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Triadball Fusion Mat

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Your body will feel amazing after Michael and Ton's Triadball Fusion Mat workout. They fuse together a little bit of yoga, Pilates, and Chinese medicine for a creative workout. Have fun and move for the joy of moving!
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Hi, I'm tone and I'm Michael. And today we're going to do with tryout ball fusion class together with Christie and Candace. So here we are. Are we ready? We're ready. Um, only advice have fun. Um, it fuses a little bit of Yoga, a little bit of plot is a little bit of Chinese medicine. I would just say have fun and move for the joy of moving. Let's move it sounds like, ma'am. So the first thing we are going to do is the conception exercise.

So I want you to just stand with your legs nice and wide so you're nice and stable and then place the ball in the small of your back. You can have your hands on the side or right underneath it, whatever feels more comfortable and then you are ready to go. So the first thing you're going to do is press the hips forward. And as you push the sits bones down and forward, you're going to lift up and over the ball. If this bothers your neck, drop the chin slightly down, keep the chest open, keep the lift and the sternum and just breathe deeply and exhale deeply. Three. Then on the next exhale, slowly come back upstanding and then change the ball to the front.

Place the bowel riding and stomach plays. The hands on top of it. Take a big breath in. You're going to relax that forward and roll up and over the ball. You want to soften your knees here. That would be perfectly fine. Think of the shape of the spine, creating the shape of the ball. Let your shoulders be broad.

Let your head just nice and relax and just feel the body curling into itself. Then soften the knees more to slowly roll yourself up and once you're up, you're going to place your feet in about hip with apart. Place the arms down, holding onto the ball, starting with the ball by the sternum. You're going to inhale as the ball goes down and you're going to exhale. When the ball comes up. Inhale, go down.

Exhale, bring it up so the ball creates the same movement as your diaphragm is and as the air comes in and out of your body, so it goes in the die from drops and exhale, you bring it back one more time. Inhale, stay here with the ball. Exhale, bend your knees, take the ball in your right hand as you inhale, bring it up. As you exhale, just bring it back down. Inhale, change together side and exhale. Bring it down. So nice and smooth. Movement up and and in lift. Keep the shoulders nice and soft. Now the next time, bring the leg up behind you at the same time live and bring it back down. Andy, Neil up and let's do it one more time exactly this way. Finding your balance. I saw that.

Now if you want to make it a little bit more challenging, you can go up to the balls of your foot. You're going to go up and back down, and if like you're taking flight lag off like the birds behind us lifting up. Sometimes it's a crash landing and exhale down last time. Inhale and then relax. Find your center again, keeping the feet hip width apart. Take the ball in your right hand. We're going to do three circle breaths. Inhale, exhale, bring it down two more times in Ala and exhale down last time. Inhale up, and then let's go to the left.

Inhale, lift it up, keeping the shoulder soft. Exhale, bring it down, and two more times and exhale down. And the last time, inhale and one circle breath with the right side. So we're going to inhale and now do one more to bend the knee. So you're going to bend the knees and sit back. Stay in this position. Press the Sitz bones down and the ball up so they're going opposite direction.

Come to standing and press back. Think of pushing the hips away from you and up and press and hold it there for a second. Really feel an apposition. Press into the feet and push the ball up to the ceiling. Keep it in your right hand to bring it down. Circle breath on the left one time. Inhale and exhale down.

Breathe in the left hand to sit into the chair. Push, come up a little bit and sit back down right away. Come up a little bit and sit back. Really fold into hips. Very nice. Now stay there and hold it for a second. Feel that opposition. Press the ball away. Push the feet into the floor and break it up up into the left hand to bring it down. One circle breath, one of each. Inhale, bring it up and bring it down. Sit Down into your chair.

Press come up right away. Push. Go into slight arch reaching. Come back up and leave the ball in your right hand as you go flat back down in. Place the ball on the floor. Bend your knees and roll the ball out. Flattening out the spine a little bit and enroll it back in and rounded back.

Let's do it two more times. Who Bend the knees, roll it out. Flatten the spine and enroll at that. Let's hold that extension for a second. So bend the knees. Now Watch out as you really think of lifting the sternum and don't lift up just with your head, right? So open it now straighten the legs, roll the ball and hold onto the ball and roll yourself up. We're going to go with the left. So inhale one, two, go breath and exhale. Sit into your chair, rooting down. Press through the feet to come back up.

Go into extension as you stretch back and then leave the bar into your left hand to go flat, back down. Place it on the floor. Roll the bar out length in the chest. Come back here. Let's do two more times and reach. Try to keep the collarbone nice and open and then press and reach and hold that. Reach to the crown of the head. Drawer up those shoulders, and then roll it back in.

Hold onto the ball and roll it back up. We're going to do one of each, so we're going to start with the right side. Inhale, lift. Exhale. Bring your sit in your chair, push it back, and then come back up. Go into your extension, pressing it away. Come back up, leave it in your right hand, flat back coming down. We roll it out once, roll it out and bring it back in.

Step back with your right foot, so you're going to have it slightly turned out and now roll the ball away and then lifted right on up into your warrior pose. Straighten the front leg a little bit coming up. Make sure he's staying on the outside of that back leg. And now push the ball up as you bend the leg. So we're going to opposite direction. Coming straight.

Push the ball up and straight. Push it up, and then step forward with the leg. Keep it in your right hand and bring it down. Left side. Inhale. Exhale. Sit into your chair. Bring it down. Come right on. Go into your extension, stretch back.

Come back up, leave it in your left hand, circle it. Then the knees ones coming up. And now step back with the left foot. Roll the ball out and come up. Straighten the leg a little bit and sit into it.

Push the ball up as you go forward and up. So again, you're going opposite direction. Threw open the chest, pressing it down one more time and reach. Now you've learned all the steps and we're going to put it all together like professionals do coming up, and then bring it back down. Here we go on the right side, any that, oops, and then bring it down. We have one chair. We're going down into it. Stand up. Going to the extension or reaching the ball away. Come back up to standing.

Leave it in your right hand. Circle it around, rolled about out once. Reach, roll it back in. Step back with the right foot. Roll the ball out, standing the warrior. Push the ball up and stand up and bring it down and we go to the left. Here we are.

Inhale and exhale and sit in the chair and back. Perez it away. Come back up. Leave it in left hand and reach out. Roll the bottle away. Come back up. Left leg goes back. Roll the ball out to come up into your warrior. Push the ball up and wear you down. Let's do one more.

Set into the right hand once and and sit in your chair and come pour shit away into the extension to come back on. Leave it in the right hand to go down. Then roll it out or roll it back in. Right leg goes back in each. Roll the ball out. Bring it up. Now push the ball up to the ceiling to go to the left one time and and city your chair and push big mu and, and sir. Or roll it out. Lift the chest, bring it back and left foot goes back. Roll. Let's lift the chest. Push it up, leave it in the left hand to circle around.

Find your center and take a big breath. Then take that big breath in. Open up the stance while you're breathing deep from there, just keep the ball right in the center and the just inhale, bring it open to your right and axe. Have bring it in. Open to your left or your other left. This time to your right. Keep it in your right hand. From here, we're going to go into warrior pose. From here, come out of warrior pose by just stretching your legs and go back into it.

Now in warrior pose, think of your back leg, the outside of the foot pressing back. Think of your knee being right over your ankle. As you hold this pose and think of the inside of your knee going towards your little toe will help keep that knee tracking and come back in and come back center. From there, opening up, bring it ball on your left, switch to warrior pose, which is just bending the front leg, stretch out of it and go back into it to find that position in that position. Keep it. Think of the inside of your knee going towards your little toe to help track and keep your body outside of the foot reaches out so you don't roll in and come out of it and bring it center. Now we'll go through warrior and we'll add on.

So we open it up. We go into warrior. From here we go to side pose, which bring the ball up towards the ceiling. Ben The arm, and just place it fun here with the ball up. Three circles. Just circle around one circle to see. Always end up. Circle the Ri from there. Come back to warrior pose. Find that position, stretch the legs and come back. Center. Open it up to the other side.

From there into the warrior pose into side angle pose. So you rest, you do three circles, one and two. Make sure you keep the downside of the waist lifted up back to warrior pose and then then bring ball back into center. Open it, adding on. We go into warrior pose, side angle pose. This time one circle only down and around as the hand slides down into triangle pose. And just hold this.

Try and keep the waist both sides of the waist equal as you hold it. If you experience this position triangle from there, bend the front leg, going back into warrior, bringing arm front. Good and come back center other sides. So we open it up. So you're doing okay to warrior. We go to side angle. We only do one circle this time.

Circle the ball around into triangle pose. Hold that pose. Keeping the downside, both sides of your waist long, looking up, trying to keep your head and neck in line. Then back into warrior pose and then back into the center and it wants the brace into a warrior pose. Side angle pose, one circle into triangle pose. Mal, back to warrior pose, but we're going to peaceful warrior. Place the ball down in your thigh. Turn the palm of your hand up from here.

You're going to roll back three times one and bring it back. Roll back to, and they're very peaceful. Warrior actually feels pretty good and stretch and bring it back to center. Other sides. So we open it up to warrior pose. Side angle pose the balls, circles around into triangle pose.

Back to warrior pose, placing in the ball down. Turn the palm up. Peaceful Warrior three times. Going back for the arch extension. Good. And then back to warrior pose and back to the center. Now let's put it all together. Just one of everything. So we just open it up.

We go to wire, we go side angle, we circled down and around into triangle, into peaceful warrior. One extension back, back to warrior, back to center. Inhale, when you go to war, side angle, circle it down and around the triangle. Back to warrior, ball down. Peaceful Warrior and back in and again and yeah, and just exhale into warrior. You can keep your breath however you want it. You circle it to try. Go back to warrior, place the ball down, arch, back to warrior, back to center and open it up. Warrior side, angle pose. Circle it down around it to try and not just have fun. Place it down and the sun is setting. We wish at the time, yes, there and back. One last time and just move.

I don't care if you screw up, you just have fun. You still go down there and up. Place it down. Back. Extend and bring it center and sir. Warrior side angle. Circle around for a triangle. Back to warrior, placing it down. Paul, up, back to warrior. Back to the center.

Stay in the wide stance. Just bring the ball around to the back. From there, take a deep breath in and just round over this time, pushing the ball directly up towards the ceiling, not past your head and just stretch. The stretch stretches your lungs. It's the lung meridian stretch. Let's keep pushing the ball up towards the ceiling. Then bring the ball back to your lower back. Bend your knees and slowly roll yourself up.

So just bring your legs together, um, and just face each other for now because we are going to go down to the mat. Just placed the ball. Come to a little bit to them. Watch a different edge. There's the ball in your stomach. Legs are hit with a bar. Take a big breath in and slowly roll yourself down. Place the ball on the floor in front of you please both hands on top of it. Bend both your arms and your legs. Now as you inhale, you're going to press the arms and legs straight. At the same time, push your stomach in to press the back up to the ceiling and then bend the arms and legs and let the ball bounce up a little bit.

So you're going to push the ball down. We use straighten arms and legs. Feel that opposition very similar to the push down on the wounded chair. And then bring it back up one more time. Press right into it. Hold that position now and and bend your right knee or any knee in this case and place down to the mat and then bring the other leg onto it.

And you make sure that your hips are right over your knees and your shoulders are right over your wrist. You're going to roll the ball out a little bit and lift the sternum, coming into a slight extension, and then roll the ball back in and round you back like a cat stretch, right? So you're going to inhale and send the sitz bones and the crown of the head an opposite direction. And as your exhale, you bring them to watch each other. Let's do that one more time. Stretch it out. Push it away. Don't come down. Think of a lifting instead of dropping, and then bring it back in. Staying in the rounded position.

Now shift your weight and lean back, sitting onto your heels, staying in the rounded position. Now you're gonna roll the ball out and bring your chest towards your thighs. Continue with this movement as you lift the hips up a little bit. Stop here now with the arms straight. Roll the ball in and lift the chest so you come up into the extension and then round the spine to sit back on the heels.

So roll the ball away by bringing the chest to the size. Lift the hips. Roll the ball in and lift the sternum and curl back in. Back Down. Sort of feels good. Roll it out. Lift the head, lift the chess man around it back to more press.

We earn the extra one and lift the head chest and rounded back in last time. Roll it out. Lift the hips a little. Lift the Stern, curl it back in and sit back on the heels. Good. Sit down on your mat and you going to place the ball in the small of your back. You're going to have your hands slightly behind you.

They can be this way or that way. Whatever feels more comfortable, but lean, don't sit up, so you're going to lean backwards in the ball a little bit. You're going to have your leg straight. You're going to flex your feet. As you push the yields away, you're going to curl into the ball. They're going to point your feet, use your hands, point the feet, lift the sternum so you don't sit up. Stay leaning back in the wall and flex the feet in. Curl.

Activate those hamstrings. Send your sitz bones towards your heels. Point the feet, lift the sternum, open the collarbone, add harass into curl. You use those feet and parece through it. And two more. Add her ass into it. Let the show, there's the neck. Relax, soften the chest and then the lift everything up and use the arms to get the little little lift.

And one more time rounded in that you go and then press it up. Lift, then straighten the arms and calm sitting. Place the ball on the side, on the floor, right? So you're going to inhale, bring the arms up to the side. As you exhale, flex your feet and roll halfway back. Now leave the arms parallel with the floor.

You roll forward and then lifting the arms are lifted back up and then open the arms to place the ball on the floor next to you on the other side. Lift the arms up to side. Flex the feet and girl buck. Roll forward and reach. Lift the arms up and place the volume next to you on this fall from the floor.

Inhale, lift. Exhale, flex and rock back. Inhale, reach forward. Now. Exhale, lift up and place it down. One more time in this position, your side. Exhale, flex. Inhale, go forward. Lived up on the exhale and please sit down. We're going to do exactly the same, only different so it's not exactly the same. Remembering the feet into a diamond shape position by pattern stays the same.

So email side, exhale, curl back. But it feels very different if you change the position of the feet lifting up long and then bring it back on today. Other side, lift up the arms to the side. Exhale, curl back. Find that lower back. Now portion do it. A rollback forward up we go and bring it down. One more set. Inhale, exhale, curl back and roll forward.

Lift it all the way up and bring it back down. Last time in this position, and then we have one more leg position to go through and then up we go. And then bring it down. Now from here, just open your legs to decide into a wide position. Just whatever feels comfortable for you. The ball is still on your right side. Same thing. Inhale to decide. Exhale, flex and rock back.

Now roll forward, lift up and place it on the other side and bring it to this side. Flexin rock curl forward and reach. Come up and place it on the side. Inhale, exhale. We have a very different idea of what is right or reaching forward and up we go. Good thing. Good. Mine is the only one that counts.

We're going now with the left side and push and reach for lifting up. And if I'm correct, we are even now bring the Lex together. Reach forward with the hands and I'll just roll yourself down. Bring the ball straight up and bring your right leg straight up. Then plays the ball in your left hand, right?

So we are like that. No, everything opens at the same time. So you open the ironman leg and the ball goes in the opposite direction of your foot. Bring everything together, place the ball. On the other hand. Now you're going to cross the leg over. The leg comes hip, comes off and you go into twist, but still the ball and the leg go in opposite directions and then bring everything back up. Place the ball in your left hand, open everything up and reach. Bring everything up, bring the ball in the other hand. So now as the leg crosses over, the ball goes the other way. You have that opposition from the ball, reaching away from the foot and bring it back to the center. Now Change Lex. So the left leg is up, the ball starts in the right hand as you open everything up, ball and leg, going opposite directions and then bring it back up. Place the ball in the left hand as the leg crosses over.

Push the foot and the bottle away from each other and then bring it back up. Change the ball and open it up. Reaching ball and leg, move away from each other and then bring it back up to the center and then they move away. As you cross it over, bring it back up and place the ball in between both hands. Lower the elect down and roll yourself all the way up. You're going to crush your right leg in front of your left leg. There we go. The ball is right in front of you.

I'm going to have to cheat it a little bit, but that's okay. We're going to inhale and lift up tourist towards your right. So you're going to twist it. The leg that's in front of you. Then place the ball down. You're going to keep your back long. You're gonna roll the ball backwards.

We're rolling out saying on both sitz bones, roll it back up. Bring the ball up towards you. Now from here, you're gonna rock yourself back and lift the legs up into teaser. You're going to cross the other leg in front. As you place the ball down, roll the ball out for a well deserved stretch and then roll back up. And we ready for the other side. So we're gonna lift it up, twist towards the left, plays the ball down, or roll the ball out and come back up. Sit back up. No rock into the coccsyx.

Warren, do you have your balance? You just unfold the Lex Karasik, the other one down and place the ball back down. And one more set rover. Roll it out. Don't forget this stretch tone and bring it back up. We're going to have mutiny up where you go. Tourist over to the leg plays it down. Long body as you reach out, come back up the long way during the ball up.

Cross oh cruel back and sit into the teaser. Cross the other leg in front. Plays the ball down, roll it out, and then roll it back in. One more time to the other side. Lift and tourist. Place the ball down. Roll the ball out rural. Roll it back. Bring the arm up on. Twist yourself, curl under.

Find Your teaser position. Change the legs. Place the leg down, ball down. We'll roll it out. Roll it up. Now we have one more bonus teaser, so we're going to go up. Want to curl into it, lift up into your teaser, then open the legs to the wide second. Place it down and place the ball right in front of you to play.

Sure. Right hand on top. From there, take your left arm, bring it up, and you're going to roll the ball away as you just stir Rach out. Ah, and bring it back in and change arms. Bring the other arm up and just reach and bring it back in. Go back to the first side, hand on top of the ball. Right hand. Bring the arm up at in on. We're going to stir a out here.

Now from here, roll the ball in towards you and bring the top shoulder down towards your knee. Keeping both sits bones down. Then roll the ball away as you open up to the side again. Now roll the ball further away. As you look up to the ceiling, opening that and bringing it back to the side and come back up and now their side [inaudible] you roll to the side, you get wonderful side stretch. Then roll the ball in a bit.

As you bring that top shoulder down towards your knee, the hand on top of the ball, the arm will bend. You roll it back out to the side band. Now keep rolling the ball out and look up towards the ceiling. Look like twisting. Trying to bring that arm all the way back.

Bring it to the side and bring it back. Then take the ball, place it right behind you and your lower back. No, we're going to do full curl just like on the spine crackers. So where you placed the spa in your back depends upon the amount of extension you want to do. So what you're going to do is place it there. The lower down on your back, the more extension. So for most of us, I would suggest putting it somewhere in the middle. From there, just starting easy, have the legs bent. Bring the hands behind you.

Just inhale until a long spine and from there just hell over the back of the ball into extension to open it up. Inhale, come back to the long spine. Exhale. Let your elbows come back in. Now, if that was too much extension or you want more at gesture ball before we do it again. So from there, sir, wretched out long, all the way back, coming back through a long spine and then brewing your elbow. One more time, opening it up. Long Spine. Exhale over it in hell. [inaudible] the exhaled Berea back. Then change your legs to diamond shape. Bring your arms out long and we'll just do arm circles. So we'll go back.

You do the same exercise going back up, mini arms, the arms circle down and around. Press into the ball and come up. You go back to the extension, opening it up and come back up one more time. You just open that July, that stretch. Bring it up and reversed it. The arms come open.

Circle that around and brewing them. Reaching for your feet and open the arms and [inaudible] uprooted for your feet. One last time. Oh, open it, reaching. Oh for your feet, pushing into the ball, keeping in this position. Bring your arms or your hands down at your sides.

Push in from there. You're going to take the ball out. You're going to roll over onto your stomach. Bringing the ball in the front of your. See your heads can face each other. That way you can look at each other. From here in a place your wrist on top, you're going to roll the ball in towards you.

Getting the connection with the shoulders in the lat and just come into the extension and roll the town. And Earl in. Just coming up, opening yourself up and roll away night. Now we're going to come up and stay and then the fun begins with swollen up and up and up and relaxed. From there, just come up and sit back in child's pose and we'll just relax. In child pose during the train ride from there as the train soon passes, just sit back up. Placed the ball right between your thighs. So it's from there. You're going to curl your toes under.

And what we're going to do is do a little pushup Combo. So toes are curled under. You're going to walk yourself with the ball between your legs out to plank. Don't worry at the sharp one, think of rotating the creases of your elbows and from there you just go down for one pushup. You come up from there, drop the hips down and open up into the Cobra, opening the chest, the ball, or help support you from there. Push through the heels, the back of the legs into downward dog, which is just one long line. Then out to plank, one pushup and brewing it up. Okay. From there, drop the hips, keeping the arms straight.

Lift the chest and from their pushback through the heels. One long spine pushing the heels back down to the mat. Paul, do the hands and one more time. Push up just down and up. Good. Drop the hips. I haven't pushed back into downward dog and lift the balls of your feet.

Slowly bring your knees down to the Mat and sit back in child's pose. Sit back on your heels. Roll yourself up. Take the ball out and bring it in front of you, but bring it to your right side so it's a little bit of a lat stretch. You can face me or face each other or throw your ball at me. Bring it to your right side or your left side place. Both hands on top.

Are you going to do? We're almost there. Just stretch out, trying to keep your shoulders there. Throwing things at me. Just rule out and come back and just sit and try and keep both sits bones down so you just stretching out at the ankle and I am bring it in and roll it up and change sides. We'll do it twice on this side. Just roll it out. I don't roll it back in. I can just roll out and rule it from there. Just come on to knees.

We're gonna do eaves lunge. So you're going to place the ball right in front of your thigh. You have the other leg out long so you can face each other. I don't care which leg you do. You're doing them both in this position. Just think of dropping the sits bones down, bringing the pubic bone forward. See, feel that stretch all the way through.

Now keep that stretch and move the foot out a little bit more. That's awesome. And keeping that stretch. Yes, Candace. Just cause it's later. Then you lean into it, fall into her arms. [inaudible] and stretch and really think of dropping the sits bones down and as you're in this stretch, think of bringing the pubic bone up towards your nose so it goes even lower and it really opens up those hips and then release from there. Just curl your toes under.

You're going to bring the ball underneath your knee, so your knees just resting by on top knee on this leg, we'll be right and side with your ankle. Now it's just resting. What I want you to think of doing is stretching through the heel of your leg and stretching that leg without lifting your button and then relax it back down. In a perfect world, we don't do this. We keep pressing the pubic bone forward and up to your, as you stretch through the heel. Lovely stretch and relax. From there, just roll the ball in and we're going to change. So the ball is now in front of the other leg. We start right at the trainee [inaudible] from here, just think of dropping the sits bones down, bringing the pubic bone forward so you get that wonderful thrash.

Then just slide it. Put a little bit forward more Candice, like last time. Good. And now that you go into the lines, see, don't need to play it safe and you think of really dropping the sitz bones, pubic bone coming forward. John, let's get it that stretch. Take one more deep breath and enjoy it. Then curl the toes under. Bring the ball underneath your knee. Okay, now in a perfect world, and of course my hips aren't perfect, so they're not staying totally down. This should not move.

And you push through the heel, this stretch your leg and then it relaxes back down and push long and relax and one more ratchet through. No, relax that leg on top of the ball and just roll the ball in until you in a little flat position and fun seen change. Grab on for the ball and slowly roll yourself up. I'm bringing the ball into your center and how we're going to do is inhale down and inhale and exhale up as you're breathing. Inhale down. Exhale up.

Couple more breaths. Just thank your body. You made it through. Thank your body for moving and bring it in. Oh, let the ball just fall down. Good job.


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Love Love Love !!! wish I could find emotocons !!
wonderful flow and really enjoyed the combinations :)
I really like this class, it's unique. I'm doing it again soon. It was fun. Thanks Michael and Ton. Thanks. PA. Kristie you are exposed to all the "Rock Stars". That must be awesome!
Great flow!!!! I love it
Loved it. So much variety. You guys are great!
bloody beaudiful! :))
Great flow, fun and great way to wake up the body early in the morning. Thank you :)
Love it...great sequences/progressions. Will be singing your praises when I showcase these in my next miniball session. Thank you for sharing your gift! Rock on....or roll on
wow what a great class :)!!!
Wonderful! Now I can start my day!
Super love you boys what a team you are! Enjoyed the yoga-ish ness. Was fun!! YAH.
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