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"Like a cat in a sunbeam."
Amy Taylor Alpers is here to teach her "Morning Mat" class. This class will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day. While this class is offered at a deliberate pace and some stretching-type movements are included, Amy provides enough challenge for you to also feel the accomplishment of a workout. What could be better?
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Sep 08, 2012
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So welcome. I'm Amy Taylor, outburst from the Pilati Center in Boulder, Colorado, and we're going to do what I call my morning mat. I had one of my clients once say to me, I don't need a vacation. I just need Amy's morning mat. And I thought, yes, that's how it should feel. Right? So it's a little more like, you know, you're, you just woke up and you're not, you know, quite ready to dive in completely in it and sort of just, Merck just sort of happened because of a particular group of people who were coming to this class very steadily. That was first thing in the morning. So go ahead and lie down.

First thing you're going to do is just stretch out like a cat. You're just a cat in a sunbeam and you just yawning. Yeah. All Right, nice. And then you're going to just take one wrist and side bend oh over and then the other wrist, big, generous stretches deep into the tissue. And then you're going to make some circles with your arms, wrists, forearms, and hands.

Like really make that climb up your arm and not just stay in your wrists and make it muscular as opposed to say, just rolling bones around. And then the same thing with your feet and your ankles deep into the calf muscles and then the other direction can you just try to wake things up, stimulate things a little bit, and then let's bring your right knee up to your chest and just twist it over to your left side. You can use your, your left hand a little bit and give some wait and let your right arm be on the mat and look towards your right arm. You can go palm up or palm down, whatever feels good. Let gravity help. Let it relax down a little bit more. Thinking ahead to when we get to single leg circle and how nice that twist will feel and then pull your belly in and come back to center and let that let go down on the mat and bring your left leg up and then twisting gently over left arm on the mat, looking left, letting that shoulder open and release a little bit. That's the way, oh man, take another inhale on the exhale. Bring your knees into your chest.

Good. And then just give yourself a little squeeze. Rock your pelvis towards you a little bit, letting your tailbone completely curl your pelvis, maybe even comes all the way off the mat. You just softening and your low back. All right. And then take your feet down on the mat. Take your arms above your head, feed a little bit apart just to, and take your leg straight down. And just imagine somebody has you by the wrists and somebody has you by the ankles and they're just gently tractioning you out.

Release your spine into that lane. Allow yourself to feel the gentle stretch and feel the stress kind of at the surface skin level, and then maybe into some of the muscles of your abs. And then if you can, all the weight inside your body, see if you can feel the front of your spine opening a little and the muscles on either side of your spine. You're deep. So as muscles stretching all the way down into your thighs, right? Feeling that the rib cage is moving away from the pelvis. Big Stretch in there, okay?

We're going to take a big inhale and fill your lungs like a giant hot air balloon. Just fill them and then in that space you created below your ribs, give yourself a deep squeeze like you were narrowing yourself into an hourglass right at the waist, okay? Release that. Fill the lungs again. Huge expansion. Keep going. Get bigger, stretch someplace you haven't stretched yet. Fill someplace you haven't failed yet, and then deep inside, exhale, slowly narrowing yourself into a tiny, tiny little hourglass waist. Okay? We're going to take one more big inhale, release everything. Let everything stretch, let everything fail.

Think about even your lower back lungs, right on the next exhale, as you start your squeeze at the waist, you're going to bring your hands behind your head and you're going to bring your knees all the way into your chest, up by your ears. Curl your head up into a deep, deep exhale. We're going to do a little footwork. All right, so knees apart, heels together, and you're going to inhale. Extend the legs out and Exhale, come back in and inhale out and exhale in an inhale out and neck sail in. Good. Now think about your inhales. Big, huge, deep squeeze in Ham. Deep Squeeze. And we'll do one more on each time you come in.

I want you to actually squeeze all the way in and let your tail curl. We're going to go to bird on a perch. Inhale out so your legs are parallel. Now Flex your ankles completely. So flex your ankles up. Curl your toes. Yeah, imagine you had to hold this bar just like that, right? With the arch of your foot. Yeah, but keep your ankle flexed.

Reach your heels out from underneath, right? So you think this way out and come in, right? Cramping up. That's good. Here we're going to lift, lift, lift, lift your elbows hired only forward. Lift your elbows up. That's the way. So it says if you were suspended, right, like a parachute way up here. Inhale. Now we're going to flex. Flex the feet, stretch your toes apart. See if you can get your big toes to touch.

Keep coming up a little bit more and then release your spine down. Drop into that a little bit. Yeah. Inhale, way out. Exhale in last time. When they come in, they come all the way in. It's like a horse, like a air cushion, right? Stretch the legs out. Reach around and take behind your thighs. Lift and curl points. Your feet, Lex, your feet. Point your feet, lift and curl. Keep lifting and curling. Bend your elbows.

See if you can feel how long your back is, how deep inside your front you are. Good. One last big inhale and then on the exhale, pull your knees into your chest and squeeze, squeeze, release and squeeze. Don't harden, don't tighten. Just squeeze yourself and d and then put your feet on the mat. Straighten your legs down. Take your arms over your head again and a big stretch. Stretch out your abdominals again. That feeling of stretching the skin, the muscles, and even deep, deep, deep to the spine. Okay, big inhale in the lungs. Take your arms down to your side, points, your feet, and exhale into your hundred. And we go in two, three, four, five on out, three against same breath, lungs fill.

It's like you're floating on a rising ocean swell. And then a deep squeeze in between the ribs and the pelvis. Good. Now inhale through the nose to the lungs. Fill the lungs. Exhale, make less sound. Do more squeezing, right? So the inhale through the nose to the lungs, big stretch. Exhale, the deep contraction of your abdominals and air is pushed out.

And last time, fill the lungs. Big, big, big exhale. Deep Squeeze and bend your knees in. He yourself, another squeeze. Think of yourself as a sponge, right? So you're, as you're warming up, as you're breathing, you want to imagine your tissue, your muscles, even your bones starting to kind of morph into something that looks like a sponge and that all the oxygen you're intaking is being absorbed into the sponge of you. All right, so go ahead and take your legs down, flex your feet very strongly and take your roll up bar. You got to reach that bar. You're going to go shoulder width. Legs are together. Very powerful. Fluxion right? And if you need to bend your knees a little bit, that's fine.

But keep the flection really work that powerful ankle, those sprinters, ankles, right? So deep flection in there, and now you're going to roll up. Curl Chin to chest, rural four. Keep flexing. Find that flex and gentle reach abdominals pullback, and keep your flection. Bend your knees an inch, but flex your ankles more and roll back. Keep your flection, keep it, but don't straighten your knees too much. Canis right and again in hail it up. Strong, straight wrists. Exhale, think of reaching your spine and not so much your hands and shoulders roll back. He'll stay on the mat the whole time. And exhale.

We're going to do two more, a little faster. We go inhale and exhale. And I want you to think of rolling every vertebra like a snake. And then this last time I want you to think about it like this. You're gonna lift your brain up.

You're going to curl your brain over your heart. You're going to keep opening all the way through your kidneys to your sacrum. And on the way back, you're gonna pull your intestines. You gotta pull your stomach in, you're gonna pull your heart in your lungs in and rest your brain down and exhale, very nice. And he could put the bar down by your hip. Bend your knees into your chest, straighten your legs up, and we're going to roll over. Okay, so you go up and over, feet gently to the floor open.

And then again, feel that you're rolling down through your lungs, down through your heart, down through your stomach, deep into the kidneys, and together. Inhale up and over. O open. Exhale, deep squeeze of the organs, deep flection of those spongy bones and inhale up and over and open. Flex, nice and strongly and roll back down and through. We're gonna reverse. Inhale, up and over, honestly, flex roll. How many different places in your back can you get to and inhale up and over. Imagine somebody gently pushing your sacrum over, and then you pull your heart in and you wind through the kidneys.

Then there's this last time we roll up and over. We're going to stay. We're going to bring the feet together. Let the feet just rest on the mat if they can. You're going to bring your arms around and put your hands on the top of your ankles in the back of your ankle, right? You're going to imagine that your hands are coming with weights and they're helping to keep your legs there can soften your knees.

We want you to think of this less as a stretch and more as a release. You're letting go. Okay? Take a big inhale and fill your lungs like a parachute. Fill 'em up. Exhale, sigh and melt down a vertebra. Oh, we're going to do that slowly down your spine so you can take another inhale in this place and you're going to exhale, melt, sigh, and go down a vertebra. Right?

Now you can do this a little bit at your own pace. If you hit a particularly tricky spot, right, that makes you want to fall and you can really let go. You can pretend I have you like you can keep your hands there, but you don't have to resist at all. Right. And you just slowly work your way down and you take a little extra time if you get to a spot in your back, right. That is like, oh, there's a little bit of extra tightness there. That's it. Right? Yeah. Very nice. Very nice. All the way down and rest. Okay. Very good. All right.

Take your right leg down on the mat and bring your left knee to your chest. Okay. And we're gonna gently stretch the knees up. Put your hands on the top of the kneecap if he can, and just let the calf mush down into your hamstrings. Relax your joints, relax your bones, and then gently rock the knee towards you in a way, again, letting the pelvis come with massaging, waking things up a little bit. Come down and put your hands at the ankle, give your leg another squeeze in, and then massage up your shins. Skin. Pull up through the skin and a deep massage, like sort of sometimes imagine it's like a honey stick and you're pulling the honey up through the shin and up towards the knee and really getting a deep massage in there. And then we're going to come down to the sit bone.

Okay. Can take hold of kind of like a of a fist with a hand and put your forearm right on your sit bone in hamstring and just pull up the hamstring. Get a good compression force into that. Feel like your rolling pin and you're trying to roll the lumps out. You're trying to maybe align all the fibers like a comb, getting everything nice and long, noticing if there's any places in your hamstring that are particularly sticky or hard or tender. Okay, keep pulling the hamstring up towards the knee.

Continue that thought as you straighten and bend your knee. So instead of thinking I'm stretching my hamstring or I'm tightening my quad, think instead my hamstrings, almost like a conveyor belt and I just keep lengthening it and that's what allows my need to straight. And that's it. Sam. Beautiful. Stay at the top and flex and point. All right. Now I want you to realize that the flection movement should come all the way through your body like a cable. And it should shift the bones in your skull a little bit and it should shift your eyeballs in their sockets a little bit.

So you need to get out of the way and allow that fluxion movement to work its way all the way through. And to realize that flection is a very deep, almost primal need the body has. And it's not really just an exercise. Beautiful. Okay. Now, soft foot, soften the knee a little bit. Take your fingers and massage inside your knee. Start really getting in there.

Use your thumbs all around your knee cap deep in there, finding your spots. Weking them up, stimulating. Almost like you would be stimulating salivation in the joint, right? So it's like you're salivating in there and you're just trying to wake up the joint, turn on the nervous system, heat up the liquids, and then you're gonna work your way up your calf and your shin. Find the space in between your shinbone and your fibula. So there's two bones in there, right?

See if you can find distinguishing distinguishment in there like you have in your forearm. There should be a lot more movement than a lot of us have in there. Also, the calf muscles, the bones in the Shin and in the calf are so key to our circulation, to our pump mechanism to keep the blood flow, help bring the lymphatic system back and detoxifies. You've got to have lots of good movement in there. Let the knee just come down on your chest and work your fingers into your ankle bones in and around can give your Achilles tendon a little bit of a massage as well. Heated up and then right under those ankle bones, there's seven small bones that form the back part of the foot. Get in there. Imagine they were like river rocks or something and you could move them around, right?

So underneath now we're into the heel and the arch of the foot a little bit. Trying to create some movement in there and the long bones of the foot, you want to pull them apart like a fan and really stretch. Open your foot, work your way up to the ball of the foot and stretch. Open the ball of the foot, pull the toes apart and stretch the wedding in between the toes. Curl the toes towards your knee and stretch the whole sole of your foot. Yeah. And then curl the toes away and stretch through the metatarsal joints you have.

Sometimes you even get a little crack in there. And then I want you to take the ball of your foot and the heel and twist like it was a dish cloth twist and spiral your foot. So the foot has 26 bones in it. It's got something like 33 joints in it. It has so many nerves, so many blood vessels, so much should be going on in there. It tends to be a little bit off our radar a lot of the time. Alright, and then take your hands back down, leave your leg up and take the leg straight to the ceiling.

And then again as if it were a honey stick, usually muscles of your thighs to squeeze your Femur, to squeeze up towards your knee, to squeeze your knee, calf muscle, squeezing your shin all the way up. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Point the foot and stretch through and get a really powerful feeling. It's not hardening, it's squeezing, right? Which is more of a movement and you want to keep that idea going. Flex your right foot powerfully, really powerfully. And we're going to do tree. It's a bit hard without a strap.

So it's okay if there's a bit of a struggle, you're going to put your hands on the base of your thigh. Powerful flex in that right foot. Bend your elbows and curl your chin to your chest and walk up your leg. Keep that flex and try to keep that leg strong, right? So you keep coming up right all the way, top of the head to the Shin, right?

Trying to keep the leg vertical and then pull the organs deep in your body. Open your back like a parachute and create room as you walked down, massaging the organs into the spine. And all the way through, and we're going to do one more chin to chest. Kerlin. Curl the brain over the heart, the heart over the stomach, stomach over the intestines. Open the kidneys up in the back. Stay up again, top of the head on the Shin. Elbows high and wide.

Flex x and point, right flex again. That flection you wanted to come all the way through. It comes up your spine and into your brain, right? And you're trying to create a channel for that to happen. Car, very nice and point and walked down again. You pull the organs in and up. Release the bones, release the sacred, release the spy. Walked down, opening your back up long arms and legs.

And I want to take that big step, single leg circled, twist. All right? You're literally gonna pick up your left hip and you're going to put it on top of your right, and you're going to twist all the way over, all the way down, wide out and back to center. Inhale, big twist down, around, over and up. Inhale wants you to just feel the suppleness feel again, like you're just a dishrag. We're not worrying too much about technique. We're trying to get a deep stretch. One more time, a deep massage of the whole body and reverse. We'll reverse now. We'll go a little faster. We'll go down way low, over and up, right. Don't go lower than your hip, but reach long and out in Hale, long and out. Open your back.

Pull the belly to the floor and last time down over and center. Very nice. Bend the knee in. Soften the bones, soften the muscles, squeeze it to your chest for a second feeling again, like you're a sponge, even at the bony level. Think about your sacred for a moment. Relax your sacred, and then go ahead and put that leg down. Very nice. Take a moment, kind of enjoy that leg. Might feel a little different from your right one, and then we're going to bring the other leg in and take it right below the kneecap. Yes, you're going to be on top of your Shin. There you go. Are you just gonna gently rock it towards you? You know the pelvis is two halves, so there's a little bit of soft movement there.

Allowing the right sit bone to come with relaxing your back, not resisting anything and coming down to the ankle and the gentle massage deep in squeezing the muscles and then pulling the shin up, pulling the skin up, promoting again the circulatory possibilities in that lower leg by softening things and turning things on and then we'll come down to the sit bone and up the hamstring you might find different lines. Maybe the outer one or the inner one needs more work. Just trying to smooth out like if it was dough and there were lumps or if it were tangled and you were trying to untangle the fibers and massage them, remind them they're supposed to be able to slide on each other a little bit and then continue that thought up the leg and allow that to let your knees straighten and bend. But it's as if you're feeding the hamstring up into the knee. You're not trying to stop and stretch so much. You could even feel that that release comes all the way from your, your shoulder blades down your back and around your tail and up into your leg and will stay softly straight and flex some point.

And again, that flection comes through your body. It shifts gears everywhere and it comes all the way to your brain, your skull, your eyes, right. And then you let your foot be soft. You sink your fingers into the [inaudible], the back of the knee, massage your thumbs into all of the attachments around the knee cap, lots of kind of proprioceptive receptors in your knees and your ankles that sometimes get a little dull, stimulate, stimulate work your thumbs up in between your calf muscles and in between your Tibia and your fibula on the right side, their two bones, they should be able to move apart from each other a little bit to set the need, kind of soften to the body. Soon you can reach up to your ankle, get your fingers around your ankle bones, deep massage in there, the saga of your Achilles Tendon, and then continuing into the heel and the arch of the foot. Again, there's seven little bones in there, kind of three right under the ankle, and four, just a little bit in front of that. And then the five long bones heading towards the toes.

You want to spread those apart, wake them up, lots of muscle attachments, lots of nerve endings. Pull the ball of the foot apart, pull the toes apart and stretch the webbing. Flex the toes towards your knee and stretch the whole sole of your foot. And then curl the toes and stretch the metatarsal joints and open the top of the foot. And then [inaudible] take a hold of the ball of the foot and the heel and twist.

And think about how when you do your single leg, sir, a goal that's sort of like taking your shoulder girdle and your pelvis and twisting, right? So we're twisting our foot, like we're going to twist our spine a little bit and it should have access to all of that range. Beautiful. All right. And then take the leg straight up, arms down next to you and squeeze the legs. Squeeze your muscles into your bones. Imagine the bones of our spongy and the squeezing of your bones actually stimulates fluid movement in the bone and you go to the knee and up the shin. Remembering again, the calf muscles are the primary pump for our lymphatic system, our immune system essentially, right? So long and strong.

Now you're going to flex your left foot powerfully again. No hyperextension put your hands on the base of your thigh and you're going to bend and curl. Walk up your leg. Feel how grounded you could be through this leg. Yeah, a nice strong flection, whole body rounded over. Open up the spokes of the back of your spine. Flex your foot, pull your belly in and massage your way down through your intestines, through your kidneys, through your stomach, your liver, through your lungs, your heart, and into the brain. And then up again, curl could also think about how you're three quarters or more liquid, right? Move those liquids around in there. Heat 'em up. Ah, could we do two or three? I can't remember. We did two. So staying up, we're going to flex them. Point that the shoulders relax, pull the organs in and up, open the back and bow it. Really rounding it, curling the tail down and under.

Lifting the organs in and up. And then massaging deep with your abdominals back down to the mat. Widen through the kidneys, widen through the back of the lungs, long arms and will single leg circle, big twist. Inhale over down around him. So it's powerful and in control, but it's big. You could have a feeling of a little counter rotation of the lower leg, right? So that you don't feel like you'd only go one direction.

So there's a counter twist last time. And exhale, reverse the movement of the leg down, pulls air into the lungs and then squeezes it out. It pulls it in. And then abdominal twisting, ringing, squeezes it out. Big Twist. Go for a bigger twist. Imagine you're going to the ear of the person to your left. That's the way and last time, way over there and up gut.

Bend that knee deep to your chest and curl your chin to your chest and roll up. Very nice. Straighten your leg out in front of you. Put your hands down next to your hips, pick your hips up, bend your knees, and bring your hips to your feet. All the way, all the way, all the way, all the way to your, get them on in there. That's right. Now squash your calves into your hamstrings. Squish your thighs into your chest, right? Let the knees part and the ears go between the knees, right? And then you open your back up, you pull your organs in and you curl your tail under and lift your hamstrings up to roll. Inhale, lift your hamstrings up and exhale and inhale. See if you can take each rolling movement, another layer inside you, right? So you can massage the skin, which is the biggest organ in the body and just filled with nerve endings.

You can go deep to that muscles and Fascia and then even deeper getting into the bones of the spine and the rib cage, but keeping them very soft and spongy. So you're promoting circulation, you're promoting the job they do of producing blood and lymph for you, and then you can even go deeper on these last two and see if you can get between the ribs and use it to cleanse the lungs. Exhale, and last one. Inhale. Exhale. Beautiful, right. Great. Put your hands down, pick your hips up and straighten your legs and lie down. And take hold of one knee. And we're going to do the stomach series. Okay, so head up, take hold on. One knee, lift and curl straight and the other leg and we go. So and two, exhale for two. Feel how soft and pliable you are, right? Don't get tight again, be soft. Be Massage, G, spongy. Yeah.

All your joints are malleable. Bren, both these in and squeeze your air. Cushioned. Take hold of your ankles, lift your elbows, and put your thighs on your chest. Really and truly right? Yeah. Inhale, stir action out. Long exhale. Gather it up. Put your ears between your knees and vice versa. And inhale and exhale. Paula, man, squeeze yourself. Squeeze and hail. And remember, squeezing is not hardening.

It's empty. Last time, Bill and squeeze. Lift the leg straight up and scissor. Pull once, twice. Switch Paul twice. Good. See if you can take your ankle, pull your elbows behind your head and lift your tail off the Mat. Roll backwards and lift your tail. See if you can get further back. So your belly button to the spine, to the mat is the center and you're not so much on your sacrum and you switch and is switch and you switch and be even.

Take both legs up and hands under the skull. Lift your elbows way up, triceps to the ceiling. Big Inhale. Take the legs to the floor, but get tall. Exhale, curl and lift your pelvis off the mat a little bit and then he'll take them way out. Go all the way to the floor and exhale up to the ceiling. Remember your lungs, big lungs, incredibly narrow. Waist and last one. Lift Taller. Come on, triceps. Up, up, up. Not Forward. Just upstate tall twist to their eye.

Twist to the left. Ben, one knee and sue. Itch. Good. Think don't roll it all. If you can help it, you're not rolling your twisting twist on choice to west ad shortlist. You got it. And Ben and roll up legs a little wider than your mat. Take your arms up to the ceiling of big inhale.

Flex your feet and Exhale, curl your chin into your chest. Open your backup. Flex your feet more. Flex your feet seriously, but no hyper extension. Bend your knees a little bit, right? Stay here for a moment. Imagine somebody gently put your heels on the floor. Yeah, imagine somebody gently pushing your feet back at you. Okay. Pull your belly button behind your pubic bone and curl your tail under towards your kneecaps. Right under that way.

Then puts your nose in your belly button instead, and then fill your lungs and come back up to sitting. And exhale deep curls. You're rolling yourself up like that like a sea horse tail. Get in small. Don't lean forward. Curl back. Beautiful. Head down, down, all the way down. Seriously down. Flex your ankles. Fill your lungs in, all up. Fill your lungs. Fill in, fill in. Beautiful. Exhale deep.

Squeeze the whole sponge of you empty. Squeeze yourself empty. Tried to stretch less and squeeze more. Squeeze head down lecturing and fill up in him. And exhale deep. Squeeze all the way down.

Go deeper, go deeper, go deeper, go deeper, and inhale, fill up. Let's take your arms to the side and we'll do soft. Inhale, twist, and exhale. Deep Curl. Let me say, let's come back to center wall. Go the same way. So we'll go. Inhale, twist to the left, and exhale g curl. And I want you to stay firm for a second and breathe again. Lift your right palm higher palm to the floor, flat to the floor, so it'll be, it'll be at your little toe, but it'll be facing straight down. Lift your back are much higher. All right, pull your belly button behind your pubic bone. Again, curl and twist and come back up in hell. Keep your ankles very flex, really flexed all the way to your eyeballs.

Twist and curl. Then the whole nervous system, the spinal cord at every nurse. Sit back on your pelvis more. Flex your feet more. Pull your belly back, twist your left ribs to the mat and sit back into it a little bit more. Yeah. And come back to this big inhale. Exhale, G, curl flex. And don't lean forward at all.

If he can help it. Sit back behind your Powell Venus and drop the headway down. You sit back a little more. Yeah. And I come back up and last month, big inhale. Big giant tattooist the whole thing.

Deep Curl. Flexes feed. Pull them into you. Yeah. And come back up. Beautiful. Bring your feet together and swing them around in line. Your belly palms right under your armpits. Forehead down. You don't even have bones. Now you're just a boneless boneless person. Everything is soft tissue. Nothing to articulate. She just lifts your eyes, your nose, your chin, your chest, you eyes a push with those hands and come all the way up.

Don't worry about it. Just come on up. Big Inhale. Ah, I see. How come that everything soft and flexible, including your sacred inhale, eyes, nose, chin, chest, yawn, your belly out, Yadda. Like a big alligator. Just stretch it apart. An exhale come back down. Good. Sam, you're good, I think, but everybody else bring your hands further back. Bring them back. You might come back a little bit. Yeah. Alright, bigger now. Inhale, eyes, nose, Chin. Just stretch your skin. Stretch your sternum. Come all the way up everybody. Big Stretch, huge stretch. Inhale, get taller, a little taller. Pull your belly up. I say, come back down and beautiful and sit back on your heels for a moment and rest your back down while you're here.

Now work your weight a little further back over your feet and not so much on your knees. Let the knees come apart and put the ears between the knees. Use your hands and push yourself backwards. Tuck your tail under towards your knees and open your back up. Right. Stay down now, but lift your feet and Tuck your toes under and you're going to just push yourself up into a squat. Okay, so your way down as lone. Everybody will be different in the ankles.

Some people you know even have their heels down here, but it's not important that they be down. You're just trying to release tension. Okay? You let your spine get long, you drop all the tension out of your low back in your Seagram. And then do you let your calves melt down the back of your legs and into your heels. You let your foot, the front of your foot where it meets the front of your Shin, melt the foot down and under the Shin, letting the Shin slide slightly forward over the foot. Keep your weight on the back of the ball of the foot and see if you could lift all 10 toes gently reaching them towards your fingers a little bit so you're way back there. Yawn out the sole of your foot.

Could feel it like a yawn or you could feel it almost like a big flower blooming right now. Keeping that feeling your toes are trying to left. You're trying to stay on the back of the ball of the foot. Your ankle is melted deep. Your calves are long. You're going to put the very tip top of your Tibia on the mat as close to your toenails as possible. So you're going to come to kneeling, but you're going to be kneeling on your Tibia, not your kneecaps, right? Use Your hands to help you stay back in your feet as you do it so you stay deep, deep in the ankle, deep, deep in the toes and your dog and you're not on your kneecap.

Yeah. Okay, so you get down in there. Then take your fingers on your kneecaps and gently encourage your knee caps up your thighs into your belly and allow yourself to come up to kneeling and stay seated on your feet if you can. All right, now, while you're seated there, right, we have all of these energies. We're still see it sitting on them yet, so you have this sense of the heel cap and heel going that way. Sole of the foot opening toes, curling under n lifting right shins and the calves coming up into your belly. All of those different lines of energies, right? You continue them.

You press the sole of the foot, heel and ankle back to levitate the hamstrings up off your calves, but you're still in your feet. You're still pushing the weight into your feet, right? And your toes. If you could be, you'd be on the backside of the ball of the foot and not just the toes, right? And you'd have this sense of reaching the sole of your foot towards your knee caps. A little. All right, and we're just going to take some arm circles. Big Inhale and exhale and let your shoulder girdle go.

Let your rib cage go stretched the space between your pelvis in your reverse. Inhale and exhale. One more time in how this time we're going to stay at the top. Bring your hands together. Just put your pointer fingers pointing up. Look up and stretch yourself.

Stretch your belly like we did at the beginning, right? Push your heels back, push your hamstrings forward, lift your knee caps up and stretch your body and then exhale and come back to center. Right now we're going to come down onto the belly and do single and double leg kick. And you want to keep as much of that going as you can. All right, so that's that long feeling through the front of your body. You're up on your forearms, you can be in this sort of tripod position or a little more parallel come today, a little lower than you might normally. And then drag yourself forward, pulling those muscles really long until your thighs come off the Mat, right? The knees are completely free and you're going to kick one knee twice and switch and switch and switch and switch. And your knees are so lubricated, there's no tension, there's no crunching. Your quads are really long, I think a little less of tightness in your leg. Okay?

Think how long you are from here to there to free or need to flex. Flex, right? So from your ribs, cross your thighs around your knees. You should be able to squash your calf into your hamstring, right? No resistance there because you're so open in the front of your body better. And then last one, all right, once she got in the mat, hands come high up on the rib cage and wherever you think they are, they should probably come another two, three inches higher. Get them up there, get them up there, pull your shoulder blades wide, your elbows wide.

And take your elbows all the way to the mat and reach your head into the twist a little bit more so it's not resting. It's actually twisting. Now you're going to take a big inhale in those lungs. Same kicks with free knees. Exhale, three kicks. One, two, three. Inhale, open the shoulders and stretch way up and stretch your belly more than your legs. And exhale there. Cheek two, three, and inhale up less. Shoulder stretching, less arm stretching, more belly stretching an exhale. Kick two, three, and inhale up. Stay for a moment here.

It should be palm to palm palms up so they have palm to palm oil, one palm on top of the other palm. Okay, stay up for a second. Lift your shoulders higher. Okay. Tuck your toes under. Flex your toes and put them on the floor and push yourself forward. Push yourself actually forward. Don't resist the idea. Go forward and stretch your belly out to point your toes there.

Lift them. So that's your position. Take another inhale and then turn. Exhale, kick two, three. Inhale, stretch, lift, stretch your belly, but only in back. Lean forward and last time, exhale, two, three on inhale. Think about your swan and how stretched your belly was. Not your arms, not your legs so much, but your belly. Yep. And rest. Sit back on your heels. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

All right, very nice. Let's bring your legs out in front of you and let's do Jack Knife. All right. Coming all the way down. Yup. Give yourself enough room for your head. Lie Down. All right, we're going to do three Jack. Nice. And I want you to just keep a lot of this really soft, spongy, quality alive.

Your body should be able to soak up oxygen very easily and your lung should be so expandable that you can get a lot of oxygen in. Okay, so long straight legs and arms, and we can take them right to the ceiling and then we'll roll over. Go a little farther than you're used to. If your spine is warm enough and then lift your legs. Now lift your back up, lift your back up, up, up, up, up, and then pull your heart in and pull your stomach in and pull your intestines into roll down. Yes. Beautiful. You go Emily. And way over and up. Think of lifting your whole back up.

Lift your whole back up out of your shoulder girdle. Yeah, keep lifting that up as you pull your heart in and then your stomach in and then your intestines deep inside to come down and lengthen those legs away. Last time. Way over. Go over farther then up. Feel like somebody picked your entire rib cage up out of your shoulder. Go to way up. Way Up. Way Up. Nice. Keep the up even as you ruled down.

Nice. Beautiful. Beautiful. All right, good. You guys. Okay, let's do some sidekicks. So let's have everybody faced that way and you guys flipped with your head towards this end. So we'll have the same, if I say right leg, I've got everybody doing right leg. Okay, she's going to be up on your left arm right under the head. So handle, be behind the ear, holding the skull. Now pick the entire left side of your body up, right so that you're balanced on your femur and there's nothing touching of your pelvis, your waist, or your ribs, right? But your level, pick up your right foot, hip high, and flex that foot, right? So now the bottom leg will be at a 45 degree angle though.

Okay? Lift up your left ribs, lift him up, lift him up, lift him up. That's right. Okay, so we're level and we come to the fore on front and to the back, back, and inhale front. Imagine you were throwing the leg and catching it. Throw it, catch it with your belly, throw it, catch it with your back front, front all the way to the back, back. Inhale and exhale all the way. Don't stop it front front. Let it go all the way back back and inhale, catchy with your belly and Xcel. Catch it with your back.

One more time and all the way to the back. Bring your feet together, turn the top leg out, pointed and bring your heel to the mat in front of your left foot and kick up. Flex down. Point up, flex down. We're just going up to the side, right point up food. Lex, flex the other way down. Right point up, flex and come down. Now we reverse flex up. Point down, keep rotating. See if the lift can come from the back side of the hip and not so much from the quad. Maybe again, that sense of the length down your back and up into your hamstring. And then last time, up and back down. Very nice.

Parallel your legs taken. Inhale. And on the exhale, lift your legs up, put your right hand down if it isn't and lift your left elbow up and see if you can find your center right in the middle. And rest. Good. Alright, good. And then let's just flip head to toe. So we'll put your heads at the other end. Yeah, that's the hardest part sometimes where hoo. All right, so your feet are going to be forward on a 45 degree angle, right? Yeah. So you got to, that's to help you not have to overwork.

So you want that Nice Angle. Yeah. So that you don't have to just fight for balance all the time. You can concentrate on something else. Pick that whole right side up so you're not hanging out knowing out in Palabra these nice lift. Yep. Pick up your left foot and flex. Swing to the front. Catch pulse with your abs. Swing to the back.

Catch pulse with your back in Hale and arch your back. Arch your back in Hail and arch. Stretch your front out, right. Think about your swan again and how you opened the front of your body in here. Anx Oh yeah, in you got it.

And out. Nice. Now even though you're allowed to arch your back again, you don't thrust the ribs and you'll have just a little sense of opposition in the Seagram so that you don't overarch your low back, but don't resist the idea. Just counterbalance a little bit and last one front and to the back. Nice. Bring the feet together. Turn out and kick up. Flex down, pull joint up. Flex that.

Use those deep rotating muscles that come out of the back of the hip. Inspiral around underneath your knee and just always come in front of your down foot yet reverse your foot if you haven't, so you're going to point or flex up, point down, flex up, point down. Inhaling, exhaling. Again, watch that you're not leaning on your right rib cage up. We come. All right, parallel and just lift both legs up. Take a big inhale. Then on the exhale, lift your right elbow off the mat and find those side muscles and rest.

Very nice. Come right up to sitting facing each other like straight out in front of you. Point your toes, take an inhale, and on the exhale you're going to curl back. You're going to lift your arms and legs to 45 degrees and you're going to roll down to your lowest rib and you're going to come back up. Inhale and exhale deep curl like you're trying to put your belly button through your spine to the mat. Inhale, come up. Nice and exhale.

Yes, I last time up. Very nice. Lift the arms. It just take the whole thing down to the floor all the way down. Bring your hands down next to your hips. Roll about halfway up. Bend your elbows and slide your elbows back. Okay. You'll still be down on your forearms. That's the way long, strong legs, powerful connection.

Push down and towards your feet and pull your belly back in. Take a big inhale and from your belly button to the floor, lift your leg straight up to the ceiling. Push with those arms and lift those legs. Twist to the right around and center. No hyperextension right. Inhale, twist and exhale.

Deep Curl. Let them come in the knees a little bit more, right and truest around. Think about that twist we started with weight at the beginning, right twist around and center. Last set. Big Twist. Move the whole thing from your arm pits, not just your waist. Last one around and bend the knees to your nose. Beautiful swimming around in line your belly. Let's face each other, I think. There we go. All right, you can take hold of your ankles, bend your knees and take hold of your ankles. And Justin joy a big, you're gonna straighten your legs and let that tow you up.

And get taller and taller and taller, and just notice that when you get your tissue soft enough, hot enough, you can do exercises that seem like they're a little more advanced. Oh yeah, that's this one, right? And yeah, maybe more out of them. Right? So now you're going to stay, just reach around or we're going to go swimming. Eyes up, chest up, eyes up, eyes up, no drowning up. We come, look up, look up. That's the way big. Inhale and exhale sir.

Answered back on your shoulder, on your heels. Take a little moment. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And then we're going to bring your feet out in front of you and do seal. Very nice. Soles of the feet together. And they have two choices in, in seal. One is kind of like that inner lining of the foot or you can do their prayer foot position, which is kind of Nice.

It really helps open the back a little bit more. So if you want to try that, the little fig toes together, but then turn your toes towards your nose and open, open, open, hands down and through. And you roll in. A hail and exhale, sweep the whole back around from your shoulder blades up over your pelvis. You got it. And inhale up and exhale down. Right. And you can add the claps at just the sitting end of things, or at both fans for suspension, timing, and freedom in the hip. Oh, one more time.

Big Inhale and [inaudible]. Ah, finish. [inaudible] very nice ladies. Good. Yeah.


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Great stretches Amy. I enjoyed the class!
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Just used this to "wake up" my body and proprioceptors for a morning tennis game. Great class!
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Awesome Amy!! Damm Sam amazing scissors!!!
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I'm not overstating when I say what a privilege and honor to be able to take this class. Let me do this every morning for the rest of my life and I will die happy and fulfilled :)

So rich. Thank you.
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I feel that was one of, if not, the best Pilates classes I have ever taken. I wish as a teacher I could have studied with Amy! With some of the cues I felt new things even after teaching for over 12 years. I could go on and on. Thank very much Amy. Sincerely, Sue.
I am a huge fan of anatomy-- but she is talking NON STOP about all the different organ systems --so fast I don't have time to get into one of them. It's just a constant barrage of chatter. Pick a theme and stick with it.
1 person likes this. the progression of feeling the movement all the way through the body...from skin to organs! Great stuff...thank you 100x
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Thank you so much! 6 stars.
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This was just what I needed so badly! After days of not much movement (family in town), I feel alive again!
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After a morning run, my tissue thanks you a thousand times......wonderful to take time and open our tissues and systems. I loved your emphasis on brain, heart, liver...visualizing our inside movement takes everyone to a much deeper level than choreography alone will ever do! Thank you for giving us a class we can do over and over and feel this amazing!!
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