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Cardio Pilates

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Ed Botha combines his training as an avid boxer and Pilates instructor in this incredibly challenging class. Recognizing the need to cross-train, often with the lack of time, Ed has created Cardio Pilates, a perfect blend of heart-pumping strength moves mixed with traditional Pilates exercises. This class will surely push you to the limit. As the class intensifies, Ed calmly reminds you to work with precision, control, and efficiency. This class is challenging and moves fast. Please monitor your form and modify it where necessary.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Oct 30, 2010
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Hi Guys. So today we're going to be doing a cardio polities class. All right? The, the kind of the concept came from my, uh, boxing training, right? So what we're gonna do is we're going to take [inaudible] principles and we're going to air a little bit of interval training and we're going to use the polite these workers, active recovery, right? So we're going to be working hard for a couple of minutes and then we're going to have a nice little break in between where we are going to be challenging the core with supply these movements. So good, right? So the first thing I want to teach you guys is the basic exercise that we're going to be using in between, and it's called the deck squad.

So if you guys could grab your weight that you have in front of you and you will just check it out first, I'm holding the weight on my chest. So if you've got two dumbbells, you holding them on your, you're like a little squat position there. From here, I'm going to go into a rock. Bottom. Squats are rock part. It means that I'm squatting past the 90 degree position with my knees or, and that's the point where your knees actually release and it's a little bit safer on the, on the kneecap. Okay, so you've just got to sink into it. And then we're going into [inaudible] roll like a ball. So I'll do one first. So I'm taking a squat little role and I punched the weight out and that brings it up. Did you guys see that? The little punch. Okay, that's really important.

You're just pushing it out for a second. If you hold the weight out by the end of the class, you guys are going to be dying. The deltoids are going to be heading, right? Cause we've got some pushups to do too. So let's give it a try, right? We're going to go into a deep squat with a little punch. Okay? Yeah, that's cool.

All right guys, then remember the punch is happening at the bottom so you can be quite close to each other. It doesn't really matter. So you want to watch one more time. Here we go. I squat down, I'm rolling. Here's my punch. Boom. And it just brings me to this position and then from there I'm standing up. Right. Cool. It's just to give you a little bit of momentum. If you've got the hang of it, we're going to drop the weight, take it away, and make some a little bit more challenging. Okay, so let's go for two little deck squats. So from there we're going to squat down.

We roll like a ball, we punch out and that. Excellent. Let's go one more time and we take it down a little punch and up. Awesome. Let's put the weight down for a second. All right, I can see where all higher grade, same thing. You just flick your arms up, it gives you a little bit of a go. Alright, so here we go. We go down. Boom. Little flick, right? Don't forget about the arms and if you struggle with the weight, just use the way it's just there to guide you, right? Okay. Second exercise.

We're going to use a squat thrust from your standing position. Think of a knee stretch on the reformer using your abs and your hip flexors to draw. We're going to bend down. Push out. Okay. This is snail pace, right? Stand back up. Boom. All right, so I'm going to flick the legs, arms these stretch and up. You got it? Let's give it a try. So let's go with squat down. Shoot the legs up, Tuck the knees and stand up one more time and we go out and stand up. Great. Now the good news is after we've done some repetitions of squat thrusts, we hold the pushup position. We do five pushups. Okay, so from here, what else? All right, so we go squat thrust. We hold elbows in one and two and we can just go and take it to three, four now and three and we got it. Good. In and up. All right, we ready to roll? All right, so let's start with the rolled on.

So you're going to walk to the front of your mat, take a deep breath in, and exhale. Letting your spine roll down one vertebrae at a time and we relax. Let your neck relax. Arms along the spreading the toes and the pressure equally distributed through your feet at that slightly with the legs and soft at the knees. We take a breath in and we roll up again. It's bringing your pubic bone to your nose, your nose to your pubic bone and up tall chin, parallel to the floor and shoulders wide from collar bone to collar bone. It's rolled on one more time and exhale.

[inaudible] this time you can gently place the palms on the floor. The legs don't have to be straight. It's not a stretch. We're going to step back the left leg and stepping back. The rightly okay. Soften your knees to the Mat, right. We're going to just go into three ladies pushups with the elbows coming to the hips. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale.

One more time. Inhale and exhale. Tuck the toes under. We take it up. Stretch just looking down towards the pubic bone. Gently spiking the tail up, keeping the scapular wide and we go down onto all fours. Bring your hands in under the shoulders and we'll start with some cat stretches.

And on the exhale we bring the pubic bone towards the nose, but trying to keep your thoracic spine quite neutral. So we just focusing on the deep lumber flection and releasing. And then from there we're going to open the thoracic spine. So you lifting the chest out in front of you and back to the neutral position and bringing the pubic bone towards the nose. Deep Scoop of the abdominals and taking it away.

And let's open up the chest and bringing it back in. And pubic bone to the nose and last time thoracic extension, opening it up and hold back into the front support position or the pushup. This time into the full position one, two and we're going to lower ourselves all the way down to the mat. Stay strong, stay tight and relax, right, letting the toes relax underneath. And we're going to go into a basic swan from there. So we just roll the shoulders back slightly and slowly reverse articulation of the spine. So we want to open the hip flexes up a little bit and just take it to halfway.

Keeping those scapular drawing down and relaxing down. And we'll take another half on an inbreath shoulder blades joined down and back. And if you can, we're going to take it up into a full extension roll. Those shoulder blades, elbows into the size and up, keeping the legs nice and relaxed. And what we'll do is let's just take a look over the right shoulder.

That's it. Pushing the left hip bone or asi es towards the Mat slightly. So we get a little bit of an opening of that hip and looking over the left shoulder and pushing the right size towards the mat slightly. It's a lot of hip flection involved today, so great extend slightly. Bring it back to the center and we going to bring it down and I'll ask a little hip opener. I'm taking your arms out to a tee position.

If you've got enough room there to stag yourselves. It doesn't have to be 100% tee and we're going to take the right leg, we're going to point the toe and just engage the hip extensor slightly. And just rolling the leg over. Sorry, I've got the Mike here towards the opposite hand. So you're trying to touch and bringing it back in and engaging the hiphop stance and just rolling over just a little bit of hip extension, opening up the size and bringing it back in, and one more on each side, flexing the knee, extending the hip, and taking it over and bringing it back. Let's go one more time. [inaudible] and bringing it back in, right hands under the shoulders and let's push ourselves up all the way up. Stretch, and we're going to slowly walk the feet towards the hands, but we using the Dorsey flexes of the ankle so we keeping the legs quite straight, head heavy, and roll it up.

All right, so let's start with a little bit of the cardiovascular system. So we're going to walk to the front of our mat. Okay. We're going to start with a squat thrust. So we're going to do two squat thrusts, two press ups, two deck squats. All right, here we go. So we're going to go one up in, up, changed around, add in, up and to the plank.

We take it out in two pushups, one, two, and up and got go deck squat twice. So we rolling back to shoot the arms up. It'll help you get up and down and up, right? We're going to go down to sitting. Okay. All the way. Let's just set up for the pelvic call. We're going to take three pelvic calls. We take in deep in breath and exhale gently articulating the spine up all the way. We don't want to waste too much time. You find your top position, they boom, take your breath in and exhale, bringing it down and release. And we taking it up.

Remember to keep the adductors engaged so we don't want those legs playing out and coming back in. And one more time and let's bring it all the way up to the top. Okay. And bringing it down. Bring the arms up to the ceiling and opening up into your t position. Are we going to lift the right leg up, followed by the left leg?

Or we're going to bring the legs to the front of the room. So inhaling or we're going to extend the leg closest to the back of the room and we drawing back towards the midline and bend and let's change and we're taking it across and extend and just drawing from the waist, keeping the knees together and soften and Lacrosse and lengthen and bringing it back in and soften and away and extend and drawing and soften. And last too. So bits of the front extend to the ocean and drawing back all the way and soften and to the back of the studio and extend and drawing all the way back into the Santa's softening knees, hands interlaced behind the head and coming up into a little chest lift the end into some leg changes and one and two coming off the tips of the shoulder blades. Three but keeping those elbows wide, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, one more time and 10 and placing both legs down. And we inhale down and exhale up into a chest lift, lifting off the scaps. Inhale and exhale and trying to relax those hip flexes.

Ah, well for the shoulder blades. And exhale, inhale and exhale and down. I lost two. I know. Ah, bow. One more time. They exhale. Let's bring the hands behind the car. Quads. Just give yourself a little pool, keeping the shoulders open.

Let's go up a little bit higher and it's hold that position. They bring the arms up, fingertips to the ceiling, engage hands behind your head and relaxing down. Ryan, if you can. From there we're just going to bring the legs into the chest and roll it up from there and we go. All right, squat thrust. This time we going for ten five press ups, 10 deck squats.

Ready? 10 10, five, 10 right. Here we go. One are up in and up and two, three, four. There's precisely five, six, seven, eight, nine and one more time. 10 boom and up and take it to the plank. If you're good there, we're going to go for the five. Otherwise drop to the knees and here we go.

And one elbows in and to keep to my count, three and four and five and bring it up and off we go for 10 [inaudible]. The arms used arms one stay with me. Two three, four pushing off the glutes. Five look to the pelvis and look up. Six look to the pelvis and look up. Seven eight, nine your buddy will follow the gaze and 10 and sink down and let's take it all the way back. Palms up to the ceiling. Let's keep with a strong breathing.

Lifting the left leg and the right leg. Ready for the hundred long legs, long in-breath and one three, four, five and in four, five in two, three, four, five and four. And let's take the legs to six inches off the mat. Keeping the deep scoop into their abdominals there. Two, three, four, five shoulders square, back to 45 degrees. He breathing, guys, I'm talking so there's no way I can make the same son.

Keep breathing. Lifting the legs up to 90 degrees. Let's go one more sale cycle two and hold. Bending the knees and lower one leg and the other leg, arms back, palms facing the ceiling initially. And we're going to roll it up from there. Keeping the legs bend. Inhale and we turn the palms. Exhale, scoop deep into their abdominals and taken in breath. And it's taken out. And inhale, exhale hands.

It's still keeping the c curve and taking it down. And this time we're going to extend the legs up at the top. Inhale, use them as a little bit of leverage. Same as the deck, squat long legs and over and taking it back. So there's this, keep the movement. So we're not going to pause. We keep flowing from one exercise into the other. I'd like to get at least four more roll-ups. Inhale. Exhale.

Nice. Natural Seeker in back. Good, great, excellent. Ah, and taking it back. And last time. Inhale, breaking point. Exhale, scooping up and inhale. Then let's it to halfway. Oh, so just holding. So we really scooping, bringing their pubic bone up towards the nose and your ribs down to your hips and let it take the arm closest to the ocean. We take it out. That's it.

Feel those obliques engaging there. Stays strong. Let's hold guys, this is recovery. Yeah. Active rest and bring it back in and the other side, reaching out. Try not to laterally flex the body stays strong and bringing it back in. And let's lower three quarters of the way. Holding, oh, with their arms up to the sky, shoulder blades down. Let's go for five pulses and one, two, three, four and one more and five and roll it up all the way.

Scoop deep abdominals ladies. Good. Excellent. Draw those shoulder blades back slightly. All of you. And let's take it back all the way. Had hands by your side. Flexing right leg up to the sky.

And here we go. We're going to take the circles across the midline first and one and odd and two. And as I'm using an inbreath for the first circle in and out and in and odd and one more cycle and in and art, keep it up and let's reverse. And in keeping the circles quite small art and in and odd, uh, in, um, ah, to do more cycles and breath and oh, and one more time it in and redrew, even hold good and pointing the turn and just lower the leg, flexing the other leg, bringing it up to the sky and hold and just feel that hip joint or femur pulling into its socket there. And crossing the midline. And here we go. In and in and odd and in it's a drop and retrieve and odd three and four and ah, one more time and five and ah, and reversing and in and ah, anchoring with the opposite leg and in and Ah, in, ah, and in um, art one more time and in and od and hold, right.

I point the toe and the leg that's long and up to the ceiling we're going to just lower it over the other leg. You're going to pull the knees into the chest of the legs are crossed them rolling up from there. And here we go. For Tin, they are up in and up. And there we go. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Keep using the call. Two more, one more to the plank we hold and let's go for slow. Five. Inhale, exhale two and three and four and out. One more time and five and up and up and into the deck.

Squats. And off we go, one and push the arms up to get up. Good. Two and three. Ball and fun pushing the hips all the way forward. At the top six. Seven keep to the base eight. I've got long legs, so you guys got to keep up nine. There's no answer.

I can be going quicker than you [inaudible] all the way up and squat down and onto our backs. Excellent. Let's bring the arms up above the head. Turn the palms to face each other and let's roll up one more time. Extending the legs as we come out. Inhale and exhale and all the way right. We're going to rock back onto our tailbone, hands on top of the shins, and just sinking down.

Ready for the double leg stretch. So just onto the tips of the scat, draw their shoulder blades down, elbows, arms, right at the end. Here we go. Inhale rich and XL d pool. So we take our time here guys, and it's reach. Inhale and exhale deep. Ehhh. Three and dibble and four and pool and five and deep and six and seven and eight and depot last two. Um, nine.

One more. End 10 and we're going to keep it up there. Just touch the shins and come up a little bit higher there. Really scooped those abdominals in. Open the shoulders, looking towards the pubic bone and into the single leg. Stritch arm preferences. Yours, I'm not, I don't mind at all. And here we go and all one and two.

Today's about movement, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and again one, two, three, four, five, six, seven an eight and bring it back into the table position. I'm sure we can all scoop up a little bit higher there. Up, up, up, up, up, arms, up to the sky, hands interlaced behind the head, elbows wide. And let's start with a few rotations without the legs. So let's rotate to the ocean. We're going to go one and change to keeping the rotation precisely in the waist.

They're three and four. And let's add into the crisscross with rhythm and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and one more. 10 and hold it to one side hold and one more change and rotate. Bring it back to the center. Legs go up along and we lower the legs gently and we lift for the double straight leg stretch and lower the legs and left up 90 degrees and lower and lift with a little hip bump up and lower and lift with a little hip bump up and lower. Here we go. Two more little hip bump. One and one more time and bring it up. A little hip pump.

Cross one leg over the other, bend the knees in. And from there we going to roll in. Stand up and here we go. Let's go for 10 we got it. And the one, two is that we pick up the pace a little bit there. Three, four, five, keep going. Six and seven. Excellent. Eight and line. One more time, man. 10 push up position. Out we go.

Let's go for five. One elbows in two, three keeping yourself strong and straight for one more time. And let's bring the legs in puppet. Here we go. Deck squats, four tin and you've got to beat me to it. One, two, three and breathe. Four, six. We go ahead. Seven, eight, nine. One more and 10 back into the plank. And let's let all the way down. We need hip extension. We need hip flexor opening. Open up the chest stretch and bring it down.

Just pushed back into your rest position for a sec, right? And onto your bet. Hands behind the head. Fingers interlaced. Let's see if we can do this. Three Naples guys rolling your ankle bones together, elbows wide, engage those abs, the inner thighs. Help and inhale to the breaking point and exhale, scoop and squeeze over the legs. Restacking the spine or let's extend looking at the beams, Eh flex. Keep the elbows wide, elbows wide.

And here we go in here and here we go. This is it. Scoop over, looking down and restack and just double check. Let's roll the kneecaps up to the ceiling so they're not rolling up. We don't want to work in a turnout. Extend, hinge and scoop. [inaudible] and one more time. Here we go. Inhale and exhale, scooping it up and over.

[inaudible] stacking up. It's starting to feel really good. We're going to bend the knees in. Similar to a crowd position there. And let's take it up and all we have to do other squat thrusts. And here we go. We've got tin and one and up two and up threes.

Good work for good. Keep going. And five will extend. Excellent. And sixth at seven. Eight. Here we go. Nine one more and 10 let's go plank. Boom. All right, let's change it up a little bit.

So we do a one pushup and then we touch the opposite shoulder. So watch I go down one, bring it in. Okay, so follow me. We are going for five one and touch and two and touch and three just to get those lateral stabilizers going for one more. Five and back in the spring. The legs in and into our squats. Remember, use the way if you need it and if we go one good, pushing them forward at the top two, three we want the hip extents is the fire. Four five, six, seven, eight, nine one walk and 10 and we just go down into sitting on our backsides. Legs aren't long into a spine stretch, flexing the feet up, arms out in front of us.

Now we've got to learn to breathe while the heart's going. Let's calm it down. Naval in, back to our lateral breathing and rolling the spinal Thor, gentle small range. Inhale and restack and bringing it up all the way. Scapular wide and off the imaginary wall. Careful of the legs rolling out and restacking the spine, bringing it up tall and again taking it down.

Excellent. Sliding from the top of the head. And Are we starting from the lumber spine? Restack lower back, mid back we go head up and two more. Do Stack and up tall and again restack let's bring a tour and we can go for one last one. And at the bottom we're going to just hinge forward slightly with the hips and move into a little bit of a diagonal. So we're going to rollover and just to where you can to engage deep into the ABS. Tailbone goes out slightly. Bringing the arms up, drawing the scabs down and just find a little bit of a line, a little bit more thoracic.

Keep the scapular pulling down and we're going to bring the left arm back first and we go one. So we're working into those mid traps and two and three, four, five, six, seven keep extending eight, nine and Tim and all the way forward. Restack the spine legs together and we're going to run it back all the way down. Palms, shoulders down. So engaging the shoulder extensors. So we pressing the palms, try sets triceps using the lats, bending the knees in, so both at the same time if you can, and extend the legs to about 60 or 80 for a rollover. So we inhale, bring the legs up, 90 exhale up and over, keeping the legs parallel to the floor.

So we first got to flex the feet open. The legs are hindering at the hips as we lower the legs and Xcel keeping those knees close to our face as we roll the spine down. Once we get to 90 just circling the legs round and together. Inhale, exhale up and over. Ah, and flex, separate, lowering the legs and rolling down.

Ah, bringing the legs together. And two more times. Inhale. Up and over. [inaudible] keep the hips pushing up to the sky. Flex a separate, lower the legs and running down. Okay. And here we go. Last time, bringing it up to 90 and a [inaudible] flexing, separate and lowering the legs. And we're going to roll it down all the way.

Circling the legs round and together. This is a perfect time to cross the legs and bring it back up all the way. All right, so what we do, we change the order. So we're going to do one squat thrust, one push up, one deck squat. All right, let's go for it. So we go squad thrust, boom. Down in, we stand up all the way, we take it out, push up back in uptick one and it's go.

So I'll call it and you guys work. Here we go. Swap the rest out in. Push up and back in. And here we go. One and two, right? Watch two. One, two, one pushup, one back in two, deck squad, one, two, three squad trusts and up. One and two and three. Let's go down. Plank. Position One pushup. And here we go.

Three deck squats. And one and up and two. Three. We're going to do four. Let's go one, two, three. I lost one here. Let's take it down. One pushup, so for giving up five deck squats and off we go and one, two, three. We got it, and for five squat thrusts. Oh, here we go. Come on guys. We got to work. Think and let's go. One and two, three, four and five.

Push up one back in. Here we go. Five, one. Use the way to be up to two, three, four, we nearly there and five. Let's take it down. Slow to the sitting position, keeping the legs bent arm closest to the ocean or the arm up and let's just push out of the hip extensors. Stretch open a little bit, looking over your shoulder and bring it down and change and open up hip extensors, engaging hip flexors, opening and bring it just to the sitting position. Once again, they exact long flexed arms that we keep movement. We're going to go into the soar.

You might all have your own interpretation of the sore, but try work with me. Inhale, rotate, bring the arms into the picture. Exhale, extend forward, extend back up in a diagonal and back to the center and rotate and hinge and back up and center. And here we go. One Dad, up, hand, back, and to exhale. Inhale and add three and down and up and rotate and down. Up and back. Two more. And here we go. Down, up and in. One more time and take it down.

Bring it up. Back to the center, rocking back onto the one and two thoracic extension. Watch for the weights behind you. If they are hopefully not in here, we go ahead and run it back and, and extend the spine up. Lift up and we take it back. Ah, extend up with the spine and back and up. Open up, open up, open up and back. Left and left and left and it's open, it's open, it's open. And one more time.

Good legs together. Arms up to the sky. Keep it there, keep it there. Draw those scaps down. We've worked those mid traps, rhomboids, bring the arms back further further and just gently lower your legs. Flex the fee, taking the arms out, palms to the sky for a spine twist with start to the front and to good work and all right, good. Keeping those ankles still pelvis cemented into the mat. [inaudible] good work. Palms up?

Nah, one more on each side. Okay. And bringing it back to the center. Arms up all the way and then relax over the legs. Just give yourself a gentle stretch forward and we're going to roll back. Cross the legs and up we go. Go.

Here we go. 10, five, 10. We got it. Let's go. One and two. We've got to get the workup. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, one wall 10 and let's take it down. Boom. And we hold, calm it down. Inhale, exhale and two and three and up. Excellent. And four and up. Let's go one more time and five and about, okay, here we go. Deck squats. Not to disappoint one, let's work it guys. And two, three out of the plot is mode for a second. Four, five, six, keep going. Seven, eight, push, push, push, push, push, faster. Nine go. One more to go. Come on.

And 10 and rolling down all the way, keeping the legs bent, pelvic [inaudible] all the way up, left leg to the table top reaching it up, up out of the hip all the way to the ceiling and exhale, bring it down and inhale up for the shoulder bridge and two XL long end three and four and five six, seven one more and eight and changing the legs for me. Let's just double check our height there. We want to push those hips up, really work out of those extensors. We've been working them hot so we bring it up to the sky and down and up. One and two exhale down and three and four and five hips up and six seven one more time and eight hold it up. Bring the leg down and let's just lift the hips up a little bit higher.

If you can interlace your fingers behind your back and just walking your shoulder blades a little bit closer together and we go into a little bit of a hyper extension. This, we push that a little bit higher. Once again, we've got to concentrate on opening the flexes as well. Split the hands. Let's roll the spine down. One Vertebrae at a time. Good. And let's roll to the front of the class. Yeah, mine too. Right here we go. Palm alongside the thigh, bringing both legs up off the mat.

Legs slightly in front of the body, upper body straight and we're going to go into our side leg lift. So space a little bit of a house for the mouse at the bottom there. Keep your space and here we go. Bring it up in one. See if you can bring your ankle bones together and two and three so we concentrate a little bit of that internal rotation. Four of the hips, five, six, seven, eight. We got it and nine and 10.

Hold it up there. Keep lifting up out of those hips, hold it, hold, hold it and relaxing the legs down. The top leg just comes in front of the bottom leg, propping up onto your elbow. Are we going to map into a side plank and we're going to bring it up and holding and let's just lower the hips down towards the Mat, but stay engaged with your lat and bringing it up. One, two, three. We've got it four and five. There we go. Stay long in the spine. Six engage those. Let seven and one more time and eight both feet on top of each other.

Lifting up out of the hip and the top leg goes up. We just go con for ten one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and relax. You know, let's get up and just do a little few little crunches and fix squats and then we'll do the other side. Let's go through the guide and up we get and if we go and one and up and two and three, we've got it, four, five, six, seven we there eight good work, nine draw from that have. Then the hip flexes 10 and let's take it down. Boom, left leg in the air and we go four to one and two and here we go. Right leg up and we go one and two and both on the ground. Last one, one and up we get. And here we go. Big squats for 10 the bread and butter of the day. One and two, three, four, five and six. Keep going.

Seven hips forward at the top. No half squats, eight, nine push leaps forward. One more time and 10 and take it down. Just bring your legs around the other side. I've got to get this guy off and here we go for the side, leg lift, lifting the waist and off we go. And one good too good. Keeping the work out of the neck.

Three and four internally rotate guys with the hips. Five try. Bring those ankle bones together. Malleoli is six, seven, eight. Keep it going. Nine and one more time and 10 hold it up. Hold it up, hold it up. Good. Lowering the legs. Top, boom, slide. Softening the knees. Pack the shoulder. So watch or you roll it back. Tighten your lap, putting your lap in your pocket.

And up we go. We got it. And little hip drop and one we got it to a good long spine. Three keep pushing your pubic bone forward all the time. Four and five. Six, seven, eight. We there nine.

One more and ten one on the other. And here we go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and lower. Roll onto your forms for me. Ready for the single leg kick. It's so relaxing. Push up out of those shoulder blades, pubic bone into the matter. You've got your elbows drawing towards you. Pubic Bone, pushing forward.

Hip extensors. Engaged. Knees up off the Mat. Long in breath. One, two, three, four, five. Good. Keep it going. And six and seven and eight. Good. Keep those six hip extensors.

10 last two, one and two and holding it all through. We're gonna extend. Arms are long legs, day up. Ready, put some swimming. Long in breath and we'll take it. Four, five. Then one, two, three, four, five. [inaudible] in two, three, four, five and two. Two, two he bought. Buy One more cycle and hold hands under the shoulders. Push yourself back up and from there we can go in and up.

Art and two. Here we go. And three. Good. We nearly there. Let's keep the pace. Five. Keep going. Six. Keep it going. Seven and eight. That's it. And mine. We got a one wall and 10 and let's take it down from there. Front support position and hold and off we go. Five slow.

One, two, three, four. One more, five. Hold it. Let's just hold guys. Push out of those scabs and in and into the deck. Squats. Here we go for 10 and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Come guys. One more. Here we go. 10 have a seat on your backsides. Legs out. Long fingers facing in, pushing up out of the shoulders. That's it. Good.

And we're just going to extend that. The rassic a little bit higher still. We can't extend anymore. And then just allowing the hips to respond to that in extension. Opening up. Okay. And softening down again. Coming down with the hinge.

Just a little touch of about the and coming up one more time and open. Open up out of the chest, the long lines and coming down. And the last one and all the way up. Let's just establish our position there. Is it rolling the knees in, coming down onto the backside, bending the knees, extending outline.

We're going to take the arms up to the sky and we take it down as we exhale all the way down, keeping the legs still. And we've got to articulate the spine up. Try not to hinge up. Hurts different. We've got to roll up and then lift up with those arms up in line with ears and taking it back down. Whoa. And again, zipping up, up, up. Good work.

Good work. Good control. Scaps down, extending, lifting up out of that spine and down. Okay. And one more to the top. Articulate the spine up. Abdominals lifting up and up scraps. And then just lower the arms for a sec and we're gonna lower the legs.

Lift the arms and bring the two together for five one. So our teas are two and two. Ah, oh one more time. And let's go for a teaser. Three. Let's see if we can do it. We lower the legs, we lower the arms and we engage and we bring it back up. Everything together. Here we go. We got it, we got it.

And we going to bring it up and find our point last time. Come on guys. This is it. And from there we're going to go up into our last set of cardio and we're going to scoop it up all the way first, find your teaser, bend the knees and up we go. Boom. Ritz, go for it. And one. So if we go and up and two and three, bring the hips forward all the way for we got it, but six, seven, eight, nine and 10 right? What's the pushup variation? Last one. We take it down. Press up, bring your left knee up to your armpit. So we go Spiderman, push up. You got it. So let's go for it. Here we go.

We're going for four and one, two, three. One more and four and up we get, and let's go for our dicks. And here we got one and two. Three. Let's keep pace. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. One more. And we're going to go down into seal puppy one to the mansion, stopped working. Now that we tie, looking down, rolling back three claps of the feed, one, two, three and we opened the hip joint out. One, two, three. It's not just simply slapping the feet together and bringing it back up and unreal what Ben back up. How are we going to hold the position there?

Let's just close the eyes for a second. [inaudible] let's find your balance. Keeping our center opening up your eyes, placing the feet down onto the mat. This is gently roll down and before we go crossing leftover, right? Take the hands through. Very basic, a little bit of performance there. Yeah.

When we tend to do a lot of squatting type of exercises, they external rotators, the hip do fire. That's very important just to release them [inaudible] and relax and let's give it a little change there. [inaudible] Gotcha. One more time to come up. We crossed the legs. We're going to stand up, right? We'll just finish off with our internal and external shoulder stretch. So you've got one arm sliding up your spine. Interlace your fingers. If you can [inaudible] it's keeping your head up and a jaw and push your head back or forward.

Right. And then to switch for straighten both arms long says reach, reach, reach, opposite ends, switch for stretch the arms as far as you can in opposite direction. Then just hinting at the elbows, test your range, connecting with too much or too much effort. That's it. Relaxing into it. [inaudible] I had released stretch and bring both arms have been one last inhale, which the palm up to the sky. Extend your back and let's just finish with the roll down.

Can you get to the bottom? Just let your neck go completely again. Um, so soft. It's not, forget about the abdominals. There's a gentle awareness under the navel that we still safe and supported and we take a breath in at the bottom and rolling it back up. Yeah. Thank you very much guys. Good job. Good job. Very good.


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How Fun! What a great new combo to incorporate. Thanks Ed. I love your website by the way, very nicely done!
This class is felt very rough on my body; don't like the cardio aspect--it takes away from the beauty of Pilates as a fluid, organic exercise. Not my cup of tea.
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That was an incredible blend! I loved it! More please!
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A good class but I'm not the target. I love the regular pilates classes.
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Pubic bone ??? Why does he need to keep addressing the pubic about the hip flexors.
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Fantastic class. With that being said I could only do about 85% and I am a hard core cyclist at 6'3 and 220. It was impossible for me to do the squat/thrust then roll-up. I have never been able to roll up from the ground, maybe because of a very long lower body. I did enjoy the challenge and will keep doing it until I master the whole class. Thanks Ed.
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Possibly the most fun Mat Pilates class I've ever done! I used to teach mat classes and I get bored easily with the same old exercises. This was a unique twist - very challenging!
I love the idea of incorporating cardio with pilates! Towards the end the squat thrusts and deck rolls were a little rough on the body. Please do more!!
Love the cardio commercials mixed in. Thanks for the mix!
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