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Body-Opening Cadillac

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Meredith's Cadillac workout will help you feel good after spending a lot of time sitting or driving. She starts with a warm up on the Spine Corrector to open up the body and then moves onto exercises on the Cadillac. Meredith teaches Backbends, Pull Ups, Butterfly, and much more.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Cadillac

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Aug 26, 2013
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We're going to work on the Cadillac today. A little step. Bare warm up in a little Cadillac work. So here we go. Um, let's just start standing off to the end of the Cadillac holding onto the vertical poles. I've got my, um, yellow springs and roll bar set up and I've got uh, handles and lake springs ready to go. So holding the vertical poles, lifting the spine, breathing in, and as we breathe out, lift the pelvis up into a little bit of an arch and just start arching backwards. So we're going to do a lot of extension work today. We reach out pulling the abdominals into support the spine stains here. Allow the knees to bend and then curl backward through the spine.

The knees are going in the opposite direction of this spine. As you roll yourself all the way back, straightening the legs at the top. Inhale, exhale, reaching back through the pelvis, hollowing the abdominals, creating intra abdominal pressure to support the lengthening of this spine, bending the knees and curling the spine back. Drawing the shoulders away from the ears as we come back up onto our feet. We'll do two more. So extend taking the pelvis into an anterior tilt, pouring the pelvis backwards.

Inhale to bend the knees and then exhale to curl back, knees and abdominal working oppositionally to create a force through the center of the body. And then one more. Pouring the pelvis backwards, allowing the spine to extend, keeping the stomach working, supporting bending the knees, breathing in and curling the back. Back Up. Finding yourself back up onto your feet. From there, coming up onto the step barrel, reaching the arms forward. Breathe into lift the back. Breathe out as we create a curvature in the spine. Then continue breathing out as we take the body all the way over the top, going through that extension pattern. Reach the arms around, take them forward, look forward and roll up. Lifting tall. Inhale, exhale. Reach the spine backwards. Round the spine, sir. Lifting the arms now so that the arms past the head and then we get that beautiful opening through the shoulders. The arms reach around, reach forward and Rola.

Have my legs together and I'm working them together pretty actively. One more. Rolling back, reaching back, pouring the back over the top of the barrel, taking the arms around to the sides, keep the hands face up, bring the arms forward and roll the spine up from there. Interlacing the hands and bringing them behind the head. We once again round the spine and then stretch all the way over the barrel. Inhaling, as we exhale, keep the head press back into the hands and just lift until the body comes into a straight line. Inhale to take the body back and exhale.

Draw the ribs down the front of the body too for try to avoid pressing forward with the head. So we just create almost like a hovering sensation off the barrel. And inhale, reaching back and again curling and reaching back. And I like to give myself a little moment at the top like a three to one moment to deepen and then take it back and stay engaged on the way back as well as on the way up and exhaling to lift and in healing. To go back, we'll do two more. Excellent to list heavy head, elbows wide, and any helps you reach back. And Xcel to lift from the lifted straight position. Let's create a little flection and back to straight and draw inward scooping the abdominal and reach back and draw inwards and reach back.

And this time now as you curl your spine, float the left knee into the chest and set it down and float the right knee into the chest and set it down. We'll do one one each side. Oh, I went a little too far back that time. Let's just come to straight and curl and back and take it all the way up to the top. Sitting tall. Inhale, going to go through rotation. So let your hands pull upwards on your skull and find center and inhale and exhale. Turn, rotate lifting the spine and inhale to find center. So as you go through this rotational pattern work from the waist and center and always keeping the head press into the hands of that. The neck isn't turning, the turning comes from lower in the body through the center and low spine and we keep the knees lined up with one another to make sure that the pelvis isn't shifting back and forth. We'll do one more to each side, lengthening upwards and sometimes a little bit forward than our minds. Then center and lifting upwards and just the teensiest bit forward to make sure you're totally vertical.

Find Center round the spine and take the body back over the barrel. Xcel to curl to the straight body. Create flection as you reached to the left. Find Center, create flection as you reach to the right find center and take it back. X Hose. We come from extension to neutral spine and then we come into flection with rotation and center and flection with rotation to the other side and center and back. This is an inhale and an exhale and an exhale and an inhale and rotate. Exhale, breathe all the air out of the body.

Find Center and take it back two more times to both sides. We're going to add on Xcel to the left. Inhale, XO with the knee that you're turning towards. Inhale, set it down. Exhale, lift the knee that you're rotating towards the inhale. Set it down and come center. Take it all the way back. Exhale to lift to neutral. Inhale pass. Xcel lifting. The knee pulling deep into the center of the body and set it down and exhale, lifting up into that sigh that's moving into the center of the body.

Set it down, reach the arms forward. Take it all the way back again, all the way back, or reach around to the side, palms, the hands face up to facilitate a good stretch. Reach forward, eyes forward, and a roll at reaching all the way forward. Take the bar in your hands. We're going to bring the bar into the chest, lifting the chest into the bar and reach forward. Now there's not a great deal of spring tension here, so create work reaching forward. So I actually have no spring tension as my arms are straightening, but I'm creating a backward pull with my shoulder blades. As I'm taking my arms forward, we do two more and reach forward and one more and reach forward.

So from here we're going to roll the spine back, allow the back to just be absorbed by the roller. Oh, this is not a roller. It's a, what is it? A spine corrector. And now we're going to lift through extension. Taking the eyes forward at the last minute round down. Exhale, take it all the way over the back. Allow the springs to support you and help you as you rise.

So a higher spring. I've got mine at about eye level, a higher spring. We give you more assistants should you need a little bit more assistance and extending the sign rising up through the chest. And now we're going to reverse that so we dive backwards. Find the back against the spine, correct your bring head forward and articulate the spine back up to sitting. Lift the chest, draw down on the springs a little bit, dive backwards.

Feel the bat, come into the barrel, feel the head move forward. Create flection as you around through your spine and sit up one more time. This is a little bit of anti driving material. I've been in the car for days and then we curl all the way. Okay, let the springs go. Step down, take the barrel away, setting up for a footwork, safety strap first of course, and then however many springs you want to work with.

One red or two reds are all red and a blue [inaudible]. Okay. Positioning the body underneath the bar, siding back as much as you need to and definitely using a little bit of an extension piece if that's something that needs to happen for your body, press the Barra. Place the feet underneath the bar and find a position in your body where your pelvis can be flat and in neutral. The arms are reaching down to our sides, so just kind of settle into that position.

Feel the upper arms press backward without allowing the ribs to flair upwards, and then we pull the bar. Now as the of our reaches up, I want you to do it with the idea of not pushing up with your legs, the front of your legs, but instead dropping the poet as down and allowing the legs to just follow through. Inhale to Ben. It's a totally different feeling than just pushing from the quads, so we feel the pelvis drop back or as we pull the legs up towards straight and inhale to bend again. Pelvis presses downwards. It's almost as though the bar movement is delayed as the pelvis gets put into place. We'll just do two more like that. So we pressed down, we extend the legs up and one more. As the legs are lifting towards the ceiling, the abdominals are pressing down towards the ground underneath you. From there, shifting to the toes, plantar flexing the feet in heel, bending the knees, press the pelvis down. Allow the legs to extend from there.

Who keeping the friends of the legs kind of soft test. Sit Out, touch on. Are you pushing with that you? I'm suggesting that we try not to today. Pelvis down, legs follow through abdominals. Heavy feet are still so really good place to watch your own ankle alignment. Pall this down legs continue and inhale.

Two more pelvis down, legs continue and last one Paul. This down legs continue. Good. So Small v position with the fee. Maintaining plants are reflection. Maintaining a good solid foot position. Bend the knees, press the pelvis down and I'll allow again the legs to just ease their way up.

Inhale to bend. As you're working here, checking with your arms and shoulders. The arms can be active here. So we turn this not just into a stretch or a leg exercise, but into a full body experience. Arms reaching shoulders, heavy abdominals, drawing down for another rib cage, drawing backwards in heel to bend and exhale to stretch. And last one, excelling to stretch from their heels to the outside of the bar in turnout pelvis. Heavy. Inhale, the knees pull down. We press the pelvis and the arms backward and lift in. Hilda, pull the bar down. So my suggestion is that we use the hamstrings there, right? Their job is to bend the knees, so pull the bar down rather than just allowing the bar to move closer to you.

Last two times, bending the knees and reaching up and bending the knees and reaching up, coming back into the center of the bar on the toes and a flex the feet. Press the pelvis down and rise up onto the toes. So we work off for range of motion into that foot, looking for the front of the Shin, the muscle in the front of the Shin, the anterior Tibialis to activate. So actually look at your shins and see if you can get that muscle to turn on. So the feeling in my mind is that it's not just where the springs are taking you in terms of where the bar goes, but, uh, we pulled beyond where the springs take us to challenge, to stretch last time, pull and reach, and then prancing one heel lifts and change.

So we rise up and pull, rise up and pull. So the feet meet in Plantar flection in the high position, and then one bends in one straightens. The feet are equally active, meaning use that bar up the foot of the bent knee to push up into the bar, to push up into the bar, to pull the bar down more and two more. And then back to central. That's been the right knee. Take it to the mat, keeping all the weight of the body over the toes. We bend that knee. As the leg stretches, we're gonna lift the bottom leg through the bar and we're gonna reach it down as the knee bends.

So we're going into hip extension with the left leg hip flection. Flex the foot and pull it toward you and reach back down and reach back and push the leg away from you as it lowers. And we'll do two more reach back. You could also lighten the spring a little bit for this exercise if you wish and reach back and place the foot onto the bar. Then the left knee, slide it away, bend the right knee here. Inhaling, as we exhale, we draw in flexing the left foot, pulling it under the bar.

So just be aware of the pelvis not changing as that leg comes as close to you as you can. So don't limit yourself by looking at my range of motion, which isn't very significant. If you have more flexibility than I do, you should bring your like as close to your body as you can. The rule is that we just keep the pelvis down all the time. We reach back and push down and reach back and find the foot on the bar. Bending both knees, taking the feet down. Take one spring away unless you only have one spring, in which case leave the spring there.

Slide out until your arms are straight along the mat on the bars and then it replace your feet under the bar. So we'll do two power tower preps and two towers. We're going to curl the spine up as the knees bend, so we bend the knees. We're working our hip extensors, we're working our abdominals. Pause. Inhale there and now exhale.

Allow the legs to straighten simultaneously as the spine reaches back down to the map as the pelvis comes down the feed Dorsi flex, then plantar flex. And again, push forward on the bar a little. As you bend your knees and curl through your spine. Arms are reaching straight behind. You. Use a little back extensor in here and rolling back down, reaching away, reaching away, dropping the pelvis, flex the feet, point the feet and the full tower. We rural reaching all the way up through the spine state.

Then the knees stretch the legs. That all happens on an inhale. Exhale, slide the back down. Create a little bit of space between the bottom rib and the top of the pelvis. Drop the pelvis down, flex the fee, point the fee, push forward on the Bart if feel that the hamstrings are working all the time as you lift yourself up. Nice high back, nice strong center bend, stretch and roll all the way back down again. So from there, just Dorothy, flex your feet. Grab a hold of the bar. If you can give yourself a stretch and take the feet out.

We're gonna set up a top loaded spring now, so we take the spring away. I'm going to move it up to the top using one red spring, one full spring. Okay. Taking the safety strap out of the way. Move it off to the side, coming back underneath the bar, lying on our backs. So set up with your arms just straight up from your shoulders.

From there we're going to lift one leg followed by the other leg. Curl the head and chest forward. So you're in a low curl position. And from there, I want you to just haul through the abdominals. You bring your chest closer to your thighs and then lower back down to the shoulder blades, hollow through the abdominals, bringing the chest closer to the thighs and back. So here's another place where a lot of us like to lead with our face.

Let's try to keep the head reaching almost backwards as the chest, not the neck reaches forward. We'll do two more curling forward and uh, last time curling forward. And now hold yourself in that low cro position. Just floating up off the shoulder blade. Draw the legs away from you and pull them back up. So we're working with a hinge in the hip joint abdominals, drawing down a scoop hollow pull back.

Let the springs almost just hold you up here, but watch it. The shoulders start to creep into the ears. How I like to think about that is that the shoulders reach around and forward, almost pulling around towards the chest. And I push forward on my bar a little bit to keep my back engaged. Last one. We're going to stay here, stretch the legs, take one leg to the mountain, one leg to the bar, and kick change and kick change and kick change and change.

Exhaling as the legs pass one another by last one and one we lift both legs up. We bring the heels together, make a little fraud and press forward and pull a haul a scoop. Press forward and pull theater, flex reaching the legs and bend and regionally and then and reaching the legs. Now we're gonna to combine a little bit of those movements. So we're going to bend the knees.

I want you to reach your heels down towards the Mat. Stabilized, stretch out point and lift. Then the knees flex the feet. Reach down as low as you can towards the Mat. You look after your own self. Reach forward, point the feet and lift one more bent. Hinge away from you. Reach forward. Point the feet and lift. We go the reverse. So we take the legs down, bend the knees into a frog position and stretch them up to the bar or the ceiling. Really Henry, take them away and Homan and stretch them and take them away and pull them in deep and deep. And this is our last one. Really challenge it. Stretch 'em up.

Bend them again. Bring them to parallel. Place one foot down at a time and lower the spine all the way back. Bend the elbows wide, take the bar overhead and just allow the back to get a little stretch there. Bring the elbows back, take the arms overhead and roll yourself up to sitting. Taking the springs away, walking to the opposite side of the Cadillac and moving those springs away too.

So that we're going to set up for some leg leg. So I just leave those on the floor. Pick up my leg springs, I'm using purple springs, but yellow is also appropriate depending on what you're looking for. Really. I like my bar to be at about eye level when standing. It's a personal preference. Okay, ready to go. So we lie down on our back setting on pop about an arm's distance away from the bars again. So taking the feet and placing them into the straps and going to hold my arms behind me and do a little bracing with my arms.

So the suggestion there is that we push into the bars and not by lifting the shoulders up, but by spreading the shoulder blades wide. That little cupping action forward I spoke of earlier and pulling the shoulders down to create pressure from their XL into a frog and bend. So we feel that both legs work simultaneously and evenly. We stretch out following a straight line along the Cadillac so we're not pushing down or up. There is a slight downward pressure on the springs, I suppose to keep the straight line happening. In addition to that, let's really focus on supporting through the center of the body and we'll just do one more from there and I'll lift the legs up, keep the pelvis down, press the legs away, separate them and bring them around to the top. Exhale to press down. Inhale as we feel the rotation inside of the hip joint.

Exhale to press down. Inhale to reach around and up. Here's another place to think about delaying the feet and really working from the very tops of the thighs reach around and at the tops of the backs of the size to be specific down. Reach around and we're going to reverse. So we open, we sliced down and together keeping the legs together. They draw a straight line through the center, separate reach down and together, Straw, straight line. It's almost a u shape down and together and I think of it as more like a you than an actual circle reaching, although you can, may really make it into, let's play with this circle. Make a bigger movement.

I don't know, whatever feels best to you I suppose. So that's going to be our last one. We're coming up to the top. We're going to go into parallel and we're going to make a little flutter kicking action. Now, keep that action consistent as you reach down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight up to three, four, five, six, seven down to three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Up and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Up to three. Four arms are straight. Last two. If you feel this primarily behind the knees and not in your hamstrings, you should think about softening the knee joint. And now we make a bigger circle. One leg down, one leg I press switch.

Press the lower the legs past one another by the more challenge you have to create with your center, with your body, her reach, her reach. Take the leg away from you as well as down and the last one on each side, both legs up. Take the right leg to the mat, then the knee inside of this spring and cycle it up as that left leg goes straight, bend in into the bicycle, reach both legs, finding a straight position and then start to move the bottomley. Reaching up [inaudible]. Let's reverse that. Bend the top knee. Press down in Ford as a bottom. Light comes straight, bend, reach down in Ford. Bottomley comes up straight, so there's always one leg that's bending and always one leg that's working straight and reaching. And last one and last one.

And then lifting both legs up. We'll bend the knees, take the feet out of the straps, roll to your side. And come up all the way coming to the push through bar, set up the set up one spring or two springs. I usually will use one red or two blue springs here. We're going to go into the cat stretch. What I'd like for us to do with that is to hold the bar with your thumb wrapped around the bar and your elbows. Reaching out to the sides.

Assess that your spine is in a long neutral position and then exhale as you start to oppress the arms down the body stays the same for the body forward. This could be a continuation of the initial XL or we could take a breath and then have another exhale so we reach out keeping the head above the arms and finding a straight back from there. Curl the spine back in. Now here's my suggestion right at this juncture, really use your hamstrings. Really use your abdominal so that the policy's nice and still arm stays straight till the last moment, and then we work the bar to the top again. Exhale, the arms reach down, the spine follows through. We feel the spine lengthening outwards. Keep the abdominal strong.

Curl backwards. Now here's that hamstring abdominal focus area. You really need that to specially if you have a tight back coming all the way, bend the arms at the top. Two more. Reach down, folding forward. Easy on the Pex here. So put the majority of your focus into the back rather than the front of your body. Curl the spine back through rounding. Press the shins into the mat to help you to stabilize that position and left and bed last time. Pressing the arms down, curling the spine forward, reaching back out. Long exhale.

Don't push the bar forward with your arms. Just once you get your arms to straight, the shorter stay locked in place and the rest of the movements. All just spinal articulation coming all the way to the top and the arms and lift the bar. Sit down. Place your feet up against the Poles and sit tall in here. Excellent a flex through the spine. Begin to draw downwards on the bar.

Push down on the bar all the way, keeping the risks straight and the arms straight. Then take the bar forward, stretching it through the legs. As you exhale here, curl back. Keep the heels at. If he reaching into the bars, the legs really active. Find a deep post cheerier tilt. Let the right hand come off the bar handle. Reach through the rib cage, opening the body. Take the arm and reach behind you. Keep that right for reaching into the bar. Bring the arm back.

Exhale back to the bar and lift up and again, exhale, curl the spine. Take the bar down and forward. Stretch all the way through. Inhale this time. Lengthen the spine up on a high diagonal. Then curl the body backwards. We find our postage courier till we take the left arm off. We rotate through the ribs, so don't allow your arm to get ahead of you is what I mean by the ribcage.

Rotation. The arm continues to reach around the right shoulders. Reaching down the pelvis is level. Take the arm back and back to the bar. Lift the spine up. We're going through two more times. Exhale, curl, press down and forward. Inhale, build the spine. Long. Exhale, curl the spine back. Inhale, reach the right arm backwards. This time. Exhale, lift the bar, rotate the body and take that hand if you can, all the way across to the opposite bar, pulling your back out long and taking a little bit of a stretch and a rotation. Find your way back to the bar. On the inhale. Exhale, curl the spine.

Press the bar down and forward. Reaching all the way through. The further the body goes forward, the more we've got a drawback and support. Curl back again. Deep Post cheerier tilt, left arm lifts off the bar. The rib cage rotation happens. Here we are Maricich as around reaches around the arm. Never really goes behind the body. So let that be your, um, guidance. Lift, rotate. Push the bar up as you can.

Bring your body around to the opposite side. So now you can really use your arms to find a nice long position. And then find your way back to the bar. So there's that. Let's take the springs down. I love that these little fuzzies are here for me.

I can do a little back bending and biceps, so we're gonna pull them back. See like, I don't know how a foot and a half, 18 inches perhaps. There's two choices here. You can hold the fuzzies or you can reach through the fuzzies and hold the straps, which is my preference case. We're going to put the feet up against the Poles. Get a nice long spine. I don't have my feet flat. I have just my toes pressing against the bar.

Lift the chest through the arms, push up, push up with the backsides of the legs. I just moved my straps to about two feet and pull up with the arms one and back. Keeping this spine long too and back. Here's three of five and back working from the back and the front of the body. Last one. So here we come back to straight arms.

We bend the knees, lifts the pelvis and reach backwards into a backbend, which feels pretty fantastic in my opinion. Stretch the legs out and sit the pelvis back down. Flip your hands around. If you're holding the straps, let them go and just put them in the fuzzies. Turn your shoulders inside out. What do I mean by that? Into internal rotation and lean forward.

So we roll the shoulders in the shoulder joint. Take the straps again, legs strong, Armstrong, pick the body up, Ben, the Elvis one and back two and three and back four, five. Bend the knees, the back of the legs. Press the pelvis up high. I want you to bend your knees a really lot. Then Lis lifts the chest. Art's this spine looking behind you. Stretch the legs a sit down, find the fuzzies. If you're not there already, rotate the arms internally and bend forwards over your legs.

Just have a stretch there and then roll the shoulders back and stand up. So I'm just going to move those strat stack and we're going to get ready to set up for some arm work at the end. All right, so let's remove the lake springs. Set the yellow arms springs back up. [inaudible] it is a weird reason. I don't teach on the Cadillac quite as much as I should if it's just a lot of set up. Okay, I've got my handles on my yellow spring them. And to take my bar, I'm going to align it up just above my own shoulder heights and screwing it back in tight and taking a hold of the straps.

So setting up you, um, choose your resistance by stepping back or stepping forward as need be. I kinda just know where my body likes to be, so I'm going to put myself there. I'm about two feet away from the chair. Maybe that's not a chair, it's a Cadillac. So I reached down into my spring. So that's how I'm originally finding tension, but I haven't yet started pulling my arms back. Then little build the spine up and then just start to explore the range of motion behind you without allowing the shoulders to roll forward at all.

Reach down with the arms as the springs come forward, reach down with the arms initially and then shoulders back. We then apply pressure on the springs and then we resist. There's just as much work on the way forward as the way back. I'd reaching back and reaching forward. So we'll do two more like that. Reaching back, lifting the spine and taking the arms forward last time, reaching back and taking the [inaudible] point.

Now the add a little fun so you still have a little tension on our straps on our springs are going to reach back and rise up onto the toes and now feel the spine reach up and length in as the arms reach down and forward. So it's a multi-directional feeling. Pullback back with the arms rise up onto the toes so the top of the head continue to stretch towards the ceiling as the arms read to down the legs and the heels come down to the ground and reach back. Exhale and inhaled us. Stretch the body and tutor actions, lowering the heels and reach back. Exhale and reach the body forward. Last time.

Exhale out. Reach back, lifting up and reach the the arms down. Take the straps in the opposite hand. Bring the arms out to your sides. We're going to go right into the hug a tree. What I like to do when I buy myself, as I align my body up with that center ring and just step forward. And that's my best way of trying to be straight.

Again, setting up for your own comfort, drawing in and up through the abdominals and flexing forward. Hinge forward from the ankle joint, bringing the arms across the front of the body and open and exhale. Feel the rib cage, draw back as the shoulder blades reach down, down and almost a little forward. So I don't know, some of you have heard me say that there is a very real connection between the Serita's muscle, which works to stabilize the shoulder blades and the external obliques. So let's feel that as the shoulders stay broad and wide and still that the pulling backwards through the front of the ribs is going to help us remember to do that in. Also to help us keep our bodies in a good position. Last one from here, rotate the arms down, take the arms up, feel this stretch there as the arms reach back, narrow and straight.

Explore the rotation through the Scapula and bring the arms forward. So inhale as the arms lift the shoulder blade pockets reach forward and down the arm that the the shoulder blades then spiral as the arms reach to the sides and they stay still. As we bring the arms across the front, reaching up, leaning forward all the time, keeping that nice long positioning in their body and taking the arms in front. Last one, reach up and att and back where reversing. We take the items out. I love this movement so much. I love the exploration and the freedom that I feel that you can find in your scapular region.

So teaching us that the Scapula doesn't need to be still to be stable. It has lots of different motions that are natural like this rotational mo motion. As the arms lift overhead, press the arms down. Do twice more reach-out, sliding the scapula all around and reach for the last one. Reachout slide. The scapula rotates and bring the arms down.

Take the arms back out to the sides. I'm gonna give myself a little bit more forward movement. We're going to hang forward. Inhale as we reach into a lateral flection Xcel, the top arm reaches around and forward as the backroom lifts up and back. Inhale back into lateral flection and exhale back to the center. Inhale, reach over XL. Press around, lift that back arm up, reach back into your lateral flexion position and find center low butterfly. We reach over the arms. Do a windmill.

We reach back and front and center. So it's a two part movement in your lateral flection. XL Windmill. You gotta get that top are moving right away so it clears the head. The back arm pulls up to meet the top spring, so you make a little x with your springs. Click back and central. Let's do one more. Inhale.

Feel the rotational component in the waist. So it's like a little chest lift with rotation, sort of a feeling. And last one, reaching over. Feel the ribs, drop back the abdominals, drawback back as the arms. Reach away from one another. Find the side position and find center. Lower the arms down all the way.

I think that we can just leave those there and come back to the end again. So hooking up. I'm, we're going to go and do a little back extension. So I've got one spring hooked to my bar. Look after yourself with the bar in your hands and line your body up in the center of the Mat. Like to just give myself a little check. Okay, from there, starting with your arms straight about level with the Poles going to just start to float the head off the mat feel. Now the shoulder blade starts to slide down, the abdominals, lift up, the pelvis is heavy, the legs are active, and then we just start to reverse articulate. Allow your eyes to guide you.

You just lift the spine. No lifting to my maximum yet we will. Just not right now. I mean that's a suggestion. Of course you'll do what you wish. Lift your head, slide the blades down. Avoid putting too much downward pressure on the bar instead, feel the bar lifting you up just a little bit more effortless, feeling it and articulating down. So the eyes are the last thing to change.

And then the first thing to change so they look up and not so much so that your neck is over are it's just guiding the neck. Sometimes we skip our neck. When we're looking for a back extension. We need those cervical extensors lifting and down. So here's a little bit bigger movement. Here we go. We're going to bend the elbows. Allow the elbows to drop a tiny bit forward.

Start stretching the arms overhead, let the head follow the bar, get the arms all the way to straight, then lift the back up and then a lower the body through the arms. Dropping the head between the arms. Bend the elbows wide and take the bar forward. Prone to elbows wide head follows the bar so we don't leave it behind. Arms Straighten and then the spine travels upwards.

Keeping the legs strong. Drop the body through the arms, drop the head, bend the elbows wide and reach the bar back forward. One more time. Elbows bend, so don't squeeze the elbows backwards. That's what I'm saying. We just let him travel teeny bit forward to make space for the movement of the arms. Let the head come between the arms. Lift the whole spine, Huh? Lower the head and spine. Bend the elbow and take the bar all the way forward. Hold the bar with one hand.

Help yourself up. Take the bar up. Take this spring off and just sit back on your feet for a moment. Okay, so we're gonna finish with a trip. He's okay. So take the trapeze and hook it up on the top bar and stand on the Cadillac.

So let's bring that bar back a little bit away from the edge about a foot or so, and then make sure it's nice and stable. Screwed in tight. Okay, so taking one foot into the strap, stretching that leg out. Very straight, as straight as it can be. The arms are now on the sides of the bars, we're going to bend the front knee and the front is quite up quite a lot forward. So lift the spine as the front knee bends, but explore the backward range too. It's an arc like feeling, but you get that Nice, beautiful stretch. Then the elbows been wide. This is all back and arms. You guys, keep the, keep the leg work very minimum. Pull your way through. I like to lift onto a pointed foot, following through with that hip flexor stretch, keeping the back legs strong and then we reach back arching backwards and then we elbows lifting the chest through the arms, feeling the leg just dropped down into that strap, pulling the spine forward and then reaching back.

We'll do one more on this side. Keep that back leg strong and pull wide elbows. Chest reaches through. I've got zero weight on my left leg, zero weight on my leg, I'm pulling myself through with my arms. I'm pulling my pelvis through the stretch. And then let's take it all the way back. Bend your knee, put the top of your foot in the strap, walk your hands a little bit backwards so your spine stays over your pelvis as you now bend the front knee and sink into a quadriceps stretch.

Okay, you use your arms to come up. Switch sides. [inaudible] okay, catch that strap. Stretch the back leg, bend the front knee and just explore that arch like feeling down and backwards and bend the elbows, pulling the chest through the arms, rising up onto the forward toes. Continue that forward movement here. Forward movement all the time. Stretching out that hip flexor and then reach back. Keep the back leg strong. Keep the abdominals lifted. Reach backwards as you go into that stretch and pull up high elbows, wide arms. You could choose the lift the leg off the ground entirely.

The right leg. I just don't sometimes and sometimes I do today. No tomorrow, maybe last one. Pauling while lifting, keep those abdominals working. Bring the chest through the arms, up and forward. Up and forward, up and forward. Ah, and then that knee, putting the top of the foot in the trapeze, shifting the hands back so the spine is over the pelvis. As we bend that knee, come down into the quadricep stretch.

Make sure the knees not bowing out where it's keeping right underneath you and reaching backwards. Breathing. Yeah, I then use your front leg on your arms to help you up. And I finish with hanging back so it gets a little hard on the hand sometimes. If you need stickies now would be a great time to get some. I'm going to just, I don't know, I'm just going to go without, so we stepped the feed into the trapeze.

We hold with the feet and then lowering the body down so you're in a nice long spine. Legs are straight. As you exhale, articulate the spine, reaching the pelvis up, take the legs out, find a straight line, then lead with the cervical spine. Feel the thoracic spine becoming involved. Feel the arms pushing down towards the feet. And then at the last moment I'll allow the legs to become involved and then finding the line and home rolling the spine back through, reaching all the way down into that neutral spinal position and we go one more time curling her reaching final line, cervical spine, thoracic, thoracic, thoracic, thoracic, thoracic. Finally into the lumbar spine. Using the legs for support. Curl the spine back to straight, rural the spine through without ever losing your shoulder stability.

So the straight back position and step one foot at a time out. Um, let's step down onto the floor. I can handle a little stretch like the answer. Press the arms down. Why didn't down take in the arms. Just hear sides folding forward through the spine.

Exhaling, fearing that each bond stretches away from it's the bone underneath it. We allow the back to just Hayne and inhale and drawing in through the center of the body. Stacking Baca one bone at a time. And let's say I reach the arms up. Press your arms to your sides. Exhale to curl your body forward, keeping the palms of the hands facing inwards, the shoulders heavy and away from the ears, but relaxed.

And then just give yourself a little bit of a stretch there at the bottom and feel the movement, the articulation of the spine as you stack it back, lifting the head at the last moment. Thanks.


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Loved it! Thanks Meredith! You're the best
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Great!! Really enjoyed this. Been teaching more Cadillac, and I loved the back-bend with the fuzzies!!
Thank you ladies! Nice to see you here Basma.
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Awesome as always!! :)
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Great class, thanks so much :)
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Dear Meredith your classes are always fantastic ! Thank you ilaria
Thank you sweet Illaria. Hope to see you in person soon!
Thank you. I like the way you use your voice--inflection changes, minimal filler words. I also enjoyed the "just enough" of each exercise. Lovely work from end to end of the Cad. Would enjoy a little more lat. flexion & rotation nice that you included circle saw...loved your clarity on that. Clear teaching--nice for my TT students to watch you teach.
Thanks so much, Nancy!
Gasp!! Meredith Rogers, you are AMAZE! I learn so much each time I view your work. many many thanks! Simply put-beautiful. As always!
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