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Have fun with Monica in a flowing Mat workout. She uses smooth transitions to go from one exercise to the next without any breaks. By keeping the muscles engaged the entire time, you will improve your stamina and endurance.
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Sep 07, 2013
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We are going to have a lot of fun today. We're just going to do an intermediate basically advanced mat work, but we want to do it, uh, with flow. A lot of times we concentrated on flow, but what I really want to think of is one of my favorite images that Ramana has given to us. And that is just like a gold chain where each link you don't see a stopping point. It just continues to the next link and to the next link and to the next. So the gold necklace is just one beautiful link, um, linked to another one.

So each exercise is just going to go one into the next. Some might have a little bit different tempo, but you won't see a stop and keeping your muscles engaged the entire time, especially your powerhouse. That is just a tremendous workout. Really building on your stamina and endurance too. Right? So we are going to just flow from one to the next, but make it feel good that oh and s and sometimes when I'm working out I think, okay, I just went, did a run or something other than pilates. And I'm just going to slip in a quick Matt and I start thinking I'm going to do a basic, but then as I get going, it feels so good that oh well let me just slip in the saw as well and this and that. So that's kind of the feeling that I want our mat today.

Just how good because of the natural progression that the exercises do have. Just really feeling that progression. Okay, you guys ready? All right, so we're going to stand at the edge of our mat and we're going to have a nice Palladia stance and one arm over the other and always connecting our mind to our bodies who are just going to take a moment to feel your powerhouse. Pull in and up, breathing, taking a nice big inhale, filling up those lungs and exhaling, pulling your powerhouse in and up and creating a nice long neck. We're going to put one foot in front of the other, behind the other and lower yourself down to the mat and then we're going to lift your bottom back to about midway and just lie down. Good.

And just reach back. Stretch, extending your arms and your legs really reaching. And then inhale, bring your arms up to the ceiling and exhale down by your side. Good. We're going to start your mat off with your l your a hundred off with your legs coming up from the floor. But if you're get too tight in your lower back from that, feel free to bend your knees and started again from bringing your legs up and then bringing them back down. So I want you to take a big breath with your head down, opening up your lungs right now, and exhale. Draw your belly in. Really engage in the back of your thighs and glutes. On your next inhale, I want you to lift everything up into the a hundred position.

So are going to inhale and exhale, draw on your legs. Good. And we're going to start pumping here and exhale in with the air and then exhale and hell, very, very nice. That's 50 again. If your lower back's getting tight and you're not able to feel your powerhouse warming up, bend your knees in, extend the legs to the ceiling and lower them down. Two more. Squeezing those inner thighs together. Drawing your belly in and up. One more big breath and exhaling and lower your legs.

Reach your arms back. Good. And we're gonna bring your arms up then inhale head. And now exhale, curling forward. And I want you to hold it here cause we're gonna use this black strap that we have want you just skip forward, grab that strap. Of course I'm messing up the flow there and stretch back. So reach forward and let's roll back one continuous motion.

Exhaling back, arms up next to stretch and rural in back. Never skipping through any motion. Just keeping a good flow in with your pooling. Something heavy back. Exhaling all the way down. Give me four more arms head [inaudible] in with the air. And two, three more. I lost the count of what I told you. One more.

I thought so. And we're going to go into the rollover. So kick that strap off. We're going to go right into the rollover. So legs go right over and open and rolling down. Sweep to the mat together and over a little more energy open. Control the roll down. One more time. Direction. Up and over, separate and rolling down. We're going to go into the reverse, so we're gonna squeeze, open and over.

Slide together and rule through the spine. Legs down, open, over, squeezed together. We've got one more. Sweeping down from the powerhouse over. Squeeze together and rule down. Thinking about your single leg circles. We're going to keep the right leg. Stretch the left arms by your side. Here we go. Pulling the leg up to your nose and cross around.

Cross around up. Really stretching that leg, the back of the thighs. We got one more. Cross around, up reverse dad around, up, down, around, up, down, around two more. There we go. Last time and hug in that knee. Put the leg down, left knee in. Hug it in. Stretch it up as straight as you can, right like down the middle of your body. Arms. Press into the mat, pull up with your belly and crust around, up.

Cross around. Lift. Cross around, up to around up one more and reverse work in the back of the fight or pull the leg up and of course your powerhouse. Three round up. Good. Reach that ankle last one. And hugging that knee. Going into rolling like a ball. Roll up, lift your bottom forward, grab onto your ankles and we're going to inhale roll back. Exhale, roll it up and in with the air. Exhale in with the air. Massage your back.

You're here for your body. Rest your feet down. Lift your bottom back and we're going to bring your right knee with you as we roll out for this single leg stretch left and right. See how low you can get your legs being supported with your powerhouse. Right here. There we go.

And we're gonna do three more sets right, left squeezing the bottom at the extended leg, last set and both legs in. Inhale, reach. Exhale, pulling in with ear. Exhale, inhale and exhale. Two more. Back to the legs and feet are working right leg, left leg forward and double pulse. One two left to right to left to right to announces single pulses.

It's right and left, right and left. Two more sets. Last set both legs up, hands, press behind your head and lower those legs. Ana, try to reach long to the mat and up and in with the Air Canada. Exhale and three and exhale and two hand up. One more. And now two sets of crisscross, twist and left and hugging those knees. Great job. Sit on up for spine stretch forward. Heel should be in the middle of those blocks. Arms up at shoulder height, and lifting your powerhouse and exhale in with the era. And exhale down. [inaudible].

Make sure you have a relaxed neck when you go down [inaudible] as well as relax shoulders. One more. And we're gonna transition to open like rocker. There we go. And ready rock and roll in with the air. Exhale. So I'm not guiding too much in with the air. Guess what's next? And inhale that exhale and inhale back.

We're going to do one more inhale, exhale up, and then bring your legs together. Leave them there, roll down your back. We're gonna go into court screw with corkscrew. I want you to start with your bottom up over your shoulder. So we're going to bring your legs back and then lift k over and then come down the center. And then reach to the right with your legs. Circle around and up. Come down the center to the left and up.

Yup. We go in. Damn. Make sure your feet are reaching for the ceiling. When you're up and left. It's your last one. And now roll down your spine. Sit Up for saw. Feet again in the middle of those blocks. Arms out shoulder. Just a little bit in front of you though. Twist and exhale.

Keep exhaling. Inhale, stack up your spine, twist to the left, and exhale. Exhale in with the twisting. Get a hamstring stretch in, healing up. Maybe you're too loose or flexible for that, but exhale, really feel a powerhouse. Lifting in and up. One more set twist. Take that moment to catch your breath and exhale. Exhale, exhale.

Inhaling up really deeply and exhale very deeply and inhaling up, and we're going to transition to neck roll. So we're going to go ahead and flip over onto our stomach and hands are gonna go underneath your shoulders and if your back's a little stiff a little forward or a little out pulling in your powerhouse, we're gonna lift up. Look over the right shoulder, circle the head down to your left and look forward. Reverse. And now come down lengthening your spine as you do. Let's do it one more time. Looking left around, forward reverse. And now hold it here.

And let's go into Swan. Dive on the count of three, one, two and three. One more. And round your back and sit on your heels. Kind of plant your hands down and we're going to go forward into single leg kicks a come forward onto your chest, up onto your elbows. Now good. Press your forearms into the mat.

Have all of the your back muscles active, including the back of your thighs and your glutes. And lift those legs an inch off the mat, reaching them long out of your hips. Let's start with the right heel. Kicking in twice, right to left to shoulders are away from your ears. One legs reaching one, like squeezing in, really trying to get those hamstrings and glutes. Another set right to end. Left to right facial cheek on the mat, hands behind your back.

Three kicks, lift and stretch and turning kicks in. We're gonna kick to three and lift two, three. Repeat that. Yeah, the stomach in and up. And one more set. Pardon me. Not set. Just kicking round your back. Sit on your heels. [inaudible] make sure you have a lot of space between your powerhouse and your thighs. Not just lying. Your stomach on your thighs. Turn onto your back.

Let's use that black strap again. So we're going to grab it for neck. Pool. Legs are hip, bone apart. Roll down onto your back. All right, one hand behind the other. Try not to lace the fingers. Here we go in with the air. And exhale, drawing your powerhouse in and up. Stack your spine and exhale back and doing it with you.

Never stopping on this exercise. As soon as we're down, we're going to come up in with the era. Squeeze in your seat away. One, two. We're actually an exhale last time. Inhaling up and exhale. Great job. Next we're going to go into, um, scissors and bicycle nowadays. Usually reserved for men, but so we're going to do them for Aaron. You like him.

So hugging your knees and we're gonna bring your legs up to a 90 degrees and then take them overhead and put your hands underneath your, um, hips. Okay. Now try to extend the legs up to the ceiling and then take your legs more forward than towards your head. Let's see the right leg and then switch. And then switch. One more. Set both legs up, roll down your spine and shake out your hands if you need to.

We're gonna go back up and do bicycle. So hips over again. Hands under your hips, legs. Extend almost to the ceiling. And try to take your right leg all the way down to the mat and then bicycle it in. And one more set left going down. And now reverse left down.

How are we doing? I want one more, right? One more left and then both legs up. And now we're gonna roll down your spine and put your feet flat on the Mat. We're going to lift up your hips and try to put your hands underneath your hips again and extend the right leg on the mat. Okay, we're going to kick it straight up and flex it down and up and flex and one more reaching long. Return that foot and switch legs.

Left leg extends on the mat and up and flex and point up and flex and one more and flex. Return that foot and roll down your spine. We're going to sit up for spine twists. I sit right on up. Legs are glued together and arms out and pulling in and twist. Empty your lungs in with the air. Exhale and exhale, pushing both heels away. Usually the one that you're twisting away from has the twist.

Push more forward. One more time. Okay, and last one. Good. All right, bring your arms down. We're going to roll 'em onto our side for a sidekick. So onto your right side, whatever your right side is, and then bring your fleet feet a little bit forward. All right, left leg up a little bit and we're going to double kick forward one, two, and back two and four and back. And you're always thinking about all your form, but let's flow and one more like this and let's put your both hands behind your head and back and forward and back and three and back.

And to try not to wave your top hand around last one and legs together and kick up and reach it long down and it's up and squeeze and lengthen down three more and really trying to get that outer thigh. Not Moving that top pip too much. One more time and five little circles. Here we go. Forward and up to three, four, five, reverse. One, two, three, four, five. Let's do bicycle. Kick it forward. Bend the knee. Take it all the way back. Extend, sweep it forward. Bend the knee to your chest. Need a knee, knee behind. X Dan. One more forward. Bend the knee.

Take the knee all the way back and extend legs together, but reverse back toe to your head. Need a knee. Need a chest, extend back toe to head. Need a need a chest. Extend One more time. Toe to head. Need a knee. Need a chest, extend legs together. Go ahead and roll onto your belly. Lifting the legs. 20 beats, one, two, three. There's no please like I'm, here we go. Seven, eight, nine, 10, 10 more. And roll to your other side, your left side and bring the legs a little bit forward.

And we're going to lift the right one just a little bit and we're going to double pulse forward one, two and back to now I can see you guys forward. So this is three. I want two more and then we're going to add the arm, the hand behind your head. Last one, God and hand behind head. Good. Yeah. We're keeping that elbow straight up to the ceiling, not waving back and forth right off of our powerhouse and two back and one m back and legs together. And that hand can go back again and push up and squeeze down and up and reach and up again making this for your body. So try not to lift this hip. Really feel the length in your lower back too. I might've added another one. One more time and five little circles. One, two, three, four, reverse. No circle in the body.

Yeah. Very nice. All right. Bicycle forward. Bend the knee, knee, the knee. Need behind an extent. All the way forward. Knee to chest. Need a knee, knee behind x and last one forward and extend legs together. Reverse. Pull the belly in as you lift that heel to your seat. Good. Really get that great stretch through here.

One more time. All the way forward. Great. All right. Lie on your back and your knees into your chest and throw a nice tantra. That's what we do here. We're going to extend the legs and really just stretch, shake them out cause we're going to go into our teasers. One, two and three. Okay. All right, so we're going to extend the legs up, arms back and the legs and we're going to come on up. Okay. That's teaser one. Leave the legs there. Roll away.

[inaudible] and roll down. One more. Stay here. Lower the legs and up. Last one. Arms lift. Roll everything away. Yeah. And everything up. Arms up and everything away and up. I think we have one more arms up.

Nice job. Very good. Go ahead and roll up for boomerang. So sit up, cross the right ankle over the left, and I want you to sit up nice and tall. So we're going to take this angle. Go right on over. Okay. Over open switch. Rule up two teaser. Good hands. Go behind and now stretch your chest bone forward to your legs.

Circle around again. Stomach in. Good job, Rita. Nice flow. Hands behind. Stretch forward. Big Circle. Another set. Stomach lifts those legs. Yes, hands go behind. Stretch. One more. Oh, hands behind and stretch. Nice job.

All right, we're going to flip over for swimming onto your belly. Longer. Arms and legs. All right, Erin, show us. Show us the seven. Here we go. Lift all your limbs up, right arm and left leg higher and let swim. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, exhale. One more. Exhale and melt. Round your back. Sit on your heels. School week.

All right, plant your hands. Tuck your toes under him and you're going to come into a plank or push up position. Okay. Shoulders should be directly over, right, like lifts, rock back, use your powerhouse and switch left. This is like pull down switch. We have one more set and left. [inaudible]. And now your right hand goes to your left and lift your whole body. Almost like star as you flip over. Okay. Both hands are facing forward to your feet.

And we're going to kick the right and flex down. Alternate left influx and right and flex and left and flex and right and flex and left and flex. All right, so we're going to tuck under the left knee. Good. And we're gonna bring, make sure that knee is directly under your hip bone. Okay. Left hand underneath your left shoulder. I like starting off with the right foot on the mat. Hand behind your head.

So we have that strong plotty Xbox. Now you're going to give it all. You got to lift up that right leg and swing it forward and back. And just blow it forward and back and forward and back and two and higher each time. And bring that knee down. Good. And now we're gonna switch to the other side. So right hand down, left leg out on the mat. Squeeze that right hip forward over the right knee. And then lift up.

Try not to have finger tips behind your head, the whole hand and forward and back. That's a lot to ask, Huh? Forward and back. And is that your shoulder Aron that you're talking about? So the left hand can't go behind your head. Alright. How's working with ya? One more time. Good job. Legs straight out. And then bring your knees together. Good. Alright, so now we're going to go into mermaid. I want you to sit on your left cheek.

Good. And try to keep your knees bent right over each other. Heels to get beat together. Lift up your left arm. Okay, there you go. We're going to go over towards your bent leg. So big lift using Neil bleaks to lift and stretch over and then reaching up and we're going to slide out your left hand a little bit, kind of to your elbow. There you go. And then we're going to use those obliques to lift.

So we're not doing too advanced of a version of this and over because I want you to really think about your core muscles, your powerhouse obviously, and we're switching, but really those nice, strong obliques, just going out to your elbow and use those obliques to lift you. Good. And one more this way. So Nice. Good stretch. Lifting and up and now sliding out. You can slide out as far as you want and come right back up. Good. Alright, so if to go to the other side, I want you to just put your hands down, bring your leap toes up and switch. Good. You can do that as a chest expansion, but we're doing that today.

All right. Right arm up and Voila. And it's a hard stretch over cause we're pretty tight, unreached retreat and up. And we're going to slide out a little bit. None of us are dancers here in this group, right? And scooping in and two more up and over again.

Think of lifting in those obliques. It really does help to give you a little bit extra bit of stretch in these and pulling it out. And we're going to do one more up in the obliques over exhaling. All Yours, squeezing it all up and then lift and last time and lift. Nice job. All right, so now we're going to go into rocking.

So I want you to lie on your belly. Okay. Head towards me, Maria. And we're going to grab Greg here, the tops of your feet. So this is a huge quad stretch. I want you to press your pelvis into the mat, lifting up, and we're going to do three kicks to your seat. One, two, three. Now push your hand fee into your hands and just lift no rocking and come back down and do that one more time. Really think of stretching, not so much tightening up and working. Lift, lift, lift.

Now let's rock forward and back. One more. Go ahead. Stretch out, melt and then lift up. Sitting onto your heels. Okay, so we're transitioning into crab. So you're going to put your hands on the Mat and nice and firm. And what you're going to do is you're going to cross your ankles as you bring your knees through your arms. Thinking kind of like of horseback. Ideally you're going to grab your toes, so we're going to cross your ankles.

Lift up, grab your toes. Now you want to bring your hips over your knees. Okay. And then plant your forehead down and then stretch your neck forward. There you go. Good job, Erin. Good job, Maria. We're going to roll back. I didn't know if I gave myself enough room switch fee and then come back over and stretch and here we go.

Over switch and you've got to feed your crowd back there. Let's do two more rollback. Inner thigh switch and up and over. That's another whole course on the crab. Let's just go over and switch up and stretch. Now get your bottom back down on the mat and now you're going to switch to the seal. Voila.

Look whether that smooth transition and we're going to clap two, three back. Exhale on the way up in with here. Exhale and with yarn. Excellent. Again, massaging the body two more last time. Let go and roll all the way up to [inaudible] the standing position and now turn around face the other way.

Two sets of five pushups because we're here and I love doing this. We're going to take your feet off the heels off the back edge. We're just going to keep it real. Well that's right. Nice arms lift. So we're not going to put too much weight, obviously on our heels and we're gonna roll forward off an imaginary wall and walk out into a pushup position and we're going to do two sets of five, I mean, yeah, and down at one. Okay. Two more.

And walk back. Okay. Pause and make sure your heels are off and then try to roll up. Good arms are extended to the ceiling. Let's do one more. Lifting through the powerhouse, walking out, hands going down. All right, working on my pushups here. One, give me two more real solid body.

Walk back, theater off and rolling up your spine. Good. Then I want you to walk forward into the middle of your mat and in turn around and face me. Nice. Exactly what I want you to do, Aaron, for this ending. I just want you to lift up and exhale from your palms out and I want you to inhale, lifting your powerhouse and exhale, and you're all fish. Nice job.


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Love this flow.... not crazy fast either.
I love this flowing mat workout! Thank you..
Monica Wilson
Thank you ladies!
Lovely movement. Thank you.
Great spicy flow Monica! Perfect kick off to the weekend! Thanks so much!
Just getting back into Pilates, that was an awesome workout!
Loved it!!!! Great quick work out!!
Loved this one Monica! Short class when there's not much time for the mat!
Nice flow class, easy pace. Didn't stop moving for 30 minutes. Thank you!
Love the flow of this class. I broke a sweat and it was great.
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