, back, back, leg to leg length in this hip out and sidekicks high. Flex and bring the leg down. Kick up and flex down. Kick up and flex down. Kick up and flex down and kick up and flex down and kick up and flex down. And now, little beats heel to the front. Heel to the back. Heel to the front.

Back. Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse and pulse. And pulse. Bring the legs together. Lift them both. Lower them down. Lift them both. Lower them down, lift them both. Lower them down, lift them and little scissors holding that waist, reaching long with the legs and bring them down. Take your top leg and bring it up in front of you. Flex your inside leg and turn it out and lifted. Way, way, way up.

Can you get it any higher? Yes, Wendy and down and lift. Lift, lift, lift, lift and down. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift and down. Now lift it up and point and big circle. One big circle. Two big circle. Three big circle, four lifted higher and reverse it. Good. Megan. Big Circle. One, two, three, four, lower than legs down. Just lift them up once and roll onto your stomach for it on your hands for little beats. So the forehead is down, the heels are together, your bottom is tight. Lift the legs up and little beets. 20 of them. One, two, five, six, seven, eight and nine, 10, 11, 12 and 1415, 16 1718, 1920 lower down.

Sit into your heels and stretch your back out. Pull that stomach up and stretch over in this position. Walk your hands to the right so you stretch way over to the right. Stretching out your ribs and walk your hand way over to the left, stretching out the right ribs. Come back to the center and stretch out on your stomach.

And let's have you, um, switch your legs around so your legs will, you'll still be, you'll do the other side, but you'll be facing this direction so you'll be head-to-head. Yep. That's it, Tim. Good, good, good, good. And I will do this. So you're here. Lift the legs up and bring them forward and flex your feet. So take the back ribs and move them backwards. So it's almost like a hollow position. It's like you're pressing your back against the wall.

Take your top leg and lifted up and downs. So you want to press up like it's not about height, it's about laying. So you only really lifting a little higher than but flexor foot. A whole lot case, yes and down. Now lift your leg, turn it out and bring it heel to heel. Lift your leg, turn it in. Bring it toe to toe, heel to heel and toe-to-toe.

Just get that rotation. Now the leg is parallel, long and swinging for two. Anchor your powerhouse. Double Poles, long, long, double pulse, long, long, no movement in the trunk at all. Fill up your back, back, back, forward, forward, back, back leg to lay and the sidekicks. Lift the leg up, flex it and reach through the heel to bring the leg down, up. Flex and squeeze your buttocks up. Flats and down, up flex and down, up flex and down, up. Flex and down.

A little bit forward and back. Heel, heel, heel. So every time you bounce that heel off the floor, so you get that fast moving hip. Much better. Yes. So it's kind of like a little spring there. Now legs together. Pull the stomach up, lift your legs and down. Lift your legs and down.

Lift your legs and down. Lift your legs and little scissors going forward and back. Keep that waist long and lower the legs down. Very good. Take your top like up in front. Flex your inside leg and lifted way, way, way up and down and lifted up, up, up, up and down. And lift. Lift, lift, lift and down. And lift. Lift, lift. Lift on point, the foot and big circle. How big a circle can you make this leg? Do? Try to really challenge all the angles and you get the rust out and reverse it.

Big Circle and circle and circle and circle. Okay, good. Stretch your legs out and roll onto your [inaudible]. Facts for teasers. So probably you'll need to set yourselves up so your heads are out and your feet are in again. So let's have you on your backs. Bring the knees into your chest and take your arms over your head.

The legs will come up and you take your legs to 45 degrees. See if you can roll up. So roll up to teaser. Good and roll down and roll up. Good. And roll down and roll up and roll down.

Good. Bend your knees and give your legs a hug. Just rock side to side. Very, very good. Roll on onto your stomachs. Now for swimming. So you just roll over onto your stomach and you stretch your arms out.

So your arms along. That's right. And just lift your head and chest up slightly. So you're looking forward. Let the elbows bent very, very slightly. So instead of having totally straight arms, very slightly, bend the elbows instead of totally straight. Bend the elbows a little bit instead of straight, slightly bent.

So lift up a little bit, Wendy, and have the elbows bend. Yes, Kim too. Now from here, lift your chest and reach [inaudible] right arm and your left leg away from you. And bring it down and left arm and right leg and down and right arm and left leg and down. Good. Left arm and right leg and down, right arm and left leg. Down. Left arm and right leg down. Good. Now both arms and legs. Up and doggy paddle. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Keep the knees very straight. Eight, nine and 10.

Release down. Sit back into your heels and stretch abiding way, way, way out. Pull that stomach in and stretch your back and swing around for seal. So bring the palms of the hands together, sweep them inside and wrap them around the ankles. Pull the stomach in and shoulders are down. Clap your feet. Three times, clap, clap, clap, roll back to your shoulders. Come right back up again. Back you go, come back up and balance and clap, clap, clap and back. You Go. Come back up and balance. One more time. Come back up and balance, clap, clap, clap and put your feet down and rest. So we started working in this last week where you also balance on the shoulders and you do three claps because you really have to be balanced there.

Balance here. And the trick with on the shoulders is you need to get your bottom up high enough. If you get your feet over, it'll help. So it looks like this. Clap, clap, clap, roll to your shoulders. Hold, clap, clap, clap, roll back, clap, clap, clap. Sometimes if you take your feet a little bit further over, it helps you counter balance. But we're going for both claps on both ends. So lift your feet up and Greg, have a good grab. Megan. That was interesting. Clap your feet three times. Clap, clap, clap.

Roll back to your shoulders and clap. Tap, tap up, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. And then come up to standing. Pretty good. Coming all along. So standing up, we're going to do standing saw. So you want your legs apart a little bit wider than your own mat. Take your arms wide to the side, but press your shoulders down so you have a nice lift.

Take your right hand towards your left foot and just reach one, two, three. Stand up and stretch other side. One, two, three and open first side, one, two, three and Lyft. Other side, stretch two, three and lift first side stretch two, three and lift and other side, stretch two, three and lift. And now restaurant for a minute. I'll show you the next two. This is like standing spine stretch forward. You will reach up and then you're going to literally bounce through your legs. So you go bounce, bounce, bounce and up.

And you can bend your knees a bit or you can have your legs straight. But it's a lot about, it's more momentum than it is kind of disciplined structure. So let's reach way up with the arm, reach through the fingers. And here we go. And one, two, three I will lift and one, two, three handily and one, two, three. I know if done last one, one, two, three and lift. Lovely. Bring your feet together, stretch those arms up. And we're like, whoa. Round with the spine. Roll down towards the floor.

Let the arms and head dangled three little circles. Reverse your circles and roll up. Roll up, roll up, lift the arms up, stretch them up. Feel that Bach body long, the hips, Fermin. One more time. Drop your head round your back and roll. Roll Roll. Then let everything hang, but keep the stomach from lifting three circles.

Reverse your circles and roll up again. Reaching these arms forward, lifting up, lengthening up through the back body, and then float the arms out and feel that natural lift through the spine. Feel the weight a little bit forward of the heels. You're not kind of back you a little bit forward and just bounce here a few times. You feel this place where it's not so grippy and fixed, but more like you have a nice little spring and then just settle and see if you can feel this nice kind of bubbly, nice feeling in your body.

Broad collar bones. Take a breath in and breathing out. Let it go. So thank you so much. You are very, very, very loud.


Good class. Love the instructor and her cues.
Thank you Catherine, I see you are really taking advantage of this website which is wonderful there is loads of wonderful information available here.
Super , I love your classes, I am your biggest fan here in Japan, this has woken me up!! :)) Thanks so much.
This is a great Pilates class.
Candace - I am so amazed that you are doing Pilates in Japan, how wonderful. I looked at your bio and you seem to be a dynamite person.
Maria, thank you - I hope you keep enjoying these classes.
lovely, smooth and pacy class. You really kept us moving the whole time. I have a lot of trouble with my hips and lower back and they felt a lot more supple after this,
Niedra, what I really love about your teaching style is how you teach your students an exercise first that gets their muscles working correctly before you teach the full exercise. I am in awe of how you do this so smoothly. Thank you
Thank you both for you comments. keep up doing Pilates, it is life changing on all levels ( including , for me, learning to pace information in such a way that students get it easily, I call this " teh art of teaching".
The verbal cues make it easier to perform the exercises whilst trying to watch the class on my iPad. Many thanks
I just love that you are doing classes with your ipad.
The wonderful plus side of the internet.
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