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Detailed Reformer Flow

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Carrie Macy teaches a Reformer workout with detailed cueing and variations on the traditional exercises that immediately connect you deep into your powerhouse. She also incorporates the challenge of Mat exercises on the Reformer such as Rolling Like a Ball on the carriage, and Series of 5 on the Short Box. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Dec 08, 2013
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We have Liz Ann and Juliana here to have a fabulous reformer workout. So let's go. You guys can just go ahead and sit down and lie onto your backs on the reformer and we will start with your footwork. So make sure you're centered right in the center of the carriage. Come onto your toes.

Your toes will be a part about a fist with distance heels together. So you are in external rotation. Good. Let your tailbone stink heavy into the mat, widen your collarbones. Take a breath in and on your exhale, let your ribs just settle, settle, settle down into the mat. One more. Inhale and exhale. Extend through your legs. Move the carriage all the way out, stretching long hold out there. Keep the heels nice and high length in the legs, all the way into your hips.

And then bend your knees and bring the carriage all the way in. Again, press out. Use Your abdominals to deepen and lengthen out and then pull back in with resistance home. And again, deep abs to extend and lengthen and pull in and pick up your pace. You have seven more. So extend long and then then in right away and press that, pull in and press that. That's it. Whole and reach out and and two more. Press resist in last time. Beautiful. And stay.

Come to your arches. You have parallel legs, feet together. Curl your feet around the bar and really grab the bar with your feet as if it's your hands. So feet together. Yeah, and then press out. Same thing extending through the legs and bend the knees to come in again. Wrap your feet around the bar and as you come in, really grab the bar right. That will translate up through your legs into the abdominals a little bit deeper. Turning things on. Good.

Quick in your tempo for five and pull press four. Come in. Beautiful three in reach to keep those feet active and one nicely done. Come to your heels and flex your toes all the way back to your knees. Same idea right away. 10 Times. Press and pull in for 10 press to pull. Nine. Use your bellies a little more. Pull in eight. That's right.

Drive from the center. Beautiful and in. Beautiful job. And bend five more. Come in five toes. Flex harder for floor. That's it. Three, two, one more. And stay in. Come to your toes for tendon stretch. So you have just a little space. You are an external rotation. Heels together, toes slightly apart. Push the carriage out to long extended legs. Now stay here and grow another two inches to the top of the head and then reach your heels under the bar, low or and reach.

And then press the bar away to lift the heels up. Reach the heels under and press all the way up. So I want you to imagine like you're curling around my finger as you lower curl your feet around. Yeah. And then push the bar away. Right? So you use your feet to curl and push the bar away. Right? Three more times. So curl around my fingers. Yeah.

And then push the bar and curl around and push. Last one. Beautiful. Use Your abdominals to help you do it. Good. Bend your knees and come in all the way. All right, let's lower the foot bar with your feet. What you just learned. So go ahead and take it down. Yep. Perfect. Ladies. And moving into the hundred, just grab your handles hooked above your shoulders.

I want you to start today with your legs out straight and long over the foot bar, arms to the ceiling. Okay, take a breath in. On Your exhale. Melts your belly to the mat and float right up into your a hundred position. Arms and legs lift and you pump. Inhaling deeply as you put up. Pump and excelling, widening the collarbones. Good breathing in. Let's go a little bigger and exhale and deepen so those arms are pumping right into the belly. Good. Big Breath in.

Big exhale out. That's it. Send energy through your toes all the way out the end. That's it. Breathing in. Come down. Yeah, just a little lower. Juliana, do. You've been in here more. Beautiful. Three more sets. Inhaling and exhaling. See if you can lower those legs a few more inches in.

Exhale, bigger, bigger, bigger pumps. Last breath in. Exhale and make the belly flattened down and hold. Curl one more inch. Got Lower your legs. Lift your arms to the ceiling. So the legs go straight down. Yes. Hook. Put your handles in one hand. Sit Up and swivel to the side and a teaser position.

So your legs will come to a teaser. As you set up and silver, you can use your free hand. Remove two middle springs from the carriage. Where's your teaser position? Find your teeth or there we go. Swivel back around and lie down. Odds your backs. Good. All right. Short spine massage. So take your straps and you will thread the leather loop through the handle.

So it goes like this. No, I'll come help you to Juliana. Make sure the leather goes through the handle. [inaudible] and go ahead and put those on your feet. Listen. So I'll help Ya. Gonna go like that. And then like this and you bring both feet into the straps. Yes. And then once you've got that, bend your knees into your chest.

So you start in a frog position and lower your head rest down. So I'll make sure that's all the way down. All right, so your arms are down by your side and pull your knees all the way towards your shoulders so you really get a good crease in your hips. Yes, exactly. This is supposed to be a stretch for your hips. Lengthen your legs out at a 45 degree angle. So press away now keep pressing out towards me like you're both trying to reach me with your feet. Lift your hips and take your feet up and over your heads.

Go all the way over until the carriage ends. You'll feel it. Touch the front. [inaudible] stay here. Push up with your feet. Lift your hips a little higher to the ceiling. Yes. Keep your hips there. Bend your knees around your ears. So dive your knees down and around your ears even more. Elysium there you go.

Now roll down. Leave your feet and roll your spine away from your feet. The straps stay taught, but you want to hold the feet still when you can't go any more. Bend your knees and bring your heels down to your bottom. Great. Press your legs out again, a 45 degree angle. You keep pushing. I want you to lift your hips more hips to take your feet over.

Good. Keep tension on the strap here so you're not gonna lose any tension in those hips or high. Bend your knees around your ears, your belly draws in the feet. Stay tied on the straps. Keep going a little lower and then roll down. Roll your chest away from your chin, your waist away from your Chin and your tailbone all the way down. And then bring your heels to your seat. Little quicker tempo.

That's exactly right. Reach out. Lift the hips up and overhead. Bend your knees down around your ears and roll away from the feet. Pull the feet down to the bottom. Press it out. Lift the hips to send it overhead all the way over. Bend your knees in and roll your hips all the way down.

Pull the feet in. One more. Reach out long with the legs. Use Your glutes and abs to lift your hips up. Good. Bend your knees into your ears. Now Roll your hips down, but leave your feet there. Reach up and grab the handles with your hands and then slip the straps off your feet while you're there. Pull the handles down. Elbows come by your side for coordination.

You lift your head and your shoulders up. So bend your elbows, lithium. Yup. Look into your abdominals nice and tight. Inhale, arms and legs extend out. Hold the breath open and close your legs. Exhale your knees to your nose and your elbows in. Okay, in Alex. Stand out again and I want you to hold their lower your legs. Low, low, low, low, low, low, lower curl, a little higher. Push those handles more. Now Open.

Close the legs quickly. Now drive your knees to your nose all the way in Benjamin. Completely. Hold it. Bend your elbows. Don't let those knees move. Yes. Inhale out low legs, low arms, holding the breath. Open. Close. Exhale, knees all the way to your nose. Bend the arms. Good. Inhale, reach, open. Close. Exhale, pull the knees, bend the arms. Two more. Reach out. Open, close. Exhale, pull and bend. One more. Reach. Ah, open. Close, deep in the belly in and rest your head. Beautiful. Hook your handles back up on those little pegs behind you.

I want you to come right up, actually stretch your legs out, straight over the foot bar and roll up to seated. We're going to put a few mat exercises in here. Then do your legs and put your feet right on the foot bar and just scoot back maybe half an inch. Actually not very far, cause you want to still have room for your back. Come forward a little more. Lizanne. Kay, reach your arms forward so the half roll back. Just roll yourself back, curling your tailbone under, trying to get your lower back deeply down into the mat.

To go a little further, a little deeper and then curl back up. Reach forward with the arms and bring the top of your head towards your knees again. Rounding down. Exhale all your air hold here. Inhale, exhale, curl back up around your head, towards your knees. Good. One more time in nail at the top. Exhale, curl the tailbone under to meet the knees. See if you can deep and deep in the waist in. Inhale, hold. Exhale round yourselves right back up towards the top. Nice. Now roll all the way down to the mat or into the carrot.

Your shoulders should be just in front of the shoulder blocks and then rest your head down. Arms down. Bend your right knee to your chest, extended to the ceiling. Left leg extends out straight over that foot bar and flex the left foot. Okay. For single leg circles, you cross over toward the left with your legs circled down and around a right back up. Good. Cross over, down around it up. And try not to let your calf muscle roll around on that foot bar so your core stabilizes the movement. One more. Circle this direction. Holds your leg up. Lift your head on your shoulders up.

Hover the left leg an inch off of that foot bar and reverse your circles. Open to the right, down, around, and up to the top. Maybe there's smaller, open and down around enough so you can hold on here. Open circle around enough and again open. Very nice. Then up one last time. Beautiful. Hold your leg right up. Scissors. Switch your legs and then rest your arms in your head and the right leg. Good.

And we can go the other side. So crossover, circle around and up. Good again around and right up and you can flex this one. Cross down, around and up. But point the other one just to make it more and then hold it here. Lift, head and shoulders float up that bottom leg and here goes the train. Reverse on or around and up one, don't let it break your concentration.

I see this stomach's popping out. Hold them in and up. Good to mark. All rounded up. And one more time. All the way up and hold. Now bring both legs up to the ceiling, lower them to 45 degrees and roll up to a teaser position. Find a beautiful teaser. Good. Bend your knees and hold behind your thighs. Okay, rolling ball balls.

Quite challenging here, right? You're only on two springs so the carriage can move easily. I want you to really draw your ribs and waste away from your thighs. Look at your abs slowly. Roll back. Do not let the carriage bounce. So you roll back and you roll back up.

Try to make it a ball without moving the carriage. Yeah, again, rolled back. You guys get gold star, little sound and roll back. Use the core to guide you. God. Maybe even squeeze your bottom a little. Two more. Inhale back. Exhale that last breath. Inhale back and exhale up.

Place your feet down on the little foot bar. Great. Move yourselves back slightly. The last medics or size here, spine stretch forward. So you're going to place your heels in the edges of the foot bar and straighten your legs so you'll move back that far. You flex your feet, you push forward and out with your legs so you feel your outer hips and your legs are nice and strong. Arms tipped forward. Big Breath in. You exhale and curl forward. Top of the head comes right down between your knees.

We've done a lot of this rounded flection here and then roll up. We're getting ready to move to your extension. Breathe in with tall. Exhale as you dive over. Put the top of your head down, but pull those ribs back so you really get an opening and then roll back up. Lift through the back. Tall. Good. Two more. Breathe in. Exhale as you go over.

Push out on that foot bar and pull back with the ribs and then roll back up. Stack your vertebra. Nice and tall. Last breath in. Exhale, pull the ribs back, pull the belly button back, reach your head right down. Go further. Can you touch the mat with your head? Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. And then roll all the way up to the top. Rest your arms. Alright, hop off to the side. Grab your long boxes.

Let's do pulling straps and then go ahead and lie on your stomachs for pulling straps. So your heads will be at the end of the reformers. Yes. Slide back so that your shoulders are flushed with the front of the box. So it's a little further back maybe than you're used to. Yeah. Good. Now take hold of your straps and you'll hold up the strap as high as you can. Reach on the leather. The handles will just be on the floor to the side.

Good. Straighten your elbows and then find length from your toes through the top of your head and pull your abdominals in deeply off of the mat. Reach your knuckles down to the ground. As you pull your arms back towards your hips, hold your position there and keep your belly lifting a little deeper off the box. And then return your arms again reaching to the ground and back to your start position. Beautiful. Do it again. Pull the arms all the way down and back.

So draw under the arms to move back. Press into my hands a little more. Reach your head forward there, Juliana. Now return and keep that reach out of the shoulders to go back and down. Yep. One more time. And reach all the way back and hold there. Press strongly through your fists. Good. And as you return your arms, reach to the floor, but lift your abdominals up off the box and go all the way home to release the carriage. Okay. Moving on to t Paul, side, your hands down to the end of the leather, and then reach your arms out wide to either side.

Don't pull the carriage out at all, so the carriage should stay in at the moment. And your arms need to be shoulder height. So lift them higher. Now pull your shoulder out of your ears. Yes, Belize. Lift a little more. Breathe in. Exhale, move your arms back towards your hips. Good. Inhale. Return your arms to the sides. One more like this.

Exhale, move the arms and open your collarbones. Reach the legs long. Inhale, open to the side. Now reverse your breath. Exhale everything and breathe in. As you move the straps. And now lift your chest higher. Go into more extent. Good. Exhale, reach your arms. Why? To either side and inhale again. Pull your arms all the way back.

Open through the collarbones and return the arms pushing out with the arms as you return. And then rest your arms down by this side. Good. Take your handles into one hand and step off to the side. Very good. We're going to go into back stroke and teaser. So I'm going to add a spring. Okay. And then your handles hold behind your back. Tailbone comes right up to the front edge of the box from all the way forward.

And then lie down and bring your knees to your chest and your hands up by your head. Curl up nice and high. Look right into your abdominals and you reach up to the ceiling. Arms and legs. Open them to a v. Circle everything forward and together. And hold this position for a minute. Put your thumbs, the length of your thumbs to touch on top of your thighs. Yup. And in curl up a little more. Now bend that right back into where you began.

Yes. Inhale to the ceiling. Open its side, exhale it around in together, right to the length of your thumbs. That puts you right into your center line. Bend everything back in to start. Go ahead. Reach up on one. Open to circle three. Get there and hold, hold good. And then right back in. Two more. Reach up. One. Open to circle three. Curl a little deeper into it. That's it. And pull back in. One more time. Up Open. Circle forward.

Now see if you can push so much that you roll up into a teaser. Push stronger with your arms. Maybe you make it, maybe you don't, but you're trying really hard to do it. Yes. Now, lower down with control, right back into your start position of your backstroke. Lovely. Puts your handles into one hand. Now here again, I want you to sit up and teaser your legs to the side to remove one of the springs. Okay? You can use your free hand that have your legs in a teaser. If possible. Remove one spring swivel back around and lie right down on your backs. Well, that was beautiful.

Set up for your teaser so your legs will start down on the foot bar draped [inaudible] and Lausanne. You can come a little closer this way. Arms will be down by your side and your head can go back. Juliana, can you move left just a bit? Yes. Okay. Take a big inhale. Exhale. As you roll up to your teaser, lift your head and reach your hands and toes right up to find it. So palms to the ceiling. I want you to line up your toes and your eyes in the same line. There we go.

Now just lower your arms. Don't change where your toes and your eyes are. Reach your arms right back up. Good. Lower your arms to your hips and reach. Your arms are right back up. Good. One more lower towards your hips. Reach your arms right back up. Holding that reach here. Roll down with your belly so the hands reach, the toes reached, but the ribs and waist pull down. Release it all the way out.

Big Breath in. We come again. Exhale. Roll right up into your teas. Find that position toes and eyes lower and lift your arms as you pulled back in the ribs and the belly. See if you [inaudible] can curl your tailbone under more. Good. Keep going with the arms one more time. Very nice. And now roll it down. Reach forward, Huh? And roll down.

Curl your tailbone more, more, more, more. That's right. And release it all the way out. Beautiful. One more big breath in. Exhale. As you roll right up to find your teaser position. Go Lower and lift your arm. So pull back here, but keep your test up. Good. Squeeze your glutes a little bit [inaudible] belly button and there you go.

One more time. Reach forward. Now hold. Reach a little higher, reach a little higher, reach it, reach it. Good. Enroll all the way down into the box. Ah, very nice. Take your stops into one hand and step off to the side. Very good you guys. Let's go into your hamstring curls. So go ahead and Hook your handles on the ends and lie on your stomach with your head this direction. And I'll actually hook the straps onto your feet.

You want your chest just off the box yet? Perfect. Lizanne how are you feeling so far? Yeah. Okay, good. You can move a little forward, Juliana. Yeah. So you want your knees just a couple of inches off the back of the box and there we go. All right, so this is the more advanced version of this. I'd like you to take your hands behind your back. Okay.

And bring your legs completely together. I'm going to leave one spring on your hips are pressed heavily to the mat and your knees. Try to lift a little bit to the ceiling. Good. Now draw your shoulder blades together. Okay. And then widen your elbows. It's hard enough just to hold [inaudible]. Pull your heels in towards your bottom like that.

Hold it and then extend the legs back out. Okay, we'll do six belly lifts as you please. Again. Yes, that's it. Go ahead and release it out and belly lifts as you pull the feet in and release it out. That's it. And then pull and let these go wide or like that. And release two more squeezed here, but wide elbows pull and there you go. And release. And one more time. Holen and release. Good.

Place your hands down on the side and then remove the straps. Just let them fall off your feet into the weld. Step to one side. How are you guys feeling? Okay, good. Hop off and turn your box for short box. We will start with a series of five on top of the short box. Just to add a little more fun. Let's put the boxes though, over the shoulder blocks and in front of those little eye hooks.

Yes. All right, so now I want him to lie down with your feet going this direction. So your tailbone will be here actually. And you're going to lie kind of like you just work. So we just turned the box. Do you have enough room for your legs? Okay. Hug your knees towards your chest and hold onto your right shins and it's a single leg stretch. Pull in one and switch sides one and pulled two and two.

We'll just do six of each. Three and three good. Four and four and five. Five pull in six both knees to chest, double leg stretch. Inhale, arms and legs out. Xcel. Hug The knees nice and tight. Inhale, reach apart. Exhale, hug it in. Good and helps direct Xcel hug. I see more length in both of you. Reach beautiful. Good Juliana.

One more and into the scissors. Legs reach up, hold the right ankle and pulse. One, two, switch up for one, two waist goes heavy down and up. Pull. Pull. Chest is wide and open. Gorgeous. In two and one more each side and pull lower. Lift both legs up hands go behind your head. Breathe in.

As you lower your legs forward. Exhale as you lift them up. Inhale, reach long through the toes and exhale, curl the lifted up. Come a little bit higher and then keep that deeply down. That's it. One more time. Lower and lengthen to lift and Chris Cross. Bend your right knee, twist to the right, left leg reaches out. Switch to the other side all the way around. I like the flex feet switch. Then reach and twist over even more. Again, twist even more around last one to the left, hugging your knees and rock yourself up and off the box.

And now you will turn to face me and sit on top of the box for the short box. I'll add a spring. Then you can place your feet under this stuff. Okay, good. So once you're seated there, I want you to flex your feet and press your legs apart. And actually, yes, exactly. I don't want your feet to touch the front so you can move back even a little more. Juliana. There you go. Okay. Now I'm gonna ask you to reach for these bars that I either give you or are there and hold it straight out in front of you and then start to round forward, kind of like the spine stretch forward. So you'll be reaching towards your toes.

Press out strongly with legs, right? So your outer hips really work. And now roll back. So it's the round back, but now you have the bar in your arms. You're rolling backwards curly or tailbone under. Yeah, once you get to a point where you don't think you can go anymore, maybe lift your arms to the ceiling. Yep. And then bring your arms back down and now roll forward and round over like you're doing the spine stretch forward so you reach towards your toes. Do that again. So curl back, slide your tailbone under, push your legs wide to the side.

And once your belly is like, that's good. Lift your arms to the ceiling, challenge it a little bit more, lower the arms back and then curl up and over the front of the tiny. Yes. One more time. Curling back. Shoulders draw out of the years. Legs pressed out wide. Maybe go a little further this time. Lift the arms waist strong. Good. Lower the arms. Beautiful. Roll back up to seated and then just lift tall.

This time straight to the ceiling. Flat back, hinge back on a high, long diagonal and return all the way right back up. Good and again, hinge along and back. Press those legs out wide and return abdominals deep Lee to return. Good again. One more. Reach back and come all the way up. Twist to the right, hinge back, reaching long to the edge.

Come back up to the top. Good twist to the left. Press out with your legs as you hinge along to the left and return to the top. Twist towards the right. Again, lengthen long back. Reach your arms long. Come up one more to the left. Rotate and lengthen all the way my back. Good return all the way to the top.

Rest your arms down. Beautiful. Put your bars away right underneath your legs. We can just go here in front of the box. Yup. Take out your right legs. We'll do a few different variations of tree hold behind the right thigh [inaudible] so make sure the hips are square and straighten that leg straight up to the ceiling. Walk your hands up towards your ankle. Good. Scoot your right hip a little further forward. Flex your foot, then forward and place the top of your head on your knee. Hold that stretch for a minute and make it stretch more in your hip by sliding your hip forward against you.

Really kind of square more rock backwards until your leg is straight up to the ceiling. Walk down to your hip, lower your body as low as it feels good. You can extend fully if that's what is happy in your backs. Uh Huh. Very nice. Then bring your chin to your chest. Curl through the waist, climbing right back up to your ankle, putting your head towards your knee. Good climb down again. Walk right down towards your hip so your low abdominals deepen.

Your whole body will unfurl into the well and go a little lower back. There you go. Chin to chest and now curl back up. So this deep things and you make your way right back up to the good one. Last time. Move your right hip forward more Juliana. Yeah, climate down, shoulders out of your ears. So keep your chin to your chest and deep in here. Pull this down.

This down. Then the chest and the head. There we go. And had lifts [inaudible] and work that climbed to your ankle. Go ahead and then sit up nice and tall through your spine, lifted to a straight back. Take your left hand on the outside of your foot. [inaudible] even grab your foot. Beautiful twist.

Open to the right so the right arm reaches back behind you. And start by just sitting straight up. [inaudible] now hinge back and reach maybe for the frame or maybe for the floor, depending on how flexible you are. If you've got the floor, which both of you can reach. Yep. Give yourself a little more twist. You can leverage it. Send your right hip forward and twist your ribs around with your shoulders.

Drawing down good now from your abdominals and pressing through your foot. Come back up all the way to a straight spine, returned to the front and rest your legs. Switch to the other side. Ah, yes. Right. The buddy is awake. Alright, hold on. Underneath your right leg and stretch it straight. Walk to your ankle, flex your foot, bend forward and place your head on your knee. Yup. And Square your hips. Exactly.

And now rock backwards and walk down towards your hips. You have three of these melting through your belly. As you extend, keep your chin on your chest until all of this is open. Then open the chest, then the head, yeah, head comes up and then works through. So it really articulates to make your way to your ankle. Beautiful. Again, lower down. Walk down your hip and reach that left hip forward. So you really want to, I'm watching them to make sure that they really unfold back and their head doesn't go prematurely and here are the head lifts and she really needs to articulate through her spine to come up. Beautiful. You guys. One more time.

So go back again. Climbing down the leg, let the spine unfold. The head is the last bit a plus head is the first bit, and then you around in and lift nice and tall through your spine. Good. Take your right hand around the outside of your foot and twist towards the left this time first, find a tall lifted spine and then hinge back and reach for the ground. Keep your sternum open, keep your chest open, keep your left hip reaching forward and give yourself a little bit more twist, a little more reached or the front heel and your head breathe and come right back up. Press your heel into your hands to lift up and then relax your leg.

Lovely. All right, hop off to the side. Place your boxes back a red away, and I'll get your bars here. Okay, we'll go into the long stretch series so your springs are just fine. Let's lift the foot bar. Lift your head rests. Place your hands onto the foot bar and step your toes right in between the shoulder blocks on the head grass. So you'll come to plank position for long stretch boots to put your toes on the headrest. Actually here. Here. There we go. Good. Now place your thumbs with your fingers and bring the carriage all the way in and grab the bar with your fingers. Yeah, so you really want to have your whole hand grabbing, so that connects through the back of the arm.

Lift your abdominals up a little bit more. There we go. Good. Now find more length forward. See if you can pull the carriage in. Reach each other's heads, hold that energy as you move the carriage out from your core. Beautiful. And then bring it forward lengths and all the way in. Again, keep the link forward as you push from the belly to move it back.

There we go. And reach it forward and in very, very nice. And one more time. Deep in through the belly to push and reach it all the way forward. Keep the carriage pulling in. As you lower your knees with control down, stretch your feet. Go back against the shoulder blocks so your heels, your hips come forward and your chest opens really wide in the collar bones. Big Breath in. As you push out with your heels. And the heels of your hands.

Exhale, pull your belly through and up to the ceiling. Oh, the way up. Inhale, move the carriage back. Push through the heels to go. Good. Giuliana exhale and lift through the abdominals to come. And two more. Inhale, go for it. There you go. Lizanne. Exhale, pull away from the lift through the front of your chest. One last breath in. Move the carriage out. Exhale, pull forward and up. Now just hold here and see if you can lift your arms to the ceiling.

You have to come all the way in. Use your belly. Use your hamstrings. Oh good. All right. Circle the arms. Replaced them down, something to work on, and lift your hips for up. Stretch so you will come onto your toes. Thank goodness it's only a 45 minute class, right? Relax your head. All right. Lift your ribs up high so the ribs will still be rounded so it's not a totally flat backs. Juliana, round forward a little bit more. There we go. Okay, so keeping the ribs up, push back through your legs and your glutes. So tailbone curls and push the carriage out. Yup. Keep going.

Push all the way. So your hips lower. Good. And now come forward. Chin stays on your chest. Come in. I'll be right there at Juliana and then we'll lift your waist and fold back. Okay. Watch her one time. Okay Juliana. So you're going to push out as your belly scoops. Yep.

And keep your head under and then come forward. There you go. Live down. Perfect. And lift your hips up. So again, the ribs stay lifted and you curl through the tail bone to move the care down. Keep going. Push, push, push, push. Nope. Tuck your tailbone. Curl it. Yeah, there we go. Now come forward. Head stays under you. [inaudible] and then we'll lift up, right? So up here, push out one more time. Curl it out. Now hold that. Giuliana keep your Chin under chin. Yep. As you come in, compact your sides. There we go. Keep coming in and fold in.

Half right. Elephants. Step your feet flat. Good. Pick the ribs up again. So you have that kind of same body position. Shoulders wrapped down out of the years. Press the carriage back through the heels and drag it right back in. And again, press it out and really grab your whole hand. Pull it back and shoulders wrap down and around ribs.

Lift to pull in. Two more back pulling and last one and all the way in. Step off to the side. Beautiful. Yeah. Come around to the front of your apparatus. So this is like a preparation for your long back stretch. You're gonna face me, both of you.

Put your hands on your foot bar [inaudible] and then walk your feet out a little bit. And I'm just going to get out of your way. Place your hands here. Yep. And you'll do some depths. So your chest stays open, your abdominal stay in and your hips come back towards the foot bar a little bit more. Bend your elbows and just lower down. Like you're going to sit on the front of the reformer and then press yourself back up again. Wrap the shoulders back and down to lower. Lift through the belly to come up. And again, so you're really working the elbows hugging a little toward each other. So the collar bones stay broad. That's right.

Pull that in a little more. Give a slight tuck. There we go. Two more times. You got it. You guys press up. Last one. Draw the shoulder blades down to press the body out of the shoulders. Step back in and on. Systemic massage. Very nice. Get your little sticky pads that are right by your carriage.

We'll add back to forest springs. Place the pads on the front. And now I like to have you sit nice and close to the front of the carriage. Big surprise. Okay, so sit as close as you can uncomfortably. So maybe place your feet up on the foot bar, toes apart, heels together, and hold the front of the carriage. So you should feel like you're in. Hold down here. A rolling like a ball position. Really.

So pull yourself nice and tight into that and then push your legs out to straight. Reach long the straight legs, lower your heels, lift your heels, bend your knees and come all the way back in. So stay here. Lift yourself up and forward a little more now and you out. Keep your body forward, Liz [inaudible] press all the way back. There you go. Lower your heels, lift your heels in, relax the shoulders and pull the kerogen. And then again, press all the way back. So I want you to come up more. Yeah, lower the heels. So go taller. Lift, yes. And come all the way up and in. Right?

So this c shape is a tall seed. That's perfect. Giuliana good. All right. Now quick in your tempo, you have four more out and under, and up and in and out and under and up and in. And don't let the carriage move across the floor. Very good. One more out. So you got to push from your belly. Stay in beautiful. Take your hands behind you and open your chest. Okay. We'll do the same action just as the chest. Nice and broad.

Push the carriage all the way out. Stretch the legs, heels under, heels up. Bend the Knees Pole and press out. Scoop and deepen. Lower lifts. Come in, soften your elbows. Right? So you're working through the back and not through your elbows. [inaudible] shoulder blades draw down. That's your support. Lift your chest from right under your shoulder blades. One more out and under. Up. Stay in, reach your arms up and forward towards the edge of the room and press out.

Stay there, high heels, lift the spine and come forward. Reach tall and long. And then bend your knees and reached to me. Good. Press your legs all the way out and then come all the way forward and in reach, reach, reach, reach, all the way and two more. Press out. All right, you're in and come all the way forward. And then one last time we reached back and press and come all the way in. All right. Step off to the side. Very nice you guys. We're almost done.

Ah, let's go to our knees off. Knee stretches. Okay. So your hands come on the foot bar, kneel on the carriage, press your feet back against the shoulder blocks and around your backs. Now I want you to start seated back to your heels. Yup. With a round spine, almost like you would do the first knee stretches. Exactly. Now grab that foot bar nice and firmly with your hands and as if you're just going to levitate. Scoop from your belly, lift your knees. Good. Press out and pull in. 10 Times. Pull in for 10 out in and for, not out in, in for eight accent the n seven and bring it all the way in six.

You have three more inches. Five oh come all the way in. Four. Yes. Three, two, last one. Stay in and hold it in. Lower your hips, but stay up belly. There we go. All the way in. [inaudible] and lower your knees. Woo. Add two springs and lie down for running.

Thank goodness I knew running was there for a reason for a breather. So bring your legs together. Parallel. Nice, high, lifted heels on your toes. Yep. Move the carriage all the way out and go for your little run unrest. Open your chest, let the breath start to come back to normal. Seeing come into the waist. Nice. Reach through the feet.

Still think of working the feet under so you're not just heavily dropping your heels and then finish both heels up. Bend your knees and bring the carriage all the way in. Pelvic lift feet. Go to the corners of the foot bar on your arches. Now your headdress is going to stay up, so only lift your hips a few inches up off the mat so your ribs really stayed down. It's just a curl of your hips. Push the carriage out and deepen into your belly.

And then pull the hips in your hips. Reach the foot bar. Good. Press all the way out, extend the legs and then pull the carriage in completely lower. A little bit down Louisiana. There we go. Rage all the way out. Come in with control, so don't crash in one more time her, US bringing it all the way in. Hold that carriage in as you roll your spine all the way down.

Very nice. Okay, from here, just swivel your legs to the side. Come to seated [inaudible] but then you are going to turn back to face a foot bar and I want you to place the edges of your feet so your feet come together and the edges of your feet come on the foot bar so your knees are wide. Exactly. And then hold onto the foot bar and pull yourself forward so your head will come if you're very flexible underneath your heels. If you're not very flexible, it just comes towards your feet and you're just rounded over lifting and lengthening from the back. Oh my goodness. We have a yoga here. And then roll yourself to come all the way up. Ah, take your feet over to the side and stand right up and you can jump for joy cause you aren't done. Nice. Good job.


Great reformer class Carrie! I can really hear the Jay Grimes influence in your cueing! Superb! (knees off hips behind the knees, so Jay!) And my IT needed that stretch to the floor on short box! Thank you so much!
what springs did you use on the backstrokes and the teaser, and the stomach massage ,i saw you change them each time( round back , flat back....). thank you !
Hi Oryan! For backstroke, it is 2 springs. Teaser is 1 spring. Stomach Massage Round is 4 springs, SM Hands Back is 3 springs, SM Reach and Twist are both 2 springs :) Hope this helps!
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I loved this class! All my favorites:) Thank you.
Nice one Carrie but I think this is more level 2 .. what do you think PA?
Anita ~ Thank you for your feedback. Deciding the level of the class is difficult because it is subjective. After reviewing this class I have decided to change it to a Level 2.
I was frustrated by the lack of instruction regarding springs. Otherwise it would have been a reasonably good workout.
Carolyn ~ Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry about your frustration regarding the springs. Here is some information Carrie wrote to another member regarding the springs: "for backstroke, it is 2 springs. Teaser is 1 spring. Stomach Massage Round is 4 springs, SM Hands Back is 3 springs, SM Reach and Twist are both 2 springs"

I hope this helps!
Hi Carolyn, if you have any other exercises you need the springs for, please let me know. I'm sorry it wasn't clear. Thank you, Gia, for your help too!
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