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Spend 12 minutes tapping into your core with this short but effective class that focuses on abdominals and back extensors finishing the class by integrating the two in a held front support.
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Let's go ahead and start today with our feet separated and you can have your feet right in line with your, your hipbones or even a little wider depending on how your lower back is feeling. And then just take a second hands underneath the legs and just let's close our eyes and take just about five deep breaths together and feeling though with through the sides of the rib cage. Nice sense of vertical spine, no tension in the shoulder. So as we get warmed up here and you just keep breathing while I go through this, we're going to warm up with some good traditional abdominal work, probably the hundred the roll up and the series of five and then we'll be coming back on down onto her stomach and do some things for the back extension and get into sideline just a little bit for our hips and then work some must standing arm pieces today. Let's take two more breaths. [inaudible] you can open your eyes if you'd like.

And on this one let's go ahead and start some of the glutes squeeze and around and through the lower back. Do five of these. Inhale, pulling up the tall and the exhale and thinking of that broadening of mainly through your lower back, but it goes through the upper back, goes to the middle back and inhale up to sitting tall and a little bit of pressure with the hands on the back of the legs and sense the tall energy up even as we're curling under [inaudible] and then hail tall two more times. Exhale and pull from the abdominals. A sense of rounding. The back c curve is another image. One more time all the way out and let's let this one take is all the way back down to the mat. We'll take her time. It just your feet if you need to, but try not to and work the articulation bone by bone, feeling the pelvis come down, pressing, pressing through the lower back through the middle, back, the upper back, the head, neck and chest. So we will have to organize herself. I always do that so they come back up into the middle of the mat.

All right, no delay. I think we'll take our legs right up into the 90 90 it's extended arms long down by the sides of our waist. Feel the rib cage imprinted and as through, we'll go through the a series of five in a moment, but let's go right through the a hundred and the traditional breathing of five and five so the exhale curling up and we begin. It's a feel a little squeezed through the inner legs energy through the top of the head as if we're trying to press the ceiling up off of the wall frames perhaps. So there's a constant sense of up and chest forward. Leveling the chin.

I'm going to have us lower our legs just a little bit. [inaudible] broadened knife across the chest. Nice and 10 these in head down and next, extend the legs all the way along on the mat. Arms up over the head, printing the ribs. Here we go. Inhale, arms, head and chest in. Exhale and rolling up and feeling the energy broad into the back. Take a breath and exhale. Rolling down.

We just may edit the roll up all the way together. I mean, it's just not happening today. Oh well. And exhale, lengthening down through the innercise, through the legs, feeling the abdominals, puling back, easy in the neck and shoulders. And let's Elongate the risks this time and fuel the palms flat toward the Mat. And we'll just do one more roll up and inhale [inaudible] and exhale it. Let's roll back and we'll stay on the tips of the shoulder blades and get going right into our series of five. So knees up to the tabletop.

Drop the sacrum. Let's go ahead and extend the left leg forward. Hands right up on this shinbone curl a little higher. And we're going to do our to count breathing patterns. So here we go and change. Sure. Really feeling their reach.

Start from the hip or down through the thigh and out the foot. Sure. Four, three, two. And we're going to stay up and go right into our doubles for five. Inhale, arms to the ears, legs out, and exhale. Circle around keeping their head and torso, upper torso in the same position.

Crown of the head to the ceiling. Sure. One more time. And lengthen. Pull in. Exhale and hold straight leg support. So the scissor, let's take our right leg up, left leg down, and just a little gentle. Touch the mat and again, take a second.

Feel that hip reach and let's take your hands all the way up to the calf if you can. Little Double Pool Pool, pool, pool, [inaudible]. So in the moment of the leg switch, super glue the back down to the mat. No possibility of arching there. Eight more. [inaudible] the curl forward, getting the work in the abdominals. Six, seven. The best two are coming now. So the double straight leg, lower lift. We'll do three repetitions in. Hail toward 45 or lower. And exhale n left.

Flex the feet and we lower and exhale and lift. No, try to go all the way down. Chris Cross. Let's turn toward the wall and double breath working the chest lift, adding the rotation up in the upper spine. And exhale. Exhale en four, three, two and we'll finish in tabletop and we'll bring everything. Alright, let's go ahead. Roll ourselves up. We'll flip over onto her tummy.

And we know if we had five minutes a day, we would do that series of abdominal exercise and be well on our way to a good one. I think we'll start with our flight arms long against the sides, so as we balance out the exercises, all that abdominal work. Now working into the back, we'll take our basic back extension flight exercise. You can get the legs together, feel the weight shift toward the pubic bone. Let's take an inhale to prepare and then the exhale lifting the head and the chest. I'm going to have this focus on the chest hovering high off the floor. Inhale and exhale as we come down thinking I'm getting a little longer as we come back down and again, exhale, keeping the weight on the pubic bone, trying to maintain a nice lumbar link, breathing in and exhale as you come all the way down, a little longer through the chest and again, inhale and exhale.

Think about what the arms can do to help the back come higher. Lot of energy reaching through the fingertips. Breathe and the exhale to come down. We'll take two more of these. Not forgetting the abdominals. So as much as we can, keeping that work under here, supporting the back and exhale to come down. Last one.

Now breathing in shoulder blades down the back and hovering the chest. So if we were to see here, which we're going to do with, let's take a breath and turn the palms face down and then open the arms nice and wide. Sometimes we'll hear the letter t or the t stretch and we're just going to do that back and forth. Inhale, arms in toward the waist, palms face up, and then exhale as we open palms face down nice and wide and the upper back. Two more. Inhale, keep focus on the abdominal connection to the back. Exhale, arms wide and last one in Halen or the waist. And exhale all the way out. Now from here, let's bend the elbows, hands underneath the shoulders and bring your head all the way down.

All right, uh, I think we'll go into just three ones. All right, so I'm going to make my legs come apart just a little bit this morning. Pulling my hands on the mat, feel my shoulders draw down and as if I can reach my head toward yours. Let's take a breath and again as high as we can come in to that back extension without straightening the elbows. Pause here. Let's take another full breath to come up higher. I feel like upper back pulling toward the back of the legs.

Now coming down in a full breath. Elbows feel your hands pull on the mat slightly so your chest is coming from forward. There you go. And all the way down now, just one breath cycle to come up. How can we eat long gate stretch more? Think about the energy from the hips down to the feet, back of the head, pulling back and coming down. Exhale to the mat. One more time.

It's still articulation going the other way. Ribs in and coming down. It's a check for me too, and all the way to the mat. All right, Tuck your toes. Let's go ahead and put a, move the hands a little closer to the sides of the ribs and control the rib hip connection. Let's push ourselves up into the plank position. So bring your elbows closer in towards your waist. Take your breath and get ready. Henoch seal and press right up and just hold this position.

Maybe we'll do five breaths [inaudible] and on the next exhale, we'll bend her knees and just bring our hips back and stretch. [inaudible] okay.


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what a great little workout!
Thank youu Madonna!
Great quick ab work and back stretch for my post baby body. Thank you!
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Hi Dawn, thanks for watching and congratulations on your baby. Pilates is such a great postpartum workout! Keep it up!
Very effective and quick. I decided to do this right before going to sleep and am glad I did...feels like I just burned off a few bisquits I could not resist :)
Thank you Elina....yes this was a quick one. It was part of an hour long class that I divided into shorter segments. Glad you liked it!
Quick and easy on busy days when I can't fit a long workout in!
I'm a beginner and this was short enough to keep up but still a work out. Really enjoyed it and its something i could fit in on a busy day!
Hi Jessica....glad you like this short little class! Thanks for watching!
Short and sweet. Love it
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