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Advanced Wunda Chair

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Kelli Burkhalter Hutchins joins Pilates Anytime to teach a Wunda Chair workout that allows you to find your inner dancer. She includes challenging and fun exercises like Head Press, Low Frog, a couple variations of Swan, and more. You will build strength as you flow through these wonderful movements.

This class was filmed in Colorado at The Pilates Center. You can join Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Segel, and the rest of the students who were in attendance.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Knee Pad

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Oct 28, 2013
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My name is Kelly Burkhalter Hutchins. We're here at the plotty center and today I'm teaching an intermediate advanced chair class. We have a blue mat, and then we also have a black pad with our chair to get started. Go ahead. Plot v stands for the balls of the feet. Squeeze your heels together. You can crush your arms or have your hands on the chair. What works best for you? As you inhale, you press down and you exhale back up.

So really feel to how the paddle lifts your hips for you versus you lift your legs off of that spring. As you inhale, you press and exhale back up. So if your hands are down though, feel a nice lift so it supports you so you can keep your elbows a little softer and lift your triceps up a little bit behind you, so a little less more. Lift that girl, right? So key feeling last time, and then come to your arches. So as you press down, feel your hip strong. As you inhale, you press, you're going to reach your heels in the balls of your feet around that black pad. As you press down, feel your rib cage. The inhale of the breath really expanse are big and strong, broad, wide, not so narrow anymore. Last time, nicely done girls. And then come to your heels. Flexing those feedback. As you inhale, you press and exhale.

So feel that as you press that you're reaching your heels and trying to pick that black pad up away from you. So you're resisting. Like you press it away. Nicely done. Cause then it might allow you to find a little bit of a curl. So if you laid down on the Mat and you did your mat footwork, you would feel how light your hips would become as you do it last time. And then start to pump your legs a little bit faster.

So inhaling for a few pumps and exhaling member checking with your arms. Don't let them tense your neck. Take your right leg, reach it out in front of you. Point that foot in, pump. Really breathing. Three more pumps in there. You're going to switch legs. So about five to six pumps. As you go pointing the foot, feel that you could lift it a little bit higher to find that Nice increased belly scoop last time. Come to the balls of your feet. Take your spot fives. They're parallel to the floor.

Hands where you want them as you articulate through your arches. So really feeling the press like stretch your feet from the press of the balls of the feet. Widen the balls of the feet to increase the arch support whether you are engaging it more or stretching it, not allowing your size to move last time. Keep the paddle open and then curl your heels down, lowering your knees and then lift. Where's your breath as you go, we want to see the whole expansion of your rib cage. How broad. Nice triangle from the shoulders down into the pelvis as you breathe.

Nicely done last time. And then let the paddle come all the way up. Swivel to your left Lang down on top of your chair for the a hundred so hug your knees into your chest for a moment and really draw your thighs down. And then take a breath into your rib cage and feel your lungs rise you up to the ceiling. Exhale, squeeze your belly around your spine. Then go ahead, stretch your arms down by your side. Stretch your legs where you want them, and start your pumping. So nice big broad pumps. Feel the elevation of your rib cage as you pump those arms. Exhale, as you squeeze, inhale, your lungs rise up, your pelvis rises with it, so it's almost as if your legs lift to tilt you back onto your lungs to therefore curl and find your nice canoe shape of your belly last time. And exhale, hug your knees into your chest and curl yourselves up to standing.

Nicely done, ladies, come stand in front of your chair please. V When you inhale your arms up, make sure that your arms are attached to your ribcage so it actually lifts everything up. Exhale. As you curl yourself over, palms come down onto your puddle. As you inhale, you press to the spring, stay the same on this exercise, and then exhale as you're pushed back up. So feel those legs feeding all that arch support that you just did, making sure that you're standing on the whole tripod of the foot, ball of the feet down through the heel, working the arch. Feel your chest here, palms as you lower and articulate through your spine as you lift. Make sure that you're not lifting off the spring, but it's actually lifting and pushing you up so your hips will be a little bit more engaged last time. You're going to rise all the way up. When you lift your arms, feel it be attached to your rib cage. Lift them to lift your rib cage off your pelvis to open your arms out to the side and down. Nicely done. Walk to the back of your chair.

Change your spring to a two or a medium depending on your chair. And we're going to do straight leg press, so your legs distance away. You're going to lift your right leg up. Take your hands on your hips, you can crush your arms in front of you. But today we're going to do hands on hips. As you inhale, looking straight forward, you will just press your leg down and up for this first portion and then exhale. So as you press really feel that you're pulling your leg into you.

So sometimes you can take your own hand and grab a hold of the backside of your leg if you're comfortable and pull the leg into you as you press down. And so you're really asking for this spring to feed the leg back into as you press. And then exhale, resist lifting. So a lot of times we lift our leg last time, pressing down this way, and then exhale at the spring lift. Now as you inhale, you're gonna press the spring to bring you into a spine stretch, which will curl you over and then exhale you'll come back upright because the paddle lifts your whole body, your legs attached to you, and how use the breath to help guide that leg up in, in. If you need to go back and check in with your hand holding that leg up into you. Feel free. We're not shy here last time.

Pull it up in it and then stay over. And when you're over and now you're going to press down and up with that leg. Resist lifting the leg, you press down. And it's not that you're letting the leg fall out of the pelvis, you're pulling the leg into more as you press last time. And then let the whole spring lift your whole body up and then turn and face the left side. So it will do the one to the side.

Your left foot will be behind you a little bit, turned out your right foot. I like it to be a little over the spring, so if you have to hop back a little bit more, do that without coming off your mat. And then inhale hands on hips. So a lot of times I'll help Rachel as you inhale. It's nice to kind of feel this lift. So if you're at home doing this on your own, you want to imagine that somebody is going to actually lift your leg up for you.

And then everybody stay for a minute. Let the spring actually hold your leg before you move. So come up to the top, stay there, let the paddle hold your leg, feel those muscles turn on a little bit more. And then inhale as you press nice we let go. Okay. And then exhale up one more time. Feel that lift and then exhale.

Let the paddle lift you here in a turn to the back faced the back wall. Now the foot, you want to have the heel a little bit higher, but you want to really wrap that pinky around that black pad spine a little bit more forward. It might be a little bit more of a modification, but you're not actually back-bending. And then feel that when you press, you're really inhaling, you're pulling the leg up into your rib cage and then exhale as the spring lifts. Don't let, don't let your, don't lift your leg. Let the spring lifted. Trying to let the leg be pulled backwards. Either think of this movement more as a backbend without back, TJ's back, bending your back, but use the length of your breath. And then last time, and then step down other leg.

So this exercise in my opinion, actually sets you up for the rest of the exercises that we're going to do. So the left leg is up hands where you want them on your hips, arms crossed. Inhale, press down first, looking straight ahead, and then exhale. Check in. Each leg is a little different. Do you need your hand to help and support you? And An exhale, let the spring. I think one of the things that we don't like to do is let the spring do more work. We're so busy being in control. I'm a control freak, so I know.

But let really allow that Spring to actually support you a little bit more. And then now do your spine stretch with the movement of the leg. As you inhale, you spine stretch forward, and then exhale. Now you rise back up. So really feel the expansion of your rib cage. As you inhale. You press, allowing you, inviting you over and then exhale as you rise. Now last time as you inhale, you press stay there and do three or four where you lower and lift. Now you're really encouraging the leg to feed up into the pelvis a little bit more and not to press the leg down off, away from the center of the body. It feeds the center of the body last time.

And then let this straight leg rise and lift you all the way up to turn and face the other direction for your side. Okay. Hands on hips is nice because you can go underneath and pick your own pelvis up off your legs. So now we'll, I'll support my other fearless leader. So Yup, hold on to you. You need to, so again, what I'm doing is I'm going up, now I'm going to twist Amy's leg up into her a little bit more. Is that better? Yeah. So that she can really feel like it's that deep turnout that we always struggle to find cause we're a little tight in the front of the hips. Got It.

And it's nice when someone helps you. Again, one more time. Let the leg be lifted. Checkin when are you lifting it? Let it be lifted, lifted, lifted, and you'll get a nice stretch and then turn and face this way. So turned out in your right foot as much as you're willing, as long as it's turned out in your hip. So it's not just the knee. And then as you inhale, so really feel like there's a balloon that's going to pull you and stretch your rib cage forward. The leg feeds that and then let the spring lift your leg for you rather than you lift it and it's not a down. When you press the spring down, it levitates you forward into your rib cage and you stay forward and let the leg lift and we can all have finer inner dancer.

That's what I'm always striving for. So, well I wasn't a dancer though. So last time she's like, I'm still looking for it. And it was the battle come up and then step down and walked to the back of your chairs. Change your spring to a two, two or two three which is a high low on the other chairs. These are our center line balanced body chairs that we made. Yeah, we're going to do standing pushed down and then into the up and down. Yep. Standing pushed down again. Cause now you have your legs, you own them a little bit better. [inaudible] inhale, when you lift your arms, lift your ribcage, exhale as you curl yourself for palms, come down, palms to chest. As you press, use those straight leg press legs feeding up in into you as you lower.

So really feel how your pelvis can flow and move around your femurs and imagine how much freedom now that your femur heads will have your leg bones as you press down. And then as you resist back up, stay down on your next one and then do three elbow bends. So as you bend and straighten and you feel the spring closing, try not to just release it, but almost feel from your straight leg press legs that you could curl more with each pump, which is more than three, but that's okay. Last time. Straight arms and then be lifted. Feel the spring, push you up, feel your legs support you as you lift your arms to lift your rib cage off your pelvis, and then open out to the side. So now we're going to do is climb up onto the chair. We're going to do the up and down.

So it's a nice way to get into the exercises. You take your right leg behind you and then bend it, that hip, left hip bend everybody, take your weight backwards to them. Therefore bend your left hip versus going down and then go directly up. So you're going back to that foot work that you did earlier and you're gonna feel your weight. Literally take your pelvis back behind you a little bit more and look for a curl and a little bit in your low spine without creating a shape.

Allow it to kind of happen last time. Rise up, stand on the chair and switch legs, and then feel your right hip. So you might feel the difference. So there is a straight leg press leg. Remember the back leg. Feel how it's lifting up in into you as you rise and as you lower. And so when you take your weight backwards, make sure it's not just the upper body but it's actually originating. It's actually originating from your hips a little bit more.

It's trying to go back. Yeah, there you go. You got it. And then come all the way up. Stay on the chair and switch legs. We're going to do about four pumps. Okay girls, you're going to take the up like so I'm kind of numb. So you're going to lower down. You're slowly come down into your curled without dropping your chest ladies.

And then you can find your curl in your low spine as you start your pumping four times from the hips. Straight leg press legs as you pump. Nice strong hips. Nicely done last time. Straight legs rise up. Switching sides. Take the other leg behind you carefully as you bend right into it. Right? So feel that hips. So this is not a full word we talked about earlier when you were on this having a seat and then last time, straight leg you rise all the way up Sarah and the chair turn around face the other way.

Okay. Now this is not easy. It doesn't matter who you are. Okay? So whatever fancy way you want to get into this exercise, you can so some people can go down this way. I usually just plop right down. This is a moment that I'll let you plop. Sure, Yep. Make sure though. Arches up so heals. Never sit down on top of the chair.

You can, whichever leg you want to start pumping, which looks like the right, but make sure this is to increase your curl in your pelvis and lower spine, not to pump the leg. Try to see if you can not make this a leg. Exercise the full body. Nicely done, Rachel, last time and then switched sides. That's it. Well, you know I can't even do these exercises right now, so, okay, good. I have all these excuses now. I love it. Okay. Make sure that heals nice and lifted. And when you pump, you're looking for to hook up into your rib cage. Basically, you're not sitting on your foot. You're pumping to find that increase lifted.

Maybe even doing knee stretches on the reformer is what you would imagine is you have a seat. Oh, you're done. You're done. Hands go to the back of the chair. Plot these to be actually, let's do a big turnout and we're going to do high frog. Squeeze those heels together. I like to have ladies take their hands out to the side to encourage less hyperextension that way. So a really like this, just maybe help so lifted triceps ladies, more important than well, it's important. Rise up. So lifted, try fasten. As you press work, the turnout, the turnout will help you rise up. This will be your rocking one day.

So the moment of stretching your legs down as a mean drop into the spring, you go up higher. Everybody has to get that ribcage lifting as high as you can. Two more up higher. And then everybody up and control yourself down. Tendon, stretch, hands come forward. Legs together. Balls, the feeder arches. So arches can be a nice modification as you lift yourself up, curling, taking your chest onto your thighs and trying up as high as you can before you lower down. Who cares about how low you go? It's more about making sure that you're not rolling around on your shoulder, but you're actually still lifting your triceps, which will connect you to your rib cage.

So keep that ribcage lifting the whole time. One more time, you're gonna lift up really high to then bend your knees, lower yourself down. Nicely step forward. We're going to cross over pumping, so we'll start facing forward. Left foot will be forward so the back of the heel will be at the edge of the wood. Oh, didn't think that through. Okay. So you go ahead and take the paddle down and then start with it a little bit lower rather than high and start your pumping.

So you're going to inhale for a few pumps and exhale. So really feel that whole expansion. So a lot of times we inhale, we lift our shoulders off instead of inhaling to lift your shoulders off, inhale broad into that ribcage and then fill yourself, hover back a little bit more. Nicely dialed with the paddle, come up, switch sites. [inaudible] move that back a little bit. Yeah. Okay. So I like to start with a paddle down. This is not a rule, it's just how I like to do it. And then it allows you to build where you allow the paddle come up higher, but you start a little bit lower. So we all want to feel like one day, whether you do or don't want a skydive, you want to feel that wind pushing you backwards, that you're not leaning forward, but you keep, keep feeling that wind back pump a few more times. Strong hips, eyes up, relaxed eyes, expressions, and then let the paddle come all the way up and step down. Okay, so we're going to just do a couple PA's.

So you're going to have a seat back on your chair. If you want to up your spring, you can give it a little bit more up. But the two three should be fine, or you can do a three, three, so have a seat. Come back into your turnout first they were going to do his legs, and then we'll do arms. So it's a little bit of a modified, at least version in our classical school. But you're gonna drape yourself. Slither off, hand strong, hands out to the side, triceps lifted, pump your legs down and then up.

So really work the turnout. Make it about warming that up. Resist the up as much as you can so that you can really feel the movement from your hips and not just from your knees and your calves. Last time, slither back on for just a second and then silver back off. And then here we go. Legs. The distance between your heels and your pelvis doesn't change, but you continually work those hips as you bend and straighten. Nice girls. Feel that nice broad shoulder line of the triangle down into the pelvis as you press. And then slither back on here. Okay, we're gonna do the hard one.

Everybody stepped forward. That's great. You're like, no, we're good. We're you want more? Spring. We're going to just do the play. We're, we're okay. Okay. So you're in a climb up onto the chair for your next play. Exercise working that turnout. So again, ladies, we're going to just do the legs before we put the arms in.

So lifted triceps as your arms are staying where they are as you press your legs down at this positions a lot harder because you're a little closed the chairs in the way. So really work those hips and keep feeling yourself. Be pushed backwards. You're skydiving back there last time and then start your arms as you been in straight and do about three or four of them, but really feel that it's not just the bones that you're moving is the whole rib cage is the lifted tricep the whole time. And then you come up with the paddle close, step down. Okay, nicely done. Ladies. Come around to the back of the spring changer.

Spring to a two or a medium. We're going to lay down and do low frog. So a few exercises down here. Okay, so plotting to be on the outsides of the feet. So that needs are more up to the ceiling. So maybe not always check into, you don't want to be too close to your chair, you want to be a little further away.

She can get around the tightness in your hips as you inhale, you press and then exhale. So here's your straight leg press legs. Again, you want to really feel them feeding into your pelvis. It's like when you had your hands on your legs, for those of you that chose that option, and as you press down, you want your knees to go more up to the ceiling, then out to the side. And so you don't want to change the angle of the knees. You want to work the hips a little bit more. If you let the knees go out to the side more than you stop working the hips in a in a the way I want you to.

So then feel two, two more times as you press down. When the shins come up, it would almost float your pelvis up because that's how in your hips you are as it lifts. Nicely done. And then last time, keep playing with that. Like how light could your pelvis be? Remember when the a hundred, when I said beyond your ribcage and let your pelvis be a little bit lighter. Nice. Girls, go ahead and let the paddle come up. Curl yourselves up with these chairs. It's so nice. You can reach in between and change the spring.

So I'm gonna have you turn around, so go to a three or high or you can stay on a two. We're going to do triceps press taking the paddle down. If you know you're pretty tight through your shoulder, girl, you can scoot forward a little bit more and not be right up close to. So definitely Jenn, move out a little bit more like where you don't have to be right up against the, um, the paddle basically. So take an inhale and then exhale. Allow the paddle to lift.

So here's where I want you to play with lifted triceps. Even when you, your arms, how Litho can your triceps be? Now I'm in a partner, Amy, and just show you how you can help your clients or you know, or find your legs to hook into you a little bit more like straight like press, you feel a little bit of a vibration. And then she nods of course. But then you can feel how no matter what she's doing, when I lift her legs, they're hooked up and into her. Yeah. And hold onto her and like, so if I had more hands, girls, I would help you out. So do a couple more and really think of the lifted tricep at an even this. So this is really important.

We have to get the lift of the rib cage cause we go to do spine stretch. We have to feel that. So when your elbows and triceps lift, it actually lifts your ribcage, not just your shoulders. That's what I feel we miss sometimes as ladies last time. And then go ahead and let the paddle come up. Nicely done. Come onto your knees facing this way and we'll do kneeling mermaid. So right arm will come up.

Fingertips will be as long as you can. A lot of times we reach our fingertips down at encourages that elbow. So it's definitely like the way I teach it. It's my vision. Yeah, and I hate to be right over that spring. You might have to be a little closer. So hip width apart, arm up. As you inhale, you're going to press over, stay there and exhale. Take a moment.

Feel how when you exhale long as you want to release the spring, then exhale to let the spring push you back up. So arm is straight as you can get it with your tricep lifted. So tricep still lifted, which hopefully will encourage you not to hyper extend. And so feel to the difference of your arm reaching and off your ribcage and your root cage lifting to stretch your arm over. That was at Rachel. Stay there and Ben in straight in three times. Elbow is narrow, but then a little wider. So it's not just pressing from the shoulder, it's narrow as you can get. And then just a little bit wider.

Straight arm rises you up. Nice. It turns you around. Okay. Yes. So take that left arm. Now girls, when you lift your arm up, look at me for a second and make sure you don't just lift the bone. Then of course I have these flexible, some our arms, but lift the rib cage, that's what the arm to the ear is meant to be, is that lift. And then as you side bend, make sure that you're not just reaching the arm to the ear to do that, but you're actually lifting your rib cage, which therefore might make your arm come to your ear.

Maybe that's it. Last, you stay there in three pumps. And so as you're pumping, you're actually pressing off the spring to feel the rib cage go up. So it's almost like you're reaching and pressing away from each side. Nicely done. As you're lifted all the way up. Gorgeous. Good. Okay. Onto your bellies. You need to change your spring to a tour meeting. We're going to swan now we're going to do swan and there we're going to do Kelly Swan. So, so get ready. Alright, so straight like press legs.

So remember how I spoke a little bit about like allowing your pelvis to kind of float in your femurs to float. So with your head down ish, if you had to hold it up a little bit, that's fine. You're strong palms, you're going to inhale as you press, you're going to float arms feed into the rib cage. So everybody come up for a second, press the paddle down almost so it's hovering, pull your legs into and then exhale as you lower and allow your arms to be lifted and you stretch yourself forward. Nice. Now play with, we're going to do a few more. Inhaling as you press and you want to really feel how your arms feed up and into you and you stretch your rib cage and then as you lower, maybe don't go full range, maybe lower a little bit, but make sure you stand on that rib cage the whole time. Lifted triceps even here. And then maybe press back down again. Aim, that's it.

And lift. So that you're really looking for, I'm a big believer in strength before range my opinion. Try it out, see what you think. And then now this time when you get your paddle down, get it down as low as you can. Now lift the back of your legs up from those straight leg press a straight legs. Then is your arms lift. Your legs will lift, but eyes will stay up.

And then you're in a press. So it's like a swan dive. Yes. But make sure you don't really see arms to make it happen. Maybe the range is tiny, tiny set. And then when you hear though, Woo there, you know it's done. And they go, hey, you sit back on your heels and enjoy a stretch for a minute. We're almost there. See, isn't it fun? Kelly's Swan. Go ahead and come forward.

And we're going to do, um, spine stretch. So you should, you don't have to, but you can change it to a low or a one or you can do it on a two or a medium. I like it on a one, but you know, everybody's different. We're going to do this a couple different ways. Okay. So just go right into your spine shows the way you think to do it. As you inhale, you press, maybe even let your hands be a little wider on the so we have a little broader connection. As you inhale, feeder flex, you're in an anthill, you're in a press now. Feel your straight leg, press, legs feeding up and into, and then exhale as you're lifted. Now put in as you bend your spine forward and back, elbows wide. Stay down for a second.

Now makes your hands standing. Your shoulders aren't rounding forward. Feel that rib cage that I keep referring to as well as a straight leg press legs and allow the spring to lift up from the stretching and the ribcage off your pelvis to rise up so you're still spine stretching forward. Just like usual. When you inhale, you press down, feel that rib ribcage lift, stretch you onto your palms as you go, and then exhale back up. Then on this next one, as you curl over, we're gonna play. This is where we have fun. Everybody's going to stay curled forward, but you're going to allow the paddle to lift your rib cage and your arms up.

You stay, curl forward as much as possible without faking it. [inaudible] yeah, that's it. So that you get a lift and when you get that lift, you might feel a different stretching your back that you're not quite used to. It's cause your arms are being lifted off your ribcage being lifted off your pelvis. Really last time. Nicely done girls. And then come all the way up. So then it prepares you for everybody's love, hate relationship with pike on floor.

Oh yeah. To like I gotta come up. Okay, so do what you can. Don't worry. Make sure though that your legs aren't just sitting on that chair. Hold your own legs up so it's a straight leg. Press legs feeding into, go ahead and start to move and then make the arm movement be a rib cage movement and feel that lift. When your arms come up, it's going to actually pull you towards your thighs. So you're in an inhale, you're going to press down, you ready? One more. And then now the lift is going to curl you forwarding.

Your arms are going to stay connected so you keep lifting and levitating. All the way forward. Nicely done. Good. And then go ahead and let this spring close all the way. Yeah, me. Okay. So let's come on to our knees and we're going to take the black pad and we're going to put it long ways on the paddle.

Oh, so do, yeah. Okay. Okay. So you're gonna take the paddle down. We're going to do, um, head press, kneeling. These are great cause it really pushes the head back into the spine. Hands come down onto the floor and then now straight like press legs. That's the motivation of the movement. As you inhale and there lift you up. Or exhale, I'm sorry. And then inhale down.

So inhale doe open this spring. Exhale to close it. Now make the movement come from those straight leg press legs and not rounding your upper back off the spring. Elbows, triceps, nice and lifted weight stays on the paddle. One more time. You may have to [inaudible] everybody stay down. Walk your knees in a little bit. Maybe now just do two more and just feel like now you're a little bit more available to be pushed into yourself. Nice.

Last time there were already something fun. Usually when I say something fun, they're scared, but I'm serious this time. So go ahead and take the paddle down, lift your head up, let the paddle come up, and then we can just put our black pad back underneath. Talk to standing and we're going to do the um, saw and then we'll do cat to finish and then we'll have a wonderful day. So change your spring to a three or high facing forward first. Now what's our saying, Sandra Center line over the paddle. Sometimes we say other things, but that's where we're to say today, arms out to the side. Now girls, no hang and triceps. So we call those lunch lady arms or Bingo arms for everybody.

If you can see me, you want to lift your tricep up and then allow your forum to kind of come a little bit more forward so you can feel that lifted triceps. As you twist left-hand, we'll come onto the paddle. As you saw over. Now check in with your hips and make sure as you twist into this spring that you're using your straight leg press, hips. And you're not allowing your hips to kind of change shape and then you're going to be pushed back up. Stay in your twist and keep filling those lifted triceps, rib cage onto palm. So where's your weight?

Are you hovering over the paddle? One more time. Nicely done girls. And then rise all the way up and we'll go to the other side. Even here. Lifted triceps. Okay, so no hanging triceps as you twist, right? Palm comes onto the paddle is the arm comes over the back palm.

So let's talk about that. Feel the back palm a connected to your rib cage though. So it's like gonna come all the way to that bra line, which is going to actually bend you forward into it so that the shoulder doesn't just lift off. It's actually connected in curls. You nicely done, Rachel. And then both hips staying as stacked as possible as you're looking for the twist to happen in the belly ribcage, pelvis. Nicely done. And then rise all the way up. Good.

All right, so change your spring one too low. Medium. We're gonna do cat Sironi to do classical cat. And then we're going to do fun cat, right? Hey, up on your knees. And when I say classical, I say plie center, deep listener. Okay, inhale your arms up, really ribcage up. We'll just say that from now on. And then curl over. Straight leg press legs feed into you as your palms. Come on.

Head stays curled in, but feel your arms attached. So play with that whole idea of keeping your triceps lifted here and they're not hanging off you and feel that you go. Actually you hover forward. So remember when I talked about that in the up and down, take your hips forward and over the spring, which is why this spring is so heavy because I want you to be in the spring. Stay over this time and bend and straighten your elbows. Narrow. And so pretend or not pretend, but actually feel like you curl more with each pump without faking it.

So it's deep, it's curled. You're straight leg press legs are feeding into and then you're in a rise straight arms. It'll push you all the way up as you resist falling backwards. Arms lift to lift your rib cage off your pelvis. Pelvis anchors down as you open your arms out to the side. K last exercise. Fun Cat. Inhale as your arms rise up, exhale as you curl.

Feel that ribcage following your arms so there the arms don't fall off the ribcage. Palms, come on. You're going to open this spring as much as you can. When your arms start to fall off your spine, your eyes look up, your tail reaches out. Yes. And then you're going to curl your tail. Curl your head, you're in a float yourself. Back Up. Nice girls. And two more times. Inhale, have fun with your fun cat like in joy. Sometimes we have a little too much fun in our classes. We have one client that's like, maybe we should be looking for tips when our eyes go up.

So last one, and then curl all the way up. When you lift your arms, lift your rib cage. Let your pose be anchored down. Open out to the side. Nice everybody. Step backwards, turn and face forward and smile.


Andy M
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Oh AWESOME! If you want a kick ass workout then Kelli B is the lady for you. Thank you very much, Pilates Anytime. Here's to more TPC classes!!
Fresh interesting and effective cueing and terrific pace-never lost focus! Thanks! Would ove a reformer class with Kelli!
Great class. I loved the pace. Thank you:)
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So glad I finally learned the Kelli B. Saw on chair! Been hearing about that one for a couple of years! Such a fun class and true to killer Kelli style! Love it! Congrats on the baby girl to come!
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I just got the Centerline chair and it was great to see it in this class. Also, very fun to see Rachel and Amy in a class working hard!
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Great class Kelli! And thanks to PA for bringing another great teacher into my home.
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Yay! So happy to see Kelli on PA. Thanks for a wonderfully cued and integrated chair workout. Will definitely do it again!
Kelli Burkhalter
I am so excited that everyone is enjoying the Chair class so far!
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Fantastic! Great themes . Good cues.
Felt deep work throughout.
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kelli= the queen of the chair.=..I love your class,,,thank you
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