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Quick and Creative Theraband

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This Mat class with Cecile Bankston is a great way to work your entire body when you are short on time. She teaches very creative exercises using the Theraband, and also adds in upper body work, Squats, Lunges, and much more. Her class is a great challenge for everyone who wants an intense workout!
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Jun 27, 2013
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Hi, I'm Cecile Bankston. This is, um, Tyler back, uh, that he's going to be demonstrating for me. This is a class with just a, uh, their ban or a sh any kind of stretchy ban. If you have one with handles, um, you can use that as well. Um, so we're going to start with holding onto the band. Um, and he is going to do, uh, like a squat and pulling his feet, his hands forward.

If you notice his wrist are staying very still, they're not going to change. Okay. And for us it for good. Five good. Six good. And seven. Good. And a very nice.

Now we're going to take the band for the side. I want. Good. So keeping shoulders down, even though he's bringing those arms up to the side, he's got his shoulders down. Good. Yeah. And reach and laugh. That's it. Good. Okay, let's bring it over here. Alright.

Not Bending the knees this time. He's got it wrapped up so it's a little bit more tension end. He's gonna pull and yeah, open three, shoulders down for good. There you go. Five and a good.

Seven. A good. Nice. Okay. Now we're gonna bend your knees and I want you to bend those elbows, stretch them out, and then coming back into w l yes. Once again, being very careful that you're not affecting those wrists. Good. And Bree and eight. Very nice. Good job, Tyler. Okay. All right. Now we're going to do some side stretching.

He's going to pull and reach over to the side and he's going to pull on that band and he's in a release it to come back up. What I'm looking for and as he goes to the other side is that he's not pushing this hip out to the side. Okay. Come on and reaching over. Pull it. Yeah. And up and center. Reach over. Oh, good. And Center reach. So he's pulling it and it's going right behind his head.

Good. Last one. Good. Now we're going to reach over to the side and we're going to do our tricep extension. He's anchoring at add his knee and he's bending just to try to set the shoulders down. Okay. Theater's still pointing forward at this point and again, no risks getting involved. Good and good. Okay.

Other thoughts or stretching? Anchor it wherever you need to. It can be at the hip or the knee. Good. And the strength of your band depends on what you want. This is a pretty heavy band, but, um, a lie. I do this class with a lot lighter band. Uh, good. Okay.

Now we're going to side stretch into rotation. So we're gonna get some bleak. We're gonna reach to this side and we're gonna turn, we're going to flip back over and turn. So now he's really getting a stretch here and he's also getting a stretch in the chest. Good. And he's working his obliques as well. Good, nice, nice. And I'm allowing him his arm to open up a little bit there. Good other sides so that he really gets that stretch in, in his pecks and in his chest. Good. Nice. And worry and bring it forward. Good.

So as you can see, as he comes forward, he's really pulling into those abs. Into the obliques. Good. Yes. Good. Okay. So now we're going to put the band underneath. You want to turn sideways, your foot, just lying there cause you're going to do your stretch. Um, this is just to give him a stretch. Since we've been doing the that we've, we've done some squats. First I'm going to ask him just to stay straight up and down just like this because that's gonna get his quad now and after he's done that, he's gonna move forward into it so that he gets higher up into his hip.

But what you wanna Watch here, what most people do wrong here is they get into a sag in the lower back and that is really, really not good. You also wanna Watch the angle of the front leg. If you get it too far forward, it's going to hurt the knee. Okay? Other side, if you want to, you can even pick up an arm and that will give you even more of a stretch in the hip flexor as well. Nice. Okay, now we're going into our lunch theories. Okay, so we are putting the, the band under the foot. Okay. He's got his back leg behind him and I want that heel aligned with the toes. And we're gonna pull that band forward.

One and two. Shoulders down. Three good. Four good. Five, six. Good. The alignment's great. Other side. We're not doing very many cause we're going to do a lot of different ones. Um, so that's why we're not doing very many repetitions. Good. Yes. And as you notice, he's not sitting back here. He's going straight down. Good. All right, good.

Okay, so now you're going to go banned to the side. One, two, good. Three. I want you to just do six or good. Five. Alignment is great. Six. Good. Okay. Oh, there side again, being very careful as you're going down that you're holding onto those abs. Your shoulders are down even though you're lifting. Okay?

And that the alignment of the knee is at 90 degrees no farther. And the back foot is in line with hose or in line with the heels. Good. Okay. Now we're going to hold our lunge. Um, uh, and they are tricep. Good. And then you can come up. Good.

So you hold it to Ben by step. Good. And in reach. Ben? Good extent. Four, three, five. And good. Slow it a little bit. Bend. Good. Nice. Okay. Other side.

So reaching Ben, extend and up down Ben extent. Good. And give me that alignment. That's good. Yes. And for shoulders, stay down. Yes. And Five Ben. Very good. One more to go. Knights. Okay.

Now we're gonna do the, um, the, the standing. Uh Oh, okay. Overhead. Okay. So I'm going to ask him to hold his lunch here. Okay. He's not coming up. Okay. And he's gonna pull and two and three and four and five.

Good. He's really working in that upper back. Good. Other side. And Ben, use those abs to support what you're doing. Good. Three, four. Good. You got to keep breathing? Yes. Awesome. Good. Okay. Let's put the band under your foot.

You're going to kneel and give you a stretch. Thank goodness. Okay, so what I'm going to ask him to do is put the band on your, his knee. He is kneeling down first to stretch. And what he's going to do here is he's going to pick up the band and he's going to put one hand on the floor. He's going to take the other hand and reach and stretch that back leg. Get a nice stretch. Good. Very nice.

Do One more like that. Region open. Great stretch. Good. And other side. Okay. You want to be careful with that one because it is, you don't want to fall over off of your mat. Good. So he's opening now, lifting the back knee, pulling into his abs to support him and come back. Good. One more. Lift. Pull into his abs and open.

Nice. Good. And very nice. Good stretch. Good. Okay. Alright, so now we're gonna s a stand and you're going to do your tricep pull. Oh, the fans gonna go around the waist. Okay. He's wrapped it so he's got it pretty tight. Once again, he's bending forward for this one and slightly bending those knees and extending his tricep. Good arms going backward. As close in as you can get them to your body. Good. Seven good. Very nice. Good.

Alright, good. Okay, let's lie on your back. Um, band around your feet for your double leg extension. Okay. So here you want to be careful about where you put that band. Because if it is in a precarious position on your feet and it flies off, it's going to hit you in the face. Okay? And that's not going to feel good. So we're going to start bent knees and he's going to extend and reach and he's staying in a curl. You can go all the way down and then curl up if you want to with this one, okay? Either way is fine or you can keep your head down the whole time.

If you do that, that's actually a little more challenging because you're not getting your rectus activated by reaching forward. Very good. Okay. Now we're going into band behind the head. This is a little strange. You want it, you see where it is? It's behind his elbows. His knees are bent and he's guys feed in there comfortably and now he's going to do a reach forward with his upper body. And I don't want to see that rib cage go crazy as he goes back. Three. Good, good, good, good, good. Yes.

And you want to get up as high as you can and you don't want to Tuck that tailbone. Keep those knees in tabletop, the farther away from you. They are, the hotter it is good and his elbows are open, he's not pulling on his neck. Good. And now we're going to add a little old blee. So he's going to twist. His feet are going the opposite direction. So yes, twist and feet are going the opposite direction really gets into those old beliefs. What Kathy grant used to say is that, think about that underneath arm sweeping behind you to put a towel on the mat and you'd have to sweep the towel from underneath you. And that makes a big difference cause it keeps you from crunching with that one arm. Good. Very nice and nice. Relax.

Okay, let's do your cat stretch. Okay, so first he's going to just do a plain cat stretch. Um, he's on all fours. Nice round spine here. Now he's gonna extend to flat back and then to a slight arch lifting his head. But the arch, even when he's in an arch position, he is his, um, stomach is still held even though he goes into that arch. Good. Okay. Now, this once again is a little bit different variation. We're going to lift one foot.

Now he's going to bring it around to one side and look at it and he's going to take it to the center and then look at it the other way and reach and cross the body and reach the other way. One more for me. That will give you a nice stretch in your obliques. Some work too. Good. Other side with that one. Reach and over. Good at each side and over.

And last one reached very nice and over. Good. Okay. Stretch back. Good. Okay, let's go on your side with your band. Now we're going to put a foot around the band, foot around a band band around the foot. Okay, now he is going to anchor his band at his waist. He's going to be on his, his arm and he's slightly lifted doing his sidekick. Two pulses. Front one back. Inhale. Inhale. Big exhale.

Inhale. Inhale. Big exhale. You want to keep the stomach pulled in and up. And what I don't want to see is, uh, a shortening here as he brings his leg forward. We don't want to see a lot of movement in the upper m in the upper body. Good and reach. Yes. And reach. Good. Last, next one.

We're going to take it and he likes to anchor this right at his shoulder level. Um, it makes it a little bit more challenging. He's going to bend and extend that leg then to reach and Ben and raped been like good. Nice. This is a great class for men and women. It's, it's really great. Um, as I said, I do it with a little bit lighter weight than he does, but it can be done by any, any body and you really get a nice short workout in hitting all of the spots you need to. Good. That's great. Good. I stretched them out there and got that nice length in his side.

Other side. Good. Okay, so psi. Yes. And we're going to start with our side kick. So he's just lying on his arm, but he's still living did underneath reach end. He's got his bottom legs slightly bent.

You can straighten the bottom leg, but what I don't want him to do is really push into that bottom leg too much. So I'm keeping as much length here as I can. Good. [inaudible] and nine. Good. Now change your band and going into the bend and extend. Good to nice. Great. Three.

Yes. Good. That's good. Nice reach. Good. Okay. Now we're going to lift it about hip height and we're going to circle it. Willy. Keeping that circle small.

It can't be very big or else you're going to lose your band. Good. Reverse your circle. Four. Good. Five. Six. Good. All right, very nice. Good. Okay. Alright, so now he's going to go onto his stomach and we're going to take that ban and stretch it out.

Now what I want to see before even begins to start is to kind of pick this area up so that he lengthens this out. We're not getting that sag in the lower back. Now he's going to lift up and two swimming and two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two good. Three shoulders are down. He's pulling on the band outward. Seven and eight. Now he's going to open and close one to slow it down for good. Beautiful. I'm making him go slow, which is terrible and a good relax.

Now feed in a diamond position. Hands are going to go behind his head. Now this is a little little different. So your elbows are bent. What he's going to do is lift up into extension and extend that band.

Okay? And he's got great extension there. So lifting up and taking the band with him. Lift the legs and the band. Yes, lifting up Wa that's it. And his head's not coming up too high path. You weren't right in line with the spine. Good.

Nice. He's getting our mark. He's getting back extensor work. He's getting glute work. Everything child's pose. Nice stretch. Once again, what I'd usually give them is a pull on push on the bottom side and on the top. So he's getting that opposition going, so he's getting that really good stretch. Okay. All right. Now we're on lying on your back with the band beneath your shoulders.

Okay. So now we're putting it right under his shoulders because he's going to do some arm work with this. Um, so you want it underneath the arm here. Okay. Now what he's gonna do first is put his feet about hip distance apart and we're going to bridge up into a nice straight line from knee to shoulder. He is going to start by taking arms back and then bring them into the middle.

Take them back and to the center. Take them back. Keep that, those glutes tight. Look at his abs there. Held note red cage. Good reach. Good. One more. Good. Okay, now open and close. Slightly bent. Elbows for this. Okay. Very slightly bent.

We're going to stay lifted cause he doesn't have a problem with that. If you need to come down in between, you can. He's laughing at me. Good. And last one. Good. Roll down. Now as he rolls, I want him to roll from the upper chest. Good. Very nice. Good. Okay, so now we're going to your control balance. So stay right where you are and I'm taking this away from you and feed her out. He's gonna press up, look at the position. Nice straight line.

Hips are lifted and one and good re. What I'm looking for here is the levelness of his hips. Six good use. Those adds. Good. Your shoulders are away from his ears and that's perfect. Good and good. Okay. This gets hard.

Now we're transitioning right into a side twist, so he is going to get into that nice reach and he picks his seat up high. He's going to go into a side reach and open the chest and I'm going to let him pick a seat up. Get weight off the arm here. Good. And into open knives and re and open. Just one more and good and open. Good. Now facing down. Okay. Plank wig. I haven't forgotten about the other side and lift up and to pull into those abs so he's not, we're not getting a stag. We're staying nice and flat. Good.

Six drop the hips. Seven. Yeah, but not the back. Good. Perfect. Good. Now he's going into his pushups. Two, four by six. Seven. You good? Hey, nice. Okay, now we go to the other side or your last side. Twist and we go reach and I want him to really get off that arm, which he does beautifully and really open the chest up here so we really push back and through. Okay. Cause that's going to give you, that night's stretching your back in your hamstrings. Really, really get those hips high and extend. Last one, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach and extend. Very nice.

Okay, good. Stretch it. Good. Okay. Very nice. All right, let's go to your stretches now. Lying on your back. Okay. You're number four. No, we didn't do, no, we didn't do your legs. Springs. I want you to do that first, last one, last series before you get to stretch. Yep. Okay.

Here we go. Set. We're putting hands here. He's going to go down and up with his legs. Good. So it's like a, it's like a variation on light springs. Okay. Three pulling into those ads and oh good. Ah, good. Six. Beautiful. Good. Seven.

Nice and good. Nice. And then we're going to bend and extend into a frog. He's, he can keep his head forward here or you can keep it down. Either one is fine. Good, thick knife. Seven. Hey, good. Now I'm to, he's putting only one leg in and he's going to do scissors reaching two, three. So he's keeping those legs as straight as he can. He's got his back as straight as it can be. He's not cheating by uh, talking his tailbone. In order to get higher, you can put your head down or up, whatever you want. Whatever's most comfortable.

But we do have to do the other foot. Yes. I'm going to fix this for you cause I don't want it to fly off of you. I don't want it to hit me. Okay. And one, two, good. Three. [inaudible] four good bye. Six. Good. Hey, good. Nice. Okay. Now Ben, keep your foot in there.

We're going to bend and extend. Okay. To stretch. So for him, he's fine keeping that other leg straight. Okay. But Bob, some of you might need to bend it in order to keep your back down. And what I'm going to ask him to do is really bend that knee in and then from there extended. So if he could, and he's trying to stay. You see, he's right where that knee bends. He's taking it up from there. Okay. You staying in that Nice, nice stretch and he's not hiking his hip and you're gonna do the same thing to the side. So it's a variation on some of the other ones we've done in other classes he's going to bend and extend.

So he's getting out really high inner thigh stretch, which is great. Yeah. Nice. Good. Okay. And then across the body, which is not fun, but then take it over here and bend and extend. Good. Very nice. And you see what he's doing is digging in his hand into his hip so that he's really sitting on that opposite hip. Good Nights. Other side. Okay. So from here, the ending and extending. All right.

And Ben Extant and two good extent. Three good extent. Four nights. And what I really want to see him as at the in the side is he's coming way up towards his ear. Good and to his underarm basically. And if he wants more pool, he moves his arm up, gets the band tighter, good job and other side and reaching across to Ben and really extend. Good.

Ben Asks then Nice Bend. Extend. Very good and extend. Very good. All right. Let's sit up and just relax. So good. This is just a great stretch. This, I mean, this class is just a great class for anybody. I'm going to stretch them forward just a little bit. One more time.

Bend your knees and stretch forward, but it's, it's, um, quite challenging if you've got a heavy van. Um, if you want to do it with a lighter band is very, very, very uncomplicated. Great class. Good, awesome. Good work. Tyler. [inaudible].


his lunge position isn't correct? back knee should be more at a 90 degree--am i correct in thinking this. and, teacher really needs to work on her delivery. i am empathetic to the challenges of a well articulated class as i battle with my delivery, but i expect more from something that is posted on Pilates Anytime...this seems really amateur.
Hi Karin, Thanks for your feedback here. It would be helpful if you let us know where in the video (the time) you are questioning the position of the student for Cecile to be able to answer your question. Also, can you be specific about what in her delivery you are not fond of so Cecile can make an attempt to improve it if she agrees with you? Cecile has been teaching for over 25 years but I know she is always open to improving. While there are no "amateurs" on Pilates Anytime, the styles and delivery vary tremendously. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy this class and hope you will seek other styles that suit you better.
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I tend to agree that throughout the front lunges his stance is too narrow. His knee is bending too far over the foot in front. Perhaps since Cecile was standing to his side she didn't see the angle as she does refer to the 90 degree angle it should be.
Ladies, I am going to separate my comments into two replies so that I may get to everything. First, let me say that I am appreciative of any comments In order to improve, but I do have a few comments. I specifically wanted to have a "regular guy" do this workout, because I was going after an audience of men who may not normally take Pilates, and also who sometimes are very intimidated by those of us who demonstrate perfectly. Also, as Lynne says, though I did not stop him to correct the position, I DID make the comment on what the position should be. Believe me it is not a case of me not seeing it. Over the years we have found on this site that taking time to stop and correct someone kind of ruins the class flow for the people at home or wherever who are trying to take it as a workout. So generally, if I were in my studio, OF COURSE I would stop and fix, but in these videos, I make VERBAL corrections so that the class may flow.
Every teacher on this site has different teaching styles. Some may gel with one person and not with another. I think that is the beauty of this have so many different teachers and styles to choose from. As my teacher and mentor Kathy Corey always says, we should embrace our differences...we can all learn from one another, and as any good Pilates teacher knows, one NEVER stops learning or trying to improve INCLUDING ME! And as one of my other dear friends Master teacher and student of Joseph Pilates, Kathy Grant used to say if she asked if you knew your pilates the answer to her was always "no I do not". She would say"good because when you think you know your Pilates, it's time to stop teaching!" I love that! So very true!
I liked it very much - as Cecile said, it is very uncomplicated and anyone can do. I am going to use some of these exercises in my senior class. They will feel challenged yet safe. Thank you.
Thanks Connie I'm so glad to hear that someone kind of got the concept I was after. In hindsight maybe I should have explained that on the video. I have plenty of very advanced classes as does Kathy Corey, my teacher, and mentor, with beautiful people demonstrating perfectly every single exercise, and I wanted to create something that felt like anyone could do it. And you just make it more or less difficult with the strength of the Theraband. Thanks!
Senior class, schmenior class...anyone can benefit from this old school workout. Thanks Cecile, I love your style!
Thanks Charles...I appreciate that...I think it's pretty universal too.
hi cecile--i'll go back and listen to video again, as i don't remember you correcting him--and I think that visual's are just as imp. as spoken corrections---something you might want to think about next time you use a regular guy (which I appreciate and love that is was a man vs.woman in class). I did like a lot of the moves you used with band--sorry, i should have mentioned that along with the critique, BUT, my overall takeaway from watching the video was that lunge position really bothered me as people are going to do what they see vs. what they hear most times, AND, your delivery of the class is not good (you get into a bit of a groove in some spots, but generally I felt like I was listening to a student teach in a mat seminar...) just being honest as you have taken time to comment---perhaps you needed to rehearse the class a bit? I've watched several video's on this site and this just really struck me as not being at same level as the other classes i have watched....
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