Advanced Wunda Chair<br>Kelli B.<br>Class 1270

Advanced Wunda Chair
Kelli B.
Class 1270

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Great class, so challenging but fantastic cueing!
from the first time I took your chair class a few years ago, you connected the dots for me. Thank you for coming to my studio today! I loved finally feeling my belly in what I could muster up of climb down the mountain. (broken right toe, ugh) Congrats on a great class as always.
Jordan S
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Loved the cueing of the "lifted triceps", especially in high frog, and the grounding work at the beginning. Wonderful class, thank you.
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I too loved the class, especially cueing that I personally don't use. I think "lifting the triceps" will be making an appearance in my studio starting today! One question: when you were cueing the legs in the tricep press on the floor, were you pulling, pushing or rotating her legs to help feel the connection? Thanks.
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Delightful! So great! Thanks Kelli!
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Great! Thanks!
Kelli Burkhalter
Hi Erin,
I am so glad that enjoyed the class. When I am partnering the legs in Triceps Press, I am pushing gently so that the students can feel how to hold their legs from their belly. Sometimes I do gently rotate them so it depends on the person. Let me know how the "lifted Triceps" works in your studio. Thanks!
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I love chair classes with Kelli. Each time I make so many new discoveries. She offers great food for thought for the advanced practitioner
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Thanks Kelli! Just "took" this class at home - now I am ready to teach for the day! Thanks for the perspiration and inspiration!
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Thank you Kelli. As always your cues and the class were pure art. I always go to new places in my body with you. I have been telling about you to my fellow instructors in Finland and they were VERY happy to finally take your class. Miss you all!
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