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Foam Roller Control

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Cecile teaches a very challenging Foam Roller Workout where you will work on your balance and control. She teaches a few Reformer exercises on the Foam Roller including the Short Box Series, Stomach Massage, and Tendon Stretch. She also adds the Teaser with Scissors and much more. You will definitely feel your abs working during this class!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Foam Roller

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Jul 06, 2013
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Hi, I'm Cecile Bankston here to do a 30 minute foam roller class. Um, this class, I, I have men in mind for this class. So it is quite difficult. However, I was able to, I'm able to do it. It is fine for advanced women as well. It may take you a few times to get used to some of these exercises because they are a little complicated, some of them. But um, and it's quite hard, but it's a great class. So here we go.

We're going to start lying down on the roller. Make sure your head is on there. Okay, so Tyler's got his head on there. If something has to hang off, it needs to be the bottom end, not your head. Okay. And your weights need to be just nearby you. Yes. You don't need them yet, but you will in a second. All right, so first we're going to bring one leg up at a time just to make sure that you get your balance and you can hold on to the side of the Mat.

Now this is a variation on single leg stretch. He's gonna take one arm up and the opposite. This oppo opposite leg out reach and n two and n, three and four and n. Nothing's happening in his chest. Six, seven and eight. Good. All right. Other leg and arm. One, two. There you go. Three. There you go.

Oh good. Keep breathing at. He's raising his arm. There is no shoulder lifting. Good. Nice. Okay. If that was hard enough for you, keep doing it like that. Okay. If you want to make it more challenging, we're adding weight to it. All right. Same Movement. One arm opposite leg, eight of them to worry. He breathing, no rib cage expanding. He stand really closed. The higher your leg is, the easier this is going to be. Good.

Other side and take it one and n two and in three good. Four ninth by the lower your leg is the harder the movement. Seven and eight. Nice. Now stay with, so keep your weight. Stay on there. One last one. It's going to be a little more complicated. Opposite Larman leg, but instead of going out and in, we're going to get it out there and we're going to open and close it on and in too. Like a jet, like a jumping Jack. Three, four, five, six. You can hold with that other weight to stabilize you. Yes. And a, there you go.

You got it a there way and reaching out and one so use the other hand with the weight. This fatal lies you four, five. You got it. Six, seven. A very nice, relaxed. Good. Bring that leg in. Awesome. Now keep your weights. Stay lying down. Put your feet down, giving you your rest for a second. You're going to do some weights. Okay, so arms are above the head. We're going to open them wide and we're just going to view little tiny circles. Uh Huh. Good. But nothing's moving.

Arms are slightly thin. Light. Hold on. That weight the other way. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Good. Now take them up at a v. Good. Same thing. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three more. Good by six, seven, and eight. Nice. Okay, now put your weights on, uh, together in the middle. Okay. Now what he's going to do is just take those weights to one side only as far as he can without rolling off the roller. Okay. You don't want those hips moving in opposition too much and read.

Good. Nice. Five. Keep breathing. That's looking great. Yeah. Good. Okay, last one of this series. We're going to keep those weights together like that and we're going to circle them on two little circles right there at the top too.

Good for good. Ah, six other way. Good. Nice. It's hard and good. Okay, good. All right, so now put your, your uh, hands down by your sides. Your knees are going to come up to your chest. Okay. And we are going to do our double leg extension, so we reach forward and roll weights if you want to, to help you get and extending home and Railey's and 30 and down. Good job both. I like to tell people, make sure your ankle bones are facing each other. Pull it in and good. Two to Morgan.

Good looking good. Last one. Eight. Nice and relaxed. Okay, good. So now we are going on to kneeling on the roller for some more ab work just in case you hadn't had enough. All right, so everybody knows this one that we've all done before and other classes I to one of my other classes I have that we're gonna make it a little harder. Okay?

So what he's gonna do is pick one knee up to his chest. Okay. Now he's pulling that roller in to his chest and extending the Lydian. Really stay nice and round if you can, because that's going to give you more work in the ABS. Good. Nice.

And you see the whole time he's saying nice and rounded and holding the stomach muscles in. If this is too much on your wrist, you can put them on a yoga block or something. Good enough. Chain change legs. Good, good, nice, good. Stay nice and Brown and you don't even have to go out very far. It can be teeny tiny if you want. Good. Very nice. Stretch back for a second. Just stretch your heels, stretch your back out. Guess what?

It gets a little more complicated. Nigos up. Now both legs are working and out like a jack knife too. I mean Jack Rabbit too. Good and nice. Keep moving. Keep breathing, keep going.

You can do it and reach and very nice. Other leg. Great. And Breech change. If you don't want to do this when you can just hold your leg up and do the other one the whole time. Oh good. Nice and beautiful. Good. Okay. Nice. Alright, now we're going to do exactly opposite of what we just did.

Now we're still working on our ads though. We've got our hands on the roller, so now our upper bodies rolling back and forth. Okay, so he's putting his hands on the roller and he's going to roll out only as far as he can with his stomach, held onto his forearms and come back up. Use those ads, come back up and up. Tyler can go pretty far out there without losing it, right? He, he's really, really able to hold onto those ads, but it doesn't have to be that big. Good. Shoulders down and good. Last one. Amazing. Good. Okay. Now of course we have to make it harder.

We're going to put the feet to one side. Your hands are going to the opposite side. So now we're getting into our obliques, the same movement and too good. So he's got his shoulders down. Nine. Very good. You should really be feeling those obliques.

Good. Two more. Keep breathing. Last one. All right, good. Other side. A promise. The hard part. You get arrested in a second. All right, too good. Keep breathing. So you see us rolling onto the forearm every time pulling that weighs in and up. Six he's getting work in his back and his add his shoulders everywhere.

Good. Very nice. Okay. Lying on your back. Feet are going on the rolling. Okay, so first we're going to do a couple of bridges just for you to get your bearings going up and then he's rolling. Get Jews to get a feeling of where you are. Okay. He's not going to an orange now this time he's going to go up and stay there and I want him to keep this nice flat position.

He's going to roll that roller with his feet away from him and pull it back in. Good and away. Very nice. Pull it back in. It doesn't have to be as big as he's doing it. What you want to do is try to keep that scene high. It's gonna drop a little bit. Good. Keep the rib cage down.

Good. Good. Nice. Roll it down. Roll it down. Roll it down. Relax. Good. Okay. All right. Let's come up and we're going to put your, you're going to lie on the roll with your thighs on it. Okay. So we are putting our thighs on the roller where he's gonna roll from here into a nice extension. So as he comes forward, he's going to straighten his arms and pick up into extension. Good.

And Roll it back to get those thighs rolled out. Roll it up, pick up into a nice extension. Look at the line of his head. He's not, he's not throwing his head back to make himself feel like he's getting further. Good. Um, one more. Fill into those abs left. Good. Okay. All right. This gets hard. We're going into a pushup series. The easiest version of this would be to have your hips or thighs on there.

And your feet on the floor. Okay. The Ho, the further out you get off that roller, the harder it becomes. Okay. Elbows arrived by the side up too. Yes. Your feet are going to move a little bit for good. Ah, okay. Six good.

Seven and a good. Now turn your palms. Let's do the other way again and one pull into those. Avs, get that Nice. Flat back. Good. Three. So he's getting more everywhere. Good. Ah, good. Keep breathing. Good. Okay. Relax. Good. Now here, here's where you need your weights again. We're going to be on our knees. Grab your weight, Tuck your toes under so that you are are stabilizing yourself.

We're doing like a move like chest expansion, so he's pulling his arms back with his palms facing back to the real. That's in his shoulders are not rolling. Five, six, seven, eight. Good. Now I'm going to ask him to go as high as he can and Paul's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and see, his shoulders are still not really rolling too far forward. Keep going. Five, six, seven and eight. Beautiful. Okay. That's it. Now put the weights down.

You're going to lie on your side, on the road. Your feet are on it. You are on your elbow. Okay, now we're starting hips. Well, I eat there slightly lifted. If you need to sit down in between you can you roll it out. Now you're going to pull the knees into your chest and out full knees into chess, out pull, knees into chest.

Good for pull it in. Look at this arm now there's no, his shoulder is not up by his ear. Good. Keep breathing. Hips are stacked. Good. And that's it. Now put your top hand on your waist and you're going to do a little dip too. So again, he is getting movement in this shoulder, but it's not hiking up towards his ear. Good. Okay, good.

All right, plenty good. We're going to do a little side stretch. Use Your role or to help you roll it out. Stretch over to this side. Again, it's really hard to get that stretch, so sometimes if you have somebody that can pull on you or push on you, that is helpful. Everything on the other side. So we start in our nice position where we are in a sitting position. He's lifted, he's on his elbow, and we stretch it out and in and out. Pull it in, out, pull it in. Good. And that's it. Very nice.

So the shoulder stable looking great. Shoulders are very stable. Good. Nice. Okay, now let's put the hand on the waist and we're going to do our dips. So we're going to drop down and to get three good. Shoulders away from ears. Good. Keep breathing. Last one. Okay. Relax.

Mermaid. Get to stretch it out. Really get that nice stretch. Take a deep breath in. Exhale. Roll it a little further. Good. Okay. Now this one, we're going to stand up and we're going to get a little stretch and our hip flexor. So remember that the aim of this is to, it's about the back leg. It's not about the leg that's on that you're standing on you.

He's gonna roll out and get a stretch and come back in. What I do as an instructor usually is just have my hands there. Okay. And Casey were to lose his balance. I've got my hands in font. Good. Nice. Okay. Now go down and say, and we're going to do little pulses. One, two, good. Three. Whoa, AH, fit. Seven. Good. Nice.

Other side. That was great guy. Okay. Big Ones first. Rolling it back. And if you're by yourself and you don't have somebody here to hold it hands if you need them, you can do it in front of a chair and hold onto that. Good. Nice. Okay. Stay down low. Halt one. Keep breathing. Two, three. Oh good. Keep breathing and good. Come up. All right.

Now we're going to lie on our side to start to roll out our it band. Everybody hates this one. It does not feel good to Mo. I don't know anybody that says I that it hurt. It really hurts once you want to make sure of is that you're getting all the way to the knee and all the way up to the hit because you want to hit the origin and insertion of the muscle. Stretch it out. Nice. Stretch all the way.

Good and very nice. Other side. Okay, so starting change your roller. Yes. Good. And start rolling all the way. He's just walking himself along with his hand. Good. And again, that's it. Nice. And you are sort of twisted a little bit towards the floor with the upper body. That's fine because the goal here is to get the, the my fashion will release. Good. Nice.

Okay enough. Good. Okay, now we are going to lie on our back. Okay. Feed our in a diamond on the roller. Okay. Deep breathing. And we're going to roll that roll or out and roll up to a teaser position.

You want your weights or not and roll it back down. Good. So if you can't lift your legs off, that's okay. He can. Good. Nice. And if you really want to be mean, you can just lift them ever so slightly once you get up there and go back down. Good. That was good. And again, lift, lift, lift, lift. Beautiful. There you go. It makes it more challenging. And now he just takes it just a touch higher. Set it.

And now we're going to scissors. So we're going to go off, then we're going to stay there. We're going to scissor our legs. One, two, three, four. Keep breathing. Five, six, seven, eight, one. Keep breathing. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight roll now. Nice. Good guys. Okay, let's sit on it. Okay. This is horrible. I'm put, you might want to put your weights on your feet. Some people do that for this one we're mimicking short box series.

Okay. So your hands can go here. They can go here, they can go here wherever you want him. He's gonna hinge to the back end. Reach back and come back up. Exactly. So what you don't want to do is arch that back and you won't, you don't want to go so far that that roll or starts getting away from me.

Yes. And doesn't have to be big nine. And you can hold somebody's feet if you need to. Just a little bit. Cause on the reformer you do have a strap. Good. Last one. Very nice. Okay. Staying straight up. I want you just to rotate to the side.

[inaudible] and center and reach and center the rollers not going anywhere. Good, nice and rich. Good. Two more. Seven and a, here we go. A little bit harder. Twist. Now he's going to put his ear towards the floor and then he's going to come back up and center once again. It doesn't have to be huge. Yeah, it can be tiny and reach ear. Pull into the ways you should really be feeling your obliques here.

Good. Nice. Okay, good. Keep breathing. Keep breathing. Beautiful. Y'All are making this look so easy and it's not good. Okay, very nice. Okay, so now we are going to lie on your back. You're gonna put your hands on the roller. Okay.

Yet another teaser. And we're going to overall up and down into tabletop. Roll up and down. Good and Rola. Thank you for that. And one more up.

Thank you. He knows what I wanted to do. Good. Okay, so now we are going to give a stretch a monkey. Okay. So for most guys, you're going to put your feet on the outside of the roller and your hands on the inside. If you're a little less flexible, um, if you're more flexible, you can put your hands on the outside. Now again, for most guys, they're not gonna be able to get very far. So once again, I get behind him and push on him to give him a little weight okay. Into it because he needs it. Okay to get that stretch. Okay. And I'm being really mean cause I'm staying here. Good. All right, good. All right, good. Sitting a, I mean, putting seed on the roller.

This move is part of our stomach massage series. I've actually taught this on one of my foam roller classes already. This is just the last part in that series. It comes from the Kathy Corey plot. He's repertoire on the reformer. It's the advance twist in the stomach massage.

So as he reaches these legs out, he's going to twist. Now from here, he's going to dip down to that hand. He's going to flip over to the ceiling. He's going to come in and bend his knees and other side one and here flip it over, bend the knees and [inaudible] ear on the floor, flip it over. And if that's too hard, you don't have to flip over while you're out there. Show them the easy one. And just come right in here. You're just gonna make it hard. Good there. You can just come in all at the same time if you want to. Good. That was, that was the easy one. Thank you. Good. And in tour's reach, last line, twist and reach.

You're very good. Okay. Relax. Good. Okay. Now this is the hardest one of all. I saved the best for last. Okay, well not last. You get the stretch after this one. Um, he likes to use his weights for, for stability for his hands. Cause you want to get lift, you want to be able to live. Um, we are once again mimicking something that we do on the reformer or tendon stretch. Okay. So his legs are apart, his hands are behind him. And what he's going to do is roll that roll or he's keeping that curve and he's going to pick his seat up and calm down and stretch it out.

Okay. So rolling it and just pick that seat up. Keep the nose to the knees and stretch it out. Very nice and roll it and see comes up. Beautiful.

Last one. Roll it. Very good. Look at that. Very good. That's it. Very good. Okay. Let's put your hips over. You don't need the, yeah. Alright. Put your hips over to stretch set here. He's going to put one leg out and let it kind of hang there to get a stretch in his hip flexors. He's holding on underneath the knee. Okay.

Now, once again, I get in there and push on his knee. Okay. And then I usually let him get on my shoulder and I push into both things. That way he gets that great stretch in his hip flexors and hamstring. Okay. Now we're going to do a different one.

I'm going to ask him to push in to me. Okay. So he's pushing as hard as he can onto me. Then I'm going to say release and then he gets a much deeper stretch that way. Okay. Other side, I guess I have to push this way too. All right, so here we go. I'm pushing.

Put his foot on the shoulder and stretch. Very nice. Good. Okay. Now you push it into me. Push it as hard as you can. It's hurting me. I've got my full body weight into it and now release it and I'm going to push you harder. Good job. Awesome.

Okay, now let's do it. Number four, stretch right there. Now the thing about this that you want to watch is that your really crossed over enough with this foot. Okay? So did you really getting a good stretch? If you want to, you can use a hand to push against this too, this opposite knee to get some, some extra stretch. You should be feeling it in your glutes and like, okay, good. All right. Other side.

But having the hips over the roller really allows you to get a little bit farther than normal. Nice. Good, good. Okay, good. Now last very last one. We're just going to stretch our upper back over the roller to get a nice stretch in that thoracic spine. Okay, so for once in his life, I'm going to allow him to let his ribs go. Okay. So that he gets a good stretch there. Okay.

Because it really gives him a nice stretch in that upper back. Good. Breathe in and now, thank you. Good. Okay, very good. Roll up to sing, and that is the end. Very good. Oh, awesome.


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I just did this class after Cecile"s theraband class. Wow! I feel amazing and so stretched out. This was a hard class and at first I didn't think I could do it as I rolled off my roller the very first exercise but I hung in there with the boys and had a great workout. Thank you again Cecile for another great, challenging class with beautiful flow:)
Thanks Ann Marie for all of your great feedback on my classes this week! Believe me I know how you felt...when I first started working on this class, it took me a few times to figure out how to stay balanced on the roller, and also in a few sections, where to put my elbows or knees or shins that I could roll correctly, but eventually I got it, so just keep at it, and before long you will be fine!
Super class! love the short spine, great for clients who sacral sit :) big YES to the tendon stretch.... GREAT WORK
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Loved it! Thanks. Great for all! Both men were terrific!
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Just took this class for the first time. The flow is nice, great for an after class stretch out.
wow, thought I would review this before giving it a try. This is some tough workout. Sweating just watching it! Those guys deserve a cold drink after that workout. Well done.
oh my god!! don't know if I even gonna try!! seems so hard looking at those guys! but very nice class to look at.
Great material and assisted stretches. So many people need foam rollers in their lives! : )
Thank you.
Beautifully put together, thank you i really enjoyed it. Infact I was wishing it went for longer. So i guess i will do it again!
Joyce Dev
Cecile thank you for another fabulous foam roller workout. I always enjoy your classes, your sense of humor and teaching style. Thank you for these innovative exercises. I teach a props class and the ladies in my class always enjoy the roller. I'm sure they will like an added twist on the classic exercises. Would love to see more of your classes!
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