Additional Abs<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 111

Additional Abs
Amy Havens
Class 111

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Thank you Jodie!
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what class is the longer version of this class?
Hi Katy! Let me look back and see what class I/we are referring to. Most likely it was a class dated the same or very close to the same date which was a full mat class. Let me check!
I love your classes Amy!
Thank you Nathalia!!
Thank you so much for this class. Now I can at least do a quick workout on those days where I'm just too exhausted to do a full workout! Can you do more of these? Maybe one just for glutes and arms, or other combinations that are short but targeting 1-2 areas?
Just found this one! Love it!
Thank you ladies....yes these short little bits are fun and nice to know about. Elizabeth, I've done some others specifically for those areas, short classes but many other teachers have also. Some of my short 20-30 minute Mat classes are themed for this, check them out! Beth....glad you ran across this class and enjoyed it!
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My go to when I "don't have time" :)
Loved this sequence, great mat warmup for the core.
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