Class #1143

Foam Roller Release to Work

50 min - Class


Create more movement in your body with the release work in Natasja Barnard's Foam Roller Workout. She teaches exercises like the Roll Up, Roll Over, Rolling Like a Ball, and others while using the Foam Roller to add more intensity to the workout. She also includes a few balance challenges in the Teaser and Side Plank to work on your stabilizers. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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So stand to the back of your roller. Squeezing your roller with your ankle bones, right up into your adductors, engage your pelvic floor, lengthen up through your breastbone, through t...


Natasja - this class was amazing!

I had absolutely no idea what was coming up next so I had to concentrate hard on your excellent cues and go with the flow.

Foam roller classes have always been one of my favourite 'challenge' mat workouts. This class is one that I will repeat for my own practice and enjoy sharing with my classes.

Just wonderful x
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Loved the strength work incorporated with stretching and release of tight, sore muscles. One of those "hurts so good" workouts in some parts. Really great IT band and thoracic spine work- which I need.
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This class is what I have been waiting for in a foam roller class: steady pace, beautiful movements, strengthening and stretching for 50 Minutes!. Thank you!
Beautiful class! I really loved your helicopter abs. I feel wonderful, thank you!
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Are there any substitutions for a foam roller for those of us who don´t have one yet?
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brava natasja.kiss from italy
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I really liked this class - it was a nice combination of stretching and strengthening. However, it would be great to have a shorter version that was faster-paced and more focused on the strengthening exercises with the foam roller. Thanks!!
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Fantastic class!! Just what I needed after traveling! Thank you!
WOW! Thank you everyone for the positive feedback - i'm totally grateful to have had the experience to film for P.A and of course to share my passion with the WORLD is completely overwhelming!
Joni - you can certainly use other assists: place a 'try-ad ball' under the pelvis for the hip work, under the scapula for abdominal work! You can also use a pilates arc to lift the pelvis and thoracic spine - as for the balancing work - stand on a couple of 'squishy' mats to challenge the proprioceptors - let me know how you go! GOOD LUCK!
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