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Spinal Flexion Tower

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Work your whole body in this 40-minute intermediate-level Tower workout with Meredith. Enjoy a strong emphasis on spinal flexion and creating depth but finish with delicious extension work featuring a nice way to practice perfecting Swan on the mat.
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Apr 01, 2012
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Okay. Today we're going to work on a tower. Let's go. I've got my a push bar set up pretty high up on the um, the tower just says as though I would set up to do, say Ab work and I'm going to stand just in front of the bar with my arms on the bar. Hands on the bar, heed in parallel and holding here. Just taking a moment, finding the center of the body. Allow the hands to press slightly backwards from the bar as though you're trying to pull the bar into your body. And with that turning on the upper back muscles and then we inhale.

Exhale, taking the head to the chest. Feel a light pressure downwards on the bar. Not Th maybe not so much downwards, but inwards pulling the bar towards your body. We take the body forward for a standing role, excelling as we go in. The further the body goes down towards the floor, the more the abdominals lift up supporting the spine, taking the bar slightly forward. But the spine stays inflection in here. And exhale, building the spine back up, feeling a slight shift of the pelvis.

So the pelvis comes just over the heels. Here's the time to press back on the bar with the upper arms, stabilizing the shoulders, and we come all the way up at the top of rising up onto the toes. The bar will, the springs will let go. We just feel that lightness in the body. As the heels come down, a little pressure down on the bars, but the head lifts up into the air and in here exhale, taking the body down, feeling that deep, deep flection through the spine that allows us to go into that pike like action. Taking the body down down down the arms. We'll take that, we'll go slightly forward. Inhale, exhale, building the spine back, feeling the movement of the pelvis, feeling drawing down of the shoulders and as the spine comes all the way up to the top, we float onto the toast, bringing the bar with us nice and easy in the body. And then the heels come down. The head lifts at, this is on our inhale and we exhale. Taking the bar forward, rounding, rounding, rounding.

And now at the bottom we're going to lift again onto the toes, lifting up through the center of the body. Careful here. It's not easy. Heels come down, abdominal stretch deep rolling through the spine, all the way up at the top, pulling the bar towards the body. We float onto the toes, the heels come down, the head lifts up, the spine lifts up. We get longer and taller and last time, exhaling forward in healing to float onto the toes. Exhale. As the heels come down, we continue exhaling as we curl through the spine, all the way, all the way to standing, working deeply within ourselves and lifting. And here we just take the arms off the bar, rising up through the arms, feeling the center of the body. And as the heels come down, we open the arms, the sides. And with that, coming to the mat, laying all the way down, bringing the bar with you, preparing for a pelvic curl, pressing with the upper arms, the upper back into the bar. Inhale, exhale, bending the spine, curling, curling, currently holding to inhale and exhale.

We keep the shoulders press back as we undulate through the spine, working the pelvis back towards the heels, keep the collar bones open, the shoulder blades down in here and XL working a little spinal articulation, just opening up through the back, pausing to India. It's almost like a um, I feel as though I'm trying to drag the bar towards my chest with my upper back muscles rolling through the spine and inhale and exhale curling up and a nice supported position pausing there and coming down. I'm really seeing the pelvis down. Excellent ACARA pausing there, lifting the left leg. We hold it at a tabletop position and then just bending our way through the spine, working evenly right through the center of the spine, finding your way back to neutral pelvis and exhale bending your way. They'll have a hip. The leg that's in the air just moves with the spine. We hold that position, that 90 degree angle at the hip and the knee releasing all the way to the pelvis and one more exhaling to lift, pausing there at the top, placing the foot down, no additional shifting through the pelvis and lifting the right leg up and inhale and exhale. Feel the straightness of the arms, the activity through the backside of that working leg and finding neutral and rolling up. Lifting the Shin, that upper shin up towards the ceiling energetically and down and up and holding at the top to place the foot down.

Keep the body nice and stable. Inhale, picking up the pelvis just a little bit or maybe just intensify and then work through the backsides of the legs. And with that we roll all the way down, all the way down to maximize the lumbar spine curvature. Release the pelvis to the Mat, let the springs go, reach back for the bar. You don't have a bar. You could hold onto these vertical poles with the elbows down and why we've got the bar threaded through the bottom of the base of my mat, picking up one leg followed by the other, gluing the legs together. Feel the elbows trying to go down towards the floor as the hands press slightly upwards into the pole. Inhale as we go into the spine stretch and exhale coming through center and inhaling over into the opposite direction, keeping the opposite arm pressed back and exhale as we come through center.

So as we shift from side to side, we neglect the work that's happening in the center of the body. That's where all of the intensity occurs. Additionally, feel a strong connection with the insides of the thighs and exhale as we come through center. Inhale. And so we take the body across, anchoring with the backside of the opposite body and XL to come center and inhale as we take it across. And Xcel has become center. I'm endeavoring to go a little further each time without losing the integrity of my movement. So as my back opens, I challenged the movement just a little bit and we take it one more time to the other side.

Coming all the way to center, letting go the Poles. We reach up for the bar, placing the feet down in together for the mini roller. As you curl up off your shoulders, assess that your hands are directly over your shoulder area. Find a strong neutral position in the pelvis. And from there pressing into the bar a little bit with the back. We curl through the spine, hollowing out through the apps in heels.

They come down Xcel to curl. It feels like you're going forward slightly. And the hardest part of this movement in my opinion, is the stabilization of the shoulder area. So can we do flection of the uh, the upper spine, the lumbar spine without doing a lot of shoulder elevation. Excellent lift in healing to come down.

Excellent to lift in healing to come down. Now as we take the chest up, we're going to go into hip flection. On the left, we curl the spine into the left thigh and point the foot and touch the mat. Curl the spine in the site into one another and touch the mat and curl and ta. Keeping the pelvis steady curl. [inaudible] last time curl and placing the foot down, changing legs. Exhale, curl and keeping that strong position in the shoulders. Deeply, deeply working through the abs and Dan and again and yeah, keeping the pelvis nice and still. And here's our last one. Lifting, then taking it down. Come all the way down for a moment.

Let's take the right hand and flip it around. Taking the left hand, we bring it behind the head. So from here, stabilizing both shoulders, curl the head and chest up through this center first. Then keeping the pelvis and the lower body. Still we turn to the side to the left that had presses back into the hands. And from here, Mini roll-up Oblique. Exhaling left and in healing, drawing, creating work in the body on the way down and Xcel and took curl and piss specific attention to that opposite pelvis. So we are maximizing the work in the body. We're never resting.

This is our last one like this. And then we're going to had hip flection. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. That left that comes into the right chest. And Inhale, touch and Xcel to curl. So challenge yourself to work as as much as you can, as deeply as you can as you work through these relatively fundamental and small movements. And Dan last time. Yeah, bring it all the way down. Come through center. Place the hand and come down into the middle.

Placing the right hand behind the head. We've already put the left hand where it needs to be. We curl the head and chest up as we go through the rotational component. We feel that it's flection with rotation without any lateral flection. So I've tucking that underneath side rib in an India and peeling and I think control and peeling and it don't push the head forward. Instead push the head into the hands.

So we work the abs a little harder and last too [inaudible] and last one [inaudible] and now we take it down and now we add hip flection. So XL, hip and spine and inhale down. Well this side's harder for me. We've got to remember that the sides of our bodies can be different and we want to challenge the stability on both sides. Evenly challenge the rotation, the flection evenly. Number one coming up. Exhale left. Inhale down, coming to the center, replacing the hand down and we take the body all the way down to the Mat and I'm nice and warm. I hope you are too. So setting up for some footwork, setting the safety strap first of course, and then bringing the springs from the bottom. So I used my red spring to do all of that work, so I'm going to take that down and use it for my footwork as well.

I just made my map crooked. I can't have that. Okay, here we go. [inaudible] so checking for center, bringing the feet up under the bar. We started in the parallel position on the heels, flexing through the ankle, keeping the toes held straight with the feet. Inhale, we work the knees into event position. Exhale as we press the pelvis down and stretch in healing to work the knees into a bent position and exhale as we press the pelvis down to stretch. So here's something I've been playing with.

Can we not think too much about the the the fourth as we go up? But instead as the pelvis drops down, we allow the femur bones to go lightly, deeply into the hip joint. And from there, just so out in the legs to slide. Now I'm not saying that there's absolutely no work in the legs. There should only is, but if we can create a sense of ease in the movement, perhaps we can go deeper into the opening through the lower back. This is our number one and then we move to the toes.

So we keep the feet in Plantar flection in healing to work the knees in exhaling to work both legs evenly and in bet. It's an really opportune place to watch the alignment of your own feet too, to look for possible discrepancies from neutral. Remember the work is just as important as a stretch. So we pull the bar towards us and lift and pull the bar in and left. And don't forget about the shoulders and the upper arms. They're active.

They press down and lift. And here's my last one. And left. And from there we open up this, uh, keep the toes apart, the heels together. Squeeze the heels together, not just with the heels but with the upper inner thighs and we bend and press and it started pulling the abdominals away from the bar at the bar comes towards you. Press the upper arms down as a leg. Stretch up. So nice strong work in the legs, strong work in the upper body. There's nothing that's neglected here. Checking for loose neck, no tightness in the upper neck or shoulders and just working with the breath. Pull the bar down, press the Barra, pull the bar down, press the bar last two times bent and stretch. Then keeping the pelvis down as the knees bend and stretch.

And then we take the feet to the outer edges of the bar, maintaining that externally rotated position, dropping down, finding a nice heavy pelvis. And then we pull the bar towards us and feel the inner thighs working towards one another. As the legs go straight and in healing Tibet and feel the pelvis draw down. So here's another place we feel that it's not about the force in the legs, it's about the, the position of the pelvis, the depth of the abdominals, and Paul and links. Just two more, Paul, and press the arms back as the legs lift up. And one more time and press good.

And then we come to the toes. Why toes on the bar, maintaining the externally rotated position. Inhale to bend the knees. Maybe they'll go a little deeper. You've got a little more space. Now with that whole foot off the bar, pull and press. Squeeze the thighs towards one another. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and feel the reach of the arms, allowing the fingers to rest together. Feel the length of the neck reaching in opposition to the pressing down of the pelvis. We're going to go three more times. Here's number one.

Remember to support the knee of the knee extends. That's critical here. That's critical. Anytime you're straightening, you're like really last too. And one more. And now taking the feed into the center. Keep them a couple of fingers apart. Maybe two fingers, three fingers. We go into our cabarets a so we go all the way up into plant our collection and we pull into Dorsey and reach and pull.

So there's activity not only on the way up, but it's specially on the way down. If we can get those Dorsey flexes to work, we'll get a better stretch, not only through the calves but also through the entire backside of the leg and lift and pork. Oh and lift and pull. And I'm going to do three more and pull or harassing the pelvis. Go. I just found my Publix a little bit better and that gave me a deeper stretch.

So remember to check in with your own body and to Anna one and we hope go straight into prancing. So up. And when he bends in the opposite foot poles, we go up through centered and change. So both feet are working here. One foot pushes one foot poles and switch and up to switch. Check in with the shoulders again and switch and pull and Paul [inaudible] and let's do four more, a little quicker reach, no less stable, no less integrity, no less direction of the heel upward and last one and last one. And from there, bending the knees, taking the feet out of the bar. Take one spring away, placing the hands on the bar.

The legs reach straight out in front. We press into the Barossa. The elbows are totally straight. Breathing in as we curl the head and chest, breathing out as we roll through the spine deeply, deeply, deeply flexing, rolling all the way up into a vertical position. With the back looking straight ahead, we'd take the arms into a bent position. Stretch the arms up. Feel the length of the spine as the arms reach. Exhale, folding the spine back inwards so the bar presses down, the springs are coming from underneath. Feel that pressure downwards of the springs encouraging us to press the shoulder blades down even deeper. The head comes down, we come right up again. Inhale, exhale, curling, pressing the legs down. Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep work through the abdominals.

Finding a straight vertical line through this spine. Bending the elbows, stretching me. Exhale, guiding the spine down. Feel the elbows rotate slightly forward. Just energetically maintain that nice control through the shoulder area. And we do two more. Inhale to lift, excelling, to curl the spine, rounding inwards, rounding inwards, then allowing the spine to straighten all the way out. Then the arms stretch the arm.

Feel the length of the spine as the arms reach up and now down. One more. Lifting, challenging that depth, challenging the elongation of the spine with a nice held shoulder position. Then reach and down and now sliding the spine forward. Taking the arms to the poles above the head, placing the feet underneath of the bar. A little bit of clicking and clacking with all the springs around here, but that's okay. Keep the pelvis down and from there let's Dorsey flex the feet and plantar flex and now we bend the knees, going into the t tower prep, curling into the bar, curling into the bar, keep the arms active, rolling up onto the shoulders, pausing to breathe in, and then we undulate the spine away from the feet.

Drawing the abdominals inwards, placing the spiny evenly on the mat as the spine is traveling into them at the legs or straightening, we come all the way into a neutral position in the palace, Dorsey flex, then plantar flex the feet, curling the spine up. Really contracting through the backs of the legs. So it's the hamstrings and the abdominals that help you support the weight of the springs. And now we start lengthening and we create more room between the vertebras and we reached down. I'm trying to pull my pelvis away from the top of my head, trying to create more length through the body, dropping the body down all the way. Dorsey, flex the feet, plantar, flex the fee, curl the spine up. Good working, working, intensifying that hip extensor work and down all the way down all the way. I'm going to change it just a little bit. At the top we find the flection, we point the feet, we do the exact same movement on the way I curling curly, curly and no, we stretch the legs and as the legs [inaudible] my span stuck in my springs.

Okay, we stretch the legs and as the leg stretch up we lift the back finch Jackknife, push into the bar, push forward into the bar with the fee. And with that we come all the way down allowing the force of the springs to assist us as we find flection. Dan, Dan, all the way flexing the feet. And then I like to just reach up and pull down on my bar. It's taking a moment there and then releasing the feet from underneath the bar. We take the spring away and come up. Okay. So we're going to take that bar down. I'm going to have it, I'm going to take us through a little bit of hip work and the dominal work done at the same time. So in order to do that, what I've done is, um, how do I keep this out of my way? I don't know.

What's this going on to hang there? I think what I've done is attached my arm springs with handles to the second, um, to the second position up and attached my hip springs just over the top of that. So I'm going to be having springs in my Ahrens and also attached to my feet. Doesn't that sound interesting? Here we go. Okay, so the feet come into the long straps. I'm using the purple springs here. You could use the yellows if you wished to.

And then finding the handles. I'm just checking that I'm in the middle. And then we take the arms and stretch the arms forward. So here I'm in a frog position, but I'm also putting a little bit attention in my arm springs and we're going to stretch the legs out and curl up into the a hundred position. And from there it's XL two three, four, five [inaudible] an out two, three, four, five and in strong center position. Exhale, two, three, four, five and in squeezed in the backside of the leg and in and for two, three, four, five and curling the chest up and five, two, three, four, five and curling the chest even more. And six, two, three, four, five and in. And seven, two, three, four, five in, in an eight to three.

Four intensify. Yeah. Last two. You've got to reach through the legs. You've got to keep reaching through the arms so that we keep our bodies still on the mat and last one and hold. And now if you need a rest, take one. Now I'm not going to have one. We just bend the knees as the knees come towards the body, the arms reach past the size a little more and then we go into our frog.

Exhale and inhale the knees back and Exhale, controlling that center position and bend and press and pull to reach and inhaling. Keeping that not a nice long arm position. The back is very supportive. The legs are working evenly in both directions, meaning pull the springs, don't just push them. And last to here and in and one more. And now we go into some hip circles. We lift the legs, pressing the legs back down and around to come up and back down. Challenging the curvature of the spine around Tacoma.

And here's three around and up. I'm going to do eight in each direction. I'm not coming all the way up us maintaining tension on my springs and around and around. Last two here. If your neck gets tired, it's worth it to take a break. My abs are getting tired, but I'm good. And last one. And now go the other way. Reaching down, push the arms into the legs and push the arms past the legs as the legs lift up and wrapping through the hip joint and open opening neuro reach and up and open and reach and up.

And last two times we were each, no, it must be more than two. I think we have about three more. I Dunno what I was thinking. And here's number two. And he number one. And here we go. We bend the knees and as the knees bend, we press breasts, press the body up, increasing the flection of the spine. And with that, letting the springs go and taking the head down. Okay. Bringing the feet out of the strap, sliding out from underneath the bar, rolling up, taking a red spring, put it up nice and high again where I started.

Okay. I'm gonna do a hip flexor stretch. So I have my hands on the bar in front of me. I'm going to take my right leg forward. Yeah, so what I'm doing here is aligning my shoulders directly over my pelvis. From there, I'm using the backside of my leg to just create a little bit of intensity into the stretch that's happening in the front side of my leg.

Talking the left toe toes under and inhale and exhale. We lift the back knee. I, I'm just repositioning my foot. God, I find where it works for you and as the knee bends, press down on the springs and then press down even more on the springs as a leg comes up. Trying stay nice and low through the buy and, and let's let the springs come up as we bend and press the springs down. As the leg straightens, I let the springs come up as we banned and pressed down as a like straight, keeping the body nice and stable and let the springs come up a little and press down. I let the knee come all the way down and switch. Okay.

And placing that foot down, looking for the angle of the need to be directly over the ankle, shoulders over the pelvis. A little bit of pressure down on the bar, the right toes tuck under already in the stretch, prepared for the movement in here and reaching the leg. I've got to slide it back a little bit so I know where I need to be. And then as the knee bends, we let the springs relax. All that, trying to keep the body pretty stable pretty so. And we press down on the springs as we pressed it, the back knee and left and progress to the back knee trying to straighten the knee all the way. I don't know.

And to my reaching out and bet [inaudible] so it's not the hands that press right? It's the back of the lab and down and the last one reaching. Yeah. Oh and that my friends is a very large stretch for me, so I hope you enjoyed that. Okay. Heading into the cat stretch. So the hands are on the bar. We need to feel here that the elbows, the bent elbows are pulling apart. That's where we get the broad back as that as the hands press slightly downwards. And from there in here, pressing down through the arms.

Lock the shoulders in place. Excellent. As we take the body forward, keep the shoulders held back. Keep the shoulders held back. As you straighten out your back, the head comes above the bar. Inhale to hold. Exhale, feel the hamstrings working, the abdominals working as we fight to keep the legs steady. Rolling all the way out, keeping the arms straight until the very last moment. The head comes all the way up. And as we bend the arms, we drop the shoulders down to let the springs come up.

So the lifting of the bar is just as much work as the pressing down of the bar. And we peel down and here fighting for that Nice upright position through the thigh. Bones start to undulate out into a straight back. Okay. Feel the shoulders. Reach down in you. Exhale, curling them, working in the backs of the legs, working the abdominals, finding your alignment and then bend the elbows. Dropping the elbows widen down as the springs come up.

I'm going to take a variation on this so we stretched through the [inaudible]. We take the body all the way forward from there. Find a nice strong position. Slide the right leg out behind you. Keep the top of the foot reaching down and exhale as you guide the knee inwards and come into flection into flection pushing the top of the knee in and reaching out. I use my foot to keep my pelvis stable and we curl the spine in.

Trying to see Eden not easy and reaching out, keeping those shoulders nice and stable coming in. Come back enough so you can place the foot down. Take the spine back long in here and exhale. Rolling our way back up. We're rounding through the spine. Feeling a lightness in the shoulders as the abdominals in the hamstrings.

Work Nice and hard. I guess the lightness in the shoulders is just, I don't know, you could call it heaviness anyway. We want them to be supported, pushed down on the bar, curl the spine forward, finding the long spine. Take a minute, reassess the stability through the center. Slide the left leg out and then we curl. Bring the knee into the body, coming into flection and reaching, trying to stay nice and centered. Well, it's not easy on the side for me doing my best, curling in and reaching and Carolinian and we just placed that knee back down deeply, deeply, deeply. Find the deepest flection that you can reach all the way back out into a long back roll all the way back up. So the heavy light thing, the shoulder blades are heavy but the arms are light. Maybe that's more [inaudible] clear and then all the way to the top all the way to the top.

And then holding here we just lean back a little like a water scan. I Dunno, it feels like water skiing to me. And from there just allowing the chest to lift, allowing the chest to lift and coming to neutral. And now we take the right arm up and we take the back into extension, reaching the right arm all the way behind us and then we place it back down onto the bar, finding neutral. And then we reach the left arm up, finding extension. The right shoulder presses down the spine is lengthening. And reaching out, out, out, out, and the hand comes down and we've take the springs up from there, sitting down, bringing my feet up against the Poles, sitting up nice and straight.

Sometimes I need to use my hands to feel if I'm straight or not. So I'm hoping in here going into the pusher, sitting forward, we flex the spine, push into the feet, push into the fetus, the pelvis arounds backwards. We find the back of muscles pressing the bar down and forward. Keep the wrists strong. As the body goes forward over the legs, we deeply pull back through the spine and he'll bring the back out into extension. Drawing the shoulder blades down. Exhale, reaching back through the spine. Inflection. Keep the feet on the bars. Keep the feet on the bars. Okay in here. Keep the Lumbar fluxion, but reach out through the right arm all the way. Keeping the pelvis still. No, we take the right arm all the way up to the ear and we bend over the left shoulder and now curl the spine over the left shoulder and reach back.

Open and start. Exhaling as we come back through. We lift and twist, reaching for the bar. The left arm presses up. I use my hand on the pole to help me rotate and to find the longest spine possible for me. And then we come straight back on. Inhale. Exhale, curling the spine. Pressing the bar down in. Full in here, finding back, extension, reaching. Yeah, feeling the tailbone.

Lift the top of the head, reaching opposition, curling flexing through the lumbar spine. Maintain that Lumbar flection. Take the left arm off the bar. Keep reaching through the left leg as you should. Open up the body, opening up, opening up. Take the left arm up towards the ear. Bend all the way around. Round slightly forward over that right shoulder. Continue to feel the obliques working in all movements.

Reach up through the spine, rotate and press the bar up as we reach around for the bar using the bar to help us flatten out the back to help us rotate this spine and now we come all the way up and inhale and exhale back and forward going a little quicker. Now that we know what we're doing in here, we lengthen. Exhale, we fold in here. We take the arm out, exhale, take the arm over and around. In. Inhale back lift and exhale as you reached for the stretch, using the arm to intensify that work and inhale back to the bar and exhale as we flex the spine. Heavy shoulders, deep abdominals, taking the bar forward. Inhale out and tobacco extension. Exhale into some spinal flection. Inhale, the left arm reaches the less love presses x. Here we go. Yeah, into that lateral flection. Oh, it feels so good. And over and back and around and up.

And exhale. I'm coming all the way back to the bar. Perfect timing train. Okay, so finishing up with just a little bit of back extension. We're going to do the Promo one followed by the phone too. So we take the bar forward. Be careful with the springs here. Let's bring in the bar with us.

Mining our bodies up nice and straight. Okay. Drawing in and up through the abdominal tightening up through the back sides of the legs for support. Allow the head to start to lift going into a reverse articulation of the spine. Don't push down on the bar, feel the arms light on the bar.

So we allow the spine to lift and lift. I'm not going to go into my maximum left here, but just to where I can really focus on my upper back. And we're going to do that three times. We take the spine. Yeah, taking the cervical spine into the thoracic spine and forward. And last one. So what I'd like to do today as we go into the prone to is turn it into a preparation for the swan diet by adding the legs to it.

So here's how I'm, I'm thinking we'd start the prone to by bending knee arms feel the elbows drop slightly down specifically those of you with tight shoulders allow the arms to start to straighten. But let the head lift up off the mat, reach the arms up, allow the spine to follow the arms, lifting up nice and high through the body. And now we lower the body down, start bending the arms. As the bar goes forward, we allow the legs to lift up into the air. And then as we go through the bar again through the upper back, the legs come down, we stretch the arms, growing the spine upwards, upwards, keeping the eyes straight ahead, allow the body to go down, start to bend the arms, and then we rock the legs up and the legs go down. As we take the bar up, don't leave your head behind reaching, reaching, reaching. And then down goes the body. The arms begin to bend, the legs are already lifting and one more reaching up. Start straightening the arms before the body starts.

Lifting all the way to the top and down. Bending the arms, allowing the legs to just hover heels together. Press down on the bar now and [inaudible], P P P P P p. P. P. P. P. P. P be holding here. Bend your elbows, lifting the upper back, a little baby, baby, baby, baby, baby PPP and know. Stretch the arms and lower the legs and allow the body to rest for one moment. And then being careful with the springs. We let the springs come up in placing the forums down on the mat, using the forms to press the spine, creating a rounded spine to stretch the back. Slide the knees in a little, and as you sit down towards your feet, allow your arms to just start straightening, reaching down into the hips.

Taking just a couple of moments here. Inhale, feeling the back of the body expand. Excellent drawing inwards, releasing tension. Okay, and take the arms around to the feet and use your arms. Bending your elbows to pull the pelvis down towards the heels and inhale. And as you exhale, allow the arms to work a little harder.

Drawing hips down to the feet in gently releasing the arms, bringing the hands down near the knees. Lifting this fine. Let me just sit down on our feet. Rolling up through the spine nice and light in the body. Reach the arms up, die forward, flex into the spine. Allow the arms to come. Just stop at the tower or the Mat and growing the spine up, reaching your arms overhead.

Take the upper back just a little bit into extension and dye forward. And one more time lifting your arms up and out and diving forward and allow the hands to come to the mat. Now is the body rolls up. They just slide back to the sheet and we come all the way up. Right. And that's it for today.


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Love Meredith Rogers! Great cuing, pacing, demonstration. The 100 with arm AND leg springs into leg work with an upper body curl is a new fave. Thank you!!!
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Rock on....absolutely LOOOOVED this session. I teach with the Pilatesstick and I can adapt many of the PTB exercises to the "stick"! thank you so much. You are spot ON always! Raising a glass to you .... again.
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Hi Meri....when can I get a session from you, seriously?! Beautiful class!
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Beautiful workout, thanks Meredith!
Ladies...thank you so much! I always appreciate your feedback especially when it is so lovely!!
Miss Amy,
I would love to give you a session! Anytime. Hope your mom is better...hoping to see you tomorrow. :)
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Meredith loved your creative variations, you are a beautiful mover!! :)
Reiner G
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Thank you for this inspiring Tower workout. I loved the new ideas how to use the tower. Have you ever tried the four rowing exercises from the reformer on the Tower? Worth a try.
Good idea Reiner! Thanks.
Awesome class! Loved the flow and the great cues.
Question : I had a hard time keeping the tailbone done during the Foot Work (The whole time) and The Tower Press (at the beginning and end of the move). Any suggestions?
Look forward to doing, and teaching, this often.
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