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Cecile Bankston teaches a Mat class designed for Men. She teaches a variety of exercises including a Bridging series with the Thera Band, Upper Body work using the Thera Band and Weights, and much more. She also adds in stretches which target the ares that are tightest on most men. Even though it is a men's class, this workout is a great challenge for anyone!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Theraband

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Jun 22, 2013
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Hi, I'm Cecile banks [inaudible] and today we are going to be doing I class that was designed for men. Um, I think I've actually told this story before, but I think that's really funny to say for Lottie's men's class because [inaudible] was created by a man for men. So in men's Pele's is not really the proper term, but that's what we're calling it. This is Tyler back. He's going to be demonstrating everything for you all. Um, cause he's much stronger than me and uh, and he lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and is a great plotty teacher down there. So. Alright, y'all ready? Here we go. Okay, so our first movement, we're going to start knees and feet apart and there we're going to start with a full roll down just to below your shoulder blades, opening the arms as you go down. Exhale close as you come up. Exactly. Good again.

And exhale. Good deep breath in. Exhale to use that power to come back up. Good. And three, pull it in and up. You can use whatever size weight you want for this. If having, uh, no way is good. That's okay, too. Good. Now we're gonna make it just a little bit harder.

We're gonna go down to the bottom and all the way down. Now just curling up to the place where you want to skip over. Stay there and we're going to pulse just slightly open. Close. Good. Yes. Full. Good five.

And you can really see it's controlled. Shoulders are down, not holding onto those weights. World tight. Good. Coming all the way up. Good. Okay. Next thing we're doing, we're going to twist to the side to get into the obliques. Now as he goes down, he's going to open his bottom arm. Keep this one forward to help you, and then you're going to roll up. Use that arm to help you get back up. Good. Other side, same side. Sorry.

Now pull that way. Use it to help you. Good. So he's using this one to sort of anchor good and using the other to help him get back up. Good. Nice. Deep breath in. Exhale. Good. Other side. So we're going to the other side. Rolling down. If you need to have somebody hold onto your feet or put them under a strap to begin with, launch when you first start, that's absolutely fine because this is quite hard with the weights.

Good and reach nighties using that weight to help them get up. Good. You've got it. Good. Very nice. Okay. All right. Now from here you're going to go a little transfer, so we are going to go down. We're going to roll across the bat. We're going to transfer to the other side and come up and going down deep. Exhale all across your back and then come back up on the other side.

Good. Aim The Rory Rollet down, nines transfer, and then he's going to pull to come up. Very nice. One more rolling. Roll across the back. Beautiful and come up. Good. Now we're going to roll all the way down to our backs with our weights and our hands. Knees are straight. Okay. Yep. All we're gonna do, hands are by your side and you're going to just roll up into a position that you would do your 100 in and just hang out for a second. Deep breath in. Roll it back down so we're not actually doing hundreds.

He's just rolling his weights forward with him. And good. Exhale. What I don't want to see as you go down. I don't want to see the ribs popping open. Good. And say a lift. If this gets into your hip flexors, you can always turn the legs out or you can keep them in tabletop. Good, nice. And reach.

Yup. Good. Last one. Good. Okay, we're going to sit, we're going to sit up and we're going to kneel. Okay. So he's going to put his whites in front of him and he's kneeling, kneeling all the way up first. And what we're doing is just a couple of these just to get a nice stretch on the spine. He's going to roll forward, roll onto the [inaudible]. Waits to stretch into like a child's pose position. Yes, exactly.

And then deep breath in. Exhale, come back up. You get to do one more. You Bet. Reaching out. Good. And roll it up. Good. And here we go. Now we're going to go down and stay. And what he's going to do is take his right arm.

He's going to shrug his shoulder and release. Left arm, shrug and release, right arm shrug and release and left. Good release. And both arms shrug and release one like that. Cause I always want to finish with two arms and release. Knife coming all the way up. Good. Okay.

We're gonna lie on our back and here's where we need our band. So I'm going to tie this band around his legs. Okay. If you have one of those that it's all, they were already in a circle, that's great. You can use that too. You want to put a little resistance into the band once I get this on him. Okay. He is, he has his, his knees apart enough so that it's got a little bit of resistance on that van.

Okay. So you got it. He only goes, so we're going to bridge up from here, rolling up from the bottom, not into an arch. Just to a bridge. Good. Good. Roll it back down. That's perfect. Good. And again, one more like that. Roll it up. Yeah. And Roll it down. Nice. Okay. We're going to roll up and stay there this time rolling up.

Now you see this nice position here. He's going to raise his heels up one and down and two and what you want to watch is that you are staying right on the center of the foot for good. Yes. Keep breathing. Two more to go and a beautiful, roll it down. All your body down. Relax. Nice. Okay. We're going to roll back up and we're going to braise both heels up to start.

We're going to drop one heel down one and [inaudible] second the other heel and lift three and lift four and five. Six two more to go. Seven and a goods they lifted. Drop the heels down and rolled down. Great. One last one in this series. He's going to take one leg, reach it out. We're keeping knee to knee alignment here. Yeah, I'm quite hard to do this. If you want to do it with your foot down to roll up, that's fine. Rolling up. But this, these guys can do this like this.

Now we're going to stay there and we're going to lift and lower the leg one. And Dan, not too high and down. Good. But all the while we're keeping this nice position and what you want to see is the length right here. Good. One more and eight good. Roll it down. And it's really hard oral damn with your leg up. But that's the heart.

That's the best way to do it. Good. Rolling back up and one breathe. Two good. And if you are distributing your body weight correctly, you should have the weight on your, on your neck at all. Good. Go Up, roll it down. Very nice. Okay, I'm going to take this band off of him. Uh, but we're still gonna use it.

Um, we are also going to use our weights. So now the band is going underneath your shoulder blades basically. Okay. And he is going to take the band and wrap it around the weight. So the more you whack that band, the harder the exercise is gonna be. Is that good for you?

Okay. All right. So yeah, just roll it around him. That's it. You got it. Yes. And yes, you've got it. Good. Just roll it around it so you get a little more tension. And we're gonna start with opening close. Chest flies. Inhale. Exhale, light. Hold on those hands for me. That makes it harder. Good. Pretend that somebody is standing there trying to win this. You doing it good. So you really, really resisting the movement.

Yes. So you get something out of it. Good. Okay, now we're going into scissors. So one arm goes up, one arm goes down and to re, four, five, six, seven, eight. Keep going. And two, three, four, five. Keep breathing. Six. His shoulders aren't lifting. Eight. Okay, good. Now last movement, we're going to raise the arms overhead. We're going to open the arms to this side. Shoulders stay down. We're going to raise the arms back up and bring them to the ceiling. One more hand again, one and open and and center.

Lift. Sign up and center. Good. Side up and center and side up. Last one, not last one. Am I good? Okay. We're going to get rid of the, so you can get all of that out and on. Rolling. Good.

We're going right into our, um, spine stretch. Okay. So your knees are going to be bent, sitting up, no weight yet. Uh, you can put them in front if you want to and use them to kind of help you to roll forward. But he's gotten me to help him. He's getting to reach his hands forward. Most guys have a hard time getting too far forward. So what I'm actually gonna do is put my knee into his chest and I've got my back foot anchored. So I am not, you know, I'm not hurting myself at all.

He's also grabbing onto the end of the mat. Good. And come back up. Perfect. Good. All right. Now we need your weights and your hands sitting up. Tall legs can be straight or bent if you have trouble with legs being straight, bend on. That's fine. Palms are to the ceiling. We're doing little karate chops to the back. Two, three.

Good. So eight good. Turn the palms over. Well, four, five, six, seven. Now we're going to circle a little tiny circles. Yeah, that's it. Good. He's no shoulders. You don't. And the other thing that I don't want to see is you bobbing back and forth. Nice. Good. Okay. All right, so now we're gonna kneel down. Kneeling up.

Okay. This is hard. No weights first, but you want them handy. We're going into our thigh stretch just like on a reformer. So we are going to stay really nice and flat here. We're going to hinge back and wherever your head goes, that's where your weight's going to go, right? Cause your head's heavy so you don't want to keep your head forward from your body and pull it back up.

He's staying absolutely straight through here. We don't want to get into an arch that looks great and up and one and a beautiful. Okay, now we're going to add weight to it. If that was hard enough for you, just like that with no wait, keep going like that. All right, now we're going to add weight that we're going to go back. We're going to lift the arm, we're going to lower the arms. Come back up only for back lift.

Good. Lower coming up and up and down. Beautiful. Good and back and lift. Good and up. I'm going to let you stretch for a second. Let's lie on your back just for a second very quickly and we're just going to hold our feet. Yeah, exactly. I call it dead bog. Okay, so you're just going to give yourself a nice little back massage all side to side. Exactly. Good. Very nice. Good. Okay. All right. No more arrest. Let's kneel down on all fours.

We're going to do some lat polls here. So you're going to use your weight now for for, unless you have really, really heavy weights, if you have kind of lightweight, you have to put your mind to you, your muscle, and think about where you want to work. Okay, so going into that w and out on a diagonal right now, you can really see it on him. He's really pulling in to those lat. He's also really working underneath those scapular muscles. Right? Light. Hold on. That weight's still okay.

Very nice. Good. And it doesn't matter. You can be sitting back on your heels like that. Good. Okay. Other side. So we're nailing and reaching in a diagonal one, eh, to Eh, the rate. Now notice this. No belly sticking out. Fuck good. Very nice. Good. Alright, we're going to have even more fun pushups. Okay. We're gonna start with our arms, elbows right by our sides coming in by our side. So stretch one leg out.

Stretch the other leg up. Get yourself into a nice, good point. An emphasis is on the up and two elbows by your side. Beautiful guys for they're coming right back behind him. Good. Six good. Seven and a wonderful rest for a second. Stretch back on your heels.

Just for a second. We're going to change the position of the arms so that the palms are turned in. Okay. You're going to feel it a little bit differently. Get a little more bicep in there. Uh, impact, uh, uh, good. Certainly working a lot in the shoulders. Three good abs. Once again, talking about distributing that body weight. If you know how to do that, this is not as hard as it looks. It is hard. Okay.

Stretch back. And from there we're going to single legs. Okay. So we're going to stretch out both legs if you're not comfortable doing that. Continue with both legs. One, two, three, four and change positions. One, two, wonderful jury or and good stretch back onto your heels. That was great guys. Really stretch. Now I'm giving him a little stretch there.

Okay. Now we're going to get onto our elbows. Hands Together. Yeah. Now, however you want them and you're in a plank, get as low as you can and all I want you to do is squeeze your scapular muscles together, drop down, open them. So you're going to squeeze and drop down and up. Exactly. Beautiful. So you can really see the movement. He's really getting a lot of work in those shoulders and in that opera back.

Very key to keep that nice point position. Good. Very nice. Okay, let's go onto our sides. Lying on your side. You're gonna keep your knees bent. Okay. And what I want you to do is make sure this comes from Eve gentry, that you had a breath of air underneath. Okay? You can see underneath him right there, he likes his legs in front of him.

About right here for most guys, your legs are heavy so you know you don't want them back there. Anybody that has a little low back problem, you don't want him back there either from me. I have to get more, even with my body line to feel this, so play around with it. We're going to take three counts to get up. Count to three, one, two, three and down to three. The reason you're taking three counts keep going is because that's what makes it so hard. He is working like crazy in his low abs and down.

Good re good and nice. That's it. Good. One more and down. Good. Okay. We are going into um, our side with the weight, our plank with the weight. Okay. So you need one way we're going, it's not a typical twist, just getting into your plank position here. Okay. All you're gonna do is move your upper body, move and look up to the ceiling and only upper body to the floor so his hips aren't going anywhere to this ceiling and to the floor.

This is really hard if you don't, if you don't want to use a weight, you don't have to to the floor cause it's hard just like it is. Good and very nice. Good sitting down. Let's get a little side stretch. Okay. So he's going to just reach over to his side with elbow up. Okay. And what I like to do is just give him a little bit of push there.

Okay. So that he's got that nice stretch in the side before we go to the other side. Everything all over again. Neath Ben and breath of air. Get positioned to beautiful and lifting. One, two, three and down to keep breathing for me. One Dude, right and down to three and up to three.

Beautiful. Down to three. Last one, up to three. Great. Down two and three. Awesome. Now side plank on this side with the top hand. Okay. If you're getting sweaty, be careful. Okay. Want to stay in that pike and here we go.

Look up to the ceiling and body. Say still look to the floor and look up to the ceiling as an instructor. I'm just staying right here just in case he loses his balance. I know he's not going to the and I last one. Reach and good and come back down.

Get that Nice little side stretch mermaid. You're gonna put your elbow behind your ear. I mean your hand behind your ear. Elbow to the ceiling, and we're going to stretch. Good. All right. Very nice. Good. Okay. Now we're going to stand up on the mat.

If you give it a little stretch in the hamstrings, he likes that actually hold onto the edges of his mat, but everybody's not going to be able to do that. Okay. Come forward. All the, yeah, thank you. Good. Okay, so we're going to bend the knees, keeping the head down straight and this is hard. You may not be able to straighten. That's okay. And stretch. Two more. Three and stretch last one, four and stretch. Good. Okay. Lying down on the back. We're going to stretch with our, with our band. Okay, so grab your band in your hand. Put it around your foot. Okay, so he's got this leg straight. Okay.

You can also bend this knee if you want to. Okay. He's pulling back as far as he can with his tailbone down. Once again, as an instructor, what I'm looking for is that he's not hyped up on his hip on that side. I'm pulling on his hip. And you can do that to yourself. You can dig into your own hip. Now, take button, hold the theraband with both hands.

Put the opposite hand out to this side to keep your balance and open that leg side so you'd get a nice wide stretch in in the side. Yes. Nice. The inner thigh. Good. And now let's take it across the body. This is the horrible one. We're going to rotate your toe down towards the floor and in drop the tailbone down and bring it across the body and up towards your ear if you can. Good. I know it hurts. It's not fun. Okay, good.

Other side, everybody hates that one. All right, so again, he's got his leg that on the table stretched out. Remember it? You can't do that and you need to bend your knee. You're still gonna get a great stretch. Okay. So flexing the foot. He's digging into his hip. You can see he's doing exactly what I was doing for him when I pushed. Okay, now let's go to the side reach. Take it to the side.

Good. And then take it across the body. Last one. So we're going to cross. Everybody hates it. Went remember to rotate that leg down towards the floor. Keep the opposite hip down as much as you can. Wonderful. Good. And let go of your band. Very last one.

We're gonna put our feet up our legs and like a number four position. Okay. And we're just gonna wa he's just gonna roll over, stretch out his back and his glutes. Now if you see what he's doing, he's pushing onto that native. Give himself a little bit of extra stretch. Good.

And other side. Good. Cross the knee over. Very nice. And then just roll. Yeah. Give yourself a little push if you want to. Nice. Very good and role to sit up. Very nice. Very good. That we're done.



Thank you, Cecile - some good food for thought there with your variations, as well as a solid workout.
So glad you liked it! It was fun to create and I am able to do this one myself even though it is geared to men.
1 person likes this.
Definitely sharing this one...only wish my thighs stretch & push-ups were as solid! Thank you
Thank you! I agree my push ups aren't nearly as solid and effortless as TY's that's why he is doing the demonstrating!!!
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Outstanding. Loved some of the variations. Thank you all!
Love the scapula squeeze in the press up series. Nice job :)
Everything you do, Cecile! Is Gold!
Karen M
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Thank you so much, what a great class!!
Florence P
Great workout for Men or anyone expecting some challenges. I like the fact you don't spend too much time in the same stretch, & you move on to the next one, or next variation... quickly. Even though I am a woman, I had fun to do it, except the push ups series which is very hard I love your classes i general & I like to hear your accent too which is very relaxing! Thank you
Thank you florence! I, like you enjoy this class even though I am a woman,and yes, the push up series is really hard, but it gives me something to work toward!
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