Advanced Wunda Chair<br>Kelli B.<br>Class 1270

Advanced Wunda Chair
Kelli B.
Class 1270

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Andy M
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Oh AWESOME! If you want a kick ass workout then Kelli B is the lady for you. Thank you very much, Pilates Anytime. Here's to more TPC classes!!
Fresh interesting and effective cueing and terrific pace-never lost focus! Thanks! Would ove a reformer class with Kelli!
Great class. I loved the pace. Thank you:)
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So glad I finally learned the Kelli B. Saw on chair! Been hearing about that one for a couple of years! Such a fun class and true to killer Kelli style! Love it! Congrats on the baby girl to come!
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I just got the Centerline chair and it was great to see it in this class. Also, very fun to see Rachel and Amy in a class working hard!
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Great class Kelli! And thanks to PA for bringing another great teacher into my home.
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Yay! So happy to see Kelli on PA. Thanks for a wonderfully cued and integrated chair workout. Will definitely do it again!
Kelli Burkhalter
I am so excited that everyone is enjoying the Chair class so far!
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Fantastic! Great themes . Good cues.
Felt deep work throughout.
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kelli= the queen of the chair.=..I love your class,,,thank you
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