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Creating your Own Resistance

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Ton Voogt uses his great cues and attention to detail to teach a wonderful Reformer workout. He talks about creating your own resistance so you can get as much as you can out of each exercise. To keep the energy flowing, he adds in a few surprises like a Backstroke-Teaser Combo, Roller Coaster, and Tinkerbell.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Aug 28, 2013
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Hi, I'm Joan and welcome to yet another reformer workout together. Adrian, who's going to be our perfect example of the day. Don't worry. Okay, so we're going to sit down on the front edge of it and we smoothly gonna roll down, watch out or you don't hit your head on those shoulder boxes. I'm going to start with the foot work with the legs in April on his stance. Make sure all the toes are on it and not too light. Here we go.

Press it out for 10 times and bring it back in. Just stop when you get to 10 and then make sure that we really fold and we stay heavy on the seat on the coccsyx when you come in so you don't want to curl up. Make sure it stays nice and down. Where are we at? Seven a. Here we go. Nice and long. Pooled and nice and long.

We likes to shoulders and then we go devils 10 them. Go to the arches. Make sure in the arches that the yields are really down and underneath the bar. So as you come in, make sure the heel stay pushing down the knees, stay nice and together and give a nice even tempo of your foot work must be getting close. Then go to the heels, make sure in the center of the heels, push into the bar as you push out and make sure you keep pushing into the bar as you come back home. Right? So the pushing into the bar, we'll make sure we really work the back of the legs even as the carriage comes in. Then we are going almost two. I tendon stretch the tendon, stretch his three counts down, one, two, three and up to three.

So it's like a waltz tempo. Make sure that those are all the way on. Make it a little slower so we really get that last push before you go up, up lower, lower, lower. Now imagine that the carriage does not move when you lower the heels down so he stay up there. Resist. There you go. So you don't want the weight to come down with the carriage.

You want to work against that so you keep the nice oppositional stretch and feel in the body. When you get to your 10th time of doing that. Is this the last one? You're going to bend your knees. Now we're going to start with the supine arm series. So I have a little um, space between the shoulder boxes and your body. Bring your Lex into a tabletop position and hold onto your handles. The arms come straight up.

The legs go right at a 90 90 position. Keep the arm straight and bring it straight down. Reaching for the foot bar and Oh, keep your head down and then bring the arms up. So just the arms move down, reaching for the bar and they come back. We're just going to get ready active. Feel how the rips go down as the arms go down and try to keep them there as they go back up. So don't lift with the arms. Now.

Open the arms into a v position and now press them down to the hips. And then on the v back up, there you go. Nice and easy. Think of pushing a little bit more through the little finger side. As you press it, you feel a different activation in the back and watch out. If you don't do little little crab walk there. Yeah, and bring it back up. One more time, reaching beautiful.

Then bring the arms back to the top. Now press. And once you have activated the arms curl up for the rest of the way. So curl the body up and then bring the arms back up and then relax the body back down. So start with the arms. Get the arms into the picture, then curl to reach all the way forward. Lift the arms and relax. Now this time we're going to stay up, so pressing arms and then curl up. And then we right there to stretch the legs out.

Ready for your a hundred breathing in for five gowns. And then exhaling for five counts. We're going to do this 10 sets and then exhale. Don't overturn out. Keep squeezing long with the legs. There you go.

How are you feeling now? You feeling good? Now come up a little higher. There you go. And squeeze a little more. How many have you done so far? You think? 60 okay, well I'll take that enrich. I trust you. Can I trust you? Oh, okay, so then are almost there then. Are we correct?

Okay, so we're going to lower the headpiece down. I'll change the spring, so we're going to be on two springs. This is the grotto equipment, so adjust your spring setting when needed. For your short spine massage, you're going to fold the strips up and place you feed right in. If you have the straps with the loops, just choose which one is feels more comfortable. It depends on the length of your, of your ropes, whether you're on the long steps or the short ones. Press it out like a frock. Keep your hips on the mat and bring your legs up to a 90 degree angle. Now Curl up without moving the machine. Curl, curl comu without moving the machine up, up, up, up, up, up, up.

Once you're all the way up, take the whole picture over to bring a carriage back in. Then bend the knees into wards. You leave the feet and roll yourself down, and then bend the knees and continue to get the last part on the mat. Press it out. Lift the legs to 90 now without moving.

Roll up, or we go. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. A wri studio occasion. Then the knees back in. Now leave your feet and drop your seats. That was Ramana's skew. And then bend the knees and curl back in. PRS it out. Lift to 90 now we try not to move it. Press it up. Curl.

Use those hamstrings. Press into the straps. There you go. Curl it over. Bend the knees back in. Leave the leg now. Roll away from Your Chin. Bend the knees, curl back down and relax. Hold onto the handles. Take your feet out of the straps. Ready for the coordination. Elbows are down. Here we go. Inhale, press nice and long.

Open the legs and close the legs. Exhale, push, and then bring it back. No, press it out. Give it a little resistance. Open, open, open, and I'll close, close, close. Pull me in with you. Bend your knees. Oh Man. And then bend the arms. So you create your own resistance. Don't just flop around. Open. Push, bend in and bend it and stretch it out.

[inaudible] yes, like you moving through big mud pool. Press it out last time. Press squeeze in and then relax. Good. Hold onto the handles. Swing yourself over. Take one spring out. And we're going to do the rowing sequence. So from here, stick with the arms long. Now, um, you're going to have the elbows slightly up.

This way you're fine bent so that the strap does not hang loose, right? So the machine is still in and the strap is long. From here, you're going to roll back and bring the thumbs into your sternum. Do not move the machine and open the arms. Do not move your body and press the arms back. Do not move the machine when you roll back forward into your row. Whoo. We saw that now Richard with the hands underneath the foot bar, bring it up and circle it around and read and sit back up.

Here we go. Move the machine. When you roll back, don't move the machine when the arms come open. [inaudible] it up. And now don't move the machine. Give it you the ASCII region with the adjective rigid with the arms. Ah, bring it up the wall and all the way around. One more time. Here we go. Curl, curl, curl, curl, curl, curl. Deep Curl. Open the arms to rest. Now roll over. Don't move. Don't move, don't move.

Don't move it lifted up. Circle around and relax. Good. Second one. We're going to start in. All right angles now keep it and go straight back. Come back up, stretch, fall down to the tailbone and then lift and reach a little bit more.

Stretch at the end. So let's start at the right angle. Go flat back comma, reach forward. Now bring the arms to the tailbone before you lift them up, reach them underneath the foot bar. Scrape the back wall and then come around and keep that scope right that last little bit. You don't want to miss out on it. Press and reach, bearing it back to watch you. [inaudible] stuck.

Now reach for the back while we put it back, while we each put it back while each put the back wall. There you go. And release. Good. Let's turn around. Here we go. Sit all the way against the shoeboxes, but make sure you stay lifted and almost it's slightly in front of it. Elbows go in. Inhale out on 45 exhale, bring it down. Inhale, bring it all the way up and our grow taller. Grow Taller, grow taller. Bring it out to a 45 degree angle.

Now reach for the end of the carriage in the arms. Come down, so reach. Don't lift the arms up from here. Reach out, reach out, reach out. There you go. Now as the arms come down, you go up. Ah, there we are. One more time. Inhale and reach. Exhale, stretch out. Reach out to come up. Beautiful. Lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up, lift. Flex the feet. Roll forward. Press through the heels as you come down, reaching along. Now keep reaching.

As you roll up the shoulders. Drop down in, you pop up. There you are. Lift the arms and come up higher. Come up higher. Come up higher. Come up higher. Come up higher and roll forward to stretch. Now as you roll up, the machine should not move because you're reaching so much. Lift the arms, then come up. Let's do it one more time.

Peress it out. Roll yourself up, drop those shoulders, lift up, and then cross the legs for your shape. The arms are down. You're going to lift your arms straight up. Once you're in the top, flip them around. You can have your hands here together. Or if this is more comfortable for your shoulders, we are okay with that as well. So press it out and then bring it back in. Now press it out. And uh, what I want you to do once it out is stretched a little bit more. Push more, push more, and get that stretch in, lower back, that feels yummy and then bend it back in. So it's not just an arm exercise, press it out, it's from the stomach, the whole body scoops and lift up and bring it back and get the last little juice out of that exercise by lengthening Olo more.

There you go. One more time. And we are going to stay up there for the transition into the hug. So we're going to change legs and open the arms at the same time. And exhale, squeeze in and not, don't squeeze it so much. Reach for me. Excellent. Now from here, open to the side. Press Open. Personally. Wait, personally went open. Open Up. There you go.

So grab as many flowers as you can and I'll give them to everybody that you love out out so many people and reach. Grab for now. Reach open and expand. One more time ritual all the way over. And I grew up all the way out and then relax. Good.

Relax the straps. We're going to stay. Um, do the swan on the box today. I'm just a version of it. So we're going to have the bar up and use the long box. Here we go. Um, that's we own two springs. Let's see how it goes. We might go down to one depending on how the machine feels.

So light on your stomach facing, you know, facing the machine. [inaudible] and depending on your clothing and a box material, you might slide a little bit. So you might need an extra pad. Press it out. Is that too heavy? I think it's gotta be heavy. So I'm going to take a spring off to rest it out. Now from here, I want to show this to come up and then keep the arms straight and just feel how they slide back down. There you go. Lift them up, feel push and push out. More shoulders rise and then the shoulders find their placement again and a rise. And I'll keep the arms straight.

Think of pulling the bar apart as you come up into your extension. So coming up, open the collarbone, rip that bar apart, and then come back down and bend the arms again in. Straighten out the arm, shoulders drop. Pool that bar apart. Open to the collarbone, which acts for the neck and I'm pressing it back out. And then bend it back in. One more time. Press it out, shoulders down, pull the bar open as you come up, up, up I, and then bring it back and bend the arms. Good. Stepping off, we're going to turn around for the pool straps and we're already on one spring.

If you still were on to, um, you want to go down a little bit. So you're gonna lie down on your stomach with the shoulders right on the edge of the box. Reach as far forward as you can, but stay on the outside of the frame. The legs are together and they're either slightly below the box or in line with the box. Or if you're really, really good, you can have the legs above the box. But Watch out. You don't arch when you do so. Right? So find a place that's good for your spine.

I'm stay straight and Poole yourself. In going forward, shoulders drop and then slowly really set press. Come up a little bit more into your extension. Press forward, press forward, press forward, verse four. There you go. And then release it back down and stay up there. This time I want to keep the elbows high. We're going to bend the arms and stretch them again and bend them all the way.

Stretch all the way. Bend all the way. Stretch one more time. You got them. And straight arms down and relaxed. Good. Slide the arms open to the side for the letter t. So we pulled the straps behind us. The shoulders roll back, keep pulling, keep pulling. Don't shake your head. No, that's the wrong message to send your body. Say, yes, I can do this and yes I will. And one more time. Pool it back.

Put everything you got into it and lifted it up and relax. Good job. That's a hard exercise. So let's step off. We're going to do the backstroke, but we're gong to be on one spring today and I want you to sit on where you normally do your teaser. So we're going to do the backstroke on one spring. At the level of the box where you would do your teaser bend, everything in, everything is going up. Everything opens, crunch. For me, it feels really strange if you're on one spring and then bring it back in because you want that tension up. We go open crunch, key breaching. Don't make this a picture.

Keep the energy flowing and then bring it in. Let's do one more time. We go up open, keep them moving, give them moving, get them moving, even moving and then bring it in. Now from here we go into the backstroke teaser. Cumbo so we go up open, finished the back strobe like you normally do. Once we're here, we're going to flip the arms around and now just rise up into your teaser. Stay in the teaser, arms go down and float up.

They go down. Ana. One more time. Down, up and hold it. Keep reaching forward. Are you going to roll down and you hit the end of your beck stroke position again? Then flipped the arms and bended. Beckin. Beautiful. So good. We're going to do it again. Ah, open crunching, rich flip flowed, flowed up, float up and then lower the arms and lift a little bit more than a little finger. Lower and lower and up. Now keep reaching from interrupting that Coxix. There you go. And Bender. Then you got one more in you. Of course you do up open.

[inaudible] turn around. You always have more in you than you think you have. Lower and up. We go. Lower up one more time. Oh up. You already reach forward. Roll down, roll down, hit it. Ooh, so close.

And then re ready for your horseback. That's okay. So [inaudible] dad, we are. So we're going to sit and the back of her saddle. There you go. With the legs, right in front, turned in or parallel actually and flexed feet.

You're going to have the hand, Spidey hips straighten out your legs. So the legs Orient. So technically we earn rounded position and we basically are already in the position that we want to be in. The only thing we have to do is get up. So that's all you need to do. It's simple. So press and scooping, lift the arms up, straighten out the arms all the way.

There you go. And now just bending it and sit back down. Now a lot of times the tendency is as the arms go forward to follow the arms. And what I want you to imagine is that the arm say still and that you're not going forward, but the arms is still and you push yourself backwards, right? So from here, flex your feet and I push into my hand. Push me up there. You're going appoint a feed point. If he didn't come up, come up, come up now those arms girls are now circle arms open and pull up one arms open and pull up to arms open. Stay up there, flex the feet and sit back down one more time right away and scoop into it.

Open the arms and Ghana and keep that girl. Keep that girl, keeps the curriculum still keep us feeding in front of you and smoothly. Sit back down. That's a lot of work. So let's go to the short box. There we are. Um, if you're used to a pad, use the pad. I personally like not to use the pad, but that's totally up to you. Whatever you feel more comfortable with.

There we are and we're going to start the hug. So we're going to hug ourselves and love ourselves and relax it. Push the heels forward, curl the tailbone on it and roll yourself down. Let's go. Not all the way to start off then roll. Exhale, curl, curl. There you are. Megan is nice and smooth. So roll down, keep the head in as long as you can.

First the chest opens, then the head goes, head comes in, soften the rips and roll and don't think of rolling out and don't rolling back and up, but rolling out an in. So you're gonna roll in. Keep the head in, keep your head and keep your head in first opened the chest, then that beautiful. Now Roll in towards yourself. Try find the dentist to roll up. Keep Rolling in. Keep Rolling. Keep Rolling. And holding onto the bar for the flat back so the arms go up.

We stay nice and long again. We don't go back, we just go longer. So reach all the way out. Now grow taller to come up and stay nice and long out. Keep going. Push those heels forward and long back up and more reaching out. Push it far away and which, yeah, I don't want to see the bar sinking towards you as you go out.

I want the bar to move away from you. There you go. And then just relax forward. You deserve a relaxation. Shoulders and roll back up for the site to site. So for the side to side, we're going to sit slightly forward, lift up, and then go over to the side, the rib. Stay in and reach and come back up and I'll reach over and now think of pushing something away. So push me away. Push me away. Push me away. Push me away.

There you go. So you have to push the big heavy bar away from you. Otherwise we're going to collapse in reach. One more time. [inaudible] there you go. And one more time. Keep reaching, keep reaching, keep reaching. Keep reaching and relax. Ready for the twist? Sure. If you say so. Arms Up.

We stay nice along and we twist our body. We're going to go down on that angle. We come back up and we untwist. Lift and twist. Push the feet away as you go back. Come back up the long way and relax. Lift feet go forward. You go back so you can pull yourself apart.

There you go. Keep that bar heavy. Press the world away from you. There you go. Now let's go around the world. Speaking of the world, going into the corner, watch out for the back. When you go flat, twist all the way before you come back up. Do not forget the second twist. So it's twist. We go down, we go flat. Now twist all the way before you come up and reliance tree. So here we are trying for the tree.

Bring one leg in and now stretch the leg out and bend it. And, and, and this is the time to really catch your breath. Walk it up and then fall asleep on your leg. Pull the leg torch. Push the A, flex that foot down there yet. Push the heel away as you roll down. And when you push the heel, you get a lovely stretch down there. Roll back up.

And then lengthen the lower back, the middle back, the upper back and fall asleep. Pull the Lek torch or roll yourself down. Press that heel away. Let go all the way out. Oh, that feels nice. Killbuck and rolling towards you. And then lower back lifts, middle back lifts, upper back lifts and relax. Let's hold on to the, um, I let two turned out one. So you're gonna hold on.

You can either hold on to the inside of the foot or the ankle or further down, depending on your, um, flexibility. Pull the leg open, direct the shoulder down, and I roll it down and take this leg with few back. There you go. Now what you're trying to do, skip the leg back as you roll in front of it. So try to give that like back as you roll. Then bend the knee, cross it over, make sure you're square in the body and just roll forward and relax. Roll Up. And let's change sites. So here we are bending it in and stretch it out.

And two and three walk. It always makes sure that the hips are square in your tree and especially when you come back up. So as we roll down and we push that heel back, the tendency is to shift your hips. So make sure you checked that before you go up into the lift, the lift, and even more lift. We foyer, relax. One more straight one. Push the heel away. Exhale. All the way. Roll yourself back up.

Make sure there's weight on that sits bone there. As you lift your lift and you're lifting more than we turn it out. So we're going to turn the leg out, pull it open. Now we lets the head down. Roll yourself backwards, taking the Lek with you.

Yeah, try to keep the leg back as you roll out. That is quite challenging. There you go. Then the knee behind you Karasik over. Before you did a forward stretch, make sure everything is back to square. Then scoop into your stomach and roll forward. Exhaling, relaxing the shoulders, relaxing the hips. Roll yourself up.

Let's get rid of the box and we're ready for our long stretch series so we get rid of all the stuff, but we keep our pad, we put the pad right on the headpiece, the foot bar is up. We're going to go into our plank position. The body is lifted to pull shop a little bit more. Pull that bar apart and we go out. Lift up a little bit more. Keep lifting. There you go.

And lift and re and up. And one more time. Reach. Keep those ribs gone and on. Slowly bend the knees and instead of the downstream, we're going to do an exercise called the roller coaster. So we're gonna round our back and sit back like your knee stretches. From here, you're going to articulate through the spine and come into the arched position, keeping your arms straight. Press the carriage out first. Lower the hips as she pressed the care chart more.

Suppressed the carriage out more and lower the hips. And then you come in in the down stretch, the head goes down. We scoop up and round back to where we started and going to the, nope, you want to go right into the knee. Stretches. Wishful thinking. We're going to go up into the arch. A little arch should out prs out. Press out more to lower the hips.

Pull the bar apart and come up into the extension round ahead and curl and lift arch through parece. Now you've got them lower the hips. Open the collarbone. One more time for enjoyment and lengthen up. Ooh, don't forget the arch first. Yeah. So arch first, prs, second, lower, third flowed up, head goes in and round. Back in. Up. Stretch is the next one in the series. So we're going to stay nice and rounded.

First just press with the heels. As the legs disappeared, the hips comes down, you curl back in. Keep the head down, keep your head, Chin to the chest. And I push up in my hand. Push. I've been doing my hand. Push up in demand. Push up intimate. Keep this scoop as the feet move. Now keep this rounded. Keep the left [inaudible] and left more. Love more, more, more, more Mama. Mama, Mama, Mama. There you go. One more time. [inaudible] curl it under.

[inaudible] we do. And come up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. And that elephant feet it down. Move you feel a little forward. [inaudible] all the weight is on the heels and we press it out in stump. Dig It in and come in. One came in to come in, three, press it out. Don't let the body come and GSG legs come. One coming to come in three and push and press one, press two, press three. We're going to do the air bask. One leg.

You're such a lucky girl today, Lee. Um, lift this heel up halfway on the box and then press this leg as high as it wants to go. Press it out and stop. Now brew lift his leg as the light comes in, pull up and he's a book, uh, and, and ball up all the day. And Jay's legs. Mm. So we're going to push it out first there it locks. Then the leg comes up higher as the light comes in and then release and the leg goes higher in the lead, comes in and release, keeps straightening out the time per asan and release.

We're going to do the same thing with the first leg down to the heel is down on the floor day ago. Now this time tried to give everything parallel, right the first time you can open up the hips a little bit, but this time you cannot. So press it out, straighten the arms and bring it in and still lifted back, leg up and press, turn it in and a little bit. It will help you stay more parallel there. You'll go and press out one more time. Bring it in. Let's change legs. That must must, must be getting tired. Perez it out. Straight arms and pull one. Push it out. Pull to push this leg away. Keep it active. Don't let it hang in midair.

Mm. We're going to go back to the first leg. This time are going to stand right on top of the bar. There we are. Make sure this heel stays nice and lifted. Press it out and hold it and drag it in and, and lift his leg up and he's lifted up. And let's change sites. We go up, we're almost done with these.

Lift the leg in and rich and pull up to only one more to go out of there and then relax. Good. Ready for your stomach massage, which I always find, um, is an exercise that has false advertising because it's really not a massage, but I think we call it that way. So the people think, oh, I'm going to get a massage, and before they know it, it's over. So think of pooling the front edge of the carriage up towards you. Like you're almost trying to pull it off the machine. And here we go. Press it out. Lower up in one and two down.

Make sure you come all the way in, make it smooth. Sitz bones come up towards your heels as you come home and out, down, up. Don't bounce. You're bouncing a little bit. So push it out. This is a press and lift like a tendon stretch, not a bounce. Push up and in out press. There you go. I don't know how many we did. Okay, then we're right on schedule. Hands up behind you saying thing. Do not bounce. It's a press and lift out.

Press up and in. Now keep that press now just speed it up and out, down, up, panning, out, down, open the collar bone. Don't hyper. Extend those elbows. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. There you go. Now we're doing nice and long and when you get to 10 you can get at spring out.

You reach forward with the arm. She pressed the character out, slow it down and bring it in the carrot steps. But You keep moving forward. [inaudible] out. Curl the tailbone underneath you and give what you give, what you get rich and you don't look so troubled. Perez and out. Think happy and like massage thoughts per it out. Now come back in.

You're going to give me the thumbs up and you're going to open the arms to the sides. They'll stay in. There you go. Now as you push it out, twist, twist your body to Shabaka. Come back in and keep the art and keep the arms to the side. We just come back to the center and reach and opposite the arm state. Totally to decide the whole time. We're just sweet, twisting our spine and [inaudible] back and push the arms up and I'll come back to the front arm. Stay to decide and twist over rich and come back to the center.

Hold onto the bar and give yourself a, well these are stretch, reelection shoulders. Then we stepping off. We flipping ourselves around for the long peck stretch. There we are. So you don't want it. It's up to you because we're going to need attendance right after. I don't know if you want to sit at 10 and starch, so feed against it and there we go.

Nice and long body, we go straight down. Push out, don't move the machine when you curl up and bring it back home. Straight down. Let's go a little faster. [inaudible] to go home. [inaudible] lift. Let's reverse it. Krill up to go out and bring it back in. Girl up to go down and bring it back in. One more time.

Up and then sit down on your foot bar please. She feed in the front for your tendon stretch. So we're going to stand right on top. The feet are flexed, the head is down. Curl in the yields away to come down and curl yourself back into coma.

Right? So now I'm going to stand right here and you should not be touching me as you go down. Oh, what is that? And include, don't go so far down and come all the way up. Don't touch me. Don't touch me. Don't touch me. Don't touch me, don't touch me. And then go back down to touch me. Don't put your butt against me. That's sexual harassment I think. And krill back in and back out, back out, back out, back out, back out. One more time and curl it up.

Oh, you got them. Ed and rural. Back Up. Curl back into scene two yourself and relax. Good. Stepping out for getting ready for the overhead going into the semi-circle. So if you need pads for your semi-circle, um, place them down already so we don't have to stop in between. Um, do you want a pat for your semi-circle? Is it spar? Slippery. Okay, so we're going to start with the overhead. So 40 overhead, you're gonna lie down on your back. You have a little bit of space again between you and the shoulder boxes.

The legs are straight. The first thing you're going to do is bring the legs down and bring the arms down. As the legs go over, there we go. Two parallel, then lift the leg straight up to the ceiling. Keep reaching long, and then slowly roll down your spine. Exhaling down like your jackknife on the mat and bring the arms up as the legs go down. So the arms, the legs start and arrive at the same time. So everything goes and then you lift up. Now reach long with the arms.

Think of pushing the machine out as you roll down. So curl, curl, curl, curl, curl, and the arms come back up and again, roll over, give me your feet, push the hips forward towards me and I'll reach long with the arms. As you roll down, you roll down your roll down, your roll down, you roll down your roll down and bring the arms up one more time and bring it over. Push the hips forward, which you are those arms. Imagine to pull the machine out more and more and more and more and then bring it back up. Let go of the straps. Bring your head piece up behind you at place.

The feet you can do to semi-circle with the Lex and stance or parallel apart. Whatever you feel more comfortable with or whatever feels more comfortable for your knees. Exhale and roll down into dwell. PRS it out. Lock it. Now, curl up without moving the machine. Come back forward. Do not open the knees too much and get this stretch in the front. Start with the sternum. Exhale, roll down, roll down right where you go.

Feel that body just lengthening out. [inaudible] out. Lock it. Curl like a coxix girl going into the shoulder bridge position basically, and then bring it back home and stretch. One more time. This direction. Exhale, softening. Keep really reaching long with the arms, not from the elbows, but from the upper back. Reaching out, lock it, curl it in. Come back home to reverse it.

Press it out. Stop the machine. Exhale starting at the sternum and just ripple through your body like a big wave. Curl and back up and come forward. Lift up. Exhale, roll through that spine down and bring it in. And one more time. Press exhale, soften and roll down. Once you're all the way down, come back in and then lift up with the arms. Reach for your ankles. Make sure you keep that sitz bones crippled up.

Yeah, so we don't arch. Then place the hands back. Pull yourself up and gracefully step off. We're getting ready for the chest expansion. So we're going to stand on the two springs. We're going to grab our hand a straps, and we're going to sit down on our knees.

Toes are killed under or over the edge. Um, and just hold onto the leather straps. Yeah. Um, you can start with the legs hip width apart. If you want more of a challenge for your balance, you can bring the legs together, but it does make it a lot harder. So stand up now or sit up nice and tall. Pool the straps right behind you. Look to your right, look to your left. Look to the front and release the bar.

Now make sure that the arms go back and that you do not go forward, right? It's all in the arms. Look, look for runt and release. Inhale and pool. Keep pushing down with the look. Look, ah, exhale. Really ease in LM. Pool Yourself. Now look dumb over it. Look in, don't it, looking down, move it, and then relax. Move to the front. We are going to do the thigh stretch.

So I'm going to add a spring for her because of the machines. Add a little spring. We're going to do a little variation of it. So pull the arms next to your body first. Now keep the arms here as you hinge all the way back back, back as ballroom, as you dare to go pull more to come up. Arms are straight. And then really, so we start like a chest expansion started with the pool.

Now in one B's of steel you go back, now pull more to come back up, pull their arms in and then release. Right? So the pulling of the arms will help you to get up, right? One more time. Pull, go back. Now pull more to come home. Wow. That really helps you. And then stepping up, but it will the next time you do it. Here we go.

We're going for the arms series, the kneeling arm series. So Ho okay onto the knees. Legs are hit with apart. Arms start in front of you. And we're going to float up in the circles and around and up. Two and up three and circle the other way over.

Keep it in front of your shoulders. Think of a lifting. Don't go down in your vehicles. Lift upwards, your circles. There Ya go. Now lift up and stay there. Flip the arms for your shave. We're going down. Don't look down because you'll go down and bend and up and bend. Then up, one more time. Band and up. Stay up.

Open the arms to the side for the hug. Did we do this one already? Yes we did, but that doesn't mean they cannot do it again, right? That's what I say. And one more time. Open the arms. Bring them arms down for the bicep curl. Make sure the elbows don't move when you go up with the arms and back down and up and down and up.

And one more time and up and relax. Good. Take your steps with you to the back and add the Lex springs or the leg straps you extensions. And while she's doing that, I'm adding a spring for next exercise. We're going to do tic talk. Then the corkscrew, you want to make sure your characters not move. So you want to make sure you have enough springs on it so it doesn't wiggle. Okay. Um, you can add the leg straps for the exercise after that already.

So when this piece of equipment, we add the straps and then we hooked them up. Um, so they're already there for when we need them. There we are. So we're going to lie down to head pieces down. We're going to hold on to the back end of our shoulder boxes, bending the knees in two and 90 degree angle. There we are keeping everything nice and tall where it goes. Going to bring the legs over to one end, lifting the hip up to move and impressing the ribs down to come back.

So don't just let the legs pull you over. Lift the hip to gum around you, feel the difference, and then pull the lips back down to come up. Lift the left hip to go to the right and then press the left lips down to come home to go to the left. You lift your right hip and then pull the right reps back down. Now from here we're going into the corkscrew, so we just going to do the basic, not too much. Go to parallel with the legs.

Then just roll down on the right side of your body and come up on the left side of the body and come back to parallel. So go to the left, roll down to the right and come back up. Don't forget the second side there. You go to the ride and I go to the lab to come back home. Oh, that felt so much better and I'm not sure we going left right and back up, up to the parallel. Parallel, parallel, parallel. Lift the hip, lift that blood up. There we go. And then roll back down. Bend your knees in. Wrap your Lex.

I'm straps for the leg circles so the steps are already there. I'm going to keep the headpiece down. Normally for the lecture circles we'll have it up, but we are going into the long spine massage as well, so we might as well keep it down. Let's start with a little frog and bend it back. Press it out, bend it back in, but ended out and leave it here. Now let's start with the circles. Not too big, but have a nice little tempo.

And now take this temple into your long by massage. Lift up open and push and lift up. Open and press those legs away. Don't give up. Where's my tempo up? Oh, and one more time and I'll reverse your circles. Lift and push down to come down and lift.

Press it out. Well, two more times, I believe to be even. Where's my lift? Oh, don't poop out yet to bend your knees and relax. Let's take the steps out. It's time for our knees. Stretches. Always a very happy moment in everybody's workout. So we're going to start with on the knees. Then these are down, the back is rounded, and here we go.

Press it out in one stay lifted two and three and four, five, six, seven. One more time. Relax. Go into the arch. Now I've made sure that the arch is lifting from the sternum, not from the head. There you go. Angle and lift up one and up two and three. Keep the sternum lifted. Three and four and five arms straight. Six and seven knees off. So we're going to start around, sit back on the heels. In a perfect world, the body does not move forward and we just float up and go 10 times all the way out, all the moon, all the way up, all the way in, all the way out, all the way out. It means the legs are straight present out in, out and in. There we go. Three more times. Push, um, Borsch, um, Bush and real nuts. Sit back on the heels.

We're not done yet. Take the right foot and place it in the front. Just the ball of your foot. So lift the heel. [inaudible] so this is called a Tinkerbell. So you're now just going to go on one leg up and up. Press it out in all the way she'd be on the back leg.

This leg is very light and bent, just like your normal knee stretches. But take all the weight off the front leg. Stay down, relax. There you go. They have the will, a lot of energy into it to get that going right. So get yourself together, all you already and dope and in and out. And I'm push and push until more. And a last one and re Max, she deserved the running. And so do you. So let's lie down.

Um, yeah. Place it back on the spring setting that you started with prs it out and run. Make is nice and light, right? So don't push too much. Make it very light and bouncy. Make sure to heal goes up as high as the yield goes down.

So make it nice and smooth. Once you're all the way at the top, come back in pelvic lift, curl it up, press it out. Once you're out, push it a little bit more push and then bring it back and press it. Once you out length in the body, give it a little extra Inge out of that waist and then bring it back in. [inaudible]. Push a little more and bring it in and then roll through the spine back down. Good. Stepping off of the control balance.

So we're going to change the gears. Are Stepping off for me to the second gear. There you are. And depending on your machine, you might have to do a little stopper, um, in that sort of does spring zone come out here? We don't need to do that, but watch that out. Place it the foot down and the hands down. Come into the plank position. Nothing moves. Um, is it too much? Oh yes. It's on three swings and she'd be on two.

Sorry about that and push it out and bring it in. Just keep the lift up. Keep the ribs lifted, pull up, push it out and out and in, out and in. Bring the machine back home and step off. Then you're going to have to change it back to first gear for the other ones, for the pool, the balance control back. We're going to first do three times, just the arms.

Push it out one and push out two and push out three. Now lift the legs up, up one other leg up. Almost missed it up one more time and step off to the floor. Hey, no, don't shake your head. No, very nice job. We're going to go into the site splits sites, but you can do in two springs or on one. What do we like?

I personally like one. Do you end up pad you in one pad or two paths? One is good. So we're going to start on this side where you have the most reformer in front of you when you stand on it. So place the foot on the stable part first. Then you swivel it out. You can swivel it out depending on what you need. Stand up nice and tall there. Every call, press it out and hold it. One, two and three and then scoop it up back home.

Press it out in this time. Hold it here. You're going to fold forward like you're picking up a flower out of the Grand Canyon. You come back up. Now present the flower to your audience. Bring Chia, open the arms suicide, and come back home. Pick up a second flower. There you go. Because we have always room for more flowers.

Rich. Lift the sternum. Open the arms to the side. This time we're going to do the Sol. Press it out. Don't move the machine saw of your little towel, come back up and then saw off the little toe and the other side and she's trying not to hit me and not moving the machine. Now come back in and go to the other side one more time. That's okay. That's come in and then go to the other side and then turn wrapped. So stables, fam, stable place fresh day ago, cyrillic. Stand up nice and tall. Almost home.

Here we go. Perez it out and hold it and then pull both like make sure you work both legs at the same time. Press it out now go down, try to go down into it. Lift it up, lift the sternum as the arms come forward. Open the arms and bring it home. Now use both legs to come home. There you go. And then go down. Forward, scoop into the belly, sort of like a standing up spine. Stretch forward, PIR as up and lift the chest and open it back up. It saw time present out. Lucky to reach for that foot. Come back up, standing up nice and tall though.

Moo to go to the other side a little bit. Help of your friend and bring it back in and [inaudible] both like squeeze it in. There you go. And one more time after swiveling. Sorry. We did one at that time. It's time for the Russians. There you go. The big final splits. So we're going to be in two springs and do you want to pat there?

Probably. You're gay. Are you sure? Okay. You said so do you want to pat here in the back? Oh, she doesn't want a pat here either. So, um, would come off. I love it gave up. So the back foot goes first, but we want to make sure it's on the triangle. So the heel is on the top and the ball of the foot is on the sidebar. Then you hop the foot forward. The ball of the foot is on the headpiece, the yield is still in the carriage.

You're gonna push the carriage out until this bottom leg is parallel with the floor and then the knee and ankle a right in alignment. Then you stay here and you just stretch the leg out and bring it back in. Nothing moves. Just the that goes out and back in, out and in and stuff. Now make sure that the leg does not come in more. Take your hands off. Watch out for this heel. Press it out now as it comes in. Don't let it overshoot.

She does a beautifully pressed. Now keep pushing through that back leg as well. Don't forget you have a second leg Perez and in. Take the hands and place it down. Now you deserve to big stretch so you can hop the foot forward so the heel is right on that crack of the headpiece. Push with that leg and go down and go.

Keep the leg straight and come back home. Let's do that again. Press it out and stretch now a little trick. Use your arms to push it out a little bit more. It really gets a little engine roll back up. Take the front foot to the back and then we switch legs.

So make sure that the foot in the back goes first. We're right on that corner. The hub, that foot forward the ball of the foot. There we go. Straightened his leg out. I'm going to press it out. Legacies parallel with the floor and goes right underneath the knee. We press it out and in, don't move your hips.

Keep this like really active. After the third time, we leave the like end. We take our hands off and press it out. Don't overshoot. Keep pushing it back. Leg. Teressa one more time. Push. Bring it in. Take the hands off, hop the foot forward and press it out all the way and stretch and bring it back up. One more time. Use the arms as well to push a little bit more. Push more, push more, push more, push more. Bring it back up. Bring the front foot back to the back and stepping off and then you are done.

Very good job thinking, Adrienne. Ah, good job.


Great workout
Very athletic
Great challenging workout, and fun! Love your delivery Ton!
Great fun. Didn't catch what spring load you had on for foot work. No change for arm work so I'm wondering was it light leg work heavy arm or the other way round? Really enjoyed the workout. Thank you
Loved this class! Tom is a hoot, very fun to watch and listen to. I loved the cuing for the Rowing series and the thigh stretch; it really helped me to do the exercises properly. Loved the Roller Coaster and the Tinkerbell!! And I really liked how no muscle group was ignored. Great class!
Heidi ~ the typical spring load is either 4 or 3 springs for footwork... once at the arm work, chances are you are down to 2 or 1 (form and equipment will dictate). At this level (2/3) it is not uncommon that the teacher will omit stating the tension of the springs assuming the students are familiar with the traditional flow and resistance of each exercise.
great workout Ton :) would love to catch up with you again! thank you!!
WOAH - Ton, excellent delivery! I was mentally and physically drained just watching you teach!! Great communication of thing though, when you choose the next exercise, are you basing the choice of exercise on the body in front of you, or are you selecting from repertoire which is given in a special order?
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Thanks everybody! Glad you are enjoying the workout!
Joshua, this workout was based on Romana Kryzanowska's Reformer work, so it follows her order. I added some variations of the exercises, but the order is what Romana taught us.
Great work out. Nice variation. Just how you taught us in Eindhoven in the Pilates Link certification program. Greetz x
Ton, thank you for the response!
I look forward to watching more of your session!
Thanks again!
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