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Flowing Magic Circle

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Monica teaches a flowing Magic Circle workout that generates a deep feeling in the powerhouse. There isn't a moment in this class where you can afford to lose your focus if you expect to maximize all the detail on offer. Thank goodness Monica offers fun as part of this workout. Remember the Full Teaser legs in, out and under the Magic Circle is supposed to be fun!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Mar 28, 2012
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So let's go ahead and grab our circle. We're gonna do basically an intermediate extra in the same but with real nice flow trying to incorporate a magic circle. So if you don't have an apparatus, this is a great way to um, add that resistance to your exercise. Come a little bit more forward to the front of the Mat. Great. And let's just let it hang and always start off with your strong Pele's stance. Feeling the ball of every toe, feeling the side of your foot and the heels, but not your arches. You want to have a little lift in that arch, engaging it, lift in your inner thighs.

Then you start feeling your seat and your powerhouse and your public flow coming in and up. Great. In a slight leaning forward to your weight's more on the ball of your foot that on your heels and you didn't have your arms up at shoulder height. Okay? And we're going to bring your arms back down again. So right away when we brought our up, our arms up at shoulder height are nice. Good leaning tower of Pisa went right onto our heels.

So be careful that you keep your weight forward and your powerhouse in and up as you lift those, those arms up. Try to have the elbows a little bit back. Perfect. And at shoulder height a little bit. So a little soft, like a ballet arm. Great. And I want you to pull your powerhouse. It's always gonna be a powerhouse circle and squeeze that circle and hold it as you put one foot in front of the other and keep your lift as you lower yourself down to the mat. Good. And then just stretch out nice and long so it'll go all the way down. Great. All the way down to your heads on the mat, and just go ahead and put it down by your side for a second and stretch your arms back and reach your legs long.

And everything's just reaching long. You're welcome to go out of your box, out of your powerhouse right now, and just enjoy a nice stretch. And now I want you to bring it all back in and we're gonna bring our arms down by her side. And so we're gonna try to keep a good flow, right? So while we're keeping a good flow, let's just sit. Grab the circle between our hands and when it's between our hands, it's always going to be between the heels of your hands and you're never going to grip with your fingers. You're going to keep long fingers.

Whenever women squeeze the magic circle with their arms, they usually squeeze it with their elbow joints. So watch the hyperextension in your elbows and tone the part of the arm that you really want. So that's what's going to happen when it's between your hands, other places, is it can be between your inner thighs or let's go ahead and see what it looks like between your ankles. So we're going to bend your knees into your chest. Good. And then legs extend to the ceiling as you put it between your ankles. When you put it between your ankles, you're going to slowly turn out your legs so that you're, you can see your inner thighs. You never want to hide your inner thighs, you want to hide your out or thighs, okay? And you're going to always to squeeze it, not with your feet, but start all the way up as close to the powerhouse as you can by squeezing it with your glutes. Then your outer thighs and your inner thighs, and that really completes that chain. Okay? Everyone feel that? Okay?

We're going to go ahead and lift your head up as you inhale and exhale, curl up a little bit higher and really see that stomach is like as if you just put on a course and you're just really engaged. Let's start pumping for the a hundred into three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five gray, and exhale. Good. You don't need a pump, the circle, right? You're just going to keep squeezing it and it's by pulling in your powerhouse more. Good. Now let's see how low we can take our legs, lengthening your lower back, lengthening those hip flexors, and feeling the opposition of our stomach pulling in and and the opposite up direction of the circle. Good in two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two.

Scooping in, in, and two more. And exhale. Two, three, four, five and last one. And exhale two, three, four, five. Take that circle between your hands and extend the legs long on the floor. Reach the arms back for the roll up. So we're going to bring the arms up to the ceiling, squeeze a circle and bring your head through and then keep squeezing it all the way up as you roll up one vertebra at a time. Stretch and relax a circle. Now pull your powerhouse in and squeeze it to roll down one vertebra at a time and reaching it back and it's up and food, reaching it forward. Good and squeeze. Pulling back with your lower belly, middle belly, upper and back and arms.

Had schoolies to come up. Reach squeezes you roll back and just when you reach back, let it relax. Arms Up. Squeeze and curl of one vertebra at a time and squeeze and pulling it down. Long legs and one more arms. Head wash those elbows and good job and rolling. Good and rolling back.

Squeeze. Lower back, middle and upper. Go ahead and bend your knees into your chest. Did a few people lose their pants here. So we're going to go right into the roll over, but because I want it to be continuous, let's look at that. Roll up one more time and then we'll switch to the roll over. Okay.

So let's do one more roll up. Arms Up, head squeeze at circle as you articulate to your moving your upper body. Really get a good stretch. And then roll back. Squeeze that circle. Lower back, middle and upper. Now bring your legs up and put it between your ankles. Good and arms. Now pressed down by your side. Don't hide your inner thighs, right? And you're gonna squeeze a circle and take it over. Touch the toes almost to the floor. If you can flex in the feet. And now relax a circle and roll down to your circles.

Completely relaxed and soften the feet. Squeeze it over. Good. And Alexa feet. But relax a circle as you lengthen one bone at a time. One more. This one, squeeze and over. Good job. Flex, but relax the fee closer to you with those thighs for me, Christie. And now we're going to reverse it. So take the Pete flex relaxed circle over.

Good. Touching the toes low. Now squeeze a circle like crazy and roll down, keeping the legs as super close as you get and relax it over and squeeze like crazy. As you roll down and your belly is pulling those legs to you as close as they can. One more and it's over. Great job Monday and squeezing core aid and the good news is single leg circles. You're going to put the circle down by your side. Actually, let's go ahead and use it for the stretch of straighten the beautiful one.

You're going to put it on your right leg and just stretch it to you when you stretch it. Drop your shoulders down into the mat and then square off your hips by turning out. Again, not hiding your inner thigh. You can lengthen your right lower back so much more by stretching this out. I know, right? Good. All right, so you might be thinking that we're just releasing the hip flexor, but it's a lot of stretch to that, right? Lower back. Okay. Your goal is to pull that leg up this high, even without your hands.

With this out of the circles, you're gonna put your arms by your side. Circle away. Press down on the mat and bring the leg up. Crust the body around Ena and cross around and up and right by your side from UNT and cross arms there. Two more around and last one around. Up and go the other way. Yeah, dad around. Up, down, up. Good.

Keep it nice and slow, Eh, around lift. And one more. Good job. And Hug that knee in. Let's switch legs. Bring down that leg. Grab the circle to stretch. Nice. Good. So opening those shoulders. Good. And same thing here. I'm going to have you really lengthen out your left lower back, but stretching that side out. How does that feel? Okay, good. Good. All right.

And so you're gonna try it out. I always bring that leg up that high without taking it in that hip. And we're going to put the circle by your side. Arms really close, and we're going to cross around up. Good. Try to keep this part of your back more anchored as your leg moves freely and cross around one more and go the other way down around the lift down, around up. Kick me over here and kick me up here. I love it. One more good.

Got to give you something to be deterred and hug that knee in. Good length in that leg on the mat. And you're going to roll up one vertebra at a time. Okay. Just come on up. Good. Lift your bottom forward to your heels. Good. And we're going to do rolling like a ball.

Now I don't always do it with the magic circle. In fact, this is one of the exercises that I do least with the magic circle, but it can be done. So maybe I have done it before. So we're going to put it between your inner thighs a little higher actually. Good. And before we do it, let's put your feet flat on the Mat and your hands underneath your knees. Sorry Wendy, why don't you take a little bit back. I want a little more space between your bottom and your, um, your feet.

So lift your bottom back a little bit more, more. There you go. Alright. Hands Underneath your knees. So we're going to do a roll back first. So again, don't just press like crazy with your thighs. Start with your seat. We're going to leave your feet and legs there. They're not going to move. Lower body's going to stay and you're going to just really pull in your lower belly and roll down your waistband. See if you can keep your hands where they are and get your waistband on the mat.

Fantastic. Hold and take a breath. Exhale, pull it in. Squeeze that circle as you come back up. That was beautiful. We're just going to do one more of those. Not Nice, but really nice. Take a big breath and exhale. Squeeze and draw that naval so you get your waistband down.

I love how you keeping your hands there. Hold. Take a breath and exhale. Squeeze the circle and really get that nice scoop. Good. Now pretend you're going to do that again. You're going to pull in your powerhouse, squeeze and start rolling back your waistband first your way span. And then we're going to lift your feet, Wendy. That's it.

Now bounce with your feet. Love it. Good. And you're going to roll back like that rock back squeezy. And that buddy you've got, you got to get your seat all the way up your shirt over your shoulders. Roll it back, lift that seat up and without mocking yourself in the head. Yeah, and rolling back. And exhale.

Now I know you can get a better scope because you did just a half a second ago. Good and rolling back and up. Very nice. One more. And exhale up. Then put your hands on the outside of your ankles right here. Good. And just a little tighter.

And here's where it gets a little like uncomfortable as no bonking noses or heads here and rolling back. And this is probably why I don't do it that often, but it is a fabulous way to more to stabilize that pelvis when you're rolling. And one more time rolling back and exhale. And now rest down your feet. Good. Take the circle away. You're going to put next to you, lift up, lift your bottom back, and let's go for single leg stretch. So you're going to want to make sure you have length behind you. Good.

And bring the right knee with you and roll on back. Good. Left legs. Gonna lift. Nice. And let's switch. Bringing in the left and the right. Good and switch. Try to relax everything but your powerhouse. Try not to have even any facial muscles really stressing your shoulders aren't stressing. It's just your stomach pulling in and, and, and right.

One more left. Good. Grab both ankles and now relax. Rest your head while you grab your circle. I don't know if he can reach them. Good. It's going to go between your ankles. Good. Excellent. And I want you to just practice, bring your knees into your chest. Good. Keeping your head down and your upper body down.

Rest your arms by your side. I want you to just squeeze your c and take your legs to bike. A 45 degree angle as you go out and draw it back in with your stomach. Or do that one more time. You do a great job squeezing on the way out. Now squeeze on the way in as well. So it goes in both directions.

Now stay there, bring your head up and exhale, contract even more, and then grab onto your ankles. Great. And this time lengthen your arms up as you squeeze out. Inhale and pull it all together. Good. And inhale and exhale. Good. Squeeze on the way out. The squeeze on the way in as well. Fantastic. Inhale, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen and pulling in two more length as far as you get and bullying and Gorgeous Wendy and one more.

Squeeze and squeeze on the way in and rest your head while you put the circle down. Right leg, right up to the ceiling. Left leg goes forward and you're going to grab your right ankle. Come on up to it, eyes on your belly button. And imagine that there's this belt across your waist, stapling you into the mat and Kay so totally stable there. And we're going to switch while your legs fly left and right and left, like flying through the air. That's it. That's the tempo.

And they're all just lengthening that lower back to come up and up and up and up and up and stretch and stretch and to just keep pulling them up by lengthening this part. There you go. Last one both legs up and grab your circle. You can rest your head while you put it between your ankles, bending the knees or whatever you need to do to get them between your ankles. May Do, and we're going to put one hand over the other behind your head in how lift your head up to look at your belly. Exhale, pull in more in, squeeze with your glues and beat. Instead of going down, pull that circle towards you. Now keep your back flat and reach out as low as you can. Go and exhale up and reach out and you're squeezing on the way up and reaching now and you're squeezing on the way up. Now do the reverse.

Squeeze on the way down and relax all the way up. Squeeze and stretch on the way down and relax it on the way up. One more. Squeeze and stretch it and relax. Good. Bend the knees. Stay up with the upper body. The knees are going to be a tabletop. No more squeezing or anything. Just don't let it move.

Bring up your left elbow, I guess. Up to here. Up to this knee. Good. Stay high and come center. Now stay high and lengthen out. Stretch those legs. Draw them back in from your powerhouse and opposite elbow to the knee and come center and reach out long. Draw them in with your powerhouse. Good. And then twist. Good. Come Center a lot higher.

[inaudible] stretch out. Good. Pull it in and go the other side. Good. And come center. Reach out. We're gonna do one more set because both of you like to move your knee closer. Don't, oh no.

They stay right there and your elbow comes up to it or shoulder even. There you go. Come Center and extend and pull back in and we're going to keep that knee there and you come up to the knee instead. There you go. Come Center and extend. Good. And pull in and rest. That's enough good hugging those knees.

Great. All right. We're going to sit up with your circle and open the legs for spine stretch forward. Arm Hands is going to be between your hands. Soften those elbows a bit. There you go. Good. Always a powerhouse circle. So first as if you're pressing something away with your stomach, press your belly into your back. Grow Taller and squeeze a circle. As you exhale down and relax the circle and roll up one vertebra at a time and squeeze a circle.

Lift up even off your bottom as you exhale down. Good. And Inhale, rolling up one bone at a time. One more like that. And exhale, squeezing down, down, down. I love to feel the different effects and relax it as you come up when you're squeezing one way and not the other. So now relax. As you go down, just exhale, no squeezing of the circle. Instead, pull your belly and now in squeeze like crazy as you draw up one bone at a time and exhale to go down and squeeze in. Inhale wall up through the neck and shoulders. Good. And one more.

Relax it as you go down. Scoop, scoop, scoop. And now squeeze it as you draw up one at a time, lifting up even off your bottom and relax. Nice job. Good. Now we're going in. Our goal is to just pull back in your waist and the legs float up and you're going to put the circle between your ankles almost. But when do you leave that look like so easy. It was beautiful. So yes, you're just rocking back to open like rock. Put it between your ankles. Grab onto your ankles, look at that powerhouse. Okay.

And no squeezing on this. It kinda just gives you a range. You can engage a little bit of the pelvis to stabilize and you're going to roll back and roll right back up and rock back and roll right back up and roll back and roll right back up. Good. Can you get a little higher up by the ankles and up? Up, up, up. One more. Inhale back and exhale up. Great. Now stay there again. Try to keep everything loose, but your powerhouse.

Squeeze from your bottom in your hips and show me what a teaser would look like. Tighter, tighter, touching your toes. Got a look and now you're going to roll away from that circle that staying right there. Good. Extended legs up to the ceiling and your arms down by your side. And do you want to get back on the mat a little more with your head and we're gonna I'm given, I'm given a little break. Did you notice that? Yes. A little legs. A little break. Alright.

Corks groups still in that turnout cause I wanted to see that bottom working. Anchor your belly and drop the legs towards the ocean. Let's go towards the ocean. Circle down around to the side. Good. Anchor your belly as it goes. Yes. Beautiful. And reach away linkedin from that. Lower back. That's it.

Good and circling. Good. Let's add a lift when we finish the circle now so round and go ahead and lift your bottom up. Good. And come down center and roll the other way and lifting up your seat. Good. And to the circling around. All the way up with your back. This time all the way. Good. Enrolling all the way down and go. One more time.

The other way, all the way down. Finish it up so that you're even, and we're going to sit up and do saw no circle. Take that circle away. Good break. So it's opening a little wider than your shoulders. Arms up at shoulder height. Good tiny, tiny waist. Be Very aware of your waist. You're going to twist towards the ocean and exhale as you reach past your baby toe and your pinky. Good.

And inhaling and twist and exhale. So I know that when I'm working hard and inhale up every now and then you need a good little reminder of how applies. Should really feel good instead of like really, really working out to use this exercise. Enjoy it. Reach, reach, reach, lift, uh, remember everything that you love about politeness and flow through it. One more time and exhale. Allow it to catch your breath. Stretch. Good. Inhaling up and relax. Nice job.

Bring your legs together and flip over onto your stomach. Good and hands underneath your shoulders. Yep. And we're going to do neck crawl. If your back is really flexible, you can keep your hands right where they are, otherwise you can put them out to the side a little more and maybe a little bit more forward. Good. And I want you to be real aware that this is neck rule.

So we're trying to relax and stretch your neck. So we're going to think about our shoulder blades and pull them down away from our ears. And we're going to use our stomach to pull in and up as we lift our head and our chest bone and we're gonna start straightening the arms and we're going to continue to try to feel our shoulder blades slide down as we look over the right shoulder, circle the head down around to your left and look forward and look left. Circle the head down around to the right and look forward and then stay there looking forward and come down against shoulder blades sliding down, chest bone forward. Relax. One more time. Scooping in and up with the belly, coming up with the body a little longer in your neck. Good. Look over your left shoulder this time and circled down around to your right and look forward and to your right around to your left and look forward and come down, lengthening out the crown of your head. So laying thin. There you go.

Good. Go ahead and grab that magic circle and we're going to switch up the order here. Usually it's single leg kick first. We're going to do double leg kick first this time. So you're going to put the circle between your ankles. There you go.

If you need help, let me know. Wow. Oh that, that's funny. There you go. Now as much as you can have the legs straight on the mat and make exactly as your hands are actually gonna be behind your back as high up as you can, right facial cheek on that. There you go. All right. Okay, so when your powerhouse always lengthen your legs as much as you can and lift those legs up as high as you can off the mat. Now squeezing the circle, bend your knees, pulling it into your bottom, keeping those thighs up high. Straighten the legs, keeping those high thighs up high. Great job. Lower the legs and lift your chest. Your right. Lower the legs though. Yeah, switch cheeks. Looking over this way. Straight legs first, Wendy. There we go.

Lift with straight legs. Squeeze that circle to your bottom with straight legs. Straighten really high and then lower. So it's three steps there. Good. Switching cheeks, one more set. So lift straight, pull it into your bottom. Extend with those buys, staying up and then lift up into a back bend. One more time. Other cheek straight legs first. So you got a nice hamstring and seat. Lift up those legs.

Come on and then squeeze it into your bottom and then extend and lift up. Nice and relaxed. Good. All right, we're going to take that circle away and then round your back and sit on your heels for a little break. Scooping in, always with the powerhouse. Good. And we're going to do the single leg kick now, but you can't the circle between your ankle and you can't really use it when you're doing single kicks. We're going to put it between our hands. Go ahead and lie back on your stomach and you're up on your elbows. Exactly. And now you want to feel your underarm muscles, your chest muscles, your forearms, everything kind of pressing in.

And that adds a nice little lift of [inaudible], the in and up in your powerhouse. They're good. Now you clearly just felt your hamstrings and bottom, so use those muscles to lift both legs up a little bit without taking it in your lower back. And now let's do the right leg. Only pulls in one, two left two. They kind of pass each other so right to left to right, right, too good. You still want the same height underneath your knee and your thighs. You come in to really try to lift that like up to your bottom, up to your bottom lift.

Lift one more set or not finish on the left and the rest both legs again, round your back and sit on your heels. So hopefully by doing double leg kick first with a circle, it really told, gave you a good awareness of how those muscles should feel. Okay. We're going to flip over, grab your circle and put it between, you're going to put it between your feet, but a little weird, a little odd. And I try my hardest not to give this, unless someone's a really almost advanced student because I feel then they start sickling their feet or doing a lot of odd things like turning in, but it's between right there and you're going to pull back your toes right below the ball of your foot caught on the side of your arch even. And what it does is it really, you're going to be squeezing with the inner thighs and laying, pushing those heels away when you were going down for the neck pole. Okay? All right. But again, it's not a foot exercise, it's actually just to help you connect more up here.

So unless you're pretty advanced, sometimes it ends up being more of this than anything else. So I usually hold off, but since I have, you do, okay. So now we're gonna put your hands one over the other, behind the head good. And you're going to pull in your powerhouse, make your pants pretty, and you're going to squeeze up off of your seat as you lengthen up. And now roll down your waistband. Good. Squeezing that circle.

So you're trying to give it opposition. You're pulling away from that tight circle in how lift up your head and exhale, scoop in until you kissed your knees in how? Roll up through your spine and squeeze that circle from your seat as you re good one more like actually we're going to change it up after this. Now coming up. Exhaling all the way forward. Beautiful Wendy. Inhale. Sit up tall. Good. Now this time, think of short box on the reformer and stay tall as you go back from the powerhouse, squeezing, squeezing, and then melt the rest.

Damn good and right back up in with the air and exhale all the way forward and pull up through here first and lifting up off your bottom and pull back from here. That's it. Yes, that's tall. Nice. Now roll the rest down. Great job. Two more in with the air exit law the way forward. Inhaling up, squeeze and linkedin and melt down. And one more. Don't stop. That's right on up. If you stop, it's all over and inhaling up and press and lengthen. Lengthen and melt the rest down. Great job ladies. Good.

Now slide back on to the, to the back, into the studio. And we're going to lie on your back with your head on the mat for Jackknife. Good. But before we go on a Jack Knife, I might just talk a little bit about it and that is on the control of it. So if you're comfortable lying down, that's great. However, so that you're um, you're comfortable. So when we start off Jack Knife, your body's like this, your lower body and your upper body. Okay. And you can go over so that your body is just the opposite, where your legs are parallel to the floor and your upper body should be like that. You don't want to just let your legs hang.

So we don't want to just go out of control and drop them. It's different than the rollover that your feet touched the floor. So that's going to be our first goal. But then what I'd love to see here is thinking about when you do tower on the Cadillac and how your bottom comes up at like a perfect diagonal. So your bottom just doesn't go over, but it literally like goes Ooh.

Like it's going out up an escalator. That's the draw the image I want to have in your head that your body is going to lift over your shoulders as if it's rising up on a diagonal of the escalator. And with the magic circle it helps a lot. So let's see if we can do that. So yes, but in order to get there, I want your bottom to be leading. So legs up, you're good. We're going to squeeze a circle and think about your bottom as you go up on that. That beautiful good.

Now up to the ceiling with those legs as high up as you can and come down with your toes right over your eyes like that. That was perfect. And we're going to go right back just to a 90 degree and now bottom up at a diagonal. Good job. And then up to the ceiling and then controlling it down. Very nice. One more time. Scooping. Squeeze at. Circle over. And it's quick up and down as if you're resisting that tower coming down on you. Enough. Good. I'd like to do a twist. Let's go ahead and take that circle away.

Cita long legs and flex your toes. Ooh, let's put the circle between your same as neck pool. Well, just below the ball with that, if it's okay on you. Yeah. Good. All right. And we're going to have your arms straight out to the side. Lift up, scooping in, squeeze at circle. Big Breath, and exhale, twist towards the ocean. Good. Inhale, center. Exhale.

Squeeze that circle and twist away in with the air excess. We ring out the air out of our lungs. Good. And with the air and you're going to exhale. Pull those ribs in. [inaudible] and anyhow, one more set. Squeeze that circle Poland. Grow Taller, taller. That's it. And Center.

And last time pulling in an ah, up and rest. Great Shot. Okay, nice. We're going to lie on tap. You're back to the ocean and face this way. And we're gonna do our sidekicks. Okay, so you're going to have the circle between your ankles. It's okay. And the legs are going to be forward.

That's it. And rest your head on your hands like a beauty queen for me, Wendy, unless if you have a bad neck or anything. Okay. And we're just gonna plant pull back into your spine just a bit more. There we go. Good. Great. I want this top pad not to feel like it's coming towards you.

I need you to lengthen out that side. That's fantastic. So the pads have to at least be stacked and you can see what we do in our hip if it starts pulling towards us. Right? Good. So really pulling into your lower back and that leg is again turned out, Wendy, like you asked me and you're going to squeeze down that leg and hold it for five, four, three, two, one and release and scooping in and squeezy. Both do it very beautifully. The pads hardly move and release. It's not like it's rolling forward or back, just going straight down.

So scooping in. So your body's working really balanced and uniformly and release. Now we're going to do a little choreography here. We're going to press down, we're going to rock it back, so it's kind of into the floor. And then this bottom line's going to bend and you're going to slip it inside. Good and pull it just a bit to you.

And now you're gonna roll forward and then slip the top leg inside. So we've squeezed this poor circle together. All class, bend the knee, and now it's finally it's chance to separate it. So we're gonna pull, always into our backs, supporting our back with our powerhouse and both legs. Stretch in opposite directions, really feeling that outer thigh and release and scooping in and turn your foot up a little bit for me and feel this like mad and release. And one more time scooping in and stretch it, stretch it, stretch it, and release. Great job. So we're going to bend that top leg again, put it on the outside, rocket back a little bit.

And then once you can put that bottom leg on the outside and pull it forward, good. Pull back just a bit more on your hips. Yep. Great job. All right, now this is a three stepper. Okay, first step, pull in your powerhouse. Second step. Squeeze both legs here. Third step. Lift up those legs as high as you can and lower down. Good scoop in your belly. Squeeze that circle and with your waist muscles. Pull up that circle.

There Ya go. Rust. One more time. Scoop in, squeeze. And with these muscles, pull up. Now keep them up and we'll onto your belly. Make a small pillow for your forehead. Good long legs behind you. And we're going to squeeze that circle 20 times and just pump. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 inner thighs out of I's, bottom, the whole bit. Eight, nine, 10. Great. We're going to go the other side, but let's go ahead and take the circle out of our ankles. Round your back, sit on your heels. Good.

And then switch so that your heads are towards each other. So we're still having our back towards the ocean so that we can do the other leg. Does that work? Good job, Wendy. You did it. I know the wheels were churning, but you're on it. Good. And then not, that's been the legs quite a bit more forward. There you go.

And just really lengthen that lower back. Beautiful. That must feel really good too. When you do that and pull it in. And when we're ready, we're going to squeeze down for five, four, three, two, one and release and pulling and always for squeeze. Two, three, four, five. Rollies. Good. Pull it in and squeeze. Two, three, four, five, release.

Good. Press down. And we're going to rock it back a little bit. And then we're going to slip the bottom one in, good and forward. And then we're going to put just like a pro. Awesome. And we're going to pull in turning out those legs. This is our stretch, that circle, so stretch it to three or five and release. And the bottom line is working just as hard pulling it in school, bottom legs, pressing down the top legs, reaching up and release should be no question. That's your outer thigh.

Pull in your powerhouse and stretch. Two, three, four, five. Great. And now we're going to bend that top leg and put it on top. And then rocket back. Good. Great Jobs, good but in your belly and you're going to pee always three steps, right? Pull in one. Press down to waist muscles. Lift three and lower down. Pull in one, squeeze to waist muscles. Three.

One more time. Pulling in one. Squeeze down to lift up for three and lower down. Nice job. All right, I want you to swing your feet so you face each other. So swing your legs forward and all the way around. I knew I was going to get you guys to do that and go ahead and lie on your back.

Bend your knees into your chest with your circle between your ankles because you can cause that was like all Cirque du Solei. I love seeing you. Just float around. That's great. Extend the legs up to the ceiling. Reach your arms back, keep your powerhouse in and lower your legs as low as you can. Keep being there about to a 45 degree and now with some momentum, reach up and roll up to touch your toes. Squeezing that circle. Nice. And now roll away from that tight circle. Good.

And squeezing up. Good. And roll away. Nice job. One more squeezing up and squeeze. Good and really precedent. So you can roll away. Now go ahead and bend your knees into your chest. And let's have some fun with this. Just go ahead and bend your knees in. Good.

And it take the circle away. Sorry. Let's see, I didn't say that. Extend the legs up and just shake them out. I want your quads to be really loose. I want your upper legs for really loose. I don't want your hip flexors to be engaged in. And the magic circle is sometimes too much contracting.

So let's really have some fun with this teaser. So we're going to take this circle in your hands. Good. And why don't you go ahead and reach your legs long on the floor. You can just bend them in. Half does on the mat. Good. And reach back. Good. So we're gonna do the full teaser three okay.

But we're going to have some fun, right? So I want you to pull your powerhouse in and we're going to come on up and bring the legs up. Good. And now stay up with your upper body and bend your knees into your chest and put your legs through the circle. You can do it and then bend your knees to your chest and put them above the circle above all the way above. You can do it. You can, I know. Bend your knees into your chest all the way.

I look at you. Bend your knees, no, no resting, and then put them inside and bend your knees into your chest and put them underneath arms up to the ceiling and roll away from everything and false. I bet she could do that one more time. Here we go. Roll on up. Now that you know what you're doing, you're going to be a pro. Pull him in and through the circle.

Pull an in and an up. You can keep going and under and arms up and links and from your powerhouse. Ah, leave your circle back there. Roll up through your spine and we're going to end with seal. Lift your bottom forward a little bit. It's fun to do at one leg too, underneath.

Oh yeah. Clap two, three and inhale. Roll back and exhaling up. And we've got a happy seal over here. Happy feet and good. Two, three. And massage your spine. That's it. Massage it on the way up. Let's do two more massage and the lower back. Good.

Trying to clap an inch off the floor behind you too. So roll it all the way back. You're gonna let go and roll up to a standing position and cross your ankles and roll all the way up. Good. And I want you to exhale and reach up. Stuart [inaudible] stamps here. Exhale. Good. And now palms down and inhale.

You lift up and exhale, and you're all finished. And I shot. Thank you ladies.


good class with great cues., magic circle makes it very challenging.
Great workout! I added some push-ups on my own at the end using the circle under my chest (like I've seen on other PA magic circle workouts) to get just a bit more of an arm workout. Monica is great as always.
Really appreciate your explanations for careful placement of the circle. Your "advanced" version of circle between outstretched legs during neck pull was a wonderful addition even for an intermediate practitioner like me. LOVED that threading of the needle version of teaser!
great class! would love to see more magic circle classes from you Monica - you do a great job making them tough but fun! :)
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Great class!Love working my exercises with the magic circle. Adding this class to my favorites.
Great class!Love working my exercises with the magic circle. Adding this class to my favorites.
Great class! Thank you!
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Your cues are perfect Monica. Thanks for another classic pilates class.
Thanks a lot! Great class!!!! :0)
That was a delightful class! Thanks for that!
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