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Mat Workout

20 min - Class


Amy teaches a lower body blast for this Mat class, which is a continuation of a Podcast episode she did in April. She does 10 repetitions of every exercise to give your lower half an intense workout. Your legs will be longer, more toned, and ready for the summer after this workout.

You can watch Amy's episode, Tone Your Hips, Thighs, and Glutes, with this class to get amazing results. This class is also a great supplement to any of our Mat classes.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


Hi, this is Amy and I am going to a nice, kind of short, brisk, little lower body workout, kind of a lower body blast, if you will. And I recently did a 10-minute podcast on our YouTub...


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Great quick lower body workout, and nice to see you're not perfect all the time Amy ;)
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Thank you Kerry! No.....definitely not perfect all the time, or ever really. It's a practice.....!!!
Great class - thank you Amy :)
2nd time for me today - so much fun. I added light ankle weights and I'm shaking :) Love it! Amy you're keeping me addicted - thank you, thank you ..............
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What a wonderful class Amy, a great small workout to do in the early mornings as a preparation and motivator for my own teaching throughout the day. Thank you!
Great class as usual. Will be adding this to my leg day workout. You are one of my fav instructors. Thanks.
This is a great class when you're short on time and want to maximize your booti-ous maximus! LOL! Thank you Amy! I always appreciate your classes and feel awesome afterwards!
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Hi, thank you! So glad you're all enjoying this little mini lower body workout. It really means a lot when you take the time to comment on my classes. It helps me know what elements you're enjoying and finding meaning in! :)
Fantastic lower body workout! Loved it. Was a great start to my morning. Thank you.
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Always love Amy's workouts. She puts instructions in terms people can understand which is important to me and to them. Great workout.
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