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Magic Circle Power

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The Magic Circle allows you to focus on your powerhouse more intensely when combined with clear direction and familiar exercises. This Magic Circle class offers all that and more! Find your center with some standing balance work right in the beginning of class and enjoy stretches sprinkled throughout the workout.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Mar 03, 2010
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Okay, here we go. So your ring should be just in front of you where you can pick it up after the end of a roll down. And we're going to start with a roll down. That being said, arms reaching down the size of the body. Take just a second and look down at your feet. They should be parallel to one another. Maybe shift back and forth on them a couple of times.

Going from the toe to the heel, back to the toes, and then finally settling into a place where you feel weight in the front, in the box of the feet and on both sides of the feet as well. And with that, breathe in. Big Breath in. Breathe out and let that breath go without changing your body at all. And we're moving this time in. Helped prepare. Exhale. Let the head drop down. Imagine rolling away from a wall so you were peeling a bone at a time.

Time downwards. The hip should stay. Stack just over the heels. The knees can be soft or straight in healing out the bottom. Lengthen a little further by deepening into the abdominals. As you exhale, pull up from the ams, let the hips move slightly forward or feel the roll up of the spine. Start from the bottom of the pelvis or the tailbone.

Yeah, in healing again, as you arrived at the top. If you're not there yet, just no hurry. Heck so we're coming down bone by bone. Ribs knit together, the abdominals engage. The arms are heavy, the head is heavy. Then you're not leaning back. Still got weights in the toes. Inhale to hold and exhale, roll back up and as we do this, just start to let go of whatever else is going on outside this space and start to bring your mind in your body into connection. I'm going to do two more. Breathing in. I'm breathing out as we round feeling the shoulders gently placed on the back, meaning that they're not curling up into the ears or relaxing into the years.

As you roll down, if you feel your feet self shifting back and forth from leg to leg, try to find a centered position. Little bit of inner thigh work. Lots and lots of Ab work. Kevin all the way up to standing. And this is going to be our last one for the day. Know here we go. Letting all outside tension, all tension in general, out of the body.

We're fresh to bring the work into our bodies. Once you're down there, your ring should be within reach. Pick it up once again, just gently pull the shoulders down if they're not down already, and bring your ring with you as you come up. Okay. And then from there we're going to take the right leg and step it forward just on the diagonal. The ring is going to be held just in front of us and in fact, bring that leg back for just a second and push the ring out forward and just feel the shoulders and a curl foe or the collarbones around.

And then from there, generally guide the shoulder blades back. So it's a, the feeling in my mind of making a rectangle from collarbone to collarbone. You're leaning back a little bit, Emily. Just a little bit so hard from the ribs. I think I'm collarbone to collarbone. Take the right foot forward. The end of that sentence was you'd have a straight line across your collarbones.

You have a straight line across the ring, and with that pulling your abdominals in like there was a lever attached to you. If I were gonna pick that leg up, it goes up as high as it can without the spine changing. Inhale, reach down XL, pick it up from, we're right deep in the answer right behind the belly button, right under the chest. Maybe inhale, reach down. The leg that you're standing on can be a little bit soft, especially if you're feeling any tension at all in your knee. Try to get the feeling of lifting the leg to come from the trunk. You might feel your thigh slightly, but it's not about that and just a gentle press inwards into the ring is all we're doing at this point. Oh one more time.

Slide that like all the way back and step it down. Slide the other leg forward. Take a minute. Make sure that this hips are squared forward. You've got your rectangular position with your ring. Upper back is working in here we go. Pick up the legs. Should be, feel nice and light in space. Try not to lean back or lean forward, but the spine is solid, the abdominals are doing the work.

A Little Bit of wobbling is to be expected, perhaps pulling up from just behind the belly, squeezing the glute of the standing leg or just keeping that whole leg tight. Really just two more [inaudible] and one more. And then bring that leg back just in time. Almost fell over. Um, set your right leg. So we're going to change legs again. We're now on our right leg and we've extended the leg behind us. And that place, the ring's gonna still stay up. So again, we're just holding the weight of it out, but we're working the upper back a little, so it's almost, it's not a great big squeeze, but it's almost a feeling of trying to pull the ring a little closer to your chest from your back. With that, engage the muscles in the back of the leg. Start to send the entire spine forward as the leg Lissa lifts up behind you.

It's like a lever not go in and you're not rounding forward. You're staying nice and long. Inhale to come up the ring ins back in front of the chest. Exhale, soften the neath. There's any tension at all. Uh, you might want to step off of your mat if it's hard to balance on reaching that back up, up, up to lower the ring. The ring stays in front of your chest throughout.

So the body's like almost like a teeter totter. As the leg lifts up, the chest reaches forward, the pelvis stays squared. As the body comes up, the light goes down. The abs stay working. One more to go and we're going to stay there. So find a place that you feel pretty comfortable that you can hang out in for a moment. Bend the leg that you're standing on pretty deeply and straight and then, and straight [inaudible].

Squeeze the glute, the hamstring of that leg that's floating up in the air that that'll help you. Two more to go. One more to go and bring yourself back up. Right? Set that leg in. Here we go. This nice work. So you're just resting on your toes back there. I got the ring up holding the ring in the heels of the hands, just see if you can send your fingers forward. So if any, there's not like a real grippy hand thing happening. Here we go. Set your intention. Maybe I'm going to do it. I can do it.

Pick up the back leg so then the chest through the ring is that back like lifts up, up, up and inhale. Allow the body to come up, right? Maybe a sense of buoyancy in the body, reaching the back leg, letting the top of the head reach forward, keeping the upper back active. As we press gently into the ring, a little shape won't even change much, which is holding it still mostly from the back of our body than the front and back. Two more to go lifting back. All right, so here's the one where we're going to stay. If it's not good for you to go down as low, stay a little higher.

It'll be easier. We're been in the knee five times, so find your position, bend your knee a little or a lot and press back like super active. The shoulders are way down the back. I mean just in front of the chest. Here's three, here's four, here's five. Oh, that's all. Stand all the way back up. Raise your ring over your head. Ugh. Push your ring up towards the ceiling.

You'll feel your shoulders creep up into your ears. That's not a place where we want them, so we're going to pull them back down. From there, we're going to lean over towards me. This is our inhale. Take a big stretch to the side, waist on that side, and exhale, lift up through the obliques. Inhale, reach up to go over. Good stretch to the side of the body and exhale, engage the muscles that you feel stretching.

That's what pulls you at this time as you inhale and take the body over first. Push the hips in the opposite direction so it'll be bigger and then only even more stomach work to come on the other. No, and then allow the ring to reach down in front of you. You've just a little gentle pressure on it. Roll down, lifting all the principles of the road. And we talked about a little earlier. Play serene down on the mat. Your hands down on the mat.

If you can't touch with the straight lane, I over one can. Here we go. Bend your right knee. Let the right hip drop. As you lean a little bit into the left hip, get a good stretch you. That leg head is relaxed in the stretch. The right leg towards straight. You'll feel the pelvis become level again.

Bend the left knee, the left hip will drop weight goes into the right leg and straight. With that start to walk forward with your hands. I'm going to be just in front of your ring with your hands or if you've moved at, that's fine too. Take a step back followed by another step back so that you're in a plank position. Bend your knees, Cross your ankles behind Ya. Roll over your feet. Grab your ring while you're at it. If it's still there, and bring your legs out in front. Okay, put the ring between your knees.

Your feet will more than likely be slightly towards the outside of your mat, more than usual anyway. Why doesn't it hip distance apart. Look for the feet to stay flat. Let's all just put our hands on our shins and guide ourselves up just a little bit taller with that without thinking about it too much or pay attention to what happens in your body, but squeeze your ring. Yes, your inner thighs engaged. But did you also feel that your abs almost automatically engaged with that inner thigh engagement? That's part of the reason we're doing this. So now you can think about your abs and squeeze the rain.

You'll feel them even more. Let go. And as you exhale, start from the pelvis. Just rock back a little rock, maybe just to the top of the pelvis called in here. Exhale, roll back up. It's worth it if you need to to put your hands back and assist yourself up right. If you don't need to, the arms can just stay straight. Exhale, we squeeze. That's the initiation. Then we pull back pulling the pubic bone towards the bottom of the front ribs. Inhale, hold. Exhale.

We come up curling forward first and then sitting tall again. So you let the Ringo, then you re squeeze, re Tuck the pelvis. Reroll Jennifer, move the pelvis a little bit more before you keep going with your back. Inhale Paz. Exhale, start that journey. Backup hardware. Really dig down deep into the ABS are only going to do two more. In fact, we're only gonna do one more and here it is. Exhale, squeeze.

And then start to move the hips and hold. Find a place where you can maintain any alarms that exhale. Relax the arms down. Inhale, the arms should feel light and space. The back should feel heavy. Exhale, arms down. And by the back, I mean the muscles surrounding the shoulder blades, the wing bones, and exhale down. Inhale, arms up. Oh, can we roll up from there? Maybe. Maybe. I'm trying to make Jennifer Sar. Bear with me.

[inaudible] I know you asked for. I didn't. Yeah. And then very hard. Take the ring in your hands. Bring the legs together. We're going to be about to be rolling back again. I just want to encourage you never to go to a place where it just turns into a low back thing. So stay as high as you need to go as low as you need to. It's it's whatever your body needs and here we go.

We're keeping the legs together and we're going to start to roll down. Find a place where you can feel some pretty serious abdominal work. Talk under a little bit more. Jen, as you start to move, that's it. You want to start from that. Imagine your ring as a steering wheel. Drive towards me and drive back center.

So it's a big Ben that we're trying to turn around. Big Dries. Now we go back to that idea in a minute after the train that we started with it. This spine is moving. It's not that the arms are pushing or the one shoulders lifting up higher than the other. It's that it's the rectangular from shoulder to shoulder to ring position.

This is it last time to the back. Okay, hold. Take yourself down an inch. Poly. If you'd need to just get down, you will take yourself down one more inch. Take yourself down one more inch. Okay, Elise. Oh, come up one inch. Come up one inch, hold the legs. If you need to. We're just going to do this. We're getting get up just behind the pelvis and we're going to come down.

Keep talking. Yeah, Dan, a little down a little and that's it. All the way down. Oh, I know. I know. Put the ring between your knees. Walk your feet a little closer than they were when we were sitting up. This is going to be a pelvic curl, so again, the knees will be slightly wider than they normally are. Press into the ring first feeling the abs engaged their arms along the straight along your sides. Here we go. The Pelvic Curl, rural pressing into the inner thighs. As you come, keeping the hips ha lower than the pubic bone. Inhale, hold. Exhale, meltdown down from the chest. Feel the arms reaching in opposition of the ear or away from the ears or towards the feet. I said I wasn't going to talk a lot today, didn't I?

And I can't seem to help myself. Xcel to Rola, but the sentences are there. They're stringing and making it happen. That's exciting and he'll take your arms overhead as you exhale. Feel the shoulders plugged into the back, roll down through the spine, but the arms in the opposite direction, it'll change the stretch a little. Oh, let's do that again. It feels good. Arms up over the shoulders on the inhale. Exhale. Let's roll up looking for a Tuck, keeping the tuck. Lovely.

Inhale, arms over shoulders. Exhale, fingers reach opposite oppositionally from the tailbone, the spoke too soon, coming all the way down and inhale. Arms over shoulders go all the way down to neutral spine, meaning tailbone down. Last one. Exhale. Roll, Huh? Sending your rooms overhead or you can send them overhead. As you inhale, we're going to stay up here. I'm going to ask you to squeeze the ring and I'm gonna ask you to think as you squeezed the ring of doing it with your abdominal muscles as well as with your inner thighs. You're gonna feel the backs of the legs. They have to help you hold yourself up. So pressing in and pressing and pressing on.

Five more squeezes, one and two and three and four and five. Keep squeezing, roll down. Fill in both sides of the body. Reach down, grab your ring, pick it up, open your feet out to the sides. Ah, sorry. Feet together, knees out to the sides. Take a little bit of a stretch and then bring the knees back together and lift the feet up to tabletop.

I'm going to ask for you to hold the ring just across your chest. I'm going to inhale here. As we exhale, coming up into trunk flection. You're lifting your head and chest you to send the ring way out over your shins like you're trying to reach for your ankle bones. All that being said, the tailbones got to stay down here and he'll go all the way down. Ring goes overhead. Exhale. This can be done with your feet on the floor by the way, her roll her reaching on, but why don't we go for it. I think we should inhale, come a whole the way down to keep those abs working.

Keep the low back connected to the mat. Exhale, we lift [inaudible]. Inhale, we go back work and both sides of the body, both ranges of motion. Exhale, we lift and hold. Now lift a little higher. Now press the ring for fun and four straight arms. Three try not to go up and down to one and he'll go back.

Oh, exhale. Lift up rib was it down of Domino's steep. Find it, reach a little further towards your ankle. Shoulders down and squeeze the ring for fi four three, two, one and release down. Here's our last one like that. Exhale we live. If at any time this ring stuff is creating too much tension in your neck, put it down. It's not worth it to lifting high, reaching for the ankles, four and five rallies all the way back and changing the exercise, but it's going to start in the same position. We're going to lift up.

Be careful with this one, the head and chest up the rings just over your knees. Now inhale, take your knees towards me. Your shoulders in the ring towards the other direction. Stay lifted. Exhale, come back to center. Inhale the knees drop away from the ring. The ring goes to the other side and we exhale. Come back to center. So we'll rotating over the hip. Common back to center, keeping that lift through the center, coming over to the hip and back and coming over to the hip and back.

One more time. I think that was it, wasn't it? Well, that's lower down. Place the feet down on the ground. Stretch the legs out in front of you. Keep your ring in your hands or put it in between your ankles. It's up to you. I'm going to hold mine in my arms. This is the rollout legs together.

Your knees can be soft. Inhale, lift the ring, lift the head. Exhale. Roll yourself up. A little bit of pressure into the ring throughout. Stay long, but round and tall. Inhale, exhale, shoulders down. So the heaviness of the ring maybe can assist you in feeling a heaviness in your shoulders. Articulating the spine, coming all the way down, back of the head touches the ribs are down the arms. Go over it and heal to lift. Exhale to Rola. Good, nice and around. Inhale to pause.

Exhale to roll down. Jen, just keep your head up. I know that we teach differently, different. Just look forward slightly, not quite so up and roll down and breathe in. That's great. Paula. Exhale. Oh, sorry. I'll got lost. Danielle, lift the head and chest. Exhale to roll up as well. You want to keep your arms straight as they go overhead. Let's do three more little faster. Shoulders down, heavy, heavy, shoulders around and don't just articulating, manipulating, undulating through the spine and how about two more.

Rounding down to feel a sense of the feet going the other direction, very much talking the tailbone under. That's what's going to help us get through those tight spots and one more. If you notice that you're coming down on one side of your body first, pay a little bit more attention to the opposite side of the waist. Pull that side down evenly. It's more for me than for you, but I'm explaining what's going on in my own body, I suppose. Rolling all the way up and then let's just bend forward and take a stretch.

Hook the ring around your feet, flex your feet, just hang on where you can reach and pull your body forward. Continuing to hold the ring started to pour back. Uh, like your continue holding the ring, pull back like you're trying to get away from it. So the abdominals put way back, the shoulders dropped down and there's maybe a stretch in their back for you. Okay. Coming back up. Is everyone comfortable in a kind of a diamond shaped position?

Relatively comfortable. Yeah. And maybe further away Paula might feel like a better option. And if that doesn't feel good, just bend your knees. All right, so we're going to take the ring, bring it up in front. This is modified twist, bringing the ring right into the chest without pressing a huge deal. Just put a little attention into the ring from the back. And what I mean by that is as you press into the ring with your hands, press your shoulders slightly towards one another.

Pull your ribs back just a little bit. Emily. Uh, elbows up. Jennifer, here we go. We're going to turn to me. Keep the ring exactly where it started and come back. Gentle pressure on the ring throughout. It stays just in front of the chest as you turn. Please remind yourself that this movement not only is a spinal exercise, but it's also a good abdominal exercise.

So that's what's going to move you and that's what's going to support your spine as it moves from side to side. Inhale way. Turn an Exa. We come back to center. Inhale, we turn hold here. Exhale, stretch the arms forward. Pull the shoulders back and your rebound. The elbows. Exhale, come home. Any alternative? Pay attention to the abs all the way around. Exhale, put a little pressure into the ring. As you straighten it, it'll get harder and harder. The straighter your arms go in, he'll rebound. Should chance to reapply pressure and XLT come home.

Let's do it one more time. Inhale, turn. Exhale, stretch. Inhale and lift straight or lift. Tyler, relax the legs. Exhale back and turn. Feel as the arms relax almost out in front of you that the shoulder blades pull back. So that's where all the work is occurring. Or hopefully the majority of the work in Y'all. Rebend exhale, bring it back.

I light him changing it and he altern stretch the arms. Exhale, extend the spine in that direction. But don't let your shoulders get ahead of you. Inhale, sit up and go all the way. Oh, that didn't really work. But that's what's going to, it's going to be now stretch length in length in length. And this'll be our exhale. Let's inhale up and across.

So it's going be a pretty quick movement or a lot of movement with one breath cycle. Exhale, stretch [inaudible] I'll come back across and exhale, stretch out. And then he'll lift tall, bring it across and exhale, stretch out. Opposite hip is grounded, it's stable, and he'll set up a cross and exo stretch at and bring it all the way back up and come back to center. Uh, separate your legs, feet flexed, hands on the top of the ring ring during the spine. Stretch forward. Expect your ring to roll over onto its side a little bit and feel free to move it closer or further back depending on arm length. Roll. Going to be a little bit different. So with that, it is where it is at the moment. We're going to push down on it a little bit. So try this.

Bend your knees a little bit so we're not dealing with a lot of hip flexor. While while we play, just push with your hands as hard as you can. Can you feel how that may be? Creates a little too much? It just, it is. That is what it is. Now try to let the hands be as relaxed as possible.

Find your abs. Sit up as tall as you can and push by pulling the shoulder blades down a libba so it's not as an intense of a push, but you should feel more and in a better place. And with that we're going down and to take the head down, feel the rib cage knit together. Pull the abdominals back as you send the ring forward on the diagonal. And how can we hold x? I'll begin to articulate back up, pushing down into the ring as you come all the way back on.

Then again, really stirring so you can refine the press, the gentle press from the back and then feel the spine. The low spine does specially stay long as long as you can, can't it? We'll have to round eventually because it's part of the rest of the spine, but in my mind and in my body anyway, that's how I find a back, a low back stretch rather than just bending forward at the hip. Let's do three more if you need to. Soften your knees. If your hip flexors are taking over, do it. Ribs. Yeah, head heavy.

The press of the ring comes from the upper back, from Justin, underneath the armpits or just underneath the scapulae. Exhale, roll back up, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, and this'll be our last one for the day. Pressing slightly downwards, curling forwards. Hold here, and as you exhale, press on down on the ring by rounding back into your abs. More. Inhale, release, and exhale. Press down on the ring by pulling back and slightly upwards in the spine. Inhale, release, just the arms really release and then it's the abs that creates pressure that makes the background more beautiful. Jennifer, inhale, release, and let's do that two more times. Pulling the ribs back, pulling the episode.

They're going to press out through the back. Inhale, release. Exhale, press down. Hold that intensity in your abdomen and pull up with it. Oh Wow. Good. Pick up hearing and your likes together. Send your ring out in front of you and roll yourself down. Just reaching the legs away. Come and down with control.

Ben Janiece and reach back and place the ring behind your head. I like to put my head on the the w inner handles and a, it's right just above the base of my skull. So from there we're going to pick the legs back up. We're going to head into the double leg stretch with the the arms, so knees up, abdominals in. As you exhale, pick up your head and chest. Might get a little higher than you're used to.

Utilize that and not only hold yourself up here, let's come back down for a second. As you live, don't pull with your hands, but support the ring by engaging the muscles that we just work. The ones just to underneath the the lats. Really just underneath the armpits. Here it is. The legs go straight out or up and they pull back and they go out again. Push 'em out. Squeeze your glutes, pull them in.

So we've got work in both directions and pull and push and untold and push that as your knees come in. Can you focus on or challenge the everbody curl? Push up. Pull in, do more. Totally one way Pauline. Lower your head and chest. Lift your head and chest. Yeah, stretch the legs out as you bend both of your knees.

Turn to your right, pulling the knees are right across towards that opposite elbow. Inhale Center and exhale. We turn another side. It's like a criss cross with with both legs and which her, Oh take ring out the spine. Inhale Center. Exhale, bring it around you and he'll bring in center. Exhale one more around big rotation and big rotation and bring in center. Bring the legs up. Push the legs down.

I'm sorry Lisa. Bring the legs up. Push the legs down. How about two more? Push the legs down. Last one. Bring the legs that push the lights down. Bend your knees in honest. Oh, that was a little mean. I agree with you. I'm sorry. Let's do the shoulder bridge.

Just set your ring down to the side, arms at your sides, work in the hips here working the legs. Where can they avs and he'll prepare. Setting up the fee XL roll up through your spine. Several. We're really finding those hamstrings, that articulate, articulate, articulate. Hold here. I changed my mind for right this moment.

We're just going to roll back down to the bottom of our rib cage. Re talking the pelvis, looking for that depth, that scooping, uh, creating like a hammock out of your abs. We're all back up. We're all back down. This time we're gonna stay at. So here it is a roll it on hold at the top. Pick up your right leg. Stretch your right leg to the ceiling.

We're going to keep both hips lifted as we exhale. Take the leg down and swing it back one, take it down, bring it back to you. Keep the pelvis secure. Strong. Nice, long line through the spine. Last for three. It's not about the leg, it's more about the trunk to one way. Lower your leg. Point your foot. Slide the Ligon roll down to the bottom of the rooms.

I can both legs equally. Now, dropping the ribs down, pulling the pubic bone towards the chin. Roll back on. Keep that talk as long as you can. That's going to really help you support your low back. Roll down to the bottom of the rooms. Reach your arms to your feet. Exhale sir. Roll. Hold it up.

Recheck a pubic bone above hipbones ribs down. Pick up the left leg. Stretch it up. Keep the hips high. Lift a little higher. It's an XL to go down and flex back and Hilay works as a weight to try to challenge the trunk to try to challenge that standing leg. Last four, last three, last two. Here it is. Bring them, I got bend it. Place it down.

Roll down to the bottom of the ribs. Preamp oh, rollback. Huh? Tuck. Tuck, Tuck, Tuck, tuck. At the very last moment when you can't tuck anymore, that's when you've arrived. And with that coming all the way down, melting your way down into the mat, working, looking for both sides of the body and Oh, howling the pelvis to release all the way down. Okay, hold on to your, the backs of your knees. Just rock gently back and forth through your spine a few times.

Avoid kicking the legs. Roll all the way up. I'm placed this sheet down. I'd like to try to seel puppy today and we're going to leave the ring out of it. Um, a couple of different choices. If you are on your rolling work, I, you could just hold onto your feet and keep it pretty wide.

If you want a decent challenge. And by decent, I mean a good one, hold on. A reacher elbow underneath your Shin, reach around and hold on just to the outside of that foot. You're not really holding on, you're just resting against it, I suppose. No other side. All right, so from here, as with any of our other rolling work or deep infection, got the shoulders pulled away from the ears. Now there's something here that really helps me.

I think you'll be happy that I took the time. Push your elbows towards your knees, feel the back spread out. Push your knees towards your elbows, squeeze your glutes. And with that we're going to open and close the feet. One, two, three. Roll back to your shoulders. Open and close the feet. One that two, three and roll up to that balance can never get it on the first one.

That elbow to knee, knee to elbow. When you're back there trying to balance, that's what helps there. Here it is. One, two, three. We're all back on one, two, three. We're all oh one, two shoulders down. One, two, three. Go again. I'd lost mine. Okay, nice. What last one, Jen. See if you can do the feet thing at the back too. Yeah. All right, let's leave it for now. Let's leave it for today. That's enough.

Okay. Pick up your ring. I'm going to put your ring in between your ankles in the easiest way. Excuse me. That I find to do that is just sit up and do it. If you have a way to do it laying down, I would love to know what it is and then stretch out the legs and then lie all the way down so we're just going to be down on that bottom worm palm facing. Take a moment, look down the front of you, make sure the hip is stacked over the bottom, hit on. Then from the veer, try it the top like and pull it away from you a little bit like you're trying to take it further than the bottom. Like that might give you a little bit like that.

That might give you a little bit more room. And with that we're going to push down. Now here's where we go back to the idea that we're in. Can't move the ring without first engaging through the waist. Push down, resist up. So that resistance will come a little bit from the outer hip as well. Resiste working for stability resiste and do that four more times.

So think about not just the top, like working with the bottom, like squeezing up as well. Now that doesn't mean it's going to lift off the ground, but that doesn't mean it can't engage. Okay, this is our last two d pinning through the abdominals. One to go. Now if need your hands, you'll use it. If you don't need a dome, we're going to pick the ring up. And with that we're going to lower it a quarter of an inch and we're gonna reach that way and by reached that way, Paul, if he can't see me, I mean reached towards Jennifer's feet that way.

So it's like you're reaching out wall. It's not always about the high forever about the high thrilly. It's about how much can you feel your trunk working. Keep squeezing the ring a little so you feel your inner thighs engaged. Jennifer, look forward.

Just bring your head up a little bit and look right at the back or look right at me. This is that last one. Hold it at the top. It's big, big, big, big squeeze. Now squeeze the ring. Now put the ring back down. I'm going to set up so I can see what's going on, but I want you to do is take that top foot and roll the ring forward so that the ring comes down onto the ground in front of you from their side, the bottom leg out from underneath that. Okay.

If your pants get stuck, that that's where this might go awry. Bring the Ring Back Upright. Yeah, put the bottom Ligon put the top leg in. Okay, so now we've got both of our feet on the inside of the ring rather than the outside of the ring is going to home again engaged and again a little this time, little pulses up, suppressing the top leg, maybe even turning the knees in words a little bit and go ahead and push that bottom leg into the floor. It might as well. How much can you make it happen from your apps? It's all about that really. Here's five, six.

Just going to do two more and one more way. Now I need to bend your top knee in and you may need to put your hand down for this one or not. I don't know the answer. Bring a leg over the top of the ring. Reach that like, oh wait for me. So create space in the waist and then just make a small circle touchdown in front and touchdown and back. Your goal is to keep your body totally still and back and front squeezing from the NFS, keeping stability through the center.

Maybe this would make you say 10, just two more for the day. There was one and then one he was too. And to bend your knee, put your leg back onto the ring. This is going to be tricky, but I dunno. Bend your knees, lift the ring up, flip onto your back, pick it up off your feet. I wasn't sure that was going to work, but it sure did. Um, put that same leg that was just in the ring. Put that foot into it.

So I had my left leg on the pushing up into the ring and pushing down onto the ring. Now we're going to stretch it. So when I want you do is just guide the leg towards you by pulling on the ring. Now you're responsible here for creating as much or as little attention as you want. But I'm advising you did very much keep your tailbone down and think about heaviness in the hip. So as you pulled down with your arms, perhaps the arms are pulling the whole leg like you're trying to put, pull it into the ground underneath this building. Inhale, bend your knee, create some pressure. XL, stretch the leg and he'll bend the knee. They give the abdominals like a go button. You can't move your leg until they're engaged, so everything happens from there. Go on three more times here. He'll bend. Exhale, press bottomley can be bent or straight. It's totally up to you.

Here's the last two, and he was the last one. Now take that ring in the same side, hand as leg. Put your other hand either on your hip or on the ground somewhere nearby. Just make sure that you're not going to shift off that side of your body as you bring your leg out to the side, stretching through the NSI, and then bring that leg back across center. Change hands and take the leg first across the body without lifting the hip.

Yet, if you need more of a stretch here, pull it towards your opposite ear. So I've got my left foot pull in towards my right here. If it's too much in the knees off in the knee, I might even give you a bigger hip stretch and then let the hip come with you. Continue to pull the ring across the body a little. All right? And then bring it back towards center.

Stretch that leg out. Lift your head and chest roll up through your spine. Poly. You can just hold the back of your legs and rock yourself up is a, it would be a good transition. And then just turn your body around to the other side. All right, so we've got this funneling us everywhere. We sided with the ring between the ankles and if you have the, I'll have the presence of mind to tell you might want to move your pants out of the way now so that they don't get in your way later.

All right. And then we started all the way down on our sides and we put our head on our arms and just make sure that your arms not forwarding, you're staring down at your ring because that totally takes your spine out of alignment and it's not worth it. Um, just relaxed through the foot. It's not about the pressing with the foot, it's about pressing with the inner thigh on the ABS. And here we go, squeeze and squeeze. If you want a challenge of challenge your balance, don't use your hand. Oftentimes we just, I don't know, the fingers feel comfortable, but we don't really need to make the work happen at waist push from the very top of the PSI rather than trying to push from your foot or your toes. Yeah, look for, I mean in these movements that have a great deal of simplicity in my mind, that's where we can oftentimes discover more in our bodies. What can you find [inaudible] last two please and one more.

Here's where we're going to pick the ring up. So what I would recommend is not forgetting about using your hands and reach the legs away. They probably won't lift very high, especially with that heavy ringing and especially cause they're so far apart. Now we're just going to lift out enough and add in hot. At least I feel like you bring your top hip towards me a little bit. Is that all right? Just looks more more better to me.

I've got four to go. Don't worry about how high worry about can you relax into it. I know there's not a lot relaxing about it. What can you, what can you do? All right. That was it. We're going to, uh, take the top foot, the top legs gonna shift forward to the ring, comes down on its edge, a higher on your at, you're on the right track and then you gotta push down and on a little bit to keep it still and then bring it back up. Right? You got it. You got it. Put the bottom foot in just right on top of that pad has like a little ankle holder and then take the top leg out, top leg underneath and we're ready to go again. So we're pushing up with the top leg and down with the bottom legs, trying to move the legs evenly, even though they won't move evenly.

I put that intention into the work for it. His fun six again, can I'm working on personally, try not to grip with my feet all the time in every exercise. It's really hard for me. So it will help them. You can try with me and catch me if you want. You will last too. Oh no, that's it. Bend your knee, take your foot over the top.

This is a small arch and we're looking for strong stability. So we're going down and over the back and I need my hands to the sun personally. But if you're using your hand, make sure you're not using your next is support your body. Pull down from underneath the shoulder blade. Reach up high enough so your pants don't get stuck on the ring.

Talking to myself really? And he was three and four and back. It's like, oh, lightness in the leg. Jumps over. The ring is the last three and three stoop and two. This is at one one August. And then just bend. Put the leg back in, bend your knees, pick up your feet, roll yourself over onto your back, and then take the ring out.

Put your leg that was just on top into the ring. All right, so take a minute, square off the pelvis, relax through the neck and shoulders. Pay attention to if the hips are, the tail bone is completely down, then guide the leg towards you. Bet The abs working and then just bend. And see if you can get a sense of contracting the back of the leg or working the back of the leg as it bends and then stretch it. So if the back of the, like the hamstring muscle, actually its action is to bend the knee.

That's what it does in life. Can we squeeze it or think about pulling the heel to the back of the leg in order to functionally work and then support and stretch. I think there's two more to go. Push up through your heel if you want more. Last one, take the ring in the same side. Hand. Make sure that as you bring your leg off to the side, the whole body doesn't go with you. You can keep your knee bent.

I like to put my hand on my hip. It's a personal preference, Sophia, how much it actually wants to lift and to remind it to stay down and then take the leg back across the body. Bring it over to the other side. [inaudible] keep the hip down and in. What I'm thinking about here and I've got right hip stretching is trying to take my sip bone on that, like my right sit bone and pull it down towards my opposite ankle bone, the inner ankle bone on that side. Maybe I'll get more of a stretch and then continue to bring the leg quest, the body breathe as you do so.

And then bend your knee and take your foot out. Put the ring down for a moment so that you can either hold the back of your legs and rock up or you can do a roll up to get up through. Really up to you. All right. So, um, I don't know if most, maybe um, some of us about done, uh, the plink work, the pushup work with the arms, with the ring and the arms. Of course they have to be involved, don't they? So this is how it goes. Um, if this is how it goes and remember, please, that will, that we're wanting to work that pushup work to be in our app of facts. Take your ring, go onto your hands and knees.

And it's different for everyone as far as like the best place to put the ring, depending on the length of your arms, depending on a lot of stuff. So some people like it right under the chest. I personally like it just underneath my rib cage so it can remind me to keep my ribs pulled in as well. Okay, so set that up and then set up hands and your shoulders, knees under hips. Nice long Mac. And before we even go into the plank position, we're going to pull up on the ABS from there. Excuse me. Step one foot back at a time. So you're in a plank position now.

You mustn't let the shoulders lift into your ears, please. That's I beg of you. Bend your elbows, let the ring support you a little. Don't worry about how long you go and press that. Go again. Bend your elbows. Jennifer. Lift your head up a little. Good. Oh, it helps so much Emily, doesn't it?

Try to keep the scapula abroad. This is going to be our last one and then you're going to drop back down to your knees. Just rest for a minute. Yeah, that makes a big difference. That's like night and day for your body, wasn't it? Okay. And then we're going to do a balancing exercise. So the rings going to stay as it is. Now, what I'm going to encourage you not to do is just put a lot of pressure on it. So although it's there, you might even, it might even be hard to keep weight on it from with what I have in mind.

So with that stretcher, right leg back behind you, go onto the toes, stretch your left leg, sorry, your left arm and reach it to the corner of your mat. And I want you to raise your leg and your arm at the same time. Try to keep equal pressure on your ring and lift the up with the abs away from it in your fingers and toes. Touchdown. Exhale back. Good. And just being resting on the ring. Some I think will good modification politics. Perfect.

Just keep that back like straight as it goes down and not being on the ring a little bit will help us feel if we're shifting at all. We're going three more times into good last time. Yeah. And then come back with place to knee down either side. Do we need a break for our shoulders? We all good? We good? No, we're good. Okay, so the other leg goes back. The right arm reaches forward. So we've got hip extensors, back extensors, abdominals and shoulders. Think about, here we go, Rachel.

Long and like you're barely resting on the ring. It's there, but you're pulling up away from it. And again [inaudible]. Yeah, and again, shoulders reaching towards there and back. Got Three more nice, beautiful work and two and one. Bring the hand in. Bring the knee in.

One more set of pushups if you're up for it. If not, just find a plank position and hold there. So I was thinking five and I'm going to watch you got strong legs and you're pushing out through the heels. Got that ribs pulling up off. That ring is going to have just a little bit of a tuck under with the a pelvis. Emily, good head Jennifer. Just to up a little bit. I believe that to be five.

You can come to your knees and just let your ring rest on the front of your mat. Sit back on your feet, take a little bit of a stretch there. [inaudible] and then come back up on your hands and knees. We're going to go take the hand for this away from the front of the room. You're going to reach it under the hand that's closest to the front of the room, so you're doing a, make sure you use your ads as you go into that gentle twist or maybe not so gentle, but it is a twist and then sit down, sitting down towards that shoulder.

The arm that you were just resting on can relax a little. We all got it when Jennifer media on the mat rather than on the knees is going to feel better when I come back here and then go here. Yeah, and then just lie on it. Yeah, see you. Does that feel more like a stretch and less like a, I'm just lying on my arm. Maybe not. Hopefully. All right, come up. Are there hand take that?

I'm thread it through and I actually put mine relatively close to my front arm, but again, we're all a little different. So to go where you need to and then I pull away with my pelvis. Let me just try to rest down into that shoulder. Maybe we'll get a good back stretch. You definitely should feel a shoulder stretch.

Okay. And then come back. Okay. So the last thing to do is a little bit of back extension. So I feel just look here, I'll show you what I have in mind. For those of us who are a little tighter in the shoulders, it's going to heal better to be on the outer edges of the ring. For those of us who are flexible in our shoulders and our fine top of the rings going to work just as well. So, um, I would like for you please, this is a back extension exercise and you'll start with your head down in your arms that then we're going to start to push down onto the ring gently, not from the hands, but again from just underneath the shoulder blades and Cindra head through the ring. As your head reaches through the ring, it's going to pass the ring.

Just going to pull the ring in your direction. So it's going on an angle a little bit as you lift up into your upper back enough and then undulate back down. So the ribs come down, the chest reaches for the abs are really working, Chin goes down, nodes goes down, forehead goes down. So I'm going again, little bit of a press. We talk a lot about articulating the spine and enrolling work. Things like rolling a roll up, roll down. Can we find, um, and then go ahead and you guys can just keep moving. I'm just deciding that I can't stop talking.

Can we find out articulation of the spine here to let the back of the head lift up, let the head reach forward, and then pull the shoulders away as the head reaches forward. You get that tension going forward as well as coming up. Really stand on July down. Chest, chin, nose, forehead. Couple more times. I'm wondering if you can, uh, no, maybe not.

So it's a very similar feeling to the swan on that Caroline on the ground and then Anja like keep the head up for a little longer. Last one. Here it is Jennifer, straighten your elbows. Maybe go here. That's going to feel better together. And then, yeah, reaching the head forward. It's like you're trying to pull your ring back by squeezing your shoulders back. Inhale to hold there and excelling as you or around yourself or articulate yourself. It's not really right.

Drought, chest down first and then you can lower your face. Okay. Let your Ringo put it away. District making yourself, uh, sit back into rest position for a moment or just sitting on your feet. It feels good to me sometimes to open up the nasal. Why that might change your stretch a little bit and then we're going to come back rolling back through the spine. But your hands just in front of your knees. We're going to head into standing.

So I'm going to talk to my toes under and roll over my feet. Holly, you might want to start from standing and then go down as far as you can into your heels. So let's try this. Go as flat as you can with your feet flat as you can with your feet. If this hurts your knees, don't [inaudible] but then try to keep the feet flat and you use your hands as much as you need to. As you sit down and stretch. I'm leaning forward a little bit. Might feel better and then I would let your hands help you are going to stretch up through the legs, can let them straighten and then let them bend a lot and then hold onto your elbows. Keep the abdominals working. Just sway side to side, swaying side to side. With the upper body, it's okay for the lower body to move a little. And then again, just keep the knees bent. Allow the spine to be heavy.

[inaudible] excuse me, I'm losing my voice. Pull if you will. Or think about pulling the thigh bones by engaging your abdominals. So that's going to be first, how to really pull up through the abs and then see if you can let the femurs sink upwards a few inches. And then with that, see if you can lengthen out through the lower spine. And then with that, relax the head and the shoulders. And with that, oh, it's kind of like, oh the way, oh the way. I'm sure I have it standing. Let's raise the arms up then like a tree swaying in the wind. We're gonna come to the front of the room first.

I let the hips go in. We should have a little bit more room than you did in the beginning. And then pull up with those abs and rh across to the other side. Think about up then over, and I reach up to the waist and bring your arms to your sides. And do one more roll down here, excelling as you come down, finishing the work or committing the work to your body, letting the shoulders stay heavy, breathing in at the bottom and as slowly as you need to bring yourself all the way back up towards standing, letting the pelvis move forward. Yes, it's going to happen. Keep going there. I keep going there.

I keep going in there. Nice work. You guys are all done.


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This is not an advanced class. This class is for a beginner. The teacher is not organized and does not give clear instructions. This was a waste of my time. If these are the classes that are offered I will be canceling my subscription and telling my friends as well I am a teacher and this teacher is not up tp par!
Hi Karen ~ Thanks for the feedback. We have a variety of levels, styles and of course teachers on our site so we'll hope you check out a few more classes before canceling your subscription. This class is marked as level 2 so we are not trying to pass it off as advanced (which would be marked level 3 and accelerated). If you have specific advice you'd like to give to Meredith regarding her cueing, please do as all the instructors read the forums and take to heart constructive feedback. Our aim is to provide a good workout so please continue to let us know how you think we can do better so when you speak to your friends about us you might do so with a smile.
Oh yes Karen....please do give me some feedback on how I could make your workout more valuable.
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I really enjoyed this workout, and I think it's a good level 2 workout. Meredith is one of my favorite instructors, I like her teaching style and directions, her workouts are always fun for me.
Meredith I think you cueing is very nice, focuses on The Pilates Principles. Unfortunately most people look for tiring-exousting classes to feel the workout. As a studio owner I sometimes try to look for the same just to please my clients. Of course I think when possible we need to bring people back to the essence while giving them the variety and the edge the need. Thanks for your classes, there is always something new I can use.
Thank you for your kind works ladies. I appreciate you and your feedback!
Really annoyed that this video kept pausing. Ive been using it consistently and I feel today I felt ripped off of my time cause I cant even fully experience this class properly with all the pauses in between.
(Edited by Moderator - Alex Parsons on April 1, 2022)
Abby ~ I'm sorry you had trouble with this class stopping. I recommend watching it in a lower video quality to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
Thanks, Gia.
Sorry, Abby!
This is a great class! I have been teaching for 12 years Karen and found new ideas to use with the magic circle. Great job Meredith!
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