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Basic Standing Ending

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Work on equipment exercises on the Mat in this standing Mat workout with Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches a basic class that can be used as an ending to a traditional Reformer or Mat class. She uses different props to mimic the feeling on the equipment for exercises like Chest Expansion, Boxing, Side Splits, and more!
What You'll Need: Towel, Hand Weights

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Hi, I'm Kathy Ross Nash and I am here for plots. Anytime. We're going to do some endings today we're going to work on a foundational or basic ending that you can use after you do your reformer and basic mat. So let's begin with our heels together. You can do this with heels together, feet totally together. If you can close the legs or parallel whichever suits your body. I like to work with my heels together, my toes just a little bit apart.

Pull the stomach up and and, and lengthen the tailbone down. Bring your arms, shoulder height and using the stomach are going to curl the risk to a 90 degrees. Controlling the angle length in. And if you're breaking through a wall with your arms, push the weights forward and again, bend to 90 degrees. Grow Tall and press through the heels and the head. One piece of steel from the head to the heel and bend in. Good. Grow Taller, soft ribs length in the spine as you bring it down for four and bend in and grow tall. Pool this stomach in. Lengthen and open your arms to the side.

Repeat at the side, bend into a 90 degrees. Keep those knuckles straight to the ceiling length in the waist, length in the tail, and don't lock the joints and bend to a 90 degree without dropping the elbows. Feel the underneath the arms as if you're press pressing. Two magic circles with your elbows. Grow tall and open the arms again and Ben to 90 degrees.

Keep the knuckles right to the ceiling. Pull the stomach in. Lengthen soft ribs, soft chest and open. Breathe from the back of the body. Inhale and exhale. Press, press, press draw together. Bring your elbows into the waist. This is a great position to connect the arm to the back. If they're out, you lose the connection. So begin here and you're going to scoop your stomach and just curl the knuckles right to your shoulders. Keep the knuckles straight carefully.

Your weights aren't going crazy. Pull the stomach in and lengthen down. Press the legs together to make one column of strength for the legs. One strong column, not too weak. Columns and Paul the stomach in. Press the legs together. Grow tall and lengthen all the way down. Let's pump it up a notch, curl the wrist and keep that risk curled. Curl the arm in with the curled wrist.

Keep the wrist curled as you come down and then release the wrist. Curl the wrist in. Feel the connection all the way down the back. The arm begins all the way down your back length in the spine. Keep the wrist and all the way down. One more time. Curl the wrist. Keep those weights straight. Bring the knuckles to your grow tall.

Pull the stomach in and lengthen down. Now I get a treat because I suffered. I'm going to lift one arm up from my side. Ben, glue the arm to you're very important so you get that space in your rip. Lift all the way up. Let this arm hang and reach over. Careful not to push into that hip. Remember, you really want to keep that box square. Lengthen, lengthen.

Press the legs together. Reach out deeper and come up. Bend and extend. Lift up a anchor. Feel your left leg. Feel the right leg. Don't push into the right hip. Let the head continue the curve, not drop away. Reach out. This is your very first side bend on the Mat. Lift up, up, up. See, we're doing advanced exercises in the beginning. Stretch up, lift, lengthen, stabilize. Your point of stability, right is from your pelvis down. Reach.

Let that arm go just like an all of those side Ben's reach. Reach, reach deep and pull this stomach in. Sent to yourself. Lift, very important to lift as far as you can. When you can't go any further, you move in another direction because you can't get any longer. Anchor your feet. Think about that. You're going to go down to go up, push through the feet length in the side and press through the fee and lift up. Up, up. My eyebrows are helping a little Andrew reach all the way up.

Stretch the whole body works and lengthen. Stretch over. Reach to the side length in. Let this arm hang here. You're not going to get as much stretch, reach, reach, curl the arm, turn the hit, bring the head forward deep in the side. Bend more. Reach out to come up, up, up, change. Lift up blue the arm length in up as much as you can.

Reach over to the side. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Curl the arm. Turn the head. Oh, I feel so good. Facebook forward deep in the stretch. Reach through the head and the heels. Pull the stomach up to lengthen the spine and bring it down. Right from here. A little chest expansion. Inhale, squeeze the shoulder blades together. Look to the right chin stays down. Center, left center. Grow tall and bring the arms back up.

Hold the breath. Left Center right. Center pole, the stomach in and, and hold. [inaudible]. Let's do a little door opening and closing. We're going to open the door. Keep the elbows in. Grow tall and closed. Keep those weights straight.

Open and in and open and in and open. See, I lift weights two pounds and open and in left arm, down close. 90, close, 90 close. Nothing moves. 90. This is getting you ready for your eventual rowing and 90 change clothes. Close your hug to scoop that stomach in scoop.

And one more time. Lift and down. Let's do a little boxing. So the first boxing at this level, we're not going to be adding rotation. We're going to keep the box square. This is a great exercise to help develop your coordination for your upcoming Chris Cross where you're working in opposition. One leg stays, one leg stays just like on the mat. That's it. So even though my arms are moving, I'm stabilizing with the opposite leg as I box and I'm stabilizing with the opposite shoulder and arm punches and punches and punches. And that's why I said leg punches and punches. See, my body wants to go like this, right? So my opposite leg stays.

Anchor that leg, opposite leg stays. Anchor that leg. Reach through my left leg, reach through my right leg, reach through my left leg, reach through my right leg and good arm circles in putting it all together. Exhale, grow tall as if you're pressing two magic circles down. Hit the weights. Inhale up. I actually want you to hit those weights. Open, open, open, open then, and hit be awful. If I missed, wouldn't it?

Inhale all the way up. Extra motivation to go correctly and inhale, lift up. Exhale, grow tall. Inhale, lift up, exhale, grow tall. I got one more to do. Inhale, lift up, exhale and down. Excellent. Now that we've worked the upper body, we're going to work the lower body at the or basic level. It's very difficult working top and bottom together.

So a lot of times when you're doing apparatus, which the wall or standing is technically apparatus, you are building segments of the map. So I'm going to now be building my front splits, so I'm going to stand heels together, stomach nice and long and are going to step forward with this leg heel in line with my hip as if it was against the shoulder block. This is in line with my hip as if it was on the foot bar. I'm going to pull my stomach up and in round myself forward, bring my chin down. Here's my tree and I'm going to stretch my front leg and Ben, my front leg and stretch my front leg and then did I want this at a 90 and stretch and bend.

Lift up as if I'm on that foot bar a lot better to teach it here first and stretch and bend opening up this hip. This knee goes this way. This hip goes this way. That's actually getting me ready for one day. Doing snake and twist with my foot angled on that foot bar so my hip is open, which opens up my low back and stretch and bend in last one, and stretch and bend in. Lift the heel, rotate it down. Bring the knee down, bring the foot down, and you're going to stretch.

Don't sink on that foot. You're not going to collapse down, right. Here's your kneeling front. Splits on the Cadillac and stretch. Oh, open the chest up. Scoop the stomach. Lift the waist. Flex that foot so that you open that low back as if you're dragging that heel forward. Pull the stomach in. Bring the chest open, lift open the front of that left hip up, up, up.

Lift from the stomach. Pull the stomach back, square off the hips. Drag that right here. Pull the stomach up in the pelvis, moves you forward. You open that left hip. Lengthen up. Open the chest for a vinyl lift. Lift, lift. Circle the arms around.

Press up and change your sides down. First stretch. Make sure that arch of the back foot and front foot are both lifted. Head down. Here's that tree reach. Scoop this stomach and bend in. Drive that left heel down, right heel down and stretch. Pull the stomach in.

Press it down. Lift and come up. Veronica Lake and stretch. Pull the stomach in and bend and stretch. This hip goes forward. This the eye goes back. Bend this knee right on the center of this foot stretch.

Every time you stretch up, readjust that box. Lift the stomach. Lengthen the tailbone towards the floor. You can't Tuck in this position. Go ahead, try and stretch. Lengthen, scoop, not with your back leg. Straight and good. Lift the heel. Bring the knee down. Place your hands down. Remember, don't stink on that foot. Lift the waist and go back full. Flex the foot, right. Sit Bone to right heel. Lift up, come forward and open up the chest.

Lift the pelvis, goes back, the waist goes back. Third Ribs, go back Paul. The stomach in pelvis comes forward, hip comes forward, articulate through the spine. As you press an open the chest, one more time, lift, scoop back, push through the heel, drag that hip as if it's being held and pulled in opposition. So you have all these dynamic stretches happening. Lift the waist up, bring the hips forward, open the chest, the opening of the chest. Move the arms, lift the chest to the ceiling.

Open and stand up. Very good. That feels good. Okay, we're gonna do our side splits, right, cause we want to get ready for doing our side splits on the reformer. So we're gonna do our side's split stretch first. We're going to bend the knees, lift the stomach, and come up and bend the knees and live the stomach and come up and bend the knees and lift and up and bend. Getting those inner thighs already to rock and roll. Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude. Now we're going to work on that side split without having the treachery of the carriage moving. Have your foot here. Pull the stomach in, slide. Draw your midline and up and out.

Slide, draw the midline and up. You get to clean the floors as well as workout your inner thighs. Change sides. I believe in a safe studio first. So I always try to teach on the apparatus and prepare the body and know my student is ready before I put them in a tough situation and out pull up and in and out. And I actually do clean my floors like this up. I usually have to out in and up polarities in everyday life.

Oh one more time on this side. It's my weaker side and lift up, up, up. Good. Well I have a towel. Ah, we're going to do around the world with the towel. This is part of the good morning exercises which you'll find splattered throughout polities anytime. Um, the towel stretch where you do the leg, where you stretch up. So this is one you get out of the shower, your nice and hot right. You dry off your back a little bit, dry for your bottom a little bit and now you get to do your beautiful around the world stretches. I liked the towel because it gives tension and it connects my body throughout. You're going to lift up and stretch over to one side. You're going to scoop the stomach.

Look at all the exercises we just did that you can find here, that side Ben that we did and lifting up and up and then that scooping forward over the one leg. Now we do it with too. I'm not collapsing down. I'm lifted over my leg. I'm in that side bend and lift up and reach all the way over. [inaudible] the stomach can worry each to the side and up. Very important that the neck continues the length it doesn't drop.

It continues the curve of my spine at all times. Here my weight is forward a little bit so I'm not pushing into the back of my legs and come up and I'm going to drop through my legs and up and drop through and up and up through and since I'm in California, I'm going to go for a little beach jog with my hands on my waist. No hoochie Coochie lift and lower lift and lower lift and lower. This is a great place to really find the correct engagement without pushing into the hips, Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and Lyft and finish. Excellent.

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very nice!!
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As always with KRN : grace, strenght, stretch and much more; meaning: her enchanting personality and perfect teaching:) Love:) Thankyou:)
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And just for KRN's information: Tatiana Mindewicz-Puacz is a friend of mine who actually set up this account with PA for me. But it's Ewa Drapińska (Poland) who is the real person.
Yay!!! I miss you Kathi so have been practising your foot exercises and my Mat with KRN seasoning. Now I have some good morning mat with you too.

For any of you out there thinking about Kathi's Red Thread Training. DO IT!!!
Hello Ladies!!! Thank you so much for the support and kind words! I am still vibrating from the past two weeks on the isle of man and then in Scotland! Sending love and good health! Kath
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More mat work at level 1/2 and 2 from Kathryn please. The grace, strength and stretch that Ewa describes translates into such practical functionality!!
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Oh, Kathy, you are simple awesome!
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Excellent workout! Great idea with cleaning the floor :)
I am so thrilled you like this!!!!!
Love this going to use with my clients this afternoon ?? you're amazing.
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