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Quick Foam Roller Flow

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Lisa Hubbard returns to Pilates Anytime with a Foam Roller Mat workout. It's a quick class, but she fits a lot into it. Lisa teaches challenging stabilization exercises, a Mermaid Series, and Swan Dive.
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller

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Nov 06, 2013
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Hi and welcome. My name is Lisa Hubbard. I am back for a foam roller class. We're gonna begin sitting on the foam roller. Bring your tailbone to the edge, knees about parallel, hip distance apart, reaching your arms forward.

We're gonna inhale, expand the ribs laterally. (inhaling) Exhale through the mouth. (exhaling) Start to roll your spine into the mat slowly, one vertebra at a time. Sweep your arms overhead. Make sure that the head is onto the mat and the tailbone is down it below. We're gonna start with some arm and shoulder stretches. We're gonna begin inhaling, reaching your right arm overhead.

Left arm reaches down towards the mat, exhale and alternating. This feels nice in the shoulders, reaching, extending back, inhaling and exhaling, keeping your ribs on the mat and in neutral spine. (inhaling) (exhaling) Good, one more time. Reach your arms up towards the ceiling. Now we're gonna circle them.

Reach arms up overhead, out, and around, inhaling as the arms come up, open, circle around. Try to keep your sternum soft into the mat. We'll do three more. Inhale and exhale around. Last time, inhale up, exhale around.

Just melt your elbows into the mat, and let the shoulders broaden and open. Find your neutral position. We're gonna engage the abdominals by initially with the pelvic floor, transverse abdominis. Take a breath here. We're gonna do some stabilization exercises.

We're gonna lift just the right knee to a 90-degree angle on an exhale. Inhale, tap the toe completely. We'll do eight on each side. (deep breathing) Inhale, tap. You'll notice that one side is a little bit different than the other. Focus on your breath and your connections.

Exhale up. (exhaling) Let's do two more. (inhaling) Inhale. Exhale up, tap the toe. Last time up. Place the foot down.

Now we'll go to the left. Take a breath in. (inhaling) Exhale, draw the abdominals in as you lift the leg and tap it. I can tell that this side is a little bit different. Make sure that your supported leg, your knee is not splaying in or out. We'll do a few more, tapping, organizing your muscles, and one more up, and place it down.

Good, now we'll begin just with the right leg tabletop and now the left leg. So you'll find a little bit of shaking there. I'm trying to find my support, and we're gonna alternate your right knee in and your left toes down. Exhale in. Inhale on the exchange.

(deep breathing) Let's do five sets. (deep breathing) This is gonna be a short program, about 20 minutes. We'll focus on stabilization, abdominals, side and back. Good, last two, up. (deep breathing) Exhaling, in. (deep breathing) Lengthening the abdominal wall, one more time. Good, place the feet down.

We're gonna sweep our arms up overhead. Stretch it out. Nice beautiful straight line. Now I'm gonna attempt a roll up. Inhale, lift the arms, the head, neck and chest.

Exhale, you're gonna slowly peel your spine up. Woo, a little bit shaky. Take a breath here. Exhale, we're gonna roll down, lengthen the femurs away, your knees and your shins as you roll down and articulate all the way back, reaching the fingertips down towards the mat. Inhale, lift the arms, head and chest.

Exhale, feel like you're going up and over, (deep breathing) pulling in the abdominals, reach your arms here (deep breathing) and roll it back, exhaling. Let's do three more. Float the arms all the way back, extend back. That feels so nice. Take it up, inhale. (inhaling) Exhale, curl forward. (exhaling) Inhale here (inhaling) and roll down, exhaling.

Imprint one vertebra at a time. Lengthen it back. You can always add a little assist by grabbing your thighs and pulling gently yourself up. Just try to get that C curve in the low back, working the abdominals and stretching out that lumbar spine. Good, we're gonna do one more time.

Reach it back, inhale, lift the arms. Chest follows, exhale, draw it in, and roll it up. Good, let's come to sitting nice and tall. Now were gonna do that stabilization series with the arms up, so let's begin inhaling here. (inhaling) Exhale, start to roll down, lengthen your arms perpendicular towards the ceiling. Okay, here we go.

So we're gonna do five on each side. We're gonna start with the right knee up on an exhale. Take a breath here, exhale, lifting up. (exhaling) Tap it down, and you'll feel the hamstring activate. And three. On the left side, you'll feel that hamstring and inner thigh helping to support.

One more time. Keep your neutral position and five and lower, good. Okay, now for the other side. We're gonna take a breath here, (deep breathing) organize your abdominals, and we're gonna exhale, and we're gonna lift (deep breathing) for five. You can tell this is my challenging side.

Two, up three, two more (deep breathing). Good, I did it. Almost there, and one. Now I feel that right hamstring hanging on for dear life. Good, now we're gonna begin.

Hmm, I think we had here inhaling, woo, and extend out. (deep breathing) Reach. (deep breathing) Lengthen, we'll just do five. Inhale, woo, challenging. One more, out and in, lower. Okay, let's reset. (deep breathing) Organize, focus, concentrate, take a breath here. Lift the opposite leg, whoa, and we're gonna go out.

One, two. (deep breathing) Two more, little shake I admit. I've been in the car for a while, and lower. Okay, reach your arms overhead. We're gonna interlace our fingers and bring it to the base of the skull, cradling your head. Draw the shoulders down and up.

We're gonna inhale to prepare. (inhaling) Exhale through the mouth and come up. Lift your chest, but keep your pelvis neutral. Take a breath to hold, and then lengthen a way to exhale all the way down. Let's do eight like this, and then we'll layer on. Exhale up (deep breathing) inhale and exhale to lower and again, three.

Lift your chest. Come a little higher, and exhale to lower and exhale to lift the chest. Curl up a little bit higher. Keep that pelvis neutral and lengthen down. Four more.

Lift your chest. Elbows are wide. Draw down the shoulders. Reach out through the crown of the head and lower. Last three.

Exhale to come up. (exhaling) Inhale, hold. (inhaling) Exhale, lengthen all the way back. Last two, and lift your chest. Stabilize, inhale, expanding the ribs. Exhale to lower. One more time.

We're gonna stay up on the last one. Exhale, lift. (exhaling) Now we're gonna add the right leg 90 degrees. Exhale up for five and lift two and up three and four (deep breathing) and lift it five. Hold it here, extended out, just layering the movements. You've already done this.

You're just isometrically contracting your abdominals and three, two more. (deep breathing) This is a challenge, and hold. Woo, and lower all the way down. (deep breathing) Now we'll go to the left side. Exhale, lift your chest. Take your left leg tabletop. We're gonna inhale, tap it, exhale to lift for five.

(deep breathing) Last two, two and one. Hold and extend out for one. Reach it out, two. Last three, lengthen, two and one more out and in. Lower your spine and release.

We're gonna reach our arms overhead. Lift your arms, head, neck, and chest and come up to a sitting position. Good, now we're gonna go into a side exercise. We're gonna go into the mermaid. So you're gonna start with the right hand on the roller.

You're gonna just take your top leg in front of the other, and we're going to roll out. We're gonna inhale, stretch it over, frame your face. Feels really nice, and exhale. Pull it all the way up. Let's do a little contraction as we go this way.

So we're gonna go sweep it up overhead, stretch. You must stabilize in this right shoulder, and up, so inhale, (inhaling) reach it over, exhale, stretch, lengthen that hip away, and then we'll come back up. Let's do two more. We'll add on. Take a breath and reach over and come back up.

Last one. Take an inhale, reach it out, stretch. Such a beautiful stretch, and then bring it back up. Now we're gonna face the roller. We're gonna rotate towards it.

We're gonna start with a diving forward. So we're gonna go into a flexion and then come up in an extension, and then we'll reverse it. So we're gonna dive down. You're gonna lengthen out your body, and then you're gonna lift your chest up. We'll dive forward.

Round your back, lengthen out to a neutral position. Reach it out a little bit further and then extend your spine and lift. Roll forward. We'll do four. Lengthen out.

This feels really nice, and then inhale as you come up and hold. One more, rounding forward, curving, lengthen out. Arms are really straight, and then we're gonna extend the spine and come all the way up. Good, we'll do the other side. So I'm gonna just position this to the other side so I'm facing you, top leg in front, and we're gonna sweep our right arm up and overhead.

We'll do five on this side and exhale, and we're gonna just contract over. Sweep it up. This feels really nice, inhaling, exhale, and come back up. Good, last three, and reach it over and back up. (deep breathing) Last two, inhale. Whoops, that got away from me a little bit.

Over, over, over, and come back up. One more. Sweep it up and over and bring it back up. Nice, good. So now let's go into that diving, diving pattern into the arch.

I don't think I reversed it on the other side. Take a breath here. That's okay. Diving down, lengthen out, and then we're gonna lift our chest up. So just know that you can reverse that patterning, so from flexion to extension, you can go extension to flexion.

We're gonna dive down. Lengthen out into a nice perpendicular position or a parallel position. Then we lift head, neck, and chest, arch, looking up towards the ceiling, opening your shoulders. Last one, rounding down, lengthen out, and lift, inhale all the way up and good. We're gonna end with a back extension exercise, the swan.

So we're gonna be on our stomachs. The legs are gonna be parallel and together or slightly apart. Our arms are gonna be extended, and of the forehead is just resting over the mat. So we're gonna inhale, and we're gonna lift our chest. Come as high as you feel comfortable, and then as you lower, you're gonna start to lift the legs into that beautiful hip extension and then lift up, inhaling, exhale (exhaling).

Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, inhale. Open your chest. Exhale, reach it out, creating that beautiful lengthened space in the body. Let's do two more, coming up, reach it out. Last time here and lengthen it out, lifting the legs up and rest.

Hands underneath your shoulders. Go ahead and press back into a child's pose position. Take a big inhale here. (inhaling) Roll up to a sitting position. (training honking) Woo, that startled me for a second, and thank you. I hope you enjoyed the class.

Have a great day.


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Lisa Hubbard
Joni, Keep up the practice :)
Sabrina H
2 people like this.
My body appreciated this class!! just what I needed this morning :) thank you!
Lisa Hubbard
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Thanks Sabrina, happy your body got in what it needed :) & thank you for tuning in!
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enjoyed class although sadly it was too short !!! hopefully this means you were there to tape yet another AWESOME reformer and mat class ???
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Great class, very chalenging when lifting knee en reach leg out and upper body in c-curve! I will have to practice a lot, although it was funny to see me wobbling !
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Yugonda, Lisa has two more classes scheduled to be released in the next two weeks so look out for them!
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I really liked this class! Thank you so much. Very humbling!
Anna L
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Thank you Lisa. The stabilization movements were so challenging! Loved it when the train was startling at the end. That was cute & made me smile. :) What a nice way to end class.
Lisa Hubbard
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Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. This is a class that helps identify asymmetries and will keep you coming back to master the difficult exercises!
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