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Creative Spine Corrector

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Tracey Mallett brings her great energy to this Spine Corrector workout. She shows you how versatile this piece of equipment can be by using it in many ways like standing on it, using it for a Plank, and using it to work the side body. Tracey gives you fun and new exercises to add a challenge while you stretch and strengthen your entire body.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Pilates Pole

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May 20, 2013
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Hi, I'm Tracy Mallet and today we're going to do a spine corrector workout. This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment and I love it because you can do it privately with your clients where you can also do it in a group atmosphere too and it's very, very versatile and I find as applies instructors, sometimes we forget how versatile it is, so hopefully the class will inspire you a little bit more to use it with your clients. So to start off with, we're going to put your feet hit with the part. We're going to take a deep breath in and exhale and just roll yourself down all the way down. Make sure your weight is up and over your tip toes and then roll back up again. Let's try that one more time. Inhale, take the weight forwards over the toes as you XL and roll down.

Now try and reach the hands to the floor and just hold that stretch within a band and extend just to get a little lens through those hamstrings just to warm up and awake ourselves to get moving. That's just do one more time. Hold it there. Now we're going to bend your knees and come all the way down. Now let's turn around. We're going to put our feet on top of the spine corrector and we're going to gracefully, okay.

Now make sure I think of the apex is the top of your spine corrector. You want your feet somewhere in that vicinity of that position. Your knees are in line where your hips and your heels. I'm in line with the SIP bones. Okay. You're going to reach your hands forwards. We're going to take a nice deep breath in. On the exhale, we're going to draw all the abdominals in the power Vick area contracts.

As you exhale, you continue that roll up up into your bridge. Hold it here and then exhale, roll back down again. We're just trying to get that spine moving. We remember your XL calls is that power vis to go into a tilt. As you use those abdominals, you lift up and hold it and then roll back down again.

Let's just do a couple more. Be Conscious of really trying to get each vertebra released. We've always got those stuck ones, especially in the thoracic area. We want to release that thoracic area to try and get those upper, mid Thoracic Vertebra eyes down on the mat. I know personally that's where I have to focus on because I have an overarched spine, so my thoracic spine is very tight and that's most of your people.

You'll see that fitting tight in the upper thoracic spine. Let's do one more pay attention. You're going to feel those hamstrings kicking to lift up into this position. Ready to start the workout within a DePaul Vic tilt. You do tilt, tilt tilled, so you lifting up. Feel those engage, fill your glutes, engage, but try and relax the upper body. Let's do five more. You take it, five, four, three, two, hold it. That.

Reach those arms behind the body in that extension. Now rural, Back Down Robo row all the way down. Hands come back up again. Pelvic curl all the way up. Tilt and [inaudible] and two, three, four, five, six, seven. Hold here, hold. Release those arms cause that beautiful elongation and roll yourself back down.

Keep the hands where they are. Take the hands into lice, them behind the head. We're going to inhale here. Exhale, bring the head and shoulders off the floor. Inhale, come back down. Exhale, drool. Those abs in. Now be careful that you're not tilting that power vis. Keep that tailbone down so you have Domino's, a pulling you up.

Power vis stays completely still and then back. Exhale. Now hold it. Here, hold. We're going to bring the right knee towards the chest and then we pressed back down again and we lifted up. Inhale, press down. XL lifted up, [inaudible] and down. Now imagine you are knees drawn into your chest where your abs are causing the knee to draw to the chest. Think of those abdominals making the action work last time. Come back down. Switch other leg. Ready. Exhale, lift up.

Oh, and down. Good. Are you keeping that towel bond down? You just move and get the hip joint, your knees moving at the hip joints and you're moving at the thoracic just right by upper spine. Three more last time. Hold it there. Hold. Bring the other leg to join and it's just going to single leg stretch with the hands behind the head. Now you're reaching towards the spine corrector rich route, so you kind of tapping the car on the spine, correct and make your work a little bit harder. Give me four more. XL four and three and two and one.

Chris Cross, you twist. I want you to slow down your pace. Slow it down. Tap. You'll cough on the spine corrector. Lift up and over. Tap and tap. We you putting no weight. There's hardly any weight into the spine. Corrector. Four, three, two. Wombi. Back to center. Hold there, hold.

Bring their hands back, Leon, behind your knees. Lift yourself up a little bit higher. Hold it and then slowly come back down. From here, we're going to gently come over to the side. We're going to roll ourself up.

We're going to move that beautiful spine correct in the middle of the mat. Okay. From here, we're going to sit down sideways. Now we're going to extend your legs out and I look at your hips. Your hips have to be square. Okay? We're going to slowly go all the way down, but in the meantime, or wish to grab a little doll. Okay, I'm just going to put it there so we have it.

When we're ready to start from here, we're going to just reach all the way over into sideline work. Now you're in this position here. My hips are square. Hold in that stretch from here, we're going to gently take the hands behind the hair to start off with the first series. From here, we're going to axle. We're going to lift up, inhale and come back down again. You exhale. Think of coming all the way up your lowest ribbon, your hip adjoining. They're trying to come together as you exhale and lift. Inhale and down.

Exhale, breathe. Inhale. So you shortening that distance from your lower swoop to your hip and exhale, keep the elbows high. So all that's moving is you moving at the the torso area here. Your obliques. Three more here. Watch. You're not yanking on that head. The head is not doing anything.

It's your obliques. They were working last time. Wholly here. Hold it. Hold isometrically four, three, two, one and slowly come all the way down. Pick up heel stick and we're going to lift up nice and tall. Okay.

Arms a little bit further and shoulder with the part from here we're going to lift up and over in that beautiful stretch. Now each photo bar, actually I should say not rude about eat. You Rib goes all the way down onto the spine corrector until you come all the way down and then you come all the way back up and you rounding back up. Let's try that again. So you lean rolling down one rib at a time and then you XL roll all the way up. Now from here we're going to add a little rotation so you rotating around back to center and again, rolling down or the way out elongation XL round he has. I'm thinking of shortening that distance. I'm lifting up and I'm rotating, but keeping my hips forwards and back and around.

Let's go a little bit quicker and now you've got the move [inaudible] we rotate center roll down and again, exhale, rotate, center and down. Last time. Exhale, rotate center. And now continuing with a series from here, you reach forwards, reach center, reach back. Ah, I have to do that. Ah, back to center. [inaudible] all the way up and now rotate to the other direction and back. Let's try that again. Rolling back down again.

Hits the floor, forwards, side, open side. Now already roll all the way up to center. Let's try it again. And um, forwards and side and and side XL, beautiful and and voids and back and side. Oh all the way up. And then hold it to this side. First back to center, back to the other side. That's the center.

And then come all the way down. Now we're going to lift that leg up at the same time. So think of a diagonal line as you lift up and bring it back. So you know, coming to higher puff the floor, you were just equal and you in a diagonal, really intense here. Formal Xcel for and reach out.

Elongate three Hexcel too. One more. Hold it there, hold, come back down. Just go into a lovely stretch. It gets a little bit more challenging. Now come back. We're going to add a leg with it. So slowly come together. We're gonna roll all the way up.

We rotate and hit. We come back to center and then all the way down. Let's try that again. [inaudible] XL, rotate center and down. Do you see where you got to hit? You've got to hit center apps. Shin, back to front and down this try for more quicker. Okay, go.

Four, three [inaudible]. One more [inaudible] and the cover. Nice work. Take your stick back down and just reads the arm out and we're just going to do a nice shoulder roll. Big Circle all the way back and let's reverse the other side. Just a quick release. Feels good just to open up the packs, the chest tight pack, minor last time.

Now we're going to lift all the way up. Now place your hands on the size. I want you to think of pushing away out the spine corrector and I'm going to lift that leg up to the side. My hips are square. Okay, we're going to flex it forwards. You go flex, flex and points. Flex. Flex you a little bit more elevated than be on the floor, which for some people love because it's a little bit more comfortable for them. Now you remember, you've got to keep your leg the same height on the front as well as on the back. So don't deviate.

Keep consistency and back. Boom, boom. And exhale. Two more and back. Last time, back to the side. Ready, circle, forwards and four, three are you lifting up two and back and four, three, two and again and four, three, two and again are the way for three to hold it there. Hold, try and lift up. Poured a over and rural back. Beautiful. Hold that stretch.

And then back to the side. Finish it off. Beautiful. Okay, now we have to do it the other way round. Okay, so I'm just going to switch it around so you can see me. Okay, so let's go all the way down. Remember, it's your ribs, not your vertebra. Okay. I hands behind your head. Lift up. So we go. Heck, sail. Inhale going that diagonal line, you're trying to pull that lowest rib to your hip and then go back.

XO. Be careful not to yank on that head. Let all the work come from those obliques, not your beautiful neck or head. It's all in your obliques. Three more. Three XL to Axa one. Hold it.

Keep those elbows wide and then come all the way down. Nice work. Let's pick up our stick. We're going to reach over. Come all the way up. Now let's lift up and over. Remember this [inaudible] go down, down, down, down. Now Xcel [inaudible] the way up.

Rotate. Come back to the center and then all the way down and again, roll all the way up and turn back to center. I love the stretch cause you really open up the side of the waist. Getting into that lower back too. There's your obliques, there's your pure rotation, there's your stretch. So you're working them and then you're stretching them.

The best way to work a muscle and then round, center and down. Let's do a couple more. Feels a good feeling. [inaudible] one more. We've got to make it even rotate back to center. Roll all the way down from here. We're gonna take our arms forwards.

You open back, you come back to center, you roll yourself up, and then you go the opposite direction and we're going to go a little bit faster. We come down, stretch that QL out, stretch those pecks out, back to center, work in those obliques. Rotate in and [inaudible] a slight stretch in the hip flexor. Actually roll down here, forward, laid down on the floor, lay back, bring it back to center. Obliques and stretch and take it down. [inaudible] QL, lower back, stretch.

Yummy. Love this back to center. Oh, and then rotate. Come all the way down. Ready for those obliques. So we go up and down. I have to move my hair out, my face and down. And so you going in that lovely diagonal we man, we keep that hip. Your leg is parallel. It's parallel, not turned out. Three XL, two are you breathing? One more. Hold it and then come back down. We're going to finish off with a harder one where we do the rotation and the stick is going to go to the shin. Are you ready to try slowly?

Now remember you have to breathe. Inhale, exhale, rotate. Lift up, beautiful, and then rotate. Turn around. You've got to get that full range of motion. I'm forward my obliques. I'm drawn in those obliques to pull to that position. Then I'm opening it back out again. You've got to hit those positions. It's about the journey, not the destination. As we always say, this is one of those exercises XL. It's the journey to get to that beautiful ending.

Point three more girl. [inaudible] let left on. Let's just do one more. Hold it and then rotate all the way back and hold that stretch. Let's do a little bit of a stretch. Can always help. We love stretching and then back to center. Put your stick down and let's go for our legs.

Now we're going to work the glutes. Okay, lift all the way up. Top leg, flex it. Side leg kick, go. Sure, so keep that leg the same in height. You've got to keep it the same height. You've also thinking of riff them. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Last time. Bring it to the side.

Keep the hips square. Now sir, call four three to circle back and forth. Three, two. Let's do that again cause we loved it so much. Three the side and four, three, two, one. Hold it and let's just reach up and over. Let's lift up and hold it as we did the other side. You hold it and now we're going to pour the bra all the way over and let's come all the way back. Awesome.

Hold that stretch back to center and then lift all the way up. Okay, we're going to turn it back around. Now I'm going to have you sitting into the, well now from stitching into the wire, we're going to slowly, gently take her body all the way down to the floor. So you want your somewhere on that pinnacle points unless you have, you have in the way you want your tailbone in the middle of the spine corrector and then you can lift up. Let's get my head free. Now you want your ankles in line with the hips.

It's not here and is certainly not here. You want that straight line from your ankle down to your knee, down to your hip, tailbone down so you're not tucked under. Tailbone rests down into that spine corrector. Okay. Shoulder blades down from here, we're going to just go into US split. We do one to center, one to center.

We always seem to forget the center one including myself, one to center, one to center. Breathe. You breathe in. Good Shit. Now let's go into a split. We're going to do the helicopter, but as you helicopter him out, I want you to flex the feet. Imagine you're going through quicksand, you're trying to hit every single part of that hip and then come back.

Let's do that again around he feels hit those really, really unflexible areas. You've got to work through it and again, reach out through the energy throughout the heels and together. Last time out, flex those feet. Keep that tail bone down, hold it there and point the toes into froggies. We go for Lex and switch. Now the key to this movement is you want to try and keep your heels in line with the pubic bone here cause we will have a tendency to let gravity take us forward.

Use your abs to keep that neutral stability and extending those heels straight up to the sky. You can always use ankle weights for these exercises too, to give a little bit more extra challenge, which I often do that in class. Are you breathing? Three more. Two one, bring the legs together. We're going to hinge down. We're going to bend the knees without moving the size we lift and bringing it back again and again.

Down Hamstrings, quads, abs, abs, top of the back of the leg. Those hammies are working. Now your quads drawing you back to center. Let's go a little bit faster. We go down tap extent up, down hamstrings. Remember your hamstrings. Flex the knee so you use them.

We all underuse our hamstrings. We we fought it and on our quads and let's work a little bit more through the back of the leg. Last time. From here we're going to XL. Reach up and over. Flex the feet. Now we're going to circle a full circle scarf for some flexibility and then come again back to your 90 degree angle. X.

Yeah, we'll reach up and over. Flex and touch. Onto the floor for that stretch. Now roll down, let that tailbone attach and all the way around. Feels lovely in the SOS here. Center XL. Oh fuck. Open flex roll down. You're going to hit the spine corrector around, around, around, around hip flexors, back to center. Let's do one more time.

Inhale, think of exhale, lifting all the way up and over. Flex the feet. Roll down one vertebrae at a time. Keep the towel bombed down and open and bring it up. Nice work. Bring your knees into your chest, hold those knees and we're going to slowly, carefully roll yourself down so you're nice. Now I want you to go a little bit further. If you can just check.

We're not over a little bit. We're here. We're going to row last of backup into that bridge position. We're going to reach that right leg up. Now we take it down. Flex up, down, flex up, down. Now whipping up down, but keep your hips stable.

Pubic bone is lifted up, down. Lift down. Lift two more down. Lift down. Hold it, reach your hands around. Try and touch those toes. Keep those hips up high. Take your brown point. I'll bring you back.

Ready to try the other leg lifted up and down and flex down. Every time you pressed your leg down, you want to lift your hips even a higher to the ceiling down, up for are you breathing? Are you releasing your upper body to one lifted up? Now lift your hips up as high as you can. If you can bring your arms all the way around and triangle wrap that tall and all that is challenging. If it's too challenging, keep your hands by the side of your body. How they get your hips up. Pie. Yes, I'm shaking just like you.

Reach hips up. Take that leg down. Row itself down, down, down, down, down. Nice work needs to chest. We're going to roll over to the side. A Nice little beautiful dismount.

Now I'm gonna bring this back a little bit more into the center now, right here, okay, now we're gonna work on some of you legs when we work on hamstrings, quads and hamstrings work now. Now be careful. You've got your hips here. You want those hips to be square, not elevated. Okay, so we're going to do it with the hands on the hips. I like to use this cue. Are you putting your hands on your hip to distract your hip away from the lowest rib? So this way it's given you a stable base to keep those hips square, which is more pelvic stability for you. Okay, so it's a good cue. Good. Um, feedback for you to be able to do it without hiking those hips. So you are here, we're going to try and take that right leg up. We are excelling as we lift up, lift, hold it and then back down again. This is a good littler exercise to do with your clients before you going onto a chair.

It teaches them strengths, proper perception, and how to keep those hips square. It's very challenging to talk at the same time. So I'm exhaling lift in how with that control, can you see, I've got to keep the tracking the knee over the first and second toe. Xcel lift up [inaudible] and down last time. XLF. Yeah, hold that balance. Hold it. And then you can lift that leg behind, but you're keeping the crown of the head reaching out through the ceiling, hits a square, depressed like I told you to keep that length two more.

Hold it now, bend that knee and try and keep those hips square depress as you land. It'll help you. Let's try the other side. Hand on hip. Depressed. Pull those abs in tight. Okay, let's try the other side. See if we are any better this side or worse already. XL. I think I'm going to be worse on this side because I am right Leggett and then come back up again.

Okay. And you'll find just like me, as you do more of it, you actually, your proper section you knew or muscular action starts to kick in and you start to look better. See my fluid of motion is getting better. [inaudible] and if I didn't have to talk I'd be perfect. [inaudible] and back. Let's do a couple more. They also better one last time. Good. I've got it there now. Depress, lift, lift. There you go. So you'd keep depressing your work. Can you gluten, your hamstring?

Are you primarily working on proper section your pallets right now and that's why I'm concentrating. Three, losing it to one holder here. Hold. Pull those abs in. Now keep the knee tracking over the first and second toe. Yeah, it's hard, but it's a good learning curve for you, especially if you're going to go on the wonder chair or just in general for functional activities. Get that balance, that pole perception. From here, we're going to turn to your side. We're going to slowly walk the hand into the middle of the spine corrector, so my hand is right in the middle. My hips are square. I mean a nice, beautiful side plank. I'm going to lift my arm up, palm facing outwards. From here. We're going to lift that leg up, hold it, and then come back down. Let's do four those four and flex in the foot.

Imagine the energy is going out through the heels. Keep the ribcage engage last time. Hold it now from here. Point the toe and lifted up into her OTA position. You're gonna round the arm around and hold.

We weeping the knee forwards and back. Watch that ribcage. Draw the scapular down forwards. Hex l eight inhale and a. Pull your scapula down guys. Two more. Really rotating that hip last time. Hold it, extend and then brewing it down slowly. Come back into a plank position.

Hold it. Reach out to the crown, the head. You're holding a static position. Those abdominals are working like mad here to hold you in that beautiful position. Hold it. And how we going to repeat everything on the other side? Unfortunately. C'Mon needing that to enter the side. Palm facing outwards.

Flex the foot and lift. Let's stick it down and up. Yeah. Up. Good formal, four, three. Those obliques are on fire and your glute medius both sides.

Stabilizing and working. Hold it now. Point the toe. Reach over. Now we're ready. We're going to bring the knee forward, forwards and out and open. You really open up through the hips. Inhale, fill those obliques. The obliques are pulling you forwards. Two more last time. Hold it. Finish off to look pretty and hold it and then slowly come down. Nice work. You guys hold it here.

Finish enough. We're gonna bend your knees there. Barely touch the floor and left. He imagine you are bunny. It's like a bunny jump. You inhale power. Inhale, exhale. Imagine you're shooting out of a cannon. Maybe that might be a good analogy. Shoot.

[inaudible] four more last time. Hold it. And then slowly walk your feet. Reach your hands. Hold that stretch round opens. That's the rustic. Nice work guys. Gree, get that heart rate down a little bit so you roll all the way up. Okay, I'm just going to walk around. We're gonna finish off. I want you to stand on the spine. Correct. We're going to face outwards, toes down, heels up.

And the reason I'm doing this way is I want you to focus on using your abdominals rating force. Your weight is more forwards. So we're going to inhale, reach the hands up and over. Exhale, draw the abdominals in. Imagine you're jumping into a beautiful, gorgeous pool in The Bahamas. I mean that definitely goes for me who reaching down. Can you see my weight is forward? I'm piking up and over. Slowly roll all the way up. Reach the hands up.

Hannigan. Inhale, exhale. Visualize that beautiful crystal blue sea in front of you and you're using those abs you are trying to get to it, using those apps to reach forwards all the way down and then slowly roll who Eaton Hanzo he had and were really nice and Stepdad. Nice work guys. Hope you had fun. Got Your heart rate up. You can hear my heart rate up right with you. Enjoy and I'll see you again sometime. Take Care [inaudible].


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Love your classes Tracey!!
I loved the class. Got lots of ideas for the spine corrector to use with clients. I've sort of stayed away from this piece of equipment, but you can do so much with it!!!
Hardest oblique work I've done in months! Great class.
thank you, excellent!
I'm looking forward to doing this class soon. Looks like a fabulous workout!
Wow. Beautiful work Tracey.
My clients are getting this one tomorrow!
Thank You Tracey :)
always love your classes, perfect cueing and lots of fun new movement sequences !
Great class! Thank you:)
Great class, will use it with my clients today!
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