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Just when you thought Monica only taught beginner and prenatal classes she brings us this wonderful advanced Mat class. Motivated by her competent students, Monica has fun offering you her detailed cues throughout the 40 minutes of class. If you are practiced in Pilates, you are sure to enjoy this advanced class that still allows time for proper set up and informative cues. Something many of us have never seen is a cool demonstration of regular PA instructor and Niedra demonstrating a step off form Control Balance. When Micah and Maria stand up to preapare for Push ups, you should too... then watch your screen. :-)
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Dec 27, 2012
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All right into our Bellatti stance. All right, feeling good. Okay, well let's beautiful stance. Let's make sure that our weight is more in the center of your foot. So lean your weight a little more onto the ball of your foot. I could slip a card under your heels. Good. Most important thing is that we're not giving into gravity.

We're going to pull our powerhouse in and up. We feel long, we feel lean. And you're going to keep that energy up, that positive energy as you put one foot in the front of the other, and you lower yourself down to the mat. Good. And now lift your bottom back. So you're in the middle of the mat and lengthen out completely. Let's get your head back onto the mat. Just a tiny butt. Good. And to start off, I want you to bring your, you're gonna reach your arms back.

I'm just gonna give you one stretch that's letting you be out of your body. You're gonna reach out your fingertips, reach out of your toes. You can't make your legs get any longer. It's like there's a horse on each limb pulling you in opposite directions. And then I want you to really get in touch with your center, your powerhouse, and pull it all together.

So bring your arms up towards the ceiling and bring them down to the mat. Good. Really anchoring your powerhouse, lengthening your legs from your powerhouse. Draw your head up so it looks at your Paris and bring your legs up to a comfortable level for the hundred. And let's start. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Nice big breath. And exhale. What I love is normally I would really make sure you're in a nice turned out position, but your legs look really well in that they look good.

It looks what you need to keep that good scoop and make sure you feel the outer thighs and the glutes working, not just quads tightening. And this is your only time to warm up on the mat, so make sure you're enjoying getting your stomach warmed up instead of tightening anything else. Hey, that's the most, you don't want your back tightening here. You want your stomach pulling in, pulling up. You want your legs lengthening. Let's do one more count. Big Breath. We're thinking of the next exercise. Exhale. As we lower our legs, where to reach your arms back for the roll up so the arms come up head and empty the lungs. As you reach all the way to your feet. Inhale to start the roll back and exhale all the way back with the arms. Good. Arms up then the head and curl up. One bone at a time.

Reaching forward. Draw back your waist as if you're pulling back a heavy weight, one bone at a time, and reaching your arms up and back. Five more. Here we go. Arms head and scoop it in. Good. And reach forward and lengthen your legs away from your lower back. Good. And reaching back. Arms Up, head scooping in. Good. Reaching forward and rolling back. Try to reach even through here.

Woo. And arms up. Head and scoop. Good. Reaching forward. And I'm gonna have you slide your bottom forward about half foot. Voila. Good and roll back. Sorry Micah. Relax those feet. Good. Squeeze with your glutes instead of arms head squeeze with your glutes. Ooh, that was beautiful and roll into it and I lost count.

But let's, how about one more arms up head and scooping in Nice region forward and squeeze with those glutes to lengthen your legs and when, and we're thinking of the roll over now. So I want the bodies to get back on the mat. If we've slid off and we're going to press our arms down and bend the knees into our chest. Legs right up to the ceiling. Good. They're turned out in squeezing. Let's squeeze your bottom all the way over your hips is a toes. Touch the mat. Push back on the ball of your foot.

Separate shoulder with push back again on the ball. The foot and roll down with your thighs is close to your chest as you can. One bone at a time. Circle the legs down together and over and push back on the ball of your foot. Separate shoulder with push back, rolling down one bone, one more in this direction. Sweep down together and over and push back.

Open and push back again and roll down one, but we're going to reverse it so they're going to squeeze together. But then open and over. Yes. Push back on the ball of foot. Squeeze together, push back and roll down. One the length in that waist a little more Neerja. Nice job. Sweep down, open around. Good and Dan, challenge yourself. Make sure you're lowering your legs as low to the floor as you can. Keep your back flat open around. It's your last one. Good.

Squeeze together and you're thinking of the single leg circles as you keep your right leg up in the left leg, lowers to the mat. Let's go ahead and start your circle. Cross the body around, up. Cross around up. Good. Reach through low. No energy in the feet for me today. We're just going to reach a soft point. Yes, thank you. One more. Cross around and reverse.

That's it and lengthen out. I want you to make this area two inches longer. Reach. Oh beautiful. That's what I want. Pulling it up one more and sweet the legs. Nice and cross around. Lift. Good. Cross around, up the arms, pressing into the mat there, actively working.

One more scooping around, up and other way down around us. Good reach for this ankle to lengthen that hip. Give that outlet. I almost had it two more. Give me that foot and re jaw that look nicer. One more. Yes, and bring that leg down. Good Mike, and we're going to be our head to our chest and roll up to a seated position. Lift your bottoms forward to the front edge for rolling like a ball.

Getting as tight as you can with your head and ears between your knees and your heels. Kissing your bottom. Inhale, roll back. Empty your lungs to come up. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, pulling those ribs to squeeze out there. Inhale, massage, lower back. Exhale, squeeze out the air. Inhale, massage the lower back. Exhaling up. One more. Inhale, rolling back. Xcel right on up. Paul. Balance. Rest down your feet.

Lift your bottoms back to the middle of the Mat. Good and bring the right knee to your chest and just stay there. Right hand on your ankle, pulling it in deep in left hand on your knee. I like it. Let's lift your left leg up at a 45 degree angle. Nice.

That legs reaching and lengthening had almost by your knee. Roll down one bone at a time and stop when you hit your shoulder blades. Switch left knee in and right and left and smooth and silk and right and left. And lengthen that leg and scoop in that valley. Open the collarbones a little more. That's nice.

Good in left and right and hold. Bring both knees in. Double leg stretch. Inhale, reach. Sure. Arms in one direction your legs in the other and pull it all together in how lengths in a way from that beautiful center and pull it all together in how reach and like you're pulling yourself through a body of water. Scoop it in, in how lengthen and scooping it and to squeeze the seat and exhale. Last one, reaching scoops, Cup, scoop and in right leg up, left leg forward and switched. Left, right, left it's knife are flying through the air. Here we go. Make them fly. That's it. Nice, up and up and right and left and right and left. Les.

Set both legs, up, hands, press behind your head and down to three and up and [inaudible] two, three and up to you three and lift. Beautiful. Two more. Down, down, down and up. One more re and up and bring the right Mian and tourist around an imaginary pole down in the middle of your body and switched to the left and pull that that left elbow all the way back. Back, back and switch and pulling back your right elbow and switch. Last one to the left and hugging your knees for a nice little well deserved break there. Sit on up though for spine stretch forward. Good. A little wider than your shoulders. Stack your spine a little taller.

Exhale curling into yourself. Good. Get down, down, down, and inhaling up. Good and big breath and exhale. It's all right with the arm saying shoulder w with great and reach and and rolling up. Good. And two more lift. And if you can do the feet flex, that's even better. Pushing your heels away and rolling up one more time.

Exhaling down to come up. Start by squeezing your seat, lifting off of it, pushing your heels away. Good. And now transition into open leg rocker. Rolla didn't even have to demonstrate that. That's the enthusiasm I want. Good. We're going to rock back and exhale up.

Ah, Romana didn't like it to hang out back there so long. So let's roll back and come up. That's it. Inhale roll back and I fell right back up. That's it. Roll back. Now that we're getting comfortable with it, now hold it here and challenge yourself because you want to sit more on your sit bones here. So you want to scoop in and keep lifting up, lifting up, lifting forward, not in your comfort zone. Back there. And two more. Inhale, roll back and exhale. Roll in and up and up and up and up. There we go. One more time.

Inhale, roll back. Exhale, lifting up and up and up in. Squeeze your legs together and get less dependent on the hands. Show me what a teaser would look like. Leave the legs there and roll down your back. Legs are up at a 90 degree. Good. Bend the knees though.

And let's get back on our maps if we rolled a little bit off. Good. And we're going to get back into that 90 degree angle for corkscrew. Since we're doing an advanced map, we're gonna start with our hips over our shoulders all the way up to the ceiling with those legs, God. And we're going to twist our hips as we go down towards the right. There you go. Sweep as low as you can over to your left. I'm so sorry Micah, you have quite a nice extension and twisting as you go to the left around and what back up nice and Liszt and length and that as you go down around and left and twist and to the left around and pull it up. And one more set twist to your right around. Is that right?

And up and twisting. We've got one going right when going left. I just wanted to make sure we're even and now come down with beauty and grace and once he hit a 90 degree angle, sit up at that 90 degree and go for the sauce. So there you go. Very nice transition. All right. Am Ribs a little more in choice to your right and empty your lungs down, down, down. Inhaling. Stack your spine up, twisting. Keep inhaling. You know, as you twist, as you twist, go and left. Exhale. There Ya go. So we're going to lift up and twist. Stand. Exhale.

That's it. And inhaling up and twist. Make sure both hips are staying down as you're reaching in the opposite direction. And one more set or not. Gosh darn it, it's harder to win when we're opposites, but I think you just went left, right? Okay. This is like, oh, I was right. Okay, good. Last one. And rolling up and we're going to bring our arms down, legs together, and flip onto our bellies. Heads away from each other. Good hands, right under your shoulders. Unless you have a very stiff spy, not very stiff, but just your back's tight. Okay. If you guys are all good there, then we're going to keep them there and we're going to slowly lengthen your spine as you come up with your head, your shoulders, and go up to full, straight arms. And let's just enjoy a nice neck roll.

Look over your right shoulder, chin to the chest as you circle to the left and look forward longer in those lower backs. Guys, pool, stretch through it. Look left around to your room, right, look forward and then pull the map behind you as you linked in here. Fine forward to come down. That's it. Good. We're going to come right back into that position, but we're going to go into swan, so we're going to pretend our hands are suction cups right now and they're glued on the mat. You're pulling the mat behind you when you're pulling your shoulder blade down and now pull up your body into a knife, back extension to straight arms.

If you can. On the count of three, your arms are going to shoot forward, palms up and the legs are going to go up to the ceiling. Ready? One, two, three. Ed, arms up, legs, up, arms up, legs, arms with Gusto. Get up there. One more. Bend Up. Beautiful. Melts into the mat first about no one melts and round your back and sit on your yield. After doing those were beautiful back extensions you want. Allow your back to just rest and then get into the child's pose position. Okay. We're going to go back onto our bellies for single leg kick.

Let's have your knuckles on this one. We're going to use the one where knuckles are together and actually Micah, you can stay like that. I was debating on it. So let's stay like the Sphinx. Beautiful. I think that's good for men. And uh, Maria, pull your elbows just onto the mat and knuckle. Yes. Wonderful. All right. Nice long legs without getting into your lower back. How high can you lift your legs up right now? Keeping them together. Beautiful.

Now let's kick our head with the right one. One, two, and left two. I meant to it. Let's kick her head right two and left two all the way. Get the thigh and knee up off the mat. Really get up to your head. There you go. That's nice. One, two and one. Two and lift two and right. Two and left. Left to our right.

Right facial cheek on the mat. Hands behind your back. How high can watch your shoulder, but bring your hands as high as you can. Elbows down to the mat again without taking into your lower back. Support with your stomach length in your legs and lift them up off the mat so you get really into those hamstrings. Three kicks to your bottom and kicking one to three legs down, lifting chest, two, three and switch. Kick. Get one, two, three legs down. Lifting. One, two, three.

I want to see more light under those knees two, three and stretch. Still trying to keep the knees together though and pulling them in light. Lift them up. Come on. That's it. Two to three and round your back and sit on your heels. Nice little break again. We're going to go into absolutely.

And we're going to go into um, neck roll. Turn around my pleasure and lie on your back. Yeah. Good. Start with your heels at this very front edge hip with the park. Cause this one is definitely one that we slide back on us. Hands behind your head, hand over hand. Good. And your goal is to keep them as wide as they are right now. When you come up, if you need to though to be at, better for me can bring them closer together, but just that's your goal.

Go ahead and bring the weight of your head up as you inhale. Exhale, kiss your knees and inhale, sitting up tall and exhale back. Lifting up off your seat, pushing your heels away. [inaudible] down and inhale, head to chest. Exhale, curl up. Stack your spine as you inhale. Good and think of short box on the reformer and go back six inches tall and long and then curl down nice and in with the air. And exhale, good. Inhale sitting up tall and lifting and push your heels away. That's it. We'll through your waist.

Now that's it to more in with the air at hailing. Good backs. Loosening up in hell. Sitting up tall here and lengthen. Lengthen linkedin and one more in with the air. Exhale, scoop it in. Good. Now inhale, sit up tall and I have been forgetting to say pull on your neck because you go back, but get your belly and a little more for that will lower back of that and now curl the rest hand. Wonderful. Skip back onto your mat so your head's on your mat.

Bend your knees into your chest, extend the legs straight up, arms by your side. We're going to go into Jack Knife, squeezing your hips. Go bring your hips over your shoulders and Jack Knife up and control it down. Trying to keep your toes right over your eyes and hips over your shoulders. Extend up. Lengthen that waist for me. Reach, reach, reach, reach and control down one time. Oh over and lift, controlling it down. Very nice. Set up her spine.

Twist again, follow that 90 degree angle B are flexing together. Good. Lift up ribs and twist to the right as you empty your law. Then inhale, center and exhale. You can either just keep twisting or you could do a little double pulse like Micah did and in with the or tall and twist and exhale taller.

Lift up better. The lower back lift, lift in with the air center, twist and exhale, pull in the ribs and just a bit more. That's it. Nice job. And inhale, center and twist. Exhale, lift up. Out and forward. Forward four. Yes. And inhaling. And last one to your left. Nope, that's to your right. It's to my left. Okay, good and center. Nice job. Alright, let's lie on the right. Um, I want everyone facing this way for sidekicks. So let's actually bring you this way. That would be easiest.

And lining up at the back edge of your mat. You, Andrew, I'm going to have you bring your legs flush with your whole body. Straight on the back edge to good. And then your wall. And then you're gonna flex your feet right here. Bring your Ra, your top right leg in front of your left toes, and then sweep your left foot right under. Good. That is a position for your advanced sidekicks. Relax those feet. Try to keep them into a soft point now. Good. All right.

Right hand goes behind your left hand. That's on. Uh Huh. There Ya go. You guys are pros here, scooping in your powerhouse. Pull the ribs in to push your head into your mat, your hands and lift the right leg up just a little bit. Turn it out and let's have fun. Sweeping it forward for a little double pulse and back to and forward too. And hamstrings in glutes and stomach too in hamstrings and glutes and pulling the ribs in and especially here and four and back and three.

Nice and back. Two more. Keeping the night's trust stomach and squeezing. One more time. Forward and back and legs together. Good. And now we're going to push that like up to the ceiling and squeeze a million pounds down and pulling it up and school is, let's try to keep your hips stacked as you go up there we go and squeeze two more times up. And the belly pulls really in and up as you lengthen in the obs direction.

One more time. Pushing up and belly in and up. Linked in that leg in. Hold that beautiful posture too cause you're pushing your head into your hands. Five little circles. One, two, three, four, five, reverse it. One Nice steady frame. Love it to one and rest. Squeeze both legs up off the mat, using your waist muscles and carefully roll onto your stomach.

Making a small pillow for your forehead with your hands. Legs are still elevated and I'm going to pull you a little straighter here. Sorry, Mica. Set. All right and 20 beats. One, two, three, four longer legs first. Then try to get them higher. Let's do another ten two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and we're going to roll onto your other side. Good. And bring your feet just a little forward. You can remeasure it by flexing them and bringing your foot forward or so bring the legs back a little bit. Mike, you had them less. Less than. Yes, and we're going to put one hand hopefully behind the other.

We start off with it being more of like a beauty queen, but our goal is to have it like neck pool. So we're going to try to do that and we're going to lift that left leg up a little bit. Turn it out a little, just a bit and we're going to sweep it forward for one, two, and hamstrings and glutes and forward. And as you take that leg back, it's really important that you pull those ribs in and forward because then your chest just rolls forward, right and forward too and back to and forward to and back to and forward to and back about two more. Let's go stomach and it's lengthening. One more time forward and goes far back as you can and then legs together. Good. Keep your hips stacked as you go up to the ceiling and really laying nice up and stomach laying sense. And you can almost pull on your neck here too.

So your legs reaching and you're pulling on your neck this way with your powerhouse and two up and real pulling into your back a little more. One more time. Up and reaching and five little circles. One, two, three, four, reverse. One, two, three, four, five. Beautiful God. We're going to lie onto your backs. Mica, swing your feet this way and head goes up. Good. Bend your knees into your chest and extend the legs up to the ceiling and you get to shake 'em out like a, you're having a little tantrum with your legs.

There we go. Nice. And we're going to go into our teasers. He's, there's one, two and three here. Okay. So we're gonna extend the legs up to a 90 degrees or, and then we're going to reach your arms back and with our powerhouse in and up, lengthen the legs down to a 45 degree. Keeping the legs there. We're going to roll on up to reach for your toes. Good. So we found about where we want our leg. Now we're going to leave them there. We're going to roll away from them. Nice and right on up.

Lift your arms up by your ears and reach with your arms as you roll down one Mora. Good. Lift your arms up by your ears and scoop your belly ended up as you roll away. Coming up for teaser to come on up. Now the upper body stays and the legs lower and lift. Lower and lift. Try to hold that upper body steady.

One more nice and arms lift up by your ears and Linkdin. Everything down for teethers teaser three and everything up, arms lift and lengthen everything down and everything up, arms up, handling everything down. And one more time coming up. And we're going to transition into hip circles. So your arms are going to go behind you. You can either bend the elbows or here, go ahead and bring me your legs up here and you're going to put your hands behind you. How do you want to have that knee? A drill with your shoulders.

Is that good? And you can have straight arms but take them back a little further for me. There you go. Good. And we're going to stretch and circle around and scoot them up nice and left around nice and right around center and left around. It took me and one more set to see someone like me, Audra, who has the flexibility and strength to do it too. Like wherever you go, give me one more. Pull them back up. You got to end up here.

Now we're going to lower your legs, cross your right ankle over your left straightaway and sit up tall. Nice. Prepared for Boomerang, nice and tall. But it did hit me until seeing someone like Nitro to figure out, oh, that's what this is supposed to look like. They do exist. There we go. So sitting up tall, try to let get those legs elevate a little bit before rocking completely back.

Go over strong. Open, close. Roll up into a teaser. Hanscom back behind your waistband and we're gonna come down. So just a little variation on this sitting up tall, just on the way down. So we're going to go over again looking good. Open, close. Roll up into a teaser. Kay.

Hold your legs up as your hands come behind you. And now try to get your chest onto your thighs as you lower the legs. Yeah. All right, now circle around. There we go. Well again, rolling. Open, close. Roll on into it. Teaser hands go behind and you lay your spine to your feet as you [inaudible].

No one down that sits around that one more time. Over strong intern hours by rolling up into a teaser holder right there, hands behind your waist and stretch your spine to your feet. That's a big, the circular. Wonderful. Flip on over to your stomach for swimming. Flip right on over like a pink kick. That's it. Long arms and legs, but connect them all to your frame, your box.

Lift your arms and legs up an inch and then lift your right arm and left leg up a little higher with your head up out of the water. Beautiful and Deandra. And here we go. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, six. The sharp behind you guys. Got a little faster here. A fast pass out there you'd go like, I like it. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, five and now melt into the mat. Thanks Sandra. Round your back and sit on your heels. Great. Good.

So transition into leg. Pull down. You're going to flex your toes. Actually make it. Let's sit back on to child's pose. Perfect. Just flex your toes under you and reach arms as far away as you can. Plant your hands there and now lift yourself up into a pushup position. Fala. Excellent. Right leg extends up to the ceiling.

Rock back for a stretch. Pool it forward and switched. Legs left leg up. Rock back. Forward and switch. Right leg up. Rock back, powerhouse forward. Good. Really feel your square hips squeeze at seat. Rock back. Good and down. And it's right leg up. Is that right? And I'm following errand. Left leg up and the girls over here ladies. Alright, now bring that leg down.

One Hand to the other and the nice turn around. Lifting up your hips. Good and feet. The fingers point towards your feet. And we're going to do three. We're going to alternate, right? Kick up. Flex it down, left, kick up, flex it down, right. Kick up, down, left. Get up. Now let's make more extension here.

Right up and really reach with that hip as you come down. Don't shrink with it. Good. Now ladies, I want you to bend your left knee under you and yours. Your right knee. Good. Alright. Keep your hand right under your shoulder. That's it. And now the foot that's on the mat. Uh, knee Andra, I need this knee right onto your hip bone. So there we go. That's it. Good.

And the leg that's on the mat, I want you to almost push something away from you on the mat and then lift that leg up and you're going to swing it forward and back and forward and back. Good and forward as high as you can. There's a fire underneath that thigh. One more time. We're going to go forward and lift it high to the ceiling. As you go back there we go. And straight out. Come home and then bring the knees together. Sit. Kneeling up tall.

I can go to your other side. Go ahead. So you're pushing something away. Now let's lift that leg high. Up to the ceiling. Yes. And forward and back. Higher and back. There's a fire right here. Let's get that to him. Go ahead. Yes. And two more.

Forward and back and last one and back and knees together. Good. Go ahead and sit on your right hip for Mermaid. Yes. Knees bent. Actually good knees bent feet stacked right arm up to the ceiling for you, Micah. There we go. Oh, we all are good. Yes. Yeah. Okay, good. And now we're going to reach over to our bent knees and our feet and enjoy that stretch and reaching up towards the ceiling. Oh, you know what, ladies, I need you to come over this way a bit. Do you want to have a little room to from the edge of the mat so we, we slide on out. Okay, so now we're going to be in the left arm up to the ceiling. Good.

And reaching out with the right, you're gonna. You can lower the right elbow down to the mat. That's it. And you're going to come back up stacking your hips, right arm up to the ceiling. Good. Reach over, make sure your ribs are in and your feet are stacked and your knees are stacked and you're reaching. And now kind of like a windmill. You're going to go over towards the left. That meaning the arms are going to come up. There you go.

And you can reach out to your bent elbow or all the way straight, however you prefer and pull right on up. Up we go. That's it. Try it. Can we are your knees okay to keep them stacked? Not so much. So we do the modification for you and reaching one more time towards your bet knees. When you do, go ahead and let that ride on. Wrap around your head. Awesome. And feel even more of an extension. You can do a twist like Nadia. That's great. Good. And now you're going to reach out one last time, going out as far out as you can with that right arm reaching with the left and to come back up.

You're going to stack those hips and those knees up to the ceiling. Great transition as a teaser. Transition over bringing the legs. Good. Slide out a little bit, Maria. Over to here. Good. And with the left hand written alarm, reaching long. Good. Reach over. All our basic principles still exist here while we're stretching, right? We don't let everything go and reaching up, going over, sliding out onto the left hand. The elbow can go down. Good.

So your goal is going to be to square off those hips as we come up. Use your powerhouse. Nice job. And reaching over could bring the arm is close to your head as you can. Good. And then over second time going out so we can either go to bed, elbow, or straight arm reaching and stack everything back up. Beautiful. And one last reach over.

So we're going to allow that elbow or arm to wrap around our head. Now you could do a little extra twist if you want and then extend that arm long against the head before you switchover. But that's all right. And now either go full out or back to that bat elbow. See if you can go all the way out and then come on up, stacking up everything. Good, good, good, good and nice and rest.

And Go ahead and lie onto your stomach. So we're all gonna have our heads facing this way and we're going to bring your feet into you for rocking. So grab the tops of your ankles or, uh Huh. The tops of your feet are fine too. Good. And before you do anything, just think about your pelvis. Okay. We want to press our pelvis into the mat and we want to push the back of our foot into our hands. Good. And I want you to just push into your hands with your feet and lift up your head and chest and just hold that there. Good. Now we're going to bring your feet in three times to your seat.

So the feet are going to go one, two, three. And now push them away and lift up as high as you can. And do that again, not rocking yet. One, two, three and push into your feet and pull up as high as you can. Last one, one, two, three, pushing into your hands, pressing your pelvis into the mat. And now let's rock and breathe with it. And rocking and rolling. Nice job and extend everything and melt into the mat. And you're going to go into the child's pose again. Rounding your back, sitting on your heels, right. Good or no?

This is going to be our fun transition into crab. So we're going to wrap. Both feet aren't cross [inaudible]. So we're going to round, round, round plant your hands like suction cups and you're going to try to pull your body up into a horseback as your knees come through your arms, feet crossing. Good. Grab your toes and now try to lift your before your head goes down. Try to lift your bottom up over your knees and then the forehead almost goes and then roll into the top of your head. Hope that all made sense. He kind of stay a little down if you know well, whatever's comfortable. Okay.

And now we're going to roll back and we're going to feed our crab. We're going to switch legs. Good. And then rolling up and core out of the head. That's an rolled back. And now feed your crab. Good. Try to do a little more from the hips. So when you open, keep the angle that you have in your legs.

Just open the feet and better and rolling up looking nice guys. One last one. Rolling back. Switch. Good. And rolling up and stretch onto that network, those hamstrings and hips. Good. And Go ahead and sit down on your roll back onto your bottom. And we're going to go into control balance. So we're going to lie on your back.

Bend your knees into your chest, extend the legs up to a 90 degree. Good legs up. And now bring your hips over your shoulders, legs up to the ceiling. Circle the arms back, and you're gonna bring your right leg down and grab your right toes. Good. Both hands onto your right and you're trying to lift up through your back. Lift up through your bottom, lift that left leg as high as you can, and then bring that left leg down and bring the right one up and reach up through your body. So your powerhouse has to learn how to lift up your pelvis two and switching legs, not just always scooping in and up towards your chest, but you're also lifting it up this way. Fighting gravity.

And one more time with the left, right leg down, left leg up. Good. That's it. Bring both legs down. Now did, we'd complete the sets or we have one more to finish. One more. K last one. So the right leg is now up and the left one's down. Bring both legs down now and roll down your back. Good. You Dry. I forgot I was going to have you do that. Controlled step off.

Do you want to do it? All right. So Micah and Maria, I want you to go ahead and just stand up and get ready for your teasers. And I'm going to have you bring your feet over. Good. And we're gonna extend one leg up to the ceiling. Good. And you're gonna put your hands nice and you're going to push hard with your hands and into the standing foot. There you go. Arms reach towards the beach as you come up. That's it.

I'm going to let go so you can find your balance. Then you're going to roll back into it. Tucking your head. Nice. Placement of the hands and shoulders. Good. And right there. That's like, we're going to switch now, right? So we're going to switch. Perfect. Good plastics. Place the hands. Good. And reach that leg to me as we lift with the body.

Good. Beautiful. Maria, go ahead and come right there. And we're going to bring that leg down yet. Dra and arms up to the ceiling and walk exactly a little closer to the mat. Arms Up, and we're going to go. Thank you for that. We're going to go right into our pushups, so we're going to do two sets of like everyone's excited. Roll up an imaginary wall, rolling there. One bone at a time.

Walk out into a pushup position all the way forward to the front edge of the Mat. That's right. Hands are under the shoulders and it's down, up. One down, up to elbows, going straight back by the ribs. Two more down, up and one more. And now pull up in your powerhouse to walk back to your feet. Try to keep the weight more on the ball of your foot than your heels as you roll up, reaching the arms up to the ceiling. One last set of five I was forward and peeling off an imaginary wall. Walk out into a pushup. Excellent. And we're going to go down, up one, down, up to down at three and four.

I'm like your modifications there in Andrea and we're going to pull up in our waist and walk back and then round on up and we're going to have a little fun and we're going to wool into our seal, right? So you're gonna bend your knees as much as you can and get your head back of your neck as down onto the mat and roll right into a little tuck and roll and hands under your ankles and clap two, three knot bed and roll back. Two, three, enroll four. So this is your cool down and roll backs. You want to enjoy it. It should be a nice massage for your spine, which kind of activate the hips a little bit and loose flippers rolling forward. We're going to do two more.

Rolling back in and we're going to stand up and forward. One more, one more and rolling back. Cross. Let go and cross the ankles and roll up to a standing position. And let's turn ladies' towards Micah and uncross your feet. And I want you to exhale, reaching up to the ceiling. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Now inhale, push down the earth and lift up through your body nice and long and lean and we are all finished extra job really.


Wow, this is the most challenging mat class I have taken on this site. Thanks!
Monica ~ I took this class here at home tonight and though I already sent you a text saying how great I thought it was, I wanted to say it "out loud" in this forum! THIS WAS A GREAT CLASS FOR ME!! And! To look up every now and again and see Micah, Niedra and Maria beautifully execute your cues and Joseph's work was icing on the cake! Thank you for being a part of Pilates Anytime!
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So nice to see the mat work taught as the mat work should be taught. Thanks!
That was downright therapeutic for me, thank you. I could feel, stress, anxiety, whatever, evaporate. I will never underestimate the power of a well taught, classical, mat class. Awesome!
Awesome class Monica! Fantasticly classical!
amazing class!
Fabulous! loved the Breathe in the air! breathe out the air! been to the beach today and side stepped thousands of crabs none of which looked like me trying to do the crab today lol!
Great class, thank you
Love! Love! Love!
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